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Archive for the ‘John West; Rachel Oxley;’ Category

#104* – EUkip Leadership Utter Incompetence & The Growth Of EUkip Shame!!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/11/2008

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership & NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

Spotlight: It was the rope tricks that started it all. Will
made it into the Guinness Book of Records for lariat twirling. He
soon proved equally dexterous with his words and became wildly popular for the
running satirical commentary on life, particularly politics, that he kept up
during his cowboy feats. You might say he was the father of the Letterman-Leno
school of monologuists. When Life magazine formed the spoof Anti Bunk Party for
the 1928 election, Rogers, born on this date in 1879,
was nominated its candidate for president. He promised he would resign if he
won. The outpouring of grief at Rogers’ death in a plane crash at 55 was said to
be the greatest national mourning since the assassination of Lincoln. Quote: “Everything is changing. People
are taking the comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.” — Will

Yesterday was EUkip’s day of shame and the day it all ended for
EUkip – They are finished it is now just a case of burying the rotten
corpseToday is election day in America – this day in 1922 Howard Carter broke
into Tutenkhamun’s Tomb one wonders who will bill make it into The WhiteHouse as
it was in 1979 a mob broke into the US Embassy in Tehran – well which mob will
it be in America as clearly the peoples of America can only vote for the lesser
of two evils but it seems clear that either way they will like EUkip end up with

#104* – EUkip Leadership Utter Incompetence & The Growth Of EUkip Shame!!



In the midst of what has been an interesting day in which EUkip leadership dragged their party further into the gutter bringing EUkip irrefutably into disrepute – however it is interesting to note Anthony Butcher supported the lies of EUkip unchallenged – Mark Croucher was provided with his usual platform to lie and distort the truth Anthony Butcher, yet again supported his slander and defaming of me by trying desperately to link me with the BNP.

Anthony Butcher allied himself with this lie by posting shortly after Farage’s little poodle Croucher thus tacitly giving his support to the lie and libelling me by default – Anthony Butcher is clearly corrupt, obviously dishonest and undeniably dishonest.Let us look at the progress of the day in a moment.

Firstly may I make it VERY clear Mark Croucher has been proven time and time again on virtually every item of substance to have lied about me – I am unaware of any instance where Mark Croucher has EVER directly repudiated the BNP, and it is clear to many that Mark Croucher has close connections with at least one extremist organisation.

Mark Croucher was EUkip press officer for a number of years acting as Nigel Farage’s personal gofer during which time he was a catastrophic failure unable to obtain anywhere near the press coverage of consequence his salary would begin to justify.

He did for a period produce the in house magazine which was a squalid little fanzine for the house performing monkey – Farage arranged Croucher’s income and Croucher sychophantically reciprocated at the undeniable and provable cost to EUkip.

Mark also lied to the Press Complaints Commission on behalf of Roger Knapman and in collusion with Roger Knapman.I do not, nor have I ever supported the BNP or any other similar political party – I have NEVER been a member of a political party and there is a great deal of unequivocal condemnation of the BNP, Racism, Anti Jewish organisations written by me on the internet and not a single solitary instance or example of evidence of my EVER in any way supporting the BNP or similar organisations.

Mark Croucher is a liar when he claims that I have association with the BNP or any similar organisation – let the record show Mark Croucher is a liar.

That Anthony Butcher fails to censure such libel and lies on his Forum is proof beyond doubt of his corruption and dishonesty on a regular basis – that he fails to post comment from me or on my behalf by people unknown to me in my support shows beyond doubt that he is managing a corrupt and dishonest Forum.

Today however the NEC & Leadership of EUkip plunged irrevocably into the gutter – in panic they showed their absolute and undeniable unfitness for any elected posirtion in these United Kingdoms representing any but SCUM.

It is no longer possible for anyone but SCUM to support these awful people – liars, cheats, bullies, racists and frauds almost without exception.

This morning the meeting commenced with a small room at The Farmers Club just off the Embankment – it is delusional to pretend it was Whitehall as claimed, other than geographically.

The room was over crowded.

However fortunately that did not detract from the two recordings I have available.

Firstly the elected NEC member John West arrived to take his seat but although several proven liars and cheats took their seats the dishonest and corrupt Lisa Duffy was there, The proven liar and indisputably corrupt Douglas Denny who had to be removed from office due to his dishonesty during the Leadership ‘election’, the fraud liar and bully David Bannerman was there representing the EU & probably the Tories as he dragged EUkip’s reputation deeper in the gutter and in the chair looking decidedly uncomfortable was Farage’s hopelessly inadequate little puppet NuttAll – A measure of his incompetence was that the meeting was so badly chaired and managed the Metropolitan Police had to be called to sort out the mess he let it get into!

These people seek votes as political leaders and can’t even manage their own in house meetings of their own leadership – This speaks volumes and yet again Farage & his shamefull crew have dragged the reputation in the gutter where many of them live, whoring, swearing and drunken – these low life scum represent absolutely no British value I know of – Does it represent YOUR aspirations?

West was abused, sworn at and met with nothing but chavvery and bullying – John West quietly explained he was the elected NEC member elected by the membership.

West also asked the risible and incompetent Michael Zucherman for an apology for the FACT that he had at the last EUkip NEC meeting accused John West of having ‘Tourette Syndrome’ – Michael Zucherman unaware that John West holds 3 sworn affidavits and I understand a recording (of this I am not certain) attesting that Michael Zucherman DID use that statement as an insult – I understand an official complaint will be lodged with The Law Society as he holds his position as a Solicitor of some scuzzy little firm known as ‘Bent & Manure’ who have proved utterly incompetent in EVERY piece of advice I am aware of and made complete idiots of themselves on at least one occasion.

John West having been lied to by Zucherman then asked the liar, cheat and corrupt Douglas Denny for an apology on the same grounds – Denny shamefully and disgustingly refused to apologise thereby confirming that he believed as an NEC member that it was accdeptable to use mental illness as an insult against a member of an ‘NHS Trust Mental Heath Committee’.

I hope EUkip will have the integrity to throw this piece of filth off their NEC.

However his shouting and hysterical abuse was hardly noticeable in the presence of Zucherman’s loss of self control and the odious little creep and traitor of the British peoples he betrayed Derek Clark had totally lost it whilst John West quietly stood his ground with the dignity his members elected him for Clarke was all but gibbering.

Possibly the funniest incident was when John West called upon Nigel Farage as the supposed leader of EUkip (Even if he did get there by the expoitation of lies, smears and dishonesty using other people’s money) West asked him as the senior representative of these SCUM for a simple apology for the criminal breech of the data protection act – Farage shamefully refused and NuttAll’s only achievement was to drag the imbecilic Godfrey Bloom back as he threatened John West with physical violence.

One has to feel sorry for the shaven headed Liverpool scally sad little NuttAll is just being used and is clearly utterly out of his depth but a useful puppet being bribed by Farage with promises of getting his snout ever deeper in the EU troughs:

Well we have all this on tape so I will probably post it on the net soon – the one bit I’m having trouble with is the bit on the directional mike on the stairs recording The sordid and abhorrently foolish Rachel Oxley who displayed her bearing with her inability to act in a decent manner and gratuitously insulted John West – the recording IS adequate to follow but may not be of a quality to post on the nett. – The rest of the meeting seems to be but let us see!

After the crass mismanagement of the matter of John West and refusal to have democratic representation of the members – one must assume that they will invite onto the NEC another of their cronies as corrupt, dishonest and revolting as the other members – someone like Andrew Smith I expect he has betrayed the members in the past and lied for Farage – you may recall he is the odious little chap who colluded in what clearly seems to have been the gross dishonesty of the accounts – such that when he was questioned on legitimate points of the accounts he was responsible for as Farage’s placement treasurer he obfuscated to ensure the truth remained concealed and abrogated on his duties in an utterly dishonest and unprofessional manner.

Andrew Smith is beyond doubt corrupt and was one of those directly responsible for EUkip getting a guilty verdict in the Courts and being currently exposed to a probability of losing some £500,000 of donor’s money – Farage, Smith & Lott had EVERY opportunity to avoid this and were advised in ample time to rectify the situation but for the incompetence, hubris and arrogance of the idiot Farage and those he was showing off to and as a result of utterly incompetent legal advice.

Currently the size of the forfeiture has been the subject of a Judicial Review and currently the Judge HAS NOT FOUND IN EUkip’s FAVOUR – he has ‘Reserved Judgement’ which will be delivered at his convenience – we understand that Zucherman is looking particularly depressed and has told people he believes that EUkip will face this wipeout – though the idiot Alan Bown will bail out Farage and his cronies and keep this farce going by paying his money to fund the money Farage & his childish and incompetent cronies have already lost for him – one wonders will he be stupid enough to collude in this corruption?

Will he also pay all the costs as well?Alan Bown – you sir are a fool if you pay out another cent to these rascals you are personally NOT responsible for their incompetence and dishonesty – further Alan Bown your contributions to this dishonesty and tolerance even sponsorship of these low lifes speaks volumes of you – NEVER AGAIN have you the right to criticise anyone and for you to endlessly spout about ‘being a christian’ brings the concept of religion into disrepute.

IF you are a decent man stop funding such dishonesty and corruption – it seems almost everyone else has – just look at the donations that have dried up – what decent man or woman would fund such SCUM?Then we come to Martin Hasslam – a decent honest man who has given generously of his money, his time, his reputation and his skill over several years and just stand back for a moment and consider how he has been treated by this low life trash and this jumped up ill educated barrow boy Farage in his duplicity and his greed.

Martin Hasslam has for some time been doing EUkip’s books whilst Farage’s latest fancy woman has been being paid £36,000 ++ Farge fancied Marta Andreassen as a fig leaf to cover the perceived corruption of EUkip’s accounts – by having some foreign woman who lived in another country one must assume he thought he could continue abusing the funding of the party – paying his wife, squandering money on whores and booze and we note never once donating a penny piece on the Electoral Commission lists despite the ludicrously high income he receives.

Endlessly we are told of howmuch he gave up in the city but no one seems to be able to find evidence of this and what of the huge losses – would he have been able to squander as much yet still bank £200,000+ in the Isle of Man in one year alone AND pay his wife £25,000 a year if he was not exploiting EUkip?

Just where did £175,000 go when he was campaigning in Wales? Just where did it come from?Yet this grubby little chappie who had to cheat and lie to get elected openly admits he dishonestly and culpably set out to trick Martin Hasslam and set him up by getting some grubby little Independent Journalist he associates with to set Martin Hasslam up by phoning him.

The journalist phoned Martin Hasslam who I gather was playing tennis at the time – his partner in the game passed martin the phone and he answered the questions uncontroversially and honestly and thought no more of it.Unlike Nigel Farage Martin Hasslam told the truth whereas Nigel Farage lied to the press bringing EUkip into disrepute and portraying EUkip members dishonestly as misogenistic and dishonest.


Farage has been reported in the media extensively with other whores and regularly drunk.

How dare this grubby, dishonest, incompetent, dishonest little man try to set up such a regular and honest benefactor of EUkip.NIGEL FARAGE time for you to go and take the cart load of low lifes in your claque with you – Nigel Farage you have done more damage to the EUroSceptic movement and damaged my Country more dishonestly and more sordidly than anyone in the last 20 years in terms of the EU – We expected NOTHING of filth and scum like Blair, Brown, Straw, Presscott and their communist fellow travellers – we knew that Boy Dave was without doubt useless – we put our faith in you Nigel Farage and to a man and woman of our Country YOU NIGEL FARAGE have betrayed us gathering around you the biggest bunch of liars, low lifes and cheats gathered by a British politician in modern history.

Yes I understand Martin Hasslam was playing tennis with a fellow EUkip member who YOU Nigel Farage had vaunted as a member and so called minor celebrity from the past. Martin Hasslam brought his tennis partner with him to attest that Martin DID NOT phone The Independent but responded politely and truthfully to the questions you had set him up to. Martin Hasslam is no more responsible for the subsequent outburst of Buster Motram whose behaviour I totally deprecate.

Martin Hasslam is no more responsible for his tennis partner’s behaviour than are you Nigel for the fact your daddy spent some years as a drunk, or that he divorced your mother, or that I understand your father was for a period a supporter of the National Front, or that your brother like you is a drunk – no Nigel we do not hold YOU responsible for their failings nor are we interested who your ancestors are or their nationality – However we are heartily sick of your childish insecure behaviour manifest in your uncontrolled whoring & womanising, your endless failure as a leader, your crass and childish drinking, your utter insecurity in delegation.

Farage many of us pity you but no one of any stature sees you as other than an insecure immature fool with a glib tongue and a low cunning – just look around you at those you pay to praise you – they do not respect you – you are just their meal ticket – you are a fool, so stupid that you dare not delegate, you dare not let men near you just look at them dweebs and creeps or failures and the spent – not a friend among them or they would tell you to grow up and leave rather than wait until you are dumped as you will be.

The damage you have done has ensured that there is a full slate being put forward in The South East & we are working on a Full Slate in The Eastern Region not so much to get elected but to make sure Britain is never again represented by dishonest SCUM from amongst your cronies. So far we have full funding in place for the South East 2 household name individuals and 4 others as candidates so far – it is astonishing (well it is to me) just how hated you are for your betrayal of trust Farage, you really are scum aren’t you.

Again and again because of you Farage EUkip is being brought before the Courts NOT by EUkip’s enemies but by its members and supporters who are angry at your treachery and betrayal.There isn’t a single solitary MEP in EUkip we as a Country would not be better off without – NOT ONE.Since 2004 EUkip’s MEPs have without exception been a disgrace in their betrayal of these United Kingdoms – little men bought off by self importance not one who has served our Country just a bunch of ill behaved low lifes performing for money on occasions.

SCUMIt is no wonder that you have opted for a series of controversaries and now trumped up Disciplinary Hearings led by liars like Bannerman, Denny and their odious untrustworthy ilk.Almost without exception members and ex members I speak to including EUkip members and staff who resent you despite the incomes you try to buy them with, the general belief is that like the political prostitute Marta Andreassen who has prostituted herself from country to country, party to party, court to court just to keep her snout in the troughs – Clearly to many of us the sole purpose of this ridiculous behaviour desperately running dishonest and corrupt kangaroo courts – the whole fabrication is we believe nothing more than a massive scam to use Disciplinary threats and abuse of due process by the corrupt to act as concealment of financial and electoral corruption.

WE KNOW from the 10 page report of YOUR appointed Returning Officer that YOUR selection of cronies for listing as potential MEPs was corrupt, dishonest and a disgrace that should be re-run and that the NEC and leadership were so dishonest and untrusted that an external agency should be used.We KNOW you and your cronies are corrupt, dishonest, liars, cheats and self seeking.

We KNOW the accounts of EUkip are untrusted, obfuscated and believed to be part of a self enrichment scheme of a few.We KNOW that the Ashford call centre WAS a scam.We KNOW that the RAMSGATE so called call centre would seem to be as dishonest as ASHFORD.We KNOW that over 50% of the total income of Nigel Farage’s South East Region was a sum of £211,000 which was recorded in the accounts as ‘other’ expenses – that is a hell of a lot of paper clips!

It is believed this money was trousered and an accountant would seem to have been paid £6,000 for his signature!We KNOW that Farage and his cronies KNEW the payments from Alan Bown of about £350,000 were uinlawfull as he had removed himself from the electoral roll and that The Electoral Commission in eMails, phone calls and minuted meetings asked EUkip to regularise the position which I had informed Farage, Lott & DeRouke of shortly after it happened – there was and had NEVER been a difficulty of compliance in that the money could be notionally returned and then repaid with Alan Bown on the electoral register as had been done previously with others with the assistance and approval of the authorities.

The ONLY solution to this obscene mess Farage and his corrupt cronies are responsible (has Christopher Gill got Dimentia? I find it hard to believe that a man who had the courage to speak out about Maastricht can have sunk so low as to have endorsed this behaviour – I know he was always seen as thick at school and was the in house joke in the Tories for many years having every good idea he ever had nicked! I find it sad to discover he is clearly dishonest and corrupt – how sad!)

Farage resign as a member of EUkip taking every single MEP with you and every single solitary paid EUkip/Ind.Dem. parasite with you. Have the dignity and integrity one and all and surrender your seats and your incomes to those who elected you.

Immediately appoint the one honest man EUkip had as a Treasurer Martin Hasslam –

Invite the authorities to conduct a forensic analysis of the accounts with such charges and criminal action as may be found appropriate.

Invite Del Young to take up the roll of Deputy Leader

Invite Petrina Holdsworth to become the Executive Chairman.

Invite Richard Suchorzewski to become joint leader with Dr. Eric Edmond.

Invite John West to take up his position on the NEC as Deputy Chairman.

Invite Dr. David Abbott to remain on the NEC.

Request the existing and extant branches (bypassing untrustworthy Regional Committees)

to nominate 3 members for each region
1 additional from each of the 5 largest regions to be put forward as members of the NEC

with the 3 smallest regions (by membership) only having 2.

Invite Roger Knapman to take an advisory non voting position on the NEC with his assistant Piers Merchant also assisting.

Invite Alan Bown to continue as a benefactor but NOT as an NEC member as he HAS colluded in corruption.

The new NEC to be charged with nominating all executive positions.

The new NEC to make arrangements for proper elections to take place for a new NEC to be voted in at the same time as a new list of candidates for the positions of MEP to be voted on as rapidly as can be achieved.

IF it is the decision of this interim leadership and NEC that they are unable to fund the forward progress as it is likely the outgoing pond life will ensure the funds are depleted then it shall be the duty of those appointed to bring UKIP to an orderly close paying such bills as are outstanding from the corrupt outgoing people.

This should be done under the oversight of an appointed member of the authorities who should decide if prosecutions should follow.

It will interest you to know due to incompetence, dishonesty and corruption neither Dr. Eric Edmond nor Dr. David Abbott were faced with legitimate due process despite the corrupt intent of Farage and the dishonest behaviour of the fraud, cheat and liar David Bannerman aided by others.

Dr. Eric Edmond & Dr. David Abbott left the NEC clearly stating they were not willing to be associated with the shamefull level of behaviour of those at the NEC meeting.

After the racist abuse from Zucherman acting in a manner likely to bring Judaism into disrepute with his uncontrolled accusations of Nazi using (IT SEEMED) his Judaism as a tool rather than reason or the competence of a professional or a solicitor in his failure to address the problem presented by Buster Mottram.

Interestingly Del Young refused to remain at the meeting associated with the outrageous behaviour of those present at the NEC – He left the meeting in disgust after the disgraceful ambush of Martin Hasslam a loyal and decent man.

In terms of controlling the meeting the chairman was an irrelevance just a sad little chav way out of his depth. Farage’s credible career in as far as he had one is finish he brought shame on himself and shame on the party.

NOT ONE PERSON at the meeting other than those named who left in disgust brought anything but shame on themselves and upon EUkip and on the Patriotic EUroScepticism they have abused and exploited.

I will deal with the details of the dishonest efforts of the corrupt NEC & Leadership of EUkip to try to cover-up their false accounting and dishonesty by orchestrating kangaroo Courts and false Disciplinary Hearings.

EUkip is now finished and I call on all honest men and women to make every effort to bury the corpse as soon as possible so that its rotten stench does not contaminate our future in Britain.

You will be aware that in over 10 years of daily or more political commentary, and particularly the last 150 eMails on EUkip NOT A SINGLE SOLITARY FACT which I have published nor a single opinion I have voiced can the SCUM that has floated to the top of the septic tank that is EUkip can or has been challenged NOT ONE besides of course the sordid serial liar Croucher aided and given a platform for his dishonesty by Anthony Butcher who has been proven corrupt.

There is no place for the dishonest in the new UKIP cheats like Lisa Duffy, Bannerman, and similar low lifes like Zucherman, Denny, Oxley, Bown, Gill, Seymour & NuttAll. Andreassen has NO HONEST POSITION on the NEC or in EUkip.

Seymour is a joke – she changes her mind more often than her underwear, when not near Nigel she is brave and probably decent but in his presence she goes all soggy.EUkip does not claim a single individual one could for a moment be proud of except Dr. Abbott, Dr. Edmond, John West & Del Young the rest are a disgrace that brings shame and haven’t a clue how to behave acting almost as disgracefully as the majority of the scum that are EUkip’s MEPs.

I stand by my EVERY word. EUkip couldn’t even deal with a ridiculous approach from the BNP without bringing shame and bad publicity pouring down on their heads.


It is interesting to note the hours members of UKIP keep in their efforts to route out the filth that is the rotten head of EUkip.It will also be interesting to see if Anthony Butcher is man enough to apologise for his despicable corrupt behaviour and publish my eMail and comments or will he again insist on aiding dishonesty and corruption?
It is also interesting to note the corrupt and the dishonest who seek to belittle the truth when it comes to them and those who censor material and the facts to prevent them coming to the attention of a wider audience – cheats and the corrupt who support and assist lies about those who bring the truth, liars like Malcolm Wood who seeks to undermine those who bring the truth and his efforts to change and dishonestly distort minutes, lie about accounts, tell lies about people to ensure he hangs onto his EU paid job – he is not alone in his self interested dishonesty – consider the dishonesty and corruption of Anthony Butcher and his Forum where lies and dishonesty about opponents of the EU are supported and encouraged – they are permitted, like Croucher, Denny, Bob FM etc. to publish any lie about me without any shred of substantiation whilst Anthony Butcher censors the truth and refuses to publish facts that are provided with provenance by me and to this date has been too dishonest to apologise to those he wrongs.
Many will remember when he banned Niall Warry from his Forum with absolutely no reason he could establish – he then lacked the integrity to apologise for his dishonesty and corruption when Niall’s statements were proven beyond doubt – the gutless and dishonest little Butcher just snivelled and hid from the truth.
Anthony Butcher’s assistance to the corrupt, the dishonest and the self seeking shows beyond any doubt that he is beneath contempt – despite proof he censured me for stating Tom Wise had been shown to be involved in fraud, corruption, embezzling and dishonesty – for which he was arrested by the media – Anthony Butcher – despite the evidence censured me and colluded with Tom Wise!!
Yet even to this day the cowardly and dishonest little Butcher lacks the integrity to apologise for his dishonesty and corruption of the forum.Again and again I provide facts, opinion and irrefutable proof to back the facts of criminality in EUkip, apparent dishonesty, corruption and endless breeches of law and their own constitution but Butcher dishonestly aids the corrupt to continue by publishing the supporters who lie about EUkip yet removes or prevents the publication of the facts and the proven truth – one has to wonder for whom Anthony Butcher, in such dishonesty, works and just howmuch he is paid for his corruption.
Would EUkip still be in the mess it is? Would the corrupt leadertship still be there if dishonest people like Anthonmy Butcher were not corruptly sheltering them – There is not enough money on this planet to make me sink so low!Having read the depositions for the kangaroo Court on Monday being brought against Dr. Eric Edmond & Dr. David Abbott and the fact that the ‘latest’ version of the so called Agenda aims to hold numerous further kangaroo courts – the silence of the membership that is left is very much a result of liars, cheats, idiots and the corrupt like Bob FM, Malcolm Wood, Anthony Butcher and the like – who without a shred of honest evidence seek to sabotage the spread of proven truth.
Gutless traitors to our Country who betray our peoples.
Astonishingly the EUkip leadership are so dishonest and corrupt that they believe their behaviour, led by the proven liar, fraud and bullying cheat Bannerman though it seems he may well still (like Stephen Sobey) be working for the Tories and is definitely in the employ of the EU. Do these people have ANY morality?
We note they have to date ignored the report and advice of their own Returning Officer regarding their utterly corrupt and invalid listing of who they want as MEP candidates and their criminality in achieving it!Leadership – what leadership?
A vain self seeking dishonest and very grubby little drunkard with an inability to think with his big head and an obsession with the thoughts of his little head.
Then we have the self seeking and clearly ineligible Marta Andreassen – seemingly Farage could find anyone of stature to manipulate to fiddle the books – so he has EMPLOYED @ over £36,000 a part time and discredited Danish woman who lives in Spain – the so called UK Independence Party couldn’t find anyone in the UK and they now pay someone to fudge the books who is far from Independent she is seeking a way to get her snout back into the troughs on the gravy train corruptly and dishonestly, seemingly at all cost, having lost her legal case to get her snout in!Marta Andreassen is FIRMLY over many years pro EU – she thinks the EU just wants a bit of fine tuning!
UKIP is no more EUkip is adopting a clear stance of negotiation and acquiescence to the EU with pond life like the dishonest liar and cheat Derek Clark whose betrayal far exceeds that of Edward Heath a traitor and self confessed thief who fraudulently steals tax payers money and boasts of it at public meetings!
These people are clearly beneath contempt yet the corrupt like Anthony Butcher dishonestly collude in protecting them – How shameful!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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