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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 01/03/2011

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
NOWHERE is there ANY PUBLICITY, COMMENT, GUIDANCE or DATA on The Referendum Relative To The EU Regional Ass Vote For More Power!


What Is Their Position?

It Is A Bit Late For Strategy, Vision, Tactics or Comment!

UKIP CLEARLY HAS NO LEADERSHIP – Its Drunk, With a Whore or In Finland!!





earlier this evening a friend phoned me regarding the collapse of UKIP in Wales so I read The Junius article at CLICK HERE I gather Tim had flagged it up on Anthony Butcher’s squalid little Forum where the usual liars and low lifes like Skeptyk, Douglas Denny, Mark Croucher, Annabelle Fuller, Gawain Towler, John Ison, Mike McGough and the like loiter to spread their fanciful bile under their own names and various pseudonyms too ashamed of what they write to put their name to it.

UKIP really does have some revolting scum that has floated to the top in the leadership team and its parasites to be sure – they rather came unstuck last week on MumsNet and it ended up with Nigel Farage having to try to disown them rather implausibly since his own staff were phoning members to get them to sign up on MumsNet to try to rescue him!

Even so Farage got something of a thrashing out of his comfort zone trying to deal with genuine people and members of the public see: CLICK HERE

Back to Wales and you will note that contra the lies of Septyk and his cotterie of creeps Tim did NOT seek to take advantage of John Bufton’s serious ill health regardless of the vile spin from Tom Wilde desperately trying to point score.

In fact read Tim’s comments for yourself and you will see how dishonest the clones are. Read the Junius article and you will note it starts out with well wishes for Bufton’s recovery – astonishingly something that has not occured anywhere on Anthony Butcher’s squalid forum nor on UKIP’s main web site – nor in fact on UKIP Wales’ site. In fact I even checked The UKIP members’ Forum and noticed no well wishes there even  before falling asleep, with its lack of content of any interest (it is so over managed it looks like something  Aldous Huxley would write about – amateur censorship run riot!).

Taking a closer look at The Junius blog I note they have cross referenced their comments to aid the UKIP reader in understanding the plight of UKIP Wales and have reasonably commented WITH links to clarify their opinions.

Trust the vile scum of UKIP on the sordid UKIP run Forum to try to make capital of the issue and I note Paul Wesson was also disgusted and locked the thread!

By all means read the details on John Bufton and the plight of Wales as at when this article was written CLICK HERE

During the last couple of hours whilst listening to a play on the radio I have been hunting around for more information!

UKIP Wales web site seems to have ground to a halt and I couldn’t find anything they had loaded since Christmas but they have a weak RSS feed that clearly requires no maintenance and is not very relevant to UKIP Wales.

When you consisder that UKIP Wales’ one MEP is costing tax payers £2.59 Million and John Bufton has a salary of around £80,000 not to mention £280 a day just to sign in – even on a scam like Fridays as The Despatches programme made very clear when he was accused of ripping off the system and his best answer was ‘well thats the system’ or some such. Being an intelligent, nimble footed, leading politician it only took him weeks to invent a better excuse!

I note the last entry on his UKIP Wales web site would seem to be in November last year!

One would have thought even the £76,000 he receives under the 4000 budget, which seems unaccounted, would have funded a stand in whilst he recovered, couldn’t he use the £1,000s he gets for travel outside the EU on the 6000 budget as that too never seems to be accounted though I hear it is used for bribes by Nigel Farage to keep racists, xenophobes, anti Jewish and violent anti homosexuals on his EFD Group – maybe the £211,000 he spends on staff could have covered for him but it seems not.

You will also note there is so little activity in Wales, other than a vituperative little piece of filth from Barry who poisinously attacks people on Butcher’s dishonest and squalid UKIP controlled Forum – when not attacking elderly and loyal patriots who have served UKIP well, from their own pocket, over many years.

I appreciate that John Bufton, who made much of what he was going to donate to get elected, has so far it seems merely contributed the sum total of the equivalent of fiddling 3 Friday sign ins!

It does depressingly look as if UKIP couldn’t give a damn if John Bufton lives or dies – there is both no good wishes nor any effort to assist him in this period of medical plight – The few genuine UKIP members that have remained in the party must be truelly disgusted.

Is this the way UKIP would Govern if ever elected to anything with complete disinterest, total lack of loyalty and set about squabbling and back biting.

Decent UKIP members (IF there are any left) must be so ashamed and embarrassed – would UKIP run a health service that couldn’t care less? Have they shown ANY signs of Social Care regarding John’s wife or young son?

There is clearly no contingency plan as can be seen by the indifference and the inactivity.

To all intent and purpose UKIP has collapsed and all that the filth supporting the failed UKIP Leadership can do is attack and castigate Junius and Tim for having raised the issue – Talk about stupid, have they not realised how idiotic and vile they seem to onlookers endlessly sheltering their vile personalities behind false names and anonymity whilst rolling in the gutter to point score.

Let me make it VERY clear that I wish John Bufton a speedy recovery and I hope it has not put too great a starin on his wife and son – may I suggest that he puts his ambition and greed behind him and takes a long hard look in the mirror and asks himself two questions:

01. Why am I doing this when it is clear I am utterly incompetent to acquit my duty to the electorate?

02. Will the money buy me a better view in the cemetery?

Good luck – because lets face it UKIP leadership are unlikely to come to your funeral and clearly they are not prepared to wish you well in public or help out in your region!

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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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