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#0305* – UKIP WALES Ex CHAIRMAN: ‘UKIP is now a complete irrelevance’

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 24/02/2011

#0305* – UKIP WALES Ex CHAIRMAN: ‘UKIP is now a complete irrelevance’
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
‘UKIP is now a complete irrelevance’!!



UKIP is now a complete irrelevance.

3 reasons and more as to why I’ll be posting and commenting a lot less for a while on this UKIP part of the Forum.

The First reason: – is that after my nearly 6700 posts nothing much has changed, so as skeptyk recently pointed out, I feel I need to follow my oft quoted adage:-


The Second reason: 
– is I have in the last few months become increasingly aware that:-


Which in the context of the EU means that what will be will be and there is nothing that UKIP or anyone else can do about it. This is especially so since the signing of the Lisbon Treaty and in my opinion (and yes B.A. Ware this thread is all my opinion!) the most likely scenario is that the Euro region will split in two which would then give us the chance of re- negotiating our relationship with the EU. However whether this chance is taken is again another matter.

The Third reason: 
– I shall be posting and commenting far less in the UKIP part of this Forum- is that UKIP is now a complete irrelevance having achieved NOTHING of consequence in the last 17 years to aid our withdrawal from the EU. Also given that it is about to be consumed into the Pan European EFD, in all bar name if UKIP is lucky, UKIP will virtually cease to exist.
OK so why has UKIP been so ineffective over the years – well I guess two words sum up the reason and they are:-


Leaving aside his media strengths Nigel has been the most abysmal and diabolical LEADER I have ever been associated with.

He has had no strategy, tactics, vision or plan to speak of, has no idea of how to set an example, is divisive, has no integrity, is morally deficient , totally unprincipled, financially greedy, unscrupulous, vain and dreadfully insecure to name but a few of his more obvious weaknesses!

While he may not as yet have been accused or charged with any criminality he is widely perceived to lack financial or moral probity with a host of unanswered questions he has so far refused to explain. Hopefully one day the old bill will come knocking on his door looking for answers?

He has of course managed to remain in power by: 
“Fooling most of the members of UKIP most of the time.”

From my experiences of Chairman of Wales and Cheltenham I know that most UKIP members and members of the public have absolutely no idea what is going on in UKIP, and vote for Nigel, simply because he looks good on the telly!

As to the rest of his supporters in the party I believe they fall into two main categories:-

1. Those who like him, are making money from the EU and don’t really care what he gets up to. This obviously includes his fellow UKIP MEPs and his staff all of whom he controls.

2. Those who are totally naive and believe that despite his MANY failings some greater good is served by not rocking the boat too severely if at all.

To this second category I’d say:-


From what I can now see history teaches us that you have to change a political party form WITHIN as Blair did to New Labour, but all those against Nigel have ended up leaving UKIP rather like the ‘Gang of Four’ left the labour Party – and look what happened to them!

If ALL his dissenters had stayed in the party and fought from within something might have been achieved. But they would have needed a strong leader with enough time to formulate a plan to win over the membership as to why Nigel’s strengths were not as leader.

I did try to fight from within for 5 years and know some other people tried to improve UKIP, like the Lechlade and Phoenix Groups. However I don’t think they really had the right leadership or stomach for the fight. As a result Nigel was able to out manoeuvre them especially as he controlled the money and staff placements.

So I now intend to concentrate on my local election campaign, my BBC bias blog The Freedom Association, The UK Defence Association and my work with The Royal British Legion.

As to the ‘INDEPENDENT Leave-the EU Alliance’ it is to be mothballed but NOT folded as to keep it ‘live’ only costs £25 a year. I think the I L-T-EU A has much going for it and it can always be taken off the shelf and dusted down if needs be. Never forget:-

And that step has been taken!

If you have any doubts about the value of more INDEPENDENTS at Westminster please read Vernon Coleman’s book ‘Bloodless Revolution’. 
If you get in contact by private message I’ll send you a copy free, as he gave us 500 copies for the election and I still have a few left!!

Now to all those who say I’ve not answered questions put to me on this Forum I beg to disagree as I have always tried to answer directly and as you all know I post under my own name.

However I confess to getting hacked off with some you from time to time, which I regret, for I genuinely believe that debate is not improved by intemperate language.

This leads me to my support for GLW but I would remind you of what I have ALWAYS said which is:-

‘I don’t agree with all he says or ESPECIALLY the way that he says it’

I think his pursuit of Nigel, to see him held to account, is a worthy cause as nobody should be allowed to benefit and get away with as much as he has. 
However I believe GLW is now wasting his time trying to reform UKIP as it is completely beyond reform, given Nigel’s hold over the party and his plans to consume UKIP into the EFD.
I don’t fault GLW, with others, for their determination to try and clean up UKIP and make it electable, but I personally doubt this will EVER happen.

Finally I still intend to update the Forum, from time to time, on what is being said by the likes of GLW, Junius and Eric Edmonds under the new heading ‘UKIP-vs-EUKIP’ so I’m not going to completely fade away and will still be posting under my own name when I do – although I was debating adopting the pseudonym “The ORACLE” but modesty will not allow!!

Good luck to those of you that remain discussing UKIP but personally I believe you are all flogging a dying if not dead horse! CLICK HERE

Niall Warry
Telephone – 01749 838816
Mobile – 07957 872074
‘e’Mail at –

BBC Institutional Bias

Please permit me a correction of a possible misunderstanding:

I have NEVER been anything other than a supporter of UKIP in declared principle and aims and have ALWAYS defended and supported the party.

It is for this reason and in a fundamental belief in the genuine patriotic nature of the peoples of these United Kingdoms that our historic Continental enemies have done all they can to debase and break apart.
Consider the underhand behaviour of France in repeatedly seeking to attack, conquer and abuse these United Kingdoms – whether by Agincourt, Plessy or Cressy or the efforts made to destroy the Union with their support of the snivelling coward known as ‘Bonnie’ Prince Charley for his availability to the men of The Court of Versailles and let us unfairly claim because he was a complete charley! Few Countries make much of having been led to defeat from the back by a leader who promptly ran away dressed in a frock!

Even The Welsh were genuinely disgusted by their betrayal by their own Minister of State tripping around Clapham Common in his wife’s frock giving oral sex sequentially to male strangers!

Let us not forget the various occasions when Germany has set out to create a Union in EUrope – aided by The Franks of Vichy France.

Firstly PLEASE show an instance anywhere on any of my blogs where I have EVER wittingly told a lie about a person or misrepresented a fact; or for that matter, where I have EVER attacked UKIP – I have frequently, however, criticised the activities of those who have betrayed, befouled or besmirched the principles and values of the Patriotic decent folk who are the grass roots foundations of UKIP.
IF you locate a consequential error in ANY of my blogs or an accidental error I have made of consequence PLEASE contact me and I will IMMEDIATELY check out the facts and make any correction apposite.
My contact details can be located at: CLICK HERE 

Thank you.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62
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