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#495* – EUkip In BLOOM !!!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 28/05/2009

#495* – EUkip In BLOOM !!!
Godfrey BLOOM EUkip’s Village Idiot
Canny Yorkshireman
Are People Fooled OR Is He Just A Fool!!!

One has to wonder at the purpose of Godders – there are so many whorendous stories about him, including fights with Journalists in pubs, drunken arrests allegedly behaving with as little self control as a dog with a bitch on heat on the bonnet of a car, brothel visits he boasts of, arrest with a black femme de la nuit in a Brussels street, trying to make a speech in the EU Parliament when too drunk to cope.

I must say the few video clips I have seen of him seem to be better than most of the EUkip brand – despite his taste in jumpers! He comes across as a bear of very little brain without a script who probably knows a host of smutty stories but has little idea when to tell them! A man who will say something perfectly well meaning and on reflection due to stupidity will have handed yet another hostage to fortune,

There would seem to be more hostages to fortune in this man’s career than all the hostages held by The Taliban!

The myths and ledgends of this sad and insecure little man are legion, but I found a Blog that was compelling on the subject. Since EVEN EUkip’s controller Mark Croucher has widely advertised the sources for the blog are impeccable – I therefore commend it to you as accurate as Croucher will no doubt have checked it out with the rest of the filth that swim in his gutter, like his chums at the underhand and distatefull extremist Searchlight and the despicable BNP look alike NuttAll.

Do read the Blog and particularly the comments made by those who seemingly have known Godders for many a year – long before he became another rouee in the Farage stable – CLICK HERE

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