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#0757* – The Idiotic allegations of John ISON in Perspective!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 24/02/2012

#0757* – The Idiotic allegations of John ISON in Perspective!

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The Idiotic allegations of John ISON in Perspective!

They are no more credible with the encouragement of UKIP’s corrupt Leadership & clearly self seekingly malicious!

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its interesting to note that in keeping with the serial dishonesty and indubitable corruption in UKIP where we note Nigel Farage was ordered by OLAF to repay a substantial amount of money to the public purse, so also did Jeffrey Titford – just as Derek Clark was ordered to repay somewhere between £30,000 & £100,000 he had fraudulently obtained and spent.

Despite PROMISING the electorate that NO UKIP ELECTED OFFICER would employ members of their family – We then see that not only was Farage clearly fiddling his expenses but openly admitted he had made a couple of £Millions over his actual expenses – yet there is no record declared of him EVER making a substantial donation to The UKIP cause – it seems that it is just a self enrichment scam for him used to fund his extravagant drinking and sex life!

The media also brought it to the attention that he was paying his wife for her personal services £30,000 a year.

Then of course there is Marta Andreasen who lied about her CV, lied about being a whistle blower and was in breech of UKIP electoral rules when she conned her way onto the UKIP list as a result of playing to Nigel Farage’s ego!

Then of course there were the lies of Mick McGough to dupe his fellow UKIP members to fraudulently obtain a place on their MEP hopefuls and the NEC.

Of course there was the admission of fraud by Stuart Agnew on his and David Bannerman’s behalf and the open efforts to defraud the electorate by fraudulent breaking electoral law and with Lord Pearson laundering money in donations.

This is just the tip of the corruption in UKIP – little wonder that they have achieved so very little towards the aim to Leave-The-EU and are seen increasingly as a joke in the EU parliament. They are clearly unfit for purpose even amongst the corrupt MEPs and unelected beauraucrats of the EU.

There are many other instances running to £Millions – the well publicised fiddles surrounding the Ashford scams or the £1/4M that was spiritted out of Farage’s office account as other expenses, or the various off shore bank accounts etc. etc.

Now we have the scum of UKIP crowing with glee that they have villified Nikki Sinclaire as a result of the CLAIMS of her ex employee who she once permitted to remain on staff after he had directly stolen money and when he saw a way to harm his benefactor and employer would seem to have fraudullently purchased travel tickets to negate her legitimate travel claims – it was of course from a position of trust that he reported the purchase of travel for a relatively small amount of money.

Let us not forget it was part of John Ison’s job to manage Sinclaire’s travel claims and buy such tickets as were required I gather!

This looks to be a classic and very distastefull pack of lies by a failed employee who saw an opportunity to cash in and seek preferrment in UKIP by toadying with lies.

Clearly this is my opinion based upon such facts as I do have and the boasts of John Ison which can be proved and his thefts from Sinclaire’s offices.

This seems more premeditated than the thefts by Annabelle Fuller when she stole an MP’s Blackberry and House of Commons pass and when caufght seemingly invented a claim of inappropriate sexual advances by the MP – any who have read her sordid blog with its sexual comment and outpourings of promiscuity, drunken reverrie and foul language – her claims were clearly implausible as were his lies to The Independent & The Daily Mail when she duped Farage into endorsing her foolish comments.

The alegations made against Nikki Sinclaire are clearly a fabrication – when one realises they amount to so little relative to the 10s of £1,000s that her auditted accounts show she donated from her own money to the Leave-The-EU cause.

In fact the claimed allegations are only a fraction of the donations she has given to UKIP!

Alleging deliberate fraud does rather make the accuser look rather stupid when the paltry sum claimed is a fraction of that which Sinclaire has donated – What fraudster acting with ANY criminal intent donates more than they are alleged to have used!

Compare the allegations maliciously made against Nikki Sinclaire with the institutionalised abuse of tax payers’ money by The EU with which MEPs and unelected EU bureaucrats willingly collude as they stuff their pockets:

1) ACP-EU joint parliamentary assembly in Kinshasa, Congo, Nov 2010: £853,360, 50 MEPs for eight days, £17,067 per head
2) ACP-EU joint parliamentary assembly in Tenerife, Spain Jan 2010: £588,404, 64 MEPs for seven days, £9,193 per head.
3) Eurolat parliamentary meeting in Cuenca, Ecuador, Nov 2010: £385,441, 39 MEPs for four days, £9,883 per head.
4) Eurolat, Seville, Spain, May 2010: £201,880, 51 MEPs for three days, £3,958 per head.
5) EU-US transatlantic meeting, Washington, Dec 2010: £170,334, 28 MEPs for three days, £6,083 per head.
6) Inter-parliamentary delegation to Shanghai, China, May 2010: £147,280, 11 MEPs for eight days, £13,388 per head.
7) EU-Chile joint parliamentary committee, Valparaiso, Chile, May 2010: £125,347, nine MEPs for six days, £13,927 per head.
8) Enlarged bureau visit to Shanghai, China, May 2010: £120,292, seven MEPs for eight days, £17,184 per head.
9) EU-Mexico joint parliamentary committee, Mexico, Nov 2010: £107,954, 11 MEPs for six days, £9,814 per head.

10) TAR delegation to Ottawa, Nov 2010: £97,883, nine MEPs for nine days, £10,875 per head.

Obscene isn’t it?

A part of the reason these United Kingdoms should Leave-The-EU at the earliest possible opportunity.

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