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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/06/2010


Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!




I believe that the Orally story may just have been old news of little  relative significance as I gather that not only has

Lord Pearson effectively resigned as leader, but in view of Nigel Farage’s far from enviable position he may well remain until a succession can be orchestrated in an orderly manner for a coronation, to annoint Farage’s chosen successor. To block the party falling into the hands of Gerard Batten and obvious continuation of the slide to oblivion, via continued racism and anti Judaism, within the lunatic fringe of the EFD.

Remember with the risible and widely reveilled Mark Croucher at its media helm, particularly in the light of his promotion with Farage of the BNP and latterly as the EFD media manager! Croucher would have been responsible for the behaviour of the criminal Morton Messherchmidt who is associated with UKIP and has convictions for holocaust denial and support of the Nazi party and of course the INVITATION of the BNP to work with UKIP as members of the EFD.

The failure of the book launch of the book by Daniel Estulin, as sponsored by the criminal Borghezio who has convictions for seeking to set a child on fire and violence towards homosexuals and immigrants which he advocates – he of course is another of Mark Croucher’s proteges and a close associate of UKIP.

Interestingly Nigel Farage was scheduled to preside over this launch but pulled out at the last minute on health grounds nominating Godfrey Bloom who it seems could not be bothered to attend leaving it to the far more suited Gerard Batten who deems it expedient to persue conspiracies and Russians rather than work to get Britain Out of the EU!!

I gather the other book launch, that seems not to have profiled UKIP, was also today and that was an expossee of the malign control of the self serving unelected Bureaucrats of the EU, a book I am pleased to say I have been promised a copy of as my primary political aim has always been the sovereign independence of these United Kingdoms.

I gather Lord Pearson has effectively left UKIP but is remaining in a titular capacity despite resignation, to help out a much beleaguered Farage.

I understand that Farage is very much more damaged, by his ridiculous plane crash on election day, when rather than put in the W O R K he opted to show off and indulge himself at the party expense swanning around in a particularly dodgey Polish drag and drop advertising plane!

It is astonishing just howmany people Farage has paid to like him and salaried as Praise Singers just how little sympathy he received for his foolish stunt – one might also note the number of sickos who quite openly wished him dead and also how soon people just reverted to ignoring him and his childish antics except when paid.

Then again one has to accept that Farage and Croucher are all but welded at the hip as each without the other is largely lost and they are at the end of the day the masters of the prank with the political intellectual acumen of the fart joke and be rude to teacher. 17 years and not one step closer to the exit, not one step closer to Parliament and 12 completely useless lumps of deadwood as MEPs who are only of interest to the media when under investigation, which they frequently are, even then many editors merely say ‘who? Oh yes – No we are aiming to be a mass media paper not an introspective paper targetting the odd meeting in a telephone box’.

Even the sordid mind of Mark Croucher, which may well reflect his racist, anti Jewish, anti homosexual and violent EU membership supporting  masters of Farage’s UKIP & EFD but surely dragging UKIP into the gutter he inhabits with personal blog sites like:

CROUCHER made the sordid choice of title: MairyHinge

You only have to read the idiocy of the likes of Denny, McGough, Baron, Stathan, Skeptyk or the great expert at the risible himself Croucher to realise the rich pickings for lampoon yet not an editor in the land rates UKIP! The crash was barely noted once the media realised Farage would not die and no report of the pilot’s well being was ever made after day one! That was despite the desparate attempt to keep it in the media with tales of cut cables and fanciful sabotages on Butcher’s squalid and dishonest little forum.

I hear Farage is far more damaged than is being let on – mostly mentally by way of shaken and now can’t be stirred!

It seems he has a particularly bad delayed shock of the PTS type with flashbacks and the like – I am fortunate never to have had such, despite many an excuse! It is largely a matter of mental fortitude and training and no one could accuse Farage of either.

I AM HAPPY TO GO ON RECORD in wishing Farage recovery, but also to warn him a return to his old and particularly childish lifesyle with his insecurities and self abuse may well prove fatal for him in the fairly short term. Yet is he likely to be able to stay at home?

I appreciate also he has very few friends and those he pretends to are ALL fair weather friends, including his paid praise singers – none are likely to give him decent advice as few of them stand a prayer of keeping their job or even getting a decent job were it not for Farage and the largess of the public purse as profligately abused by Farage!

I believe there is a very likely possibility that Farage may never return to any concept of frontline politics – clearly UKIP’s General and Local Election results were absolutely embarrassing on EVERY count, beaten in a majority of seats where competing by The BNP – Farage’s personal result was risible in the light of the resources thrown into it, the fact he was beaten by a relatively unheard of also ran spoiler candidate and at a time when The Greens had a candidate elected as MP.

UKIP’s results in the local aspect were possibly even worse when one considers the many 1,000s of seats they failed to gain!
To celebrate the 7th. June when the present UKIP MEPs were elected we note the 8th. & 9th. will find UKIP in the Courts seeking to overturn a well earned Guilty verdict for dishonesty and corruption and a probable debt of £1.2 Million leaving them with only one honourable solution that being that since Nigel Farage, Andrew Smith and Michael Zucherman’s rotten legal advice found them in this hole is that they stop digging and pay 1/3 of the liability each.

It is not unreasonable to speculate that Farage may well not return in September and what a clever political move that would be as he would depart on a wave of sympathy as it would clearly be on mental and medical grounds after his idiotic crash.

They say ALL political careers end in failure and Farage’s is lurching towards that self structured failure as he continues to destroy the Party due to his obvious lack of Officer Qualities or leadership ability. If he were to resign in September he would be spared further inevitable humiliation AND he could claim the sympathy vote on his way out of the limelight.

The cunning part of this for Farage is retiring on health grounds he would derive every benefit and largess The EU could heap upon him, which would continue in no small measure for the rest of his life – or until the collapse of the EU which is inevitable but of an indeterminate date!!

There will of course be all the parasites feeding off his ‘One Man Band’ who realising they would skid out of the door sideways in his wake would put much effort into praising him to try to convince him, at all cost, to remain for their security – in complete disregard of his best interests.

I do understand that Orders have been issued to cancel ALL Farage’s forward engagements! My word how the rats will play with the cat away!


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