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Archive for the ‘Bedfordshire Police’ Category

#0253* – Ian GILMAN of UKIP NEC Casts a Little Light on UKIP CRIMINALITY

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/01/2011

#0253* – Ian GILMAN of UKIP NEC Casts a Little Light on UKIP CRIMINALITY! .
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! .
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! .
Ian GILMAN of UKIP NEC Casts a Little Light on UKIP CRIMINALITY!
Ian GILMAN Exposes some details re: Tom WISE UKIP MEP,
as he remembers them!




To QUOTE Ian Gilman re: Tom Wise UKIP MEP jailed for his criminality for 2 years – you may make what you will of Ian Gilman’s statement regarding Tom Wise and UKIP leadership corrupion amongst its leadership and their parasites in betrayal of the many decent members:

The case of the corrupt and jailed former police officer and UKIP M.E.P. Tom Wise Esq. again raises its head.
In October 2005; I was the only NEC member to attempt to do something about Mr. Wise following publicity and gossip about his activities. I was systematically blocked and prevented.
Minutes from that NEC should show my perhaps twenty minutes of effort on behalf of the members who we claimed to protect.
Abuse was heaped upon me together with shouted requests that I must be “shut up”.
Frauds were explained that would cause the Inland Revenue and Police to investigate and jail numerous UKIP members if revealed, and I being perhaps ‘jointly and severally liable’ for matters that I knew nothing about decided to step aside. Why after all; should I be responsible for others crimes as described ?
I was a volunteer for 15 years who asked for and took nothing from ukip, only satisfaction that I and others believed that we were doing our duty by our country and its history.
Please refer to the thread last August ‘ Bloom blast for shoplifters’ to understand much that I am writing about. It will prevent repitition. Mr . Denny provoked the defence of my position.
In attempting to actually discipline Mr. Wise who had for example destroyed the legitimate NEC approved ‘UKIP Wine World ‘ (conceived by me to assist paying our General Election debts of £ 93,000) from which no monies can be identified despite Mr Wise describing his importation and storage of 1,000 bottles of fine wines ( a commercial quantity ) perhaps from The Lebanon and his friends vineyard then sales via ukip meetings and membership lists; I was opposed with such venamence as to realise that I had no place any longer at that table.
Further; the dark threats emanating from that meeting indicated that eventually matters affecting the volunteer membership , many of whom were/are pensioners and our funds would legitimatly cause some to be jailed or fined.
My legalally constituted UKIP Wine World (named by me) involved proper Customs & Excise paperwork, sales sheets/distribution sheets and monthly payments electronically to UKIP H.Q.
It would satisfy the treasurer/auditor/Electoral Commissioners/Customs& Excise.
Concerning Mr. Colman’s enquiry; I wonder if his terms of reference were drawn so narrow so as to preclude most of that which was actually relevant.
I was never requested to give evidence; despite speaking to Mr Colman about matters.
Incredibly, when Mr Wise was referred to British Police his home force Beds. was given the task.
Why ?
Traditionally the Metropolitan police handle such cases.
With the close association that Mr. Wise had with Beds police as described by him; why did they not immediately hand over to another force the case which broke in 09/05 and concluded in 11/09 !
I will now quote directly from the file as originally constructed / evidence bagged and numbered and signitures upon a legal statement identifying its existance for identification. Later as far as I understood it should have all been contained within the file named Regina v Thomas Harold Wise. This will be held by Beds. police, C.P.S., Southwark Crown Court and I gather The Justice Dept. The Home Office and aparently Number 10 Downing Street.
“Wise explained to ***** all about his frauds /embezzlements of public money…..”
“Wise had not only explained his frauds, he then explained that he is safe from prosecution”
“Wise claimed to have lots of contacts within Bedfordshire Police, including “high up contacts “, whatever that means “
Wise, stated *****, claims to enjoy protection and will not be prosecuted.”
“Wise claimed to have met and talked with The Chief Constable of Beds. “
“Wise claims to have visited Beds Police H.Q. and spoken with those who would investigate him and to have been assurred that he will not be investigated “.
” ***** invoked the social life/circle of Wise who enjoys a drinking / eating circle of greedy sycophants who probably patronise The Ship public house in Linslade, Leighton Buzzard Beds ( Wing Road in fact maybe 200 yards around from his house ) . Excess of indulgance evidently being the motivating factor. “
“Wise likes to invoke the fact that he is a former police officer “
“Wise gave to former Detective Superintendent Trevor Colman of Devon and Cornwall Police a statement early in 2006 admitting everything yet is confident that he cannot be prosecuted”
Thus in fact Mr Wise evidently labourd in the belief that he was immune.
So, where did this leave the hapless witnesses ?
Detective Chief Superintendant Miss Debbie Simpson headed Beds police Economic Investigation Unit.
We are told that she is ‘partnered’ and that her ‘partner’ was found employment there too.
Her partner was a police officer in Beds.
Her partners father is explained as a previously a Beds police Superintendant.
He is married to the previous Chief Constables Secretary.
The Chief Constables secretary has hourly and daily access to The Chief Constable who the reader will see from the above direct quotes from the file as originally constructed is described as rather too close to the defendant.
Nothing is implied by the above, only reported facts are written. Without Prejudice.
Why, oh why did Beds Police not hand this case over to another force ?
Surveillance by me due to concerns about my own security and legal position in a corruption case that had odd aspects to it involved the Ship Road, Wing Road areas of Linslade and divers areas around Leighton Buzzard. Woburn Road , Kempston Beds. areas too and those working there too formed part of my investigative personal protection.
Threats to me and criminal damage and tracing of; with two nasty telephone calls to my then recently widowed mother ( different telephone area to me ) alarmed me too.
Given everything supplied to Beds. police ,
Where is the wine world monies generated by Mr Wise ?
Where were its first bankings ?
Were there any onward transfers / sharing of that money ?
Where has the treasurer accounted for that money ?
Was the auditor satisfied with the accounting, and Electoral Commissioners too ?
Why immediately upon being offered the Wise case did Beds police Chief Constable not declare not only the forces interests in matters but the Economic Investigation Unit’s association too ?
What was the role of Detective Inspector Shane Roberts ?
Please name all officers friendly with or within the circle of Mr Wise, to include the drinking/dining set as described and on file ?
Did any officer have to move departments/ accept transfers tempoary or permanent during this case ?
Was any police officer/retired officer or police authority employee in the habbit of buying wine from Mr Wise ?
What is the import licence number of Mr. Wise’s wine business ?
Which bonded warehouse, and owned by whom stored the wine imported as decsribed by him ?
Was customs VAT paid on the wine, and to which office ?
When a complaint was made to Beds police about the case (not me ) why again was an internal officer Det. Insp. Green given the job, an outside force surely should have looked at this ?
When a complaint was made to Beds police authority and Miss Stephany McMenamy (described as completly out of her depth) why did she not refer it to an outside force ?
Why then were (by now) three, yes 3 investigations concerning former police officer Mr. Wise retained within Beds and not referred out to completly neutral officers where Mr Wise could never ever make claims of friendship and perhaps forms of influence; or friendships made through an interest in wine. ?
I went to another police force who became so concerned about matters that they ” called for the papers” that is the Wise file in order to read and understand it.
At a later meeting a Detective Inspector changed his attitude to me , having read the file and brushed me off with ” not in the public interest ” to pursue this, despite the intimidation of my mother and myself,. Did he actually mean not in the interest of police officers careers ?
As I explained to him, that intimidation never prevented me doing my duty and presenting evidence to a court, and seeking to protect UKIP members and their funds. Why was he now so scarred ?
Why have requests under the Freedom of Information Act affecting this case from two police forces been blocked ?
Why do those forces appear to collude and use the same letters ?
Why were police officers identified by Mr Wise not interviewed/cautioned and statements taken?
Were witnesses warned by the police about the claims of closness made by Mr Wise placed upon file in evidence bags and the liklihood of trouble if they persisted with their evidence ?
Were all statements taken of a professional quality admissable in court, or was theredisquiet about the effot put in to produce evidence that witnesses could sign for and stand in court under oath ?
Why has it been reported and circulated ( I can only repeat that explained to me ) that as he entered court Mr Wise Mr Wise was heard to say to his fellow defendant ‘ dont worry your pretty little head about this case deary, I am a friend of The Chief Constable’
Why then, if the reports are anywhere near accurate was the case not stopped and immediately referred to the Police Complaints Commission and another police force ?
Why have all attempts to obtain documents about this case been blocked and thus civil actions prevented ?
During the 4 year 2 month enquiries were Mr Wise’s computer systems properly opened and contents thoroughly investigated ?
Lord Ted Willis liked to talk about ‘The Long Arm of the Law, but perhaps here Ancient Greece that gave to us the Demos that we fought and gave so much to preserve can play a part.

The Hydra is my metaphor, the ghastly many headed beast perhaps adequatly reflects the many aspects of corruption that pervades matters. How sad..

The original can be found amongst the very questionable and largely dishonest ramblings hosted by Anthony Butcher on his Forum in accord with the instructions of UKIP leadership.

I can confirm most of what Ian Gilman is claiming based upon my own involvement during the period in question and my direct involvement in seeking to bring Tom Wise to Justice and thus to jail.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62
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