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Archive for the ‘ROLLING NEWS;’ Category

#615* – ROLLING NEWS – UPDATE ******07

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 08/09/2009

* UPDATE 18:30hrs

** UPDATE 20:30hrs. 08/09/09

*** UPDATE 21:15hrs.

**** UPDATE 21:40hrs.

***** UPDATE 22:20hrs.

***** UPDATE 17:50hrs. (06) 09/09/09

******* UPDATE 21:30hrs. (07) 09/09/09












***** sorry – MEA CULPA did update 05 last night and due to Gremlins can’t find it today!!
something in the techno stuff beyond my comprehension but it may be due to a BT UpGrade I’m supposed to have had today.

Sorry but here is UPDATE *****05 with what would have been 6!!


* See the idiotic comment in the BBC article at CLICK HERE

Andreasen has already provided her spin on the story (leaving Denny looking a complete idiot and back peddling on Butcher’s duplicitous forum!)

Now we have Farage peddling a completely different version – probably because he doesn’t wat his puppet to realise just yet just how much he has been used – a fool is easily blinded by the praise of his patron!


* As we predicted on this blog some time ago Farage was merely being used by the Lega Nord and the prospect of a shinny car more control over more peoples money, bigger officers and the trimmings and bribes to make him seem important Farage was (like his protege) blinded by greed and self importance.

(yes of course I know it is EFD but that sounds so like some scrotty East German car! but if you insist Excrecences, Fruitcakes & Dung beetles)

It was clear the Lega Nord were merely using Farage and expected to use the idiotic pan EU political Party Group the NFD (Nutters, Fruitcakes & Duplicitous?) as a bargaining chip with Berlesconni to get greater authority in the Italian Parliament – my Italian contacts tell me it is likely they will be given a Ministerial seat in the Italian Cabinet so expect their announcement soon that they will be leaving the NFD as a trade off!


* The story Andreasen placed in The Times suits her position well as it has done Nuttall’s chances of a coronation immense harm.

A contact tells me he is considering his position as thick as he may be and although he commands the respect of virtually no one without Farage pulling his strings he still sees a glimmer of hope of leading EUkip but clearly he lacks any relevant ability, and it would merely look good on his CV in the dole queue when his term as an MEP is up and he has finally completed the work of Farage in destroying UKIP.

Let us see what his dinner companion this evening thinks (I may get a call from Nuttall’s chum late tonight telling me who his companion was and what they have decided, but otherwise expect developements tomorrow).

Clearly the conference did not serve to make Nuttall the heir apparant with Farage & Andreasen briefing the meeeeja in their own interest without consulting Nuttall or the NEC.


* I gather is oiling his way around with an inane grin at having seen his main rival in difficulty and is doing all he can to twist the knife – he is indeed so stupid that he wishes to be EUkip’s last leader and carry the can.

Clearly he would be catastrophic for any future for the party.

***** No leadership skills, no experience having never had a proper job as far as his CV shows – just councillor and bag carrier under various names for minor Tory politicians and a prediliction for playing with trains!

He also seems to have a very questionable private life as shown with details of his accompanied excursions in the wee small hours with shadow! It seems he is just a bit of a mincing old troll in the bars who with a few drinks tries to live down to Blooms image and July showed that really he is just an over the hill slapper I gather.


Bent as a butcher’s ‘ook – not to be trusted on any count in my opinion you only have to check around those who were misguided enough to support him in the EU election shambles – one wonders if he had the courtesy to so much as thank the yokels of the South West for their efforts on his behalf – na – who cares about ‘The little people’ bung out a video which will make me look good – waste time phoning them up, don’t be daft I’ve got serious money to make before my evidence is used against Wise in Court I must be secure as although I did ABSOLUTELY nothing and colluded in the cover-up and thus colluded in the crime if I can secure my position I can bluff my way through it by turning and doing a knife job on Wise and as I said at the time after interviewing Jenkins I know a guilty one when I see one!

Or was that in the latest Mikado script? I doubt the courts of Southwark will throw much light on it as I doubt the prosecution dare use Coleman but they may use the notes he handed over to save his skin!


Anyway isn’t he too busy organising another shipment of cheap labour from the East for the farm or buying up secondhand caravans or filling in CAP claim forms or angling with the NFU to betray Britain & bring in genetic food – thats what farmers do these days with more people filling in forms to comply with the EU and get grants than actually producing decent wholesome food – thus we now can not produce enough food largely due to the NFU being funded by the EU as puppets!
I wonder if he will threaten to hit me again for telling the truth – having bought his position in EUkip!



* last I heard she was not in the EU yet but expected late tonight – we may get news of her actions from within her ‘camp’ in the UK and if she looks likely to consider running she has primed the pump with her cunning speech at conference which has left the other MEPs spitting nails. An early indicator will be if she shows signs of clearing the boards to concentrate on a campaign by divesting herself of duties in the UK and noticeable delegation.

Nikkie does lack the ice and experience on her team but could pull it off if she can find someone to structure the battle – Heather Conyngham is on her team and rumours of MI6 not withstanding she is an excellent organiser – Nikkie must be carefull not to be too organised but without adequate Machievellian insight not speed reactions.

Josh has an excellent opportunity to think outside the box and not let preconcieved prejudices get in the way of sucess so also does Jill – Heather will have no problem!

**** Tasteless discussion of Nikie’s gender on Butcher’s squalid and corrupted little forum! Since I have absolutely no sexual interest in Nikkie her gender is of no consequence and the public comments I totally depracate.

There is potentially and PROBABLY as simple answer that her size and physyque are purely due to pituitary gland malfunction. May I VERY LOUDLY congratulate Nikkie on overcoming her obvious disadvantages and doing so very well, from behind the 8 ball.

Well done and good luck.

I have made my position clear on her potential as a leadership candidate and there is absolutely no doubt that with the right team she would make a clear and markable improvement on ANY of the other contenders, particularly the unpleasant little BNPesque bully Nuttall or the olleagenous, corrupt, liar, cheat and all round nebish Bannerman who has done so much harm to EUkip already with his inept posturing and half baked ill concieved baddly drafted and very childish policies.




***** polishing the bonnets of cars in the small hours with a black duster he has picked up may not endear him to the police and perhaps the repercussions from his wife explain his tired and emotional state on numerous mornings around the pretend parliament.

One wonders what chance a new leader of EUkip would have having attacked Ferdinand Konig from the Indy and only last night I gather he was involved in a scrap with another reporter in a bar, which may well have been as a result of the article published below (*****).

A silly man – there is a limit to howmany brain cells one can afford to destroy and he seems pretty close to it!


Have a look here and with Andreasen & Farage gone – Andreasen’s article as placed in The Times made it clear EUkip were not to be trusted with money and she even went as far as to name certain donors who had come on board because of her spin on her reputation.

Look at this list of no hopers, cheats, liars and the stunningly irrelevant CLICK HERE they are the front runners after the MEPs would you trust any one of them to LEAD a rubber duck around a bath on the end of a piece of string?

I presume we can expect an announcement soon that Bown will retire to spend more time with someone’s wife, Gill will probably use age/health and his duties at TFA as the excuse.

***** I see that Denny having shown he is as we all know a liar, dishonest and a sad little puppet always trying to act like a grown up AGAIN he has made a complete clown of himself by inventing the wrong spin and being left high and dry by the facts – he can as ever be ignored as an untrustworthy fantasist with a home full of government spies and Smersh keeping an eye on him from the bushes and it must be true because he read about it in a Bond book and it is all a huge plot against him rising to power and strutting around in his high heels as the little dictator and even Tebbit said so and the police are in the plot and just laugh at him.

I notice that Croucher set him up excellently when he was trying to blame Piers Merchant – it was exquisit to behold as denny scurried round grovelling & trying to boot lick everyone he had offended with his untrustworthy stirring and back stabbing – even the police realised he was a joke!

Having made a fool of himself on Butcher’s little forum I see Denny has minced off in a huff and has been replaced with the Ox from the set of The Mikado who is already on her thirs version of the story trailing way behind the spin the utterly discreditted Andreasen has had published in The Times and now Accountancy Age – clearly without WS Gilbert co-operating with Sullivan the tunes just can’t be put to the words and the Ox is spinning totally out of control looking for somewhere to crash like a sad figure in a Japanese No play.

I’m sure she is inventing the script as she goes along with all the alacrity we expect of Denny!!! She has now gone as far as to show Farage is lieing through his teath. First it is because NuttAll doubles someone’s salary – well no it is because NuttAll made someone full time from part time – well no it was because Andreasen was having her salary of £30K and expenses of £17K withdrawn now that Farage and his cronies had lied and cheated and back stabbed to get her elected – well no Farage now claims it is because she has ‘big jobs’ to do in the EU – NEXT!!!

However expect her support for Bannerman to a lavender backdrop for his bid for the leadership – as long as he does not get the police called to his home during a slap up feast!

Perhaps rather than printing off my blog and Junius’s and scurrying around the EU sniggering EUkip’s undeniably dishonest, untrustworthy and corupt leadership should lock themselves in a closed room and start from the beginning and read their way through this blog where NOT ONE WORD of any material consequence has been found to be false or inaccurate in over 600 postings.

Read the small print, study the end of messages – I wrote all about Andreasen, I even provided the references and printed provenance, I quoted peoplee who interviewed her when she applied to them for a safe seat, I warned she would jump ship as soon as she was elected back in May.

I provided the full English transcript of the Court Judgement that found against her, I aimed you at the facts from the OECD. The UKIP supporters like myself, Junius, Warry, North, Edmond, Abbott, Beaman, West, Hudson, Holdsworth, Merchant, Muir, McWhirter, Page etc. have desparately been shouting warnings from the roof tops – whilst the corrupt, dishonest self seekers of EUkip totally betrayed the electorate spun cheated and lied gathering around themselves kids and the greedy to send out and try to con the members.

Who has proved right, who has been honest, who has been truthfull and who for absolutely no financial reward has constantly exposed the corruption? Was it Denny, Croucher, McTrough, The Ox, Up The Duff, Reeve, Nuttall, Padmore, Onion, Chris Mounting Annabelle, The foul mouthed Fuller, the liar and cheat Malcolm Wood, Duplicitous foul mouthed Bridget Rowe, Ken Irvine, Bannerman, the fool & bully Agnew, the doddering liar Curtis, The imbecilic Cole Hole, crass Mr. Rug, Delboy – YOU DECIDE BASED ON FACT AND THE TRACK RECORD!!

I wonder which will be the first to have their collar felt or will Farage win that race failing to get far enough away from the train wreck in time?


Here is the perfect opportunity for Bob Feel Martinis to make his play for leadership in a cloud of smoke and supported by a claque of failed publicans 😉

You will note that already Farage & Andreasen have made a play for Tory support by campaigning for the NO vote in Ireland and standing against Berkow will obviously please the Tories who could hardly stand against their own candidate!

A good move to try to use the green leather as a stepping stone to red after one term!

** May I suggest you now read the latest update 20:30hrs. CLICK HERE

*** More News update 21:00hrs. CLICK HERE

Sorry my posting times are a bit erratic and indicate when I had the details and started to write! So many incoming phone calls!!!

Please spare a thought for a friend of mine – back pains 3 weeks ago – scans last week – Specialist today – prostate mets to entire skeletal – no chemo – no radio – no hope – aged 60 – ex RSM:MP HM Prison Service due to retire next year time served! MIGHT make Christmas.

PLEASE accept my advice NEVER ignore symptoms – never let your Doctor fob you off!

The clear statement by UKIP leader Nigel Farage that most Conservatives share his party’s view on Europe may go some way to explaining recent events in the European Parliament that have been puzzling observers.

To understand the full implications of this statement, it is necessary to be aware of the close relationship between Nigel Farage and Conservative right-winger Daniel Hannan.

Both men dine regularly together in Brussels and Dan Hannan, as he is known, has in the past been a guest at UKIP dinners and party events in Strasbourg. The Tory has regularly lauded UKIP in his Telegraph blog, and as recently as July he attacked the BBC for its anti-UKIP bias.

Embittered pro-Europeans in the new European Consevative and Reformist Group in the European Parliament freely describe Dan Hannan as “UKIP in all but name”.

The key question is: to what extent does the Conservative leadership in London share Dan Hannan’s views? The answer appears apparent from the European perspective.

William Hague, as Conservative Shadow Foreign Minister, and Conservative leader David Cameron solidly backed withdrawal from the European People’s Party (EPP) to which the Conservative MEPs were attached in the last parliament. A significant number of the 26 MEPs returned in the June election, including, it is said, Timothy Kirkhope, openly favoured remaining in the EPP.

A right-wing grouping within the party, commonly known as ‘The H Block’, which before the June elections proposed withdrawal from the EPP, has since successfully forced its agenda on those MEPs who advocated remaining.

In order to form their multi-national parliamentary group, which has a fragile influence on parliamentary business, the Conservatives allied themselves to the Polish Law and Justice Party led by Michael Kaminski, a former member of the vehemently racist National Revival Party (NOP).

Mr Kaminski has spent years reinventing his image, to distance himself from allegations of far-right tendencies. In an interview with the Polish press in October 2005, Kaminski stated: “I have to change my image…I know that I am seen as aggressive and radical”.

Conservative loyalist and former Conservative leader in the European Parliament Edward McMillan-Scott made a stand against his new group’s composition by opposing Kaminski for the post of European Parliament Vice President.

On June 25, the day after McMillan-Scott told an ECR meeting that he was not comfortable with Kaminski’s background, someone by the username ‘Strasbourg’ amended the Wikipedia page on Kaminski to remove the reference to the Polish MEP’s membership of the notorious National Revival Party.

British delegation leader, now Deputy Leader of the group, Timothy Kirkhope, withdrew the Conservative whip from McMillan-Scott on instructions from Conservative Central Office in London. Kirkhope had, however, been overheard in a corridor of the European Parliament assuring McMillan-Scott that he was the ECR candidate for Vice President of the European Parliament.

In a brutal letter to McMillan-Scott, distributed to party chairmen in the MEP’s constituency, and published on the website ConservativeHome, shadow foreign minister William Hague appears to reflect views expressed in a vicious article published by the Daily Telegraph, of which Dan Hannan is an executive and columnist.

According to one source, the MEP has consulted lawyers. Depending on the outcome, Mr Hague could find his legs metaphorically cut from under him. It is hard to believe that Dan Hannan was not aware or even actively behind the Telegraph article although the Telegraph executive may well be able to say he knew nothing of it.

But the suspicion will remain that McMillan-Scott, who dared to challenge Hannan’s political friend Kaminski, is being made an scapegoat in order to dissuade a number of his pro-European colleagues from defecting back to the EPP, which, according to our sources, is a real possibility.

In his blog Dan Hannan has heaped praise on Michael Kaminski with whom he has been a close political friend for many years. Hannan has also recently praised Enoch Powell on a US talk show, and stated on British television, when asked why he did not join UKIP because of his views on Europe, that the Conservatives will soon be in government, and thus will allow him to achieve his aims.

UKIP campaign on absolute withdrawal from the EU. In August 2008, writing in the Telegraph, Hannan stated “The question is not whether UKIP is on to something: it plainly is. The question, rather, is whether the Conservative party can establish such ownership of the independence agenda…”

While these events were unfolding, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage was marshalling his UKIP members into a parliamentary group, Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD), including the Danish People’s Party, declared by a Danish court in 2003 to be a “racist party”.

The group, some of whose members take extreme views also includes the Lega Nord. A leading member, Matteo Salvini, called for racial segregation on Milan’s trains and buses earlier this year. Salvini, formerly an MEP in the last parliament’s Independence and Democracy group (IND/DEM), which included UKIP, was subsequently forced to resign from the Italian parliament.

Salvini has now returned to the European Parliament and is currently an MEP sitting in the EFD alongside UKIP.

With the Conservatives’ new European Conservative and Reform Group (ECR) led by Michael Kaminski, who denies being an extremist but who has himself acknowledged the need to reform his image, the concept of coincidence is now being stretched.

That most of the Conservative Eurosceptics in the European Parliament hold ambitions to win Westminster seats is an accepted fact in Brussels. Most say they plan to move on. Former ‘H-Block’ MEP Chris Heaton Harris did not stand in this year’s European elections because he has been nominated for a safe seat.

Now Nigel Farage has resigned the UKIP leadership to concentrate on winning Buckinghamshire from the current and controversial Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, whom he described on the BBC’s Radio 4 Today programme as “not a Conservative but very close to New Labour”. His additional comment that “most Conservatives share UKIP’s views” may be particularly significant in assessing his chances of winning Buckinghamshire.

Normally one would speculate that he could not do so if actively opposed by the Conservative leadership. So thereby lies another question; since he has a 13,000 majority. Will Conservative voters being encouraged to support the UKIP candidate?

Opposing the Speaker and breaking with a Commons tradition is something that might well be imagined coming up as a topic at one of Hannan and Farage’s regular meals at the Porto Fino opposite the European Parliament in Brussels.

According to our sources, H-Block members defend Michal Kaminski saying that “people change”. They also say privately that political attitudes in Poland are “25 years behind us”.

The most pressing question facing the electorate now must be: just who exactly is in charge of Conservative Party policy and where is it going?

To view the article CLICK HERE

******* CAVEAT UKIP:
Do not forget Andreasen took some time to invent the spin after being dumped by the OECD – even losing her Court Case hands down she still tried to spin it with stories in Accontancy comics.

Do not forget she got her job with the EU through lies of omission as shown in the Tim Sebastian interview.

Don’t forget that after having failed totally to do the job she was hired for as a bean counter in the EU responsible for identifying areas where fraud was possible and advising her opinion of solutions as clearly defined in the Court Record of the Judgement which found against her it was quite a while before she came up with a suitable spin and other people to blame!

We note eventually she launched her book containing her spin on the back of EUkip whilst talking to the Tories I hear through the election and afterwards, presumably (so I’m told) to improve her position when EUkip woke up and she found a scape goat and took her ready made spin to The Times and Then Accountancy Age!

I wonder when she will finalise the spin and so called ‘whistleblow’ on EUkip ready for her next book betraying one and all yet again.

Has the EU banned burning witches?

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