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Archive for the ‘Del YOUNG’ Category

A GUEST POST> Displaying UKIP’s Degeneracy by An Insider!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 12/03/2014

A GUEST POST> Displaying UKIP’s Degeneracy by An Insider!

 Please Be Sure To .Follow Greg_LW on Twitter. Re-TWEET my Twitterings
& Publicise My Blogs 
To Spread The Facts World Wide
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Displaying UKIP’s Degeneracy by An Insider, who was at the time an elected member of UKIP NEC!



Annabelle Fuller named by Nikki Sinclare in European Parliament

On 11th Dec 2009 I published the letter below from NEC member Del Young to then UKIP chairman John Whittaker concerning the unacceptable activities of Annabelle Fuller in relation to a confidential UKIP candidate test interview of a potential UKIP MEP candidate, John West, which subsequently appeared in the public domain on the internet with the sneering headline, “How not to do politics”. As a result of Del’s letter and subsequent discussions we were told by Whittaker that Annabelle Fuller’s links to UKIP would be severed. That clearly did not happen. The Telegraph reports she returned to UKIP last year. Click below to read  the report:

In the report Farage denies he ever had an affair with Miss Fuller. So who is tellling the truth Ms Sinclare or Mr Farage? The UK electorate are entitled to know.

For the record, and with Del’s agreement I publish below an email Del sent to John Whitaker copy to the whole NEC concerning John West’s treatment by UKIP. It speaks for itself.

“Date: Saturday, 26 July, 2008, 16:52

Saturday 26 July 2008
Dear Mr. Whitaker,
First of all let me say that I can sympathise with the fact that a stupid, selfish and destructive action concerning the posting of John West’s MEP media interview on YouTube by Annabelle Fuller has put you in a difficult position.
When the actions of others put us in difficult positions it can be highly frustrating, however given the circumstantial evidence that there is a 99% chance that this video was indeed posted by Miss Fuller, from your email I get the impression that you have not spoken to Miss Fuller indepth regarding this matter.
Instead you have chosen to email the National Executive of the party a fanciful story from Miss Fuller, which is hugely insulting to what little intelligence I possess.
Not only is it damaging to Mr. West that this video has been leaked, it is potentially far more damaging to the party that this video and Miss Fullers Comments – “UKIP are the Eurosceptic nutters” etc. – have ended up in the public domain, and indeed I believe it was posted for a time on the BNP website for god’s sake.
The leader and his disciples have always accused innocent hard working activists of doing things to damage the party and yet one of his most protected confidants has done immense damage to the party with her vengeful, spiteful actions.
As the Chairman of the party and NEC, your first loyalty should be to the best interests of the party and the cause for which we fight, but increasingly over the years you and the majority of NEC members seem to have put loyalty to the leader ahead of the interests of the members, the party and our cause.
As an NEC member I have a duty to work with the elected leader of the party to take our cause forward, but I do not owe that duty blindly and unquestioningly – I have to balance what help or support I give to our leader with the best interests of the party, its members and our objectives.
It has been an open secret within the party that Miss Fuller was under the protection of the party leader and that is why on many occasions Miss Fuller has written things on internet forums that were hugely offensive to members, including certain NEC members and yet no action has ever been taken against her.
Indeed there was a particular series of postings on an internet forum regarding Tom Wise & Roger Knapman a year or two ago by an individual and Miss Fuller which caused some concern to me in so much that this individual and Miss Fuller must have had first hand and unrestricted knowledge of the matter.
At that time I raised my concerns to the NEC and they were minuted regarding persons in the press office having access to information of a sensitive nature and not handling it with confidentiality and care.
I later found out that the person in question was Miss Fullers partner and I was assured by Clive Page that Miss Fuller would not make any future postings and that she had been warned about her behaviour.
Yet after a couple of months Miss Fuller was once again posting on Internet forums commenting in ways unbecoming of a professional member of this party.
Indeed she stated on the Independence and Democracy forum that she is not answerable to the party, instead claiming that she reported to someone in the European parliament and yet it seems she has open licence to abuse UKIP’s name, members and NEC.
If Miss Fuller chooses to resign from whatever positions she holds or indeed from the party before a disciplinary hearing can be arranged, if that is deemed appropriate, there is little that you can do.
However I still believe you should have had a meeting with Miss Fuller to establish all the facts in this matter and prepared a report for the NEC to consider, at the specially convened meeting Eric Edmonds requested and any response to the wider members then agreed by the NEC, instead of this Hollywood fantasy involving a taxi driver and a mysterious computer specialist – I did not realise Stephen Spielberg had joined the party!
Miss Fuller’s actions have left the party with a potentially very large can of legal worms and a high risk of financial liability, I understand that Mr. West has now engaged lawyers and intends to sue the party, as it was UKIP that was responsible under the data protection act and not Miss Fuller.
I would also like to point out that all members of the NEC are liable and responsible for any financial liabilities of the party.
I also believe that the police will be interviewing Mr. West in the near future with a view to launching an investigation and that the information commissioner to whom this matter has been reported may also conduct an investigation, which may lead to the party receiving a sizeable fine.
So you see Mr. Whitaker, Miss Fuller may have walked off into the sunset, whilst we are left to face the music and the possibility of picking up a number of huge bills and your email has done very little to help matters and gives the impression we are running for political numpties of the year award (hotly contested with Gordon Brown I believe).
I suspect that this may not be the last we see of Miss Fuller with regards to UKIP and the InDem group and their activities, I rather suspect that she will be employed by someone connected to UKIP or as a consultant in the 2009 campaign and hence again given the right to apparently speak on behalf of the party.
What has happened to Mr. West has been totally hurtful, unprofessional and hugely unacceptable on all levels, however sometimes we cannot control what happens to us, but we can manage the effects of what happens to us.
As an NEC member I want to work with you and the other members of the NEC in managing this very fine mess once again, created by someone under the protection of the party leader.
Firstly I would respectfully suggest that you write a letter on behalf of yourself and the NEC unreservedly apologising to Mr. West and call an extraordinary NEC meeting as requested by Eric Edmonds so that we can work through and manage where possible, repair where we can, apologise where we must and ensure that the party does not find itself in this position again.
There is an increasingly distasteful pattern appearing in the party, that when party members raise concerns or lodge complaints, they are treated with disdain, contempt and viciousness and in some cases are openly attacked or have lies told about them.
There also seems to be a general refusal to investigate complaints, which in turn leads to further dissatisfaction and trouble that could have been avoided in the first place.
Dr. David Abbott stressed at the NEC meeting in July that we really need to investigate John West’s and others complaints, because failure to do so upsets the activists and rubs the members up the wrong way, sadly his request as per usual appears to have fallen on deaf ears.
Mr. Whitaker you are a very intelligent man and I know you are better than this.
Loyalty to our leader is admirable and should be encouraged, but that loyalty cannot take precedence over the interests of the members and our cause, if the leader is hell-bent on taking us down a very narrow political dead end, there is no good to come from us ignoring the signs and pretending that we cannot see the dangers that lie ahead – it is our duty to advise the leader that he must change direction – this is not disloyal, this is common sense.
At the NEC meeting in June I tried to point out to our leader some of things he needs to change and some of the things that he needs to change, including certain personnel, to get the party back on the right road but this also fell on deaf ears.
We need to have a clear functional and effective strategy, working closely with our branches and our activists in moving forward and growing the party, as our hardest task is to educate the British people on the dangers of the Political EU.
Simply concentrating on returning as many MEP’s as possible in 2009, whilst maybe being admirable and right is not a wholesale or effective strategy for achieving what we must achieve in the UK .
One does not have to like the messenger, but it does help on the odd occasion to listen to the message.
Please call an extraordinary NEC meeting for early in August so that as an NEC we can ask the relevant questions and uniformly manage this mess.
The NEC needs to get back and manage this party as laid down in the constitution, as there are far too many individuals or little groups who are unaccountable to the NEC and yet are making decisions or taking actions whilst being given licence and protection by the leader to use UKIP’s name, sometimes causing damage to the party’s name or members, whilst the NEC is responsible and liable for any recriminations.
It is time for us to stop being the see no evil, hear no evil, but do much evil club.
I have no doubt I will be branded mal-content or trouble maker etc. as usual, however I can assure you that I have just one agenda, and that is to save this country from the political EU and to make this party as strong and effective as it can be to achieve that aim.
Yours truly,

The culture in Farage’s UKIP has not changed and was captured today in a Daily Mail description of what is going on in UKIP’s new election HQ in Mayfair. Click link to read.

The culture of any organisation is set by the man at the top and his close associates.

Mrs Farage is quoted as describing the office atmosphere thus, “a freakshow”

Clearly this office is completely out of control. Is this Farage’s idea of the  professional party he boasts at having created?

The Mail quotes UKIP quotes Ukip director of communications Patrick O’Flynn thus: ‘I have been in post since the start of February and I have been hugely impressed with the professionalism and dedication of staff at Brooks Mews. 
‘The Times clearly would prefer Ukip to do very badly at the forthcoming local and European elections. But everyone at Brooks Mews is working flat out to ensure that the opposite occurs. Given the positive response Ukip is getting from the British public, we are very hopeful of achieving an excellent result.’

Its a joke party that is letting down the decent UKIP members hugely.
They deserve better than this.

To view the original article CLICK HERE & search 12-Mar-2014




 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Deny the self serving political clique ANY Democratic claims to legitimacy
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
to Reclaim YOUR Future 

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

tel: 01594 – 528 337
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To Leave-The-EU

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#0442* – UKIP, Farage,The BNP & The Parasites

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/04/2011

#0442* – UKIP, Farage,The BNP & The Parasites
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
UKIP, Farage,The BNP & The Parasites Exposed!

NO INITIATIVE for honesty, integrity, transparency, probity or accountability HAS EVER been put forward by Farage or the maggots that feed off him!




Leicester’s Mayoral sideshow is no concern of consequence but it is a measure of both how UKIP behaves, UKIP’s utter contempt for the electorate and clearly the contempt of senior members of UKIP for the due process of the Party they exploit as their self enriching route to the troughs on the gravy train.

When will UKIP get serious competent respectable leadership rather than the liars, cheats, chavs, bullies and clowns they currently have.

Yes there is no doubt that Nigel Farage is a great asset as a performer for UKIP and his gutter cuning that manipulates the maggots around him to ensure his hand is visible in every action but never his fingerprint is clearly a skill some MIGHT aspire to.

That the party is so controlled that it has become bereft of any talent that might work alongside Farage is self evident – just look what lack luster, incompetent and ill informed trash for the NEC and just look at the length and dishonesty to which the party has been manipulated to suit the ambitions of the one remaining schpieller.

The huge effort that was put into raising the profile of The BNP and the lies put about by Mark Croucher and various filth in UKIP – mostly too ashamed to put their name to their lies – to TRY to link people with The BNP.

You may remember when with great glee and against sound advice Nigel Farage was the sponsor and promoter of bringing his families friend Buster Mottram into UKIP – I gather he had at one time been a tennis lothario and had been a long time associate of Lt. Guy Farage who himself had been a supporter of The National Front we are told.

You may find these details from The Western Morning News of interest:

‘UKIP defends ex-NF member over e-mail’ on 24.3.07:


UKIP leader Nigel Farage has defended the decision to allow a former National Front activist to join his party – and threaten Westcountry MPs with losing their seats. This week the WMN revealed that former British tennis ace Buster Mottram had written to a number of MPs warning they could be “decapitated” at the next election if they do not sign up to the “Better Off Out” campaign.

He also claimed to be “implementing this particular strategy on behalf of Mr Farage”.
Yesterday the UKIP leader suggested he had not expressly ordered contact to be made with Westcountry MPs – but did support the efforts in principle

It is interesting to watch the dishonest spin put out by UKIP’s habitual liars and defamers like William Shaw, who to be fair has little knowledge of UKIP or seemingly politics merely a lack of manners and a willingness to lie in his childish abuse.

Then there are the normal maggots that lie and dissemble in support of a place picking up crumbs from the troughs on the gravy train like Skeptic, Independent UKIP, Mick McGough and their ilk who have been proven again and again to be willing to lie and distort for their own gain and are without honour or integrity – that most such are too ashamed to use their own name is unsurprising.

That Mick McGough has accepoted he has no reputation worth defending even as a proven liar and low life can hardly surprise.

It is interesting, for those who have followed the heart of UKIP politics for best part of 15 years to note the spin put about to hide the gross behaviour of the leadership.

One need only remember the irrefutable FACT that Douglas Denny was fired by his colleagues on The NEC as untrustworthy having corrupted the pretence of an election that put Farage in position just as it is irrefutable that Annabelle Fuller is a foul mouthed slut and a liar and with Mark Croucher deliberately set out to lie to try to keep their jobs with Nigel Farage, for had an honest man won that election they would have been out of the door with their over paid bribes straight down the toilet.

As a family friend of Farage’s Buster Mottram was widely lauded within UKIP and his affiliation with The National Front and latterly with The BNP was plaid down, yet widely known. However the efforts of Nigel Farage and his parasites to raise the profile of The BNP are well known:

That Farage was clearly using third parties for contacts with The BNP would seem obvious and his duplicitous gofer Mark Croucher is well known to have extremist political contacts and no reputation of either honesty, honour or integrity – little surprise that he was promoting The BNP with such energy! He was all too willing to lie about anyone or anything to justify being over paid!

Mark Croucher is a whore of the worst kind, who has prostituted morality and decency, as he has constantly acted in his own interest regardless how dishonestly or the consequence to others – a particularly unpleasant type of human being, feared by some and respected by no one.

The members of UKIP ELECTED to represent them on UKIP’s leading management committee amongst others Dr. David Abbott who would stand no dishonesty and no racism He was elected having informed Nigel Farage that misguidedly some years earlier he had made two minor donations of about $100 each to a British Nationalist organisation which subsequently transpired to be a front for fund raising for The BNP.

Nigel Farage personally condoned this and was well aware of the paltry sum relative to the large amount of money David had already and would subsequently donate and use in the interest of UKIP.

Another individual of notable competence and excellent pedigree who was ELECTED by the members was Dr. Eric Edmond – a mathematician and economic analyst of no mean ability who had taught at Liverpool University, had been a Civil Service adviser in Downing Street and had subsequently worked as an executive within The Bank of England. Doctorates come apace it seems as his wife Mary is a Senior Paediatric Consultant in The West of England and thus with David Abbott able to provide a unique insight into The British Health Services!

That these two men of letters, seemingly the only qualified Doctorates on the NEC at the time (or for that matter within the meilleur of the Party leadership), were both independent men of stature and probity did not sit easy with the low lifes gathered around the inadequates that were passing UKIP leadership. That they believed that public and party money should be accounted for did not sit easy with those there to aggrandise and enrich themselves!

A campaign commenced to remove these two honest men – just as had been carried out to remove honest individuals like Linda Guest, Richard Suchorzewski, Jill Chant etc. before them and the campaign mounted, including death threats, against Delroy Young ALL ELECTED TO THE NEC BY THE MEMBERS also Anthony Butcher who however weak, corrupt and venal he might be was ELECTED by his supporters.

Over the years Farage has engineered and cheated, usually through others, to ensure a compliant team of nodding donkeys (in the main outright Asses) who are bought and paid for and moulded to his needs for corruption and weak incompetent leadership.

In the knowledge that UKIP was facing an election in the following Spring and aware that the likely expectation was a collapse in the vote during the preceding summer the stance of The BNP was built up by Farage’s associates such that eventually – despite the difficulty of UKIP leadership being hounded to account for the huge amount of money that had seemingly been stolen in self enrichment scams or at very least not been honestly accounted, as with the £211K listed as OTHER EXPENSES in an office budget of some £400,000, whilst the scam described by Farage himself as:

‘UKIP’s most successful fund raise ever’

Ashford – had so David Bannerman the Party Chairman informed members:

‘merely funded the party to the value of less than 15% of the income’

whilst in one cheque alone, paid into a private bank account sums of £1/4 Million were unaccounted and went missing.

That Petrina Holdsworth as Chairman had previously resigned as she was not prepared to have her name associated with the corruption and financial misdeeds, including criminal fraud is a matter of public record.

Now there was the embarrassment of The Two Doctors and Delroy Young seeking transparency – a situation that had to be resolved or Mike Nattrass’ prediction made earlier:

‘How do you think we get our money, if you don’t shut up we will all end up in prison’.

The promotion of The BNP continued apace but it seems that a contingency plan was put in place to blacken the names of Dr. Abbott and Dr. Edmond for fear of reprisals over what seems to have been the money stolen from the party which they were determined, with Del Young, to have exposed.

You will be minded that at this same time the grime squad of UKIP was mobilised and active spreading their filth and dishonesty everywhere to rig the selection of MEP candidates a process being overseen by Christopher Gill – a failed ex Tory who had joined UKIP to more spectacularly fail – as he did when asked to preside over the Selection process CLICK HERE his suitability as a politician in his own right was displayed by the risible result he achieved in the constituency he had been given to serve The Tories previously as a safe TORY seat.

Nowhere was it more clearly shown that the British people vote for Parties not the trash that represent them!

An integral part of the ‘Plan B’ besides linking, utterly dishonestly, Abbott, Edmond, Suchorzewski and most farcically of all myself, with The BNP was the acceptance of a suggestion made by Martin Hasslam, Nigel Farage’s place man, who had done a great deal of pro bono accountancy work for Farage and had been a consistent and substantial donnor to UKIP, Martin suggested that he bring his tennis partner Nigel Farage’s friend to The NEC.

Farage personally agreed this as how could he not since I understand that Mottram was at the time in an ongoing relationship with Farage’s cousin and Martin was Farage’s trusted accountant.

No other NEC members seem to have been aware of this as I feel sure that at very least Drs. Abbott and Edmond and Delroy Young would have cautioned against it.

However come the day and sponsored WITH PERMISSION FROM FARAGE, Martin Hasslam introduced Buster Mottram to The NEC. Having introduced him to Abbott, Young and Edmond immediately prior to the formal meeting as I recall.

There was some ill mannered braying from the asses which Farage silenced and as a matter of manners Eric Edmond openly advocated politely listening to his proposition – once heard the detail for individuals of integrity would provide the weapons of its destruction only braying asses would fear succumbing to involvement with something as odious as The BNP.

That realising that Buster Mottram’s idiotic concept, once aired, would stand no chance of favour with the far more discerning membership than it had with himself and others seeking their own aggrandisement the entire debacle was used by Nigel Farage as his personal Reichstag Fire and soon after came the obscenity of Crystal Nacht and the slaughter of the innocents advancing the odious and machevellian Adolf Hitler to his power base as with Farage and the simpering maggots he surrounds himself with.

Drs. Abbott & Edmond together with Martin Hasslam and the much abused Deroy Young were rapidly consigned to history and lied about to ensure no danger of probity, transparency or reasoned debate in the rejection of Farage’s attempt seemingly to conjoin with the less extreme element of The BNP.

It was not long before Farage – expressly against the wishes of the membership of UKIP, had conjoined – not with The BNP – with the low lifes and extremists of EU gutter politics where he now leads the racist, xenophobic, anti Jewish and violently antio homosexual Pan EU Political EFD Group.

It will be noted the odious and dishonest calliber of Nigel Farage’s chosen proponents of membership/forming a Pan EU Political Party men of no political caliber nor any intellectual standing liars, cheats, corrupt and ever willing to defraud for political gain – in this instance Farage’s chosen incubae are front run by Mick McGough and Stuart Agnew MEP both individuals proven to be without honour, integrity or probity.

Both Eric Edmond and David Abbott are as dedicated to the values and principles espoused by the members of UKIP, but have both discovered just how cheap and tawdry are the corrupt aims of the leadership and their parasites.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62

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Black Ukip executive receives death threat – TIMES ONLINE – Del YOUNG Daniel FOGGO

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 19/01/2008

Black Ukip executive receives death threat – TIMES ONLINE – Del YOUNG Daniel FOGGO

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

19-Jan-2008 – TIMES ONLINE – “Black Ukip executive receives death threat
on: Del YOUNG – By: Daniel FOGGO!

January 19, 2008

Black Ukip executive receives death threat

div#related-article-links p a, div#related-article-links p a:visited { color:#06c; }

The only black executive within the UK Independence Party (Ukip) has received a telephone death threat in which several men threatened to kill him, allegedly on the orders of a senior executive of the party.
Leicestershire detectives are now investigating the threat against Delroy Young, which was left on his answerphone on Boxing Day night.
The revelation has shaken the party’s hierachy and comes nearly two years after David Cameron sparked a furious row by accusing Ukip of being full of “closet racists”, a charge Ukip denies.
Young, 40, who lives in Hinckley, is the only member of Ukip’s ruling national executive committee (NEC) who is not white.
He fell out with the party in November when he was removed from directing its youth wing, although he remains on the 12-strong NEC. He said he had been sacked, while Ukip insists he resigned.
In the message the voices of three men and a woman can be heard issuing death threats to Young, a financial advisor. The voices said they were acting on the orders of a senior white Ukip official, who they named twice.
Young has reported the threat to the police who inquired as to whether he felt it to be racially motivated. It is believed, however, that the police are not currently treating it as a race crime.
It is understood they may have traced the mobile phone used to issue the threats to Australia.
A Ukip insider said: “This is causing the party hierachy a huge amount of embarrassment.”
Young, who was voted on to the Ukip NEC in 2006, had been put in charge of its section known as Youth Independence.
But after Young dismissed various members on the Youth Independence committee that he had organised, he found himself facing a series of accusations at a meeting of the NEC in November. Ukip later announced that Young had resigned from directing Independence Youth at the meeting.
However, he said in a letter to friends that the meeting was “more akin to a Soviet-style Politburo purge” and denied that he had resigned.
He wrote: “What followed I can only describe as an orchestrated denunciation which, among other things, included claims that I had criticised the Party leader.”
He denied the claims, but said that he was then sacked from running Independence Youth.
He wrote: “I said ‘If you are all going to sit here and believe these lies I might as well step down from this thing.’
“This was a comment which has obviously been cynically manipulated as a resignation in order to get rid of me.”
When contacted by the Sunday Times Young declined to comment on the telephone threat.
A Ukip spokesman said: “We are glad this has been reported to the police and hopefully they can track it to the people responsible.
“If they are members of the party or connected to it they won’t be for very long. But it is too far-fetched for words that someone senior in the party ordered anyone to do this.”
A spokesman for Leicestershire police said: “I can confirm we are investigating one report of harrassment at an address in Hinckley.”

To view the original article CLICK HERE

INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future 

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
IF You Have No
INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate
LEAVE THE EU to Reclaim YOUR Future 

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