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Nigel Farage Legs It From An Accident, Whilst Campaigning To Leave The EU …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 12/05/2019

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Nigel Farage Legs It From An Accident, Whilst Campaigning To Leave The EU …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



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Nigel Farage ‘legs it’ after his driver crashed with Jag carrying 13-month-old toddler in Kent

The Brexit Party boss said he checked nobody was hurt before leaving

NIGEL Farage legged it after his chauffeur-driven 4×4 crashed head-on with a Jag carrying a toddler, it was claimed last night.

Pub landlord Patrick Tranter says son George, 13 months, was badly shaken by the Kent smas

Pub landlord Patrick Tranter says son George, 13 months, was badly shaken by the Kent smash involving Nigel Farage’s chauffeur-driven 4X4

He said of Brexit Party boss Farage, 55: “He didn’t even bother to see if we were OK.”

The pint-loving politician has now been banned from Mr Tranter’s pub amid the claims he walked away from the smash.

Furious Patrick Tranter, who needed hospital treatment, told The Sun: “He lives two miles away and loves a pint, but he won’t get one from me. Man of the people, my arse. As far as I’m concerned he’s barred.”

Last night Mr Farage insisted he checked nobody was hurt and claimed Patrick was abusive. He said he had visited the George and Dragon in Westerham, Kent, in the past but added: “If I’m banned, then it’s not too terrible is it?”

Patrick, 38, had dropped off his wife at the station and was driving home when his vintage Jag collided head-on with Mr Farage’s chauffeur-driven Range Rover on Thursday morning.

Son George, 13 months, was in his seat in the back. He was also rushed to hospital.


Patrick said: “We crashed  with an enormous bang. Farage could not possibly have failed to hear George screaming. I ran out to see if my little boy was OK.

“Farage stepped out of the Range Rover, collected his bag from the boot and walked off.

“He didn’t have the common decency to see if we were OK, and never even looked back.

“God knows where (he went) as it was a country lane. He just vanished. I turned around and asked one of his people, ‘Is that Farage?’ and she said yes.

“It would be pure speculation to guess how fast his car was going but it is his response which has really p***ed me off.

“His driver Dean Chapman confirmed it was him but I was dumbfounded by his behaviour. Who does he think he is?”

Patrick says his 1986 Jaguar Series 3 Sovereign was written off in the smash in Titsey at 9.30am.

Ex-Ukip leader Mr Farage, the driver and another  passenger escaped injury because their motor had airbags.

He continued with campaigning for his Brexit Party ahead of the European elections.

Pint-loving politician Nigel Farage has been banned from Mr Tranter’s pub — just two miles from his home — amid claims he walked away from the smash
Damage to the front of the Range Rover that Nigel Farage was being driven in
Where the smash happened in Westerham, Kent

Later he clashed with Change UK’s Anna Soubry on BBC TV’s Question Time in Northampton.

Patrick did not vote in the 2016 EU referendum and said he would not dream of backing Mr Farage’s new party.

He added: “If he’d asked how I was he would have recognised me.

“I worked with his daughter Victoria at a wedding a year ago.

“The cars crashed with so much force that my car was pushed back into the bushes on the other side of the road.

“His driver was really courteous and waited by our car. He called the police and ambulance too.”


Patrick and George — described as distressed by the ambulance service — were taken to Princess Royal University Hospital, Orpington. Patrick had neck and shoulder injuries and possible whiplash.

Mr Farage said last night: “The driver of the other car was abusive. He was swearing very loudly and after accidents people do all sorts of things. It was a pretty full-on smash and I understand why people can be a bit shocked.

“Once I had ascertained that everyone was OK I made discreet withdrawal from the situation.

“I didn’t think that me, with a rather a well-known face, going into that situation would have helped anything or anybody.

“Had anybody been hurt I would have stayed and waited for the ambulance.

“I just thought there was nothing to be added by me talking to him.

“I didn’t hear his child screaming so I walked up the road.”

Mr Farage said he had drunk at Patrick’s pub but wouldn’t be back.

Police are not investigating any offences relating to the accident.

A TORY Party backer, Crystal Palace and Flybe investor Jeremy Hoskins, has switched his allegiance and donated £200,000 to the Brexit Party.

Police at the scene of the smash near Westerham in Kent – but cops say they are not investigating any offences
Mr Farage said: ‘Once I had ascertained that everyone was OK I made discreet withdrawal from the situation’
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