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#0348* – UKIP INDEPENDENT MEP Mike NATTRASS Gets Publicity on HS2

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 11/03/2011

#0348* – UKIP INDEPENDENT MEP Mike NATTRASS Gets Publicity on HS2!
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
He will increasingly be taken seriously now he is no longer a member of the Racist, Anti Jewish, Violently Anti Homosexual EFD Group which nigel FARAGE Leads & UKIP Supports!




well done to Mike Nattrass who is increasingly visible in the meeeeja now that he has disassociated from the slime that Nigel Farage has gathered around him as praise singers and sycophants engorging themselves at The EU Troughs with the racist, anti Jewish, and violently anti Homosexual scum of EUropean politics.

Here is just one of the articles there was another today in the main Birmingham paper.

I believe that liberated from the damaging reputation of UKIP’s behaviour and alies in The EU Mike Nattrass can clearly do more for Britain and his constituents than involved with what are incresingly seen as the farce protest party – as shown by the risible achievements in The Welsh Referendum where in the only noted comment they made it clear – AND CORRECTLY – that a turnout of only 1/3rd. getting a majority granted no mandate for anything – The electorate gave a 20% support for the change of constitution to please The EU and damage Wales!

In Barnsley UKIP’s result was a mere 4% of the electorate yet even so that gave them second position with a tiny number of votes for a by-election second position – I woul;d hazard a guess one of THE lowest votes EVER to come second!

Then look at the farce of UKIP in Oldham where EACH vote cost UKIP about £30 – Oh well with Stuart Wheeler now paying for UKIP – let us note a fool and his money are easily parted as can be seen from the donation records of UKIP’s MEPs which amount to almost ZERO except when used to get THEMSELVES elected – How Much Has FARAGE DONATED of the many £Millions he has made in 18 years and even then he takes £30,000 for his wife!

So UKIP MEPs may not be as stupid as they look and behave, but Stuart Wheeler clearly is – He will NEVER make a silk purse out of that particular pig’s ear of a leadership!

Protesters welcome Whitehall HS2 inquiry

Last week hundreds of protesters lit a beacon at Packington Farm demonstrating against HS2.

Last week hundreds of protesters lit a beacon at Packington Farm demonstrating against HS2.
CAMPAIGNERS against the controversial proposed high-speed rail link have welcomed a forthcoming inquiry into its merits by an influential Parliamentary committee.

The House of Commons Transport Select Committee has agreed to hold hearings in public into the economic arguments for and against HS2.
A spokesman for campaign group Stop HS2 said the organisation is “pleased” the committee will be investigating the project and “looks orward to collaborating with experts when submitting evidence”.
The group also passed comment on the Transport Select Committee’s report on the completed inquiry into Transport and the Economy, for which Stop HS2 provided both written and oral evidence.

“The government talks about HS2 being transformational, and having the “potential to enhance economic growth”,” said Stop HS2 director Penny Gaines.
“However, as the TSC report points out, the Government has not provided the evidence of how they expect HS2 to achieve this growth.
“When he was giving evidence to the Transport Select Committee, Professor Henry Overman said that many projects are promoted on the grounds that they will be transformational but, in actuality, many of these claims do not materialise.
“Stop HS2 does not believe that HS2 will be transformational or that it will provide enough economic benefits to the north to justify the £34 billion price tag.
“Instead it is likely that areas away from the few high speed stations will lose out significantly and that London will benefit disproportionately.”
Although not binding on Government, the Secretary of State is obliged to comment – in writing – on the findings of a select committee.
Transcripts of the forthcoming hearings will be available on the Parliamentary website.
Meanwhile, fears have been raised that taxpayers could be required to help foot the £17 billion bill for HS2.
West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass was among those pointing out that the public consultation document published by the Government last week states: “Significant numbers of individuals and organisations would stand to benefit from the construction of new high speed rail lines.
“The government expects that such parties would therefore make a contribution to the cost of those links.”
Lichfield District Council has already officially declared its total objection to HS2.
This week, Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said: “As far as I know, there are not, nor ever were, any plans for local councils to fund HS2.
“But just in case someone down in London now gets a bright idea about this as this story is running, let me be clear: I will totally oppose it.
“Local residents cannot be expected to make any contribution to HS2 – especially as it won’t even stop in Staffordshire.”
As well as linking Birmingham with London, the line boasts a spur which carries on north of the country’s second city, cutting into Lichfield district from the direction of Hints.
After slicing through Whittington Heath Golf Club it crosses the A38 on the outskirts of Streethay, eventually joining the West Coast Main Line.
Construction could begin in 2018, with the first high speed trains then planned to run in 2025.

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