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Archive for the ‘EUkip; UKIP; Nattrass; Betrayal; Greed; Fraud;’ Category

#471* – IS EUkip’s NATTRASS A LIAR?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/05/2009

#471* – IS EUkip’s NATTRASS A LIAR?

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership
& NEC is what gives the remaining 10%
a bad name!



Hazel Blears may well be morally bankrupt and tell us all we need to know about the scams and swindles of the primarily scum that has floated to the top in the sick and sordid Westminster Parliament, which endlessly grants, give, allows and now steals more and more money for doing less and less.

You only need to notice that Article II, Section II of The EUropean Communities Act which roughly states:

‘It is the duty of the Minister concerned to enact into law the laws of the EUropean Community and laws compliant with EUropean Community law, either by ‘Order in Council’ or ‘Statutary Instrument’.’

Had YOU wondered why Parliamentary holidays are getting ever longer, year on law? Just look at the schedule of laws passed. More Laws are enacted without debate per diem during holidays than when British politicians clutter up the process!

We now see the elections to our real Government the Democracy free EU Parliament being totally disrupted by the boredom and theft of MPs and Cabinet Ministers in Parliament at Westminster.

Meeeeja hype is making much of the gross but penny ante theft of British tax payers by those entrusted to protect the hard earned money of our people.

Yes it is an obscenity, but consider who is likely to benefit from this faux publicity about these petty criminals – yes it does seem that the benefactors will be the vile BNP which refuses to disassociate itself from anti Semitism or from its roots in the obscene White Supremacist Movement that has for entertainment killed, for fun, by lynching, dragging and burning of some 4-5,000 mostly young men for the sole reason they were Blacks – yes they slaughtered Niggers for fun!

The stupidity of the meeeeja and the greed of the filth at Westminster who are finding morally unjustifiable loop holes to steal huge amounts of tax payers money – but surely that is better than the obscenity of The BNP.

Norman Tebbitt, for whom I have a huge amount of time, has rather misguidedly permitted people to think he may have been advocating the electorate may turn to the dishonest and corrupr EUkip.

You will have noticed that I recently wrote of just howmuch a MEP can stuff oin his pockets – you only have to look at Tom Wise or Mike Nattrass to see howmuch they can stuff in their faces! I even backed it with an authoratitive broadsheet article showing that the average MEP can in much the same way as Hazel Blears stole £45,000 they can in just one electoral term steal £1,000,000 each.

So it seems that the publicity about the greed and stupidity in Westminster will drive voters into the arms of EUkip, who have done so little for the British electorate but so much as recruiting sargeants for The BNP, with their serial self indulgence, drunken whoring and frauds as reported.

Just consider the 100s of 1,000s of decent honest members and activists who campaigned, worked hard and gave money they could ill afford to get these trash elected!

One EUkip MEP sent to prison for benefit fraud.

One MEP arrested for theft and fraud as reported and currently awaiting trial.

One MEP quit because Farage had lied to him.

One MEP involved in a people trafficking business and employing aliens on minimum wage rather than pay British skilled workers.

One MEP just a bent copper orchestrating and colluding in corrupt cover-up of criminality.

One MEP against all undertakings paying his wife with EUkip money – for sex or what?

One MEP arrested having sex with a Black Prostitute on the bonnet of a car in Brusells.

One MEP in a drunken brawl with a reporter in a bar.

One MEP too drunk to stand in a Strassburg bar.

One MEP spread across the News of The World drunk with a prostitute picked up in a bar.

One MEP so dishonest he tried to help another rig a kangaroo Court by refusing defence of the Chairman under false accusation.

One MEP under OLAF investigation for fraud relative to self gain and false employment.

One MEP telling the world how he does no work and trousers shed loads of money all but drooling in anticipation of outcome, as he boasts to impress a young girl who exposed hin in The News of the World, rather than have sex with him!

One MEP in front of a tribunal for abuse of an employee and found guilty.

One MEP facing an on going dispute through Courts of his standards of employment.

One MEP employing an associate of the extremist clandestine Searchlight organisation boasting of attempts at fund raising for this pro EU group!

One MEP under investigation for misappropriation of EU funds.

One MEP boasting of the money he has fraudulently obtained at a public meeting.

One MEP overturning the democratic desicion of members to harbour as a candidate a pervert who has openly admitted criminal perversion annd boasted of other perversions.

One MEP colluding to protect as a candidate a liar and a cheat who has optained his position by fraud.

Need I continue – these are just a few of the activities/betrayals by EUkip MEPs.

Can YOU name a single EUkip MEP who is NOT on the list who betrayed you above – even though it is much abreviated?

Perhaps you should remember that they have cheated lied and achieved virtually NOTHING for the electorate – when despite undertakings they went totally native taking advantages of EU freebies (Bribes) from entertainment to travel – free trips at our expense to China, India, Canada, Poland, Scandinavia, Malta, Greece, turkey, Lebanon, America and many more!

Do not forget the sums in excess of £1,000,000 which I have identified on this blog that are unaccounted and have seemingly been trousered.

Just ask yourself when you read the correspondence that has been sent to me – DO YOU BELIEVE MIKE NATTRASS HAS GIVEN EUkip over £1,000,000 as he claims?

Yes we do know that Nattrass has done the square root of not a lot to get these United Kingdoms one inch closer to the exit from The EU and has made a lot of money doing it, drunk a huge amount of wine and had a great deal of fun, not bad for a semie literate Estate Agent – he has enjoyed it so much and made somuch money he wants to do it all over again it seems.

Mike Nattrass is investing a whole £50,000 of his own money to get himself back on:

I would like to thank my contact for the following 3 ‘e’Mails and whilst you read them remember that Mike Nattrass claims he has donated over £1,000,000

Mike I for one think you are a fraud and a liar – unfit to represent ANYONE let alone my Country.

Subject: FW: John West: A Statement on Nigel Farage and UKIP
Date: Apr 2009

Many of you will know by now that I was thrown out of UKIP by a Disciplinary Committee chaired by Derek Clark MEP, who is currently under investigation by OLAF.

The original complaint was made by Jeffrey Titford – Clark’s friend and colleague.

Michael Zuckerman, the Party Secretary, even continued to handle the paperwork for this hearing after he informed me that he had withdrawn from the case. The result, in my opinion, was a Kangaroo Court and not an independent inquiry. The outcome was as expected.

My only crime was to report Jeffrey Titford to Essex Police based on the details of his former office manager, Ken Bennett, who told me of alleged financial irregularities involving Titford’s parliamentary allowance.

I was forced to do this after Nigel Farage – via a third party – refused my request for an internal investigation into the allegations that Titford had misused his parliamentary allowances.

I can only guess at the reasons behind Farage’s decision. However, I note that previous requests for an independent audit into the finances of UKIP’s MEPs were also refused. Also, it is interesting to note just how violent are the attacks on anyone who questions the validity of UKIP accounts. One can only draw the conclusion that there is something to hide.

It is an absolute disgrace that a British citizen can be disciplined by a political party for acquitting his duty and going to the Police and asking them to investigate a suspected crime.

That I can be condemned by Nigel Farage, Paul Nuttall, David Bannerman (and the grubby little clique that openly support them on this matter) for doing my civic duty tells you all you need to know about their complete lack of morality and sense of justice.

Farage, Nuttall, Bannerman and the rest of the clique are sending out a clear message to the members – if you are made aware of an alleged crime involving a UKIP member you had better keep your mouth shut or else!

I wonder if UKIP intends to put this very unusual law and order policy in their election manifesto?

I can confirm that the Police file on Titford has now been passed to OLAF for evaluation. Neil Thomson of OLAF has said that I may be called as a prosecution witness if they decide to proceed with the case.

I can also confirm that I have reported both Titford and Zuckerman to the relevant authorities. I have asked them to investigate the use of UKIP’s internal disciplinary process to discipline a potential prosecution witness (if any such case were brought against Titford at the behest of OLAF).

I can assure you that the matter is far from closed.

It is my view that Nigel Farage and many of the leadership of UKIP have been conning the British public for years. Their trumpeted Euro-scepticism is now no more than a cynical ploy designed to fool people into voting them back onto the EU gravy train.

When I first joined UKIP I actually believed that UKIP was sincere in its endeavour to extricate Britain from the European Union! I must now confess that I was conned along with thousands of other trusting members.

Some of UKIP`s MEPs are now part of the problem. Thanks to their love of the good life they have forgotten about why they were elected and who they are supposed to represent.

It is no wonder that EU officials now appear to regard UKIP as part of the EU establishment!

That Farage ignored a number of UKIP’s own rules in order to get Marta Andreasen – who defines herself not as a Eurosceptic but an EU reformer – onto the MEP list illustrates the level of his so-called Euro-scepticism!

I find it laughable that certain UKIP members can suggest that I was supposedly waging a campaign against the likes of Stuart Gulleford in order to damage his chances of becoming an MEP list candidate!

I would suggest that these individuals get their facts right before making such remarks, indeed I suggest they locate some facts in their belligerent arguments.
In fact, if you ascertain the ‘time line’ with accuracy it shows that it was Mr Gulleford, Mr Titford and their supporters who were involved in a campaign to smear certain members who expressed an interest in becoming MEPs.

In late 2007 I received a threatening letter from George Curtis, the Eastern Counties Chairman.

This was sent to me after I had organised a conference on immigration for UKIP! In the letter I was told to watch my step or else.

I complained to John Whittaker and NEC about this but nothing was done. I was not even sent an acknowledgement. So much for Dr Whittaker representing the interests of the members!

In April 2008 Jeffrey Titford and Stuart Gulleford used UKIP’s Eastern Region membership email database to send out an email to hundreds of members. In this email Christopher Hudson and I were attacked for organising a UKIP conference on law and order.

According to Titford & Gulleford we had ignored the wishes of the NEC and were holding the conference in order to promote ourselves and our friends.

This was totally untrue, a fantasy grounded on not one single substantive fact or shred of evidence.

Both Gulleford and Titford were aware that the NEC had given me authorisation and encouragement to hold the conference. Both were also aware that Christopher and I were thinking of putting our names forward for the Euro elections.

That both Titford and Gulleford abused their positions in order to attack fellow members is obvious and undeniable. That this was done in order to damage our chances of being selected MEP candidates is also obvious and undeniable.

I should add that Lisa Buckle, who works in Titford’s office, confirmed to me in 2008 that the email was sent out at the behest of Stuart Gulleford.

So please don’t insult the intelligence of members by suggesting that Stuart Gulleford and Jeffrey Titford are somehow the innocent victims of a smear campaign orchestrated by me.

I have also been criticised by some members for complaining about the way the MEP selection process was handled.

But if you were made aware of rigged panels, grubby little deals between UKIP members and broken rules would you stay silent?

And let us also not forget a breach of contract with each and every candidate who paid £250.00 to be listed as candidates!

Even UKIP’s own Returning Officer has said that the process was flawed and should have been rerun.

That Gill, as the appointed party officer, failed in his duty, as did the NEC in refusing to even acknowledge the numerous complaints by members, suggests that they have much to hide.

If the selection process had been fair and the rules had been followed I would have happily campaigned for the lead candidates.

What I cannot accept is a selection process that was rigged in order to get the likes of David Bannerman – a man who has been accused of lying about his supposed close relationship to a former PM – elected as lead candidate.

Members will be aware that shortly after I complained about the MEP selection process my MEP video interview was posted on the internet in a direct breach of trust by an employee of UKIP and the IND/DEM Group.

That it was placed on You Tube by Annabelle Fuller, an employee of the Party and the IND/DEM Group, was confirmed to me by Clive Page who phoned me on 19th July 2008 at 6.50pm to deny his personal involvement in the sordid business.

That Miss Fuller placed the video on You Tube at the behest of Nigel Farage – her very ‘close friend’ – in order to defame me was also confirmed to me by Clive Page.

Members may also be interested to know that John Whittaker threatened to resign over the video leak if Farage refused to sack Fuller.

For 48 hours Farage refused to do so. However, Whittaker would not back down and Farage was forced to terminate her employment.

Farage then tried to persuade Lord Pearson and Bob Spink to employ her. To their credit both refused to do so. He then contacted the Taxpayers Alliance. They also refused to employ her.

I have been told that Fuller has now been re-employed on the sly by Godfrey Bloom MEP.

In two newspapers ( the Independent and Daily Mail) Fuller has claimed that she was forced out of UKIP due to sexism. That Farage was prepared to support Fuller’s sordid little fantasy in one of these articles clearly illustrates the man’s dishonesty and immorality.

To this day I have never received an apology from anyone in UKIP’s leadership for the video leak.

We have all witnessed UKIP’s collapse since 2004 and the sharp decline in membership numbers due to Farage’s inept and talentless leadership.

High profile members have left and Bob Spink, UKIP`s former MP, now seeks to put a distance between himself and the party.

I personally feel saddened that our party has been reduced to a cult where the cry is seemingly ‘the Leader is always right!’

A true leader listens to his members. He does not ignore them.

Under the current leadership UKIP will be lucky to get more than a couple of MEPs elected in June. UKIP should be bounding ahead by now, but they are short of funds and are now dependent on donations from Alan Bown and Stuart Wheeler.

Many of us have not forgotten that it was Farage who promised at the Leadership election that he would bring many large donations into the party. Another failed promise.

Over a five year period UKIP`s MEPs could have quite legitimately paid a percentage of their earnings into the party, as other parties do, to fund future election campaigns. However, they decided not to.
If they will not put the party first why should the party support them ?

Under Farage UKIP’s internal dealings have been lacking in openness and integrity.

Farage is egotistical, paranoid and lacking in integrity. He sanctions the ambushing and expulsion of decent members and supports kangaroo courts. He condones harassment , threats and verbal abuse. He conducts witch-hunts against his assumed enemies and gets his cronies to smear his opponents as BNP supporters. His behaviour and actions would make Robert Mugabe proud!

UKIP has been led to destruction by a leader and a compliant NEC that appears to seek to destroy anyone who displays talent and initiative and thus threatens their position.

UKIP is now finished as a force in British politics and deservedly so.

A vote for Farage and UKIP is now little more than a vote for the betrayal of the British people.

Clearly a man who, it is rumoured, can’t even keep his marriage vows can never be trusted to keep his word to the British public.

However, I know that many UKIP members believe that the Party can somehow be saved if Farage is forced to resign after June 4th.

I applaud their optimism but sadly I know that their efforts will come to nothing.

UKIP is now beyond help as it is not just Farage who would have to go. Many others would also have to walk the plank.

A UKIP led by Nuttall or Bannerman would still be unelectable.

It may interest members to know that I possess documents on UKIP that conclusively prove that UKIP‘s leadership is corrupt. Some of these documents have never been made public.

I regard it as my duty to release these to the public prior to June 4th.

I will be doing this in order to give the voters the chance to see how UKIP’s leadership lied, rigged the MEP selection process and smeared decent members in order to maintain control of UKIP and thereby keep their grubby little snouts in the EU’s trough.

In conclusion, I would suggest that Nigel Farage and the rest of his clique would do well to heed the words of Oliver Cromwell who when faced with a corrupt and dishonest clique of self-serving MPs used these famous words:

“You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

Subject: Fw: RE: John West: A Statement on Nigel Farage and UKIP
Date: Apr 2009


In the West Midlands all applicants for the list were put on the ballot paper. Not one was turned down. This was because we had no excess numbers applying for our voting list and they were all good people, that applies to some other Regions also.

I have contributed financially to UKIP more than I have received as an MEP.

The sweeping statements in your letter fail because they are not true and the above are just two examples.

I was sorry to see that you were not selected and I enjoyed the first meeting you organised (could not make the second due to a hole in my leg!)

Based on the fact that I can see how very wrong you are over a number of these issues I must conclude that you must be wrong about the issues of which I have no knowledge.

The spin you give about Derek Clark, and those who are accused of things by people who set out to damage the party, is of no interest to me. They are innocent until proven guilty and that kind of attack is constant. From where I stand I cannot see what the UKIP MEPs have done wrong. The unusual way certain UKIP attackers view the EU rules will cause scratched heads within OLAF. You failed to say if Geoffrey had been cleared by the police. If they did clear him why would they refer this to OLAF?

If you could be more factual about Miss Fuller and less Sunday Sport, I may stand a chance of understanding your point. However I do believe that she wrongly exposed your video. Was it however a good video or did it prove whatever point she was making? I did not see it. It appears to me that you would have done the same thing yourself, based on the vitriol in your email.

As for UKIP being part of the EU establishment, the reverse is true and we are hated by them, so again how can you make a case? Suggestion … Try sticking to the proven facts.

I am one of those who was surprised that you were not selected but I am sorry to say that I can see now that I was wrong.

Subject: Fw: RE: John West: A Statement on Nigel Farage and UKIP
Date: May 2009


Sorry for the delay in replying to you. Dealing with the various litigations and the police & OLAF enquiries related to UKIP takes up far too much time. As you will know I am campaigning for UK First, a party founded on the principles on which UKIP was originally founded until it was betrayed by Nigel Farage and various others.

Your email reminds me of the old saying ‘there are none so blind as those who will not see’.

1. Annabelle Fuller. I am glad to see that you believe that she was the one who put the video on You Tube. You will appreciate that I do not believe that she did it without first obtaining permission from Farage. The same can be said of her farcical appearances in the Mail and Independent.

Whether or not the video was ‘a good video’ is irrelevant. As you know it was a TRAINING video and was the first time I had ever been on video (and a fat lot of training I received!). It was placed on You Tube without my permission and in clear breach of the Data Protection Act with a deliberate intent to defame me.

That you can accuse me of being prepared to stoop to her level shows the standards by which you live your life and how little you know me.

2. Derek Clark is under investigation for alleged fraud. It is not ‘spin’ as you have dishonestly claimed. It is a fact. OLAF officials have already visited Britain and interviewed several people in connection with this and the investigation data is well known.

Derek Clark is contemptible, look how he lied and colluded with Douglas Denny and Gerard Batten in the Kangaroo Court to remove Peter Baker who he then replaced with his puppet placeman.

Under these circumstances do you really think it is appropriate for him to remain as an MEP candidate, even without his betrayal of Britain over subsidiarity and aiding the EU to better control countries such as the UK! Nor considering his advanced years?

The NEC denied Tom Wise the right to seek re-selection as an MEP candidate because of the OLAF investigation into his alleged misuse of EU funds.

So why has Clark not also faced de-selection? Double standards?

4. Jeffrey Titford’s police file has been passed to OLAF at their request. His former office manager has also given them evidence concerning alleged misuse of EU funds. Titford has permitted a total misrepresentation of the facts to be made public.

That I can be thrown out of UKIP for doing my duty as a British citizen and reporting an alleged crime to the Police tells me all I need to know about UKIP’s views on justice and its standards of integrity.

5. You claim to ‘have contributed financially to UKIP more than you have received as an MEP.’

We are well aware from the media that an MEP can easily amass a clear £1 Million during just one term, over and above his expenses. So can you provide proof that you have donated a similar amount to UKIP?

I believe you are deliberately and wittingly deceiving when you make this claim.

It is widely reported that at the NEC meeting you were witnessed stating in defence of Tom Wise ‘don’t be f****** ridiculous, what do you want us to do about him – how do you think we all make our money’.

Perhaps you can advise EXACTLY where the donation of in excess of £1M is recorded and on what UKIP spent it.

6. And why did you sign a document supporting Nigel Farage’s changes to UKIP’s constitution? Are you really happy with giving Nuttall the power to throw people out of UKIP on a whim?

Are you happy that policy is frequently dictated by ‘The Political Committee’ and as Farage’s un-elected puppet chairman Nuttall has stated and confirmed at a UKIP meeting in Essex the Political Committee IS Farage and keeps no minutes!!!

7. I note that you are happy with UKIP’s MEP selection process. Are you not even slightly uneasy that UKIP’s very own Returning Officer’s OFFICIAL Report said it was unsound and untrustworthy and should be rerun, implying that UKIP is not to be trusted to run their own affairs honestly?

And what about the fact that a member of your office staff became MEP candidate in the East Midlands without having to face the MEP selection panel, in direct breach of the rules as laid down by the party?

That dishonesty has become a norm in the party does not mitigate in any dishonest act nor grant license.

Please don’t deny this as it has been confirmed to me by one of UKIP’s MEP candidates in that region.

In five years UKIP MEPs have done nothing of any consequence. Where were you during the campaign against Lisbon Treaty? Dressing up as a chicken?

Why did Derek Clark sign a document on behalf of UKIP pledging support for subsidiarity, reform of CAP and promising to work with the EU committees to improve their control over the vassal states?

At least Roger Knapman had the integrity to condemn Clark over this. You remained silent.

Mike, your public willingness to support Farage and the rest of his clique speaks volumes for your integrity and morality.

Your achievements have been all but invisible and seemingly the vast majority have been matters of self interest – I believe you should hang your head in shame at your incompetence, self indulgence and lack of achievement – NOT ONE ACHIEVEMENT has been noticed by the public at large and you and your cronies have disgraced the Euro-Sceptic movement.

As an estate agent you have clearly lived down to the lowest standards of public belief and to think you can with impunity and without shame scrabble to get your snout back in the trough for another useless term.

Yours sincerely
John West


What is the exit and survival plan for these United Kingdoms to maximise on the many benefits of leaving The EU. It is the DUTY of our Politicians and Snivil Cervants to ensure the continuity, liberty and right to self determination of our peoples they have a DUTY to protect against crime and secure both our food and our border.
NONE of these DUTIES has a single British politician upheld for 40 years. They have drawn their incomes fraudulently and dishonesty.

Politicians are failing to tell the truth, but so are almost all wanabe Politicians, the MSM and Snivil Cervants.

The fact is that even if EVERY British MEP wanted change in The EU it would achieve NOTHING.
Every single British Politician, of EVERY Party, elected since before we joined the EUropean Common Market, has promised to change The EU’s CAP – In 40 Years they have achieved absolutely NOTHING!

To try to put a value on OUR Freedom is as futile as floccipaucinihilipilification and as odious as the metissage of our societies, as we rummage in the ashes of our ancestors dreams, sacrifices and achievements, the flotsam of our hopes and the jetsam of our lives, consider the Country and Anglosphere which we leave our children and the future, with shame!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62


I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country. Deny the self seeking & meaningless wanabe MEPs the Mythical Mandate for which they clamour. Diktat is imposed from The EU but Law should be made at Westminster, for our Country & our Peoples.

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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