An interesting theory has been passed to us by someone well placed. Recently, we posted that UKIP MEP, Ray Finch, had totally deleted his online presence and nobody seems to know why.

Here is what our source had to say:

“Kirsten was working for Finch, who used to be his [Farage’s] driver, so he knows exactly where his boss used to go and where he was. After the second Annabelle Fuller article came out in the Mail on Sunday, I believe Kirsten realised they had conspired to conceal Nigel’s shenanigans and saw this as a total betrayal from a family friend and a professional colleague. Her fury being expressed as a mother, daughter, and betrayed wife.

“A few weeks ago Ray told Michael Crick that he had half his salary suspended by the EU Parliament. As many people know, the estranged Mrs Farage, was on Finch’s staff a ‘parliamentary assistant’ despite never being invited to come to work in the building.

“It is entirely possible that the recent Anabelle Fuller revelations may have compelled Mrs Farage to cooperate with EU authorities. If that’s the case, who knows what information she may hold – given that she was copied on every UKIP internal email for the last ten years!”

Finch 3.jpg

Of course, this is just speculation. But who knows what might happen next in the wacky world of UKIP….

FARAGE 1.jpgAnnabelle Fuller went public on two consecutive weekends about her relationship with Nigel Farage

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