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Archive for the ‘Grossart’ Category

#0083* – IN SEARCH of a LEADER for UKIP – Steve HARRIS? That Plane Crash & Farage!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 31/08/2010

#0083* – IN SEARCH of a LEADER for UKIP – Steve HARRIS? That Plane Crash & Farage!  

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

IN SEARCH of a LEADER for UKIP – Steve HARRIS? That Plane Crash & Farage!!
Leadership Candidates CLICK HERE 
The Crash & More CLICK HERE


I was reminded of this Junius post some time ago when considering possible UKIP Leaders :

Calls from the press to UKIP’s Gawain Towler have confirmed that Farage is still confined to his bed following that plane crash.

In his dreams – had he thought of sharing a bath – NO not constantly thought about it but that MIGHT explain why UKIP’s publicity is so contantly minimal or derogatory – what would one expect from a Part with Towler in charge of PR in Britain.

That slime Mark Croucher, hiding from his bills and seeking to cheat the British Justice system in the EU, directly working for Farage and utterly dependent on The EU for his income and protection from British Justice!

Then we have the darling of Fleet Street (NOT) Death Rowe working with the useless, hapless failed campaign manager James Pryor who was so useless in the General Election and had halved the vote each time he campaign managed in South Africa – Now I see they are seemingly working for Farage running a spoiler operation to try to damage Nikki Sinclaire’s honourable efforts to build a cross party Petition for a Referendum.

Farage never has had any morality has he!
A vicious, vindictive, untrustworthy little man at heart. Absolutely no loyalty to anyone or anything other than himself!!

And for once Nigel is not sharing the duvet with one of his numerous mistresses!

Surely not Gawain Towler!

Farage’s injuries are far worse than originally thought. His spinal injury is of particular concern. He is also suffering from nightmares and flashbacks of the crash. See: LINK

This I understand to be true as you will see from my posting which I have started #0073* but I keep getting sidetracked there is just so much to report on UKIP and the leaderships utter betrayal of eachother and the members and thus of course the anti UKIP activity they generate amongst the leaderships parasites and supporters.

Certain UKIP MEPs are now talking about the possibility that Farage may be forced to retire from active politics.

No I doubt it not when one is in control of €76,000 a year per MEP unaccountable to anyone it seems – now you know the motivation for being in the EFD
 Fundamentally as pimp for UKIP he has made a prostitute of the party for what can only be seen as personal gain.

The claim is membership of a group means more money for the party – firstly it does NOT it means more money under the Chairman’s control unaccountably. In UKIP’s case that was €1.3Million a year on top of the £2M Farage admitted making for himself NOT ONE PENNY PIECE SHOWED UP AS DONATIONS TO UKIP, and I have looked, as that was over and above his legitimate expenses watch CLICK HERE with care where he admits to the scams but CLAIMS the money was spent on UKIP yet there is absolutely no supportive evidence or documentation and we know Nigel to be a liar.

All a bit like the scams surrounding the Ashford rip off run by Alan Bown, Nigel Farage, Terry Quarterman, John Moran, Graham Booth and others where less than 15% of the money donated to UKIP reached the party – the rest seemingly having been stolen as there was no clear accounting, money was even laundered through a hotel credit card machine! £250,000 vanished into a private bank account and at that time roughly Nigel Farage paid £250,000 into an off shore bank account called Farage Education Trust.

All rather similar to the last time Farage orchestrated a so called petition where £250,000 of tax payers money was given by the EU donations were solicited and given and one of the most shambolic scams of all time took place under the guidance of David Lott, Nigel Farage, Mark Croucher and others – The petition was NEVER carried out – branch chairmen were told to dump such paperwork as they had securely in land fill and no petition was ever delivered even though the paperwork was unlawfull.

Shortly after that rip off David Lott moved to a property on The Romsey Marshes with land for his wife’s horses and despite perpetual claims of being broke Croucher bought the licenses on two pubs which he managed to destroy within a year or so clearly due to his incompetence but blaming everyone but himself as dishonest little oiks who fail always do.

OK so that may be a bit harsh to call Nigel a liar as I have above but listen closely to his own words in the recording and you will hear he PROMISES full accounting and transparency for ALL UKIP MEPs from the election onwards! To date only ONE UKIP MEP has provided a full accounting and that is Nikki Sinclaire – her first auditted accounts went up in draft in December and were fully audited by about March as I recall. NO OTHER UKIP MEP has provided auditted accounts.

Now that Mike Nattrass has followed Sinclaire’s lead in refusing to remain with Farage in the squalid EFD he too is presenting accounts.

I understand Sinclaire’s next period of accounts are about due but are slightly delayed by her Political Activities in America during her summer holiday and also by the work and commitment to The Petition.

Listen closely to the broadcast where Farage claims Marta Andreasen will ensure EVERY UKIP MEP produces completely transparent accounting – firtsly, to date, NO UKIP MEP who is a member of the EFD scam has produced valid, transparent auditted accounts. Further Nigel Farage has been leader of UKIP and has nor produced an accounting of the 4000 account which is the €1.3Million he receives as UKIP leader in the EFD – we also wonder if his EFD partners know about this scam!

IF Farage as chairman of the EFD claims for the group he is ‘acquiring’ €76,000 per MEP and at the moment that seems to be 28 so that is €2,128,000 a year seemingly unaccounted!

No wonder Farage has a hissy fit every time an MEP leaves.

Could this be why Nigel Farage was happy to keep the fraudster and liar Tom Wise as a member of UKIP for as long as he could and encouraged Tom Wise to remain in the EFD Group he previously chaired – to retain Tom Wise’s €76,000 a year?

Might it be why, in apparent denial of the truth, Farage claimed Roger Knapman was still in the group – did Roger know?

You will also hear Farage claim that Marta Andreasen was the EU accountant and whistleblower. Interestingly Marta Andreasen was merely one of many EU bean counters NOT THE EU Chief Accountant as she has frequently and publicly claimed ‘Chef de Comptable’ is a SENIOR accountant NOT THE Chief accountant. As with ‘Chef de Bureau’ is merely an Office Manager.

Further Farage described her as ‘whistle blower’ – there was not so much as a peeeeep of a whistle when she defaulted on her job, failed to fulfil the job she was hired for, was found to have lied on her CV was suspended for a period and then fired EVEN then not a peeeeep from the famous whistle!

It was not until she was exposed as a liar and lost her case in court that she started whistling – shortly after that she started whistling the British National Anthem and worked her way around the various parties looking for another over paid EU job. She started at the top but The Tories did not want her, eventually she tried to get into the Christian something or other party in Scotland but they rejected her it seems it was either The BNP or UKIP and she happened to try UKIP first,

You will note Farage promised she would ENSURE the accounts were produced!

Perhaps Farage would care to lie his way out of that situation or perhaps we could have the lies of Marta Andreasen as well!

It was with this thought in mind that I started looking around for possible leaders as I was far too bored to go into the details of the D’Hont points that UKIP were entitled to that were used to buy loyalty (well bribe others to join the EFD it seems) but they too are seemingly unaccountable – more of that scam prostituting UIKIP as a party another day!

Well what about Steve I thought – he has been around for a long time and although he may have eaten all the pies on offer in the US Navy and he may well have chronic diabetes having dug his way to the destruction of his health and a probable early grave with his teath but he has been around a while and he is next on the MEP list if Andreasen is sacked for her dishonesty or Farage uses his intelligence and retires on full salary and full pension rights based upon sickness from his accident.

At least unlike most of the list members for MEP Steve Harris would seem to have won his position as number two honestly and it was only the undeniable corruption of the process by Farage that placed the clearly inelligible Andreasen woman in his position – consider the lies and outright dishonesty – not least of that filth McTrough or Bannerman and the manner in which Gerard Batten, Farage, Trevor Colman, Godfrey Bloom, Derek Clark and others colluded CLICK HERE

As I said I was looking for someone honest to promote as the potential leader, someone with experience of the party.

It was then I had actually remembered The Junius blog on Steve:

This news is music to the ears of Steve ‘Billy Bunter’ Harris in the South East.

Steve was UKIP’s third MEP candidate in the South East. He would replace Farage if the former leader stood down as an MEP.

Harris joined UKIP in 2001 and is currently the South East’s extremely chubby regional organiser. Don’t tell OLAF!

Steve is now positively salivating at the thought that Nigel may be forced to retire. He once said that he ‘would do anything to become an MEP’. He even claims that a fortune teller once told him that he would ‘become an MEP by default’.

But Mr Harris’ desperation to unseat Farage and become an MEP is sadly not motivated by patriotism and a desire to serve the people of the South East. He is motivated by greed, ego and a desire to get his snout firmly in the EU trough. Now who does that remind you of?

Alan Clark once said there were no real friends in politics, only sharks.

Farage has learnt to his cost that his ‘loyal supporters’ are nothing of the sort. They are as two-faced as their boss!

Such is life! 

I’m afraid he just about scuppered it for me when I was able to confirm he HAD consulted a clairvoyant – now I have some sympathy with poor old Paul Wessons about his views on masturbation and consorting with prostitutes and his, to me, utterly contemptible efforts to justify the possibility a leading multi Millionaire titled UKIP MEP who despite his favoured position was seemingly director of a sizeable company making pornography that had defaulted on its payment of staff.

Whatever William Earl of Dartmouth’s position is that Paul and others in UKIP seek to justify the debasement of society by pandering to its more obscene and perverted tastes and believes this acceptable in UKIP speaks volumes of UKIP and even louder of them.

There are many activities in life that may not be unlawfull but there is no justification for such behaviour any more than there was justification for the multi millionaire Scot Hamish Grossart, nephew of Sir Angus Grossart and like his uncle another apparent narcissist with strange interests and also a member of The Spec. a director of Cairns Internationalto throw his wife down the stairs in front of his daughter who she raised – thereby inducing a miscarriage as we heard in the Scottish Courts on Friday nor to beat her to the ground and then urinate on her – it would seem both actions are acceptable as without direct intervention the police and the law show marked indifference in Scotland – can we expect reams of letters and postings from UKIP’s apologists implying such cowardly and abusive behaviour would be acceptable for an MEP as it is legal – in that he was never prosecuted!

Perhaps this dishonourable and narcissistic behaviour is indeed acceptable amongst UKIP leadership and its parasites, as we see no signs of loyalty from the top in fact we see the brutal eviceration of anyone who does not worship at his master’s feet and slavishly carry the holy chamber pot and accept responsibility for the ordure found therein. Hence we note the retinue of parasitic low lifes and salaried praise singers acting as Farage’s body guard.

Farage may be determined to exclude Harris as an MEP come what may but for me the fact that Harris actually consulted a clairvoiant precludes him for a fair run at leadership of the party for me. Gravitas he may not have but despite his ludicrous bulk he seems not to have his feet upon the ground!

So who COULD stand for leadership?

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
LEAVE-THE-EU to Reclaim YOUR Future 

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