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Archive for the ‘European Commissioner for Energy’ Category


Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/03/2011

#0000* – TITLE! .
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! .
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! .




yes I am a dedicated fan of Nikki Sinclaire – she is doing what UKIP MEPs were elected to do – highlight and expose corruption, incompetence and outright hypocracy in The EU and bring it to the attention of the peoples of Britain, whilst trying her best to acquit her duties to her constituents and her Country, as best she could.

Unlike the rest of The UKIP MEPs she has opted to disassociate herself from the racist, anti Jewish and violently anti homosexual scum of EU politics which to the shame of Britain and UKIP in particular are led by Nigel Farage MEP.

Nigel has been a great asset but he has completely blown his value to UKIP unless they want to be represented in the gutter by the likes of Gerard Batten MEP with his crass Islamaphobia and lack of understanding of morality and justice or the duplicitous fraud Derek Clark who lies and rants whilst betraying Britain whilst trashing his region to oblige The EU having lost 90% of the hard earned members with his utter duplicity and treachery, his lies and bullying.

Then we have the scum of the earth sheltering in anonymity trying to make much of sefaming me because of my spelling and grammar like an elderly failed primary teacher (could Skeptyk number Derek Clark MEP in their team of trash?). I am in fact VERY proud that to date I have not published a single false fact nor any misrepresentation on all of the 1,000s of blogs and ‘e’Mails I have written and the sad parasites in UKIP are so frenzied they now castigate me for my spelling and grammar – the childish playground chants of pony tail do make them look VERY silly.

We even have one piece of filth on UKIP NEC – Mick McGOUGH, aware that I have bladder cancer etc. trying to point score that I am therefore impotent and thus showing both his ignorance medically and his obsessions personally. Bladder cancer CAN kill you and often does but I am unaware that it makes one impotent! However since I don’t think with that part of my anatomy I would not get that concerned if I was impotent, though I can understand his concern in his case!

Back to Nikki, about whom he seems not to have fantasised quite as much as some of the rest of the slime that are UKIP Leadership and their parasites – nor to lie as they clearly have.

The amount of publicity that Sinclaire has obtained for EUroRealism both in Britain and abroad has been quite incredible considering she has had every low life and a quite risible UKIP PR Agency trying to sabotage and attack her.

On the subject of PR agencies I gather Ms. Annabelle Fuller for all her amateur and tasteless flouncing around at The UKIP Relaunch attempt in Scarborough which attracted almost ZERO professional PR or widespread coverage of any caliber – I gather the altercation in the hotel corridor one late night where she was told in no uncertain terms of the caliber of her morality by someone who clearly outweighed and out classed her! Leaving her to scurry chasened to her own room, I am told by two VERY separate sources, neither of whom do I believe is seeking to set me up as they have proved genuine in the past – I can give no greater assurances as I was NOT personally a witness.

To quote an American maxim ‘Nigel Farage would be well advised to stop porking the staff at company expense, when clearly he can not cope with one woman and has to pay his wife for her services with tax payers’ money!’

Here is just one of Nikki Sinclaire’s articles and I must admit I was surprised it was published in the LIGHT of the tragic and globally scarey events in Japan.

EU’s Mr Lightbulb does bit to save energy by leaving on the lamps outside his luxury home day and night for weeks on end

By George Arbuthnott and Will Stewart
Last updated at 1:23 AM on 13th March 2011
He is the man behind the European Union’s ban on the traditional lightbulb that has caused anger and confusion in the UK’s shops and households.
But it appears that for Latvian Andris Piebalgs energy saving doesn’t start at home.
For Mr Piebalgs, the former European Commissioner for Energy, has left the outside lights burning day and night on his £1.25 million luxury home despite neighbours claiming he has not been seen there for weeks.
EU Commissioner for Development Andris Piebalgs house in Jurmala

The lights are on but no body is home: Neighbours say no one has been living at Mr Piebalg’s 1.25million home near Riga for several weeks
Now former communist Mr Piebalgs has been accused of double standards. In 2005 he told this newspaper in an interview that ‘we can all do our bit’ to save electricity.
Nikki Sinclaire, the independent MEP for the West Midlands, said: ‘This is a classic example of hypocrisy. Here you have someone championing environment law and then disregarding it himself.’
EU Commissioner for Development Andris Piebalgs house in Jurmala

Watt a waster: Lights blaze away outside the home of Mr Piebalgs who is understood to have been several thousand miles away
EU Commissioner for Development Andris Piebalgs house in Jurmala.

Bulb: Mr Piebalgs modern lightbulb shines brightly
Mr Piebalgs, 53, earned £1.4 million in salary and perks as the EU Energy Commissioner during his six-year tenure in the job which ended last year as he became EU Development Commissioner.
A Mail on Sunday survey has revealed UK shoppers are bewildered by the vast array of replacement low-energy bulbs of different shapes and sizes, power and prices as a result of Mr Piebalgs’s diktat.
The problems for consumers include many of the low-energy alternatives being far too large to fit into a traditional reading lamp.
And toxic mercury contained in the most common version means councils will not pick them up from the doorstep because of their concerns over the health risk to binmen.
Mr Piebalgs’s modern home is a short distance from the capital Riga in a pleasant village which was a former Soviet summer playground and is now the preserve of Latvia’s wealthy set.
Two hours before dusk yesterday, six lamps were alight on the external walls of the property.
One neighbour said: ‘The half- dozen or so external lights are on day and night.’
Another said: ‘There hasn’t been anyone living there for several weeks.’
According to Mr Piebalgs’s official diary, he has spent the past two weeks 7,000 miles away from his home approving future EU development programmes in the Pacific Islands of New Caledonia, Vanuatu and East Timor.
BELGIUM - JANUARY 10: Andris Piebalgs, the EU Energy commissioner pauses during a press conference in Brussels, Belgium, Wednesday, January 10, 2007.

Light fantastic: Mr Piebalgs campaigned for a ban on traditional lightbulbs that caused anger and confusion in the UK
He was scheduled to return from the trip last Friday. On his official European Commission CV Mr Piebalgs does not mention his Communist Party membership.
At the time he may well have seen it as advantageous to advance his career as a head teacher and education administrator when Latvia was under the Soviet yoke.
Accounts vary over how long he belonged to a party now seen as the main vehicle of oppression of the Baltic country, but one local source said it was ‘at least six years’ in the Eighties.
But his Red past did not stop his career flourishing in the post-Soviet era when he went from being education and finance minister to an eventual senior post in the Riga Foreign Ministry.
He then took a job as a senior bureaucrat in Brussels before becoming Energy Commissioner in 2004 after his tiny state joined the EU.
He was not Latvia’s first choice and his emergence was greeted by some with disapproval.
Even Latvians are angered by his ban on the traditional bulbs, which will not be on sale from next year.
The manager of one electrical shop said the old-fashioned 60W bulb had sold out in Latvia because of frustrations with the new bulbs.
The supply and importation of pearl bulbs used in the UK was banned two years ago.
A spokesman for Mr Piebalgs declined to comment.
However, it is understood the lights are a security measure.

To Read The Original Article CLICK HERE


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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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