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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/01/2011

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!




on 09-Jan-2011 I made the following posting prompted by the dishonest and cowardly lies, distortions and misrepresentation by some chubby nebish in UKIP.

Please note with care what I actually said and that which I quoted to prove my point.

Please read the article and my comments added at the end below:

Another in the sordid claque of fools, liars and cheats with Douglas DENNY, Mike McGOUGH etc.!



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Quote Originally Posted by douglas denny View Post
…It provides a good explanation for those who wonder why it is that there are some like Niall Warry here on this forum, and GLW and ‘Junius‘ on other ‘dedicated’ blogs; who persist in writing on a daily basis
Here is why since the idiot has not noticed:
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! .
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
the same actually uninformative propaganda,

Do tell where there is as readily available a continuum of facts in date order about UKIP and its corrupt leadership!

mostly lies
In 1,000s of Blog postings neither the dishonest Douglas Denny nor a single one of UKIP’s leadership team have EVER identified a single solitary instance to support their dishonest claim that I have lied, or acted dishonestly in any way even losing their Court case fronted by Mark Croucher yet too dishonourable to pay their just debts.

UKIP’s leadership’s understanding of morality, integrity, probity or ethics could be written on the back of a postage stamp with a felt tipped pen!

Douglas Denny has yet again lied and yet again can show absolutely no example of dishonesty on my part – whilst his dishonesty is well documented CLICK HERE

interspaced with reasonable information to give the illusion of credibility, which is mostly unmitigated drivel without any sort of obvious motivation other than what appears insanity or obsessive compulsive disorder.
Sadly this odious little man is a frequent spokesperson for UKIP’s leadership endlessly bringing them into disrepute as he drags UKIP’s name into the gutter he clearly feels at home in!

Steve Morson comments:

Interesting. I wish the British govt. would follow the Russian example, it might take our minds off how dire our circumstances are, and how ill-equipped the whey-faced poltroons that comprise our govt. are to deal with it!
As for Neil Warry, what he writes are opinions based on a certain prejudice (I don’t think he’s a huge Nigel fan!). 

That Niall Warry, based upon many years of supporting UKIP, having been Chairman of UKIP Wales and subsequently when he moved Chairman of Cheltenham and organiser of the annual fund raiser with Jamie Neidpath at his estate – perhaps the Chairman of UKIP Bromsgrove could tell us by what authority and why in clear incompetence he presumes to dissemble and lie.

What experience has the foolish fellow besides providing much bulk, that he can provide as he has clearly had little experience and little service and little relevance beyond his local role and standing hopelessly as a PPC!

But GLW / Junius is a different kettle of fish. I’ve taken to renaming them ‘bogs’, 

This silly wee fatty may call it what he likes if it gives him the courage to act in any way of value but clearly it just emboldens him to display his own dishonesty as he tries to show off!

because of what you usually find in (almost all of) them. 

Clearly Steve Morson knows little of UKIP or its leadership as he fails to understand what he reads in this Blog or Junius.

I’ve hardly ever seen Junius report anything close to facts; for example: the day after the Birmingham leadership hustings, Junius reported that Jill Seymour had been asked to be party Secretary.

Well……no! As announced to the meeting, Secretary of the Party Fundraising Committee. Never let the facts….

No indeed this foolish fat little fellow has no intention of letting the facts get in the way of his idiotic comments – just look at this fine specimen and he talks of ‘whey-faced paltroons’ perhaps lard faced liars might suit him better!
For this is what Junius actually said:

Nigel Farage & Jill Seymour

So Farage does have a sense of humour! How we laughed when we heard the news!

Farage told some UKIPPERS at the West Midlands hustings that Jill Seymour would make a good UKIP Party Secretary!

Ms Seymour is a former barmaid who had the good luck to marry a very rich customer. She is best known for being bloody useless on the NEC. Her husband financed the disasterous HMS Belfast UKIP fund raising event.

She did work for Nikki Sinclaire but her inability to write even a single coherent sentence forced the West Midlands MEP to let her go.

Ms Seymour is sadly infatuated with and by Nigel. Nigel regards her as a good nodding donkey.

We sincerely hope that Farage’s suggestion was in fact a joke or just a ‘sop’ to buy leadership votes in the West Midlands!

Junius is blatant anti-UKIP propaganda, as seen in the run-up to the election on 5th May, it was against the whole party not just the “corrupt leadership”. I think people, generally, are intelligent enough to see it as such.

Clearly Steve Marson this tub of lard this paltroon does indeed fail to have the intelligence to keep his counsel rather than show himself to be so dishonest and cowardly – he can be expected to lack the courage to apologise for his outright and clearly deliberate lies and dishonesty.
Fear not my porcine pal for you are in good company with liars like McGough, Denny and their vile ilk.

In good company with the other cheats, liars and whey faced tubs of lard and paltroons on Butcher’s sordid little UKIP managed Forum.


The original as quoted above can be found if you CLICK HERE

May I make it very clear that I did NOT claim Jill Seymore was a barmaid in derogatory terms as I know that it is about 30 years since she was a barmaid and had taken on the job part time to supplement the income of her full time job.

It is also noted that Farage did in fact propose Jill Seymore at The Hustings in question as a Party Secretary for the UKIP Patrons Club at the hustings, and in no way was it reflecting the Party’s legal Secretary.

Further I understand that Jill Seymore resigned from the employ of Nikki Sinclaire to reassume her NEC seat, which was precluded by nature of her employment.

I believe that I have made these corrections previously when I quoted the blog which I have included in that posting.

Had Steve Marson not seen fit to lie and defame me, following the dishonest lead of corrupt individuals like Douglas Denny & Mike McGough of UKIP’s NEC and the leadership parasite and untrustworthy low life scum Skeptyk whose track record for revealing his odious personality and befouling what little reputation UKIP’s leadership can muster is plain for all to see.

Had the lard filled whey faced paltroon Steve Marson not lied I would not have quoted the posting in question verbatim as I have made correction of it previously.

I do apologise if in copying this once again, without correction, my posting has caused embarrassment as honest members of UKIP who read this blog will be all too well aware that I vigorously seek to check and ensure the facts I publish on this blog and have a near 100% track record over many years for scrupulous honesty – an attribute filth like Skeptyk, Denny, Croucher, McGough seem never to have even tried to aspire to.

Huge damage is done to the reputation of UKIP as a Party by the likes of Douglas Denny, Mike McGough, Skeptyk, Baron, Stuart Parr, Mark Croucher, Steve Marson and others like them who, in the misguided belief they are being clever, so hugely demean the party with their undeniable dishonesty, serial bullying and abusing of members and supporters of UKIP and the quite childish fantasies they pretend to as with the sad spectacle of Douglas Denny’s Bigglesesque agent provocateurs and clearly astounding belief that he has any relevance whatever to such bodies as the security services!

How can these dellusional and unsavoury characters be seen to be of consequence to UKIP when they do such damage and show UKIP leadership to be defended by the gutter and of the gutter!

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