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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 27/04/2011

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
We KNOW UKIP’s selection processes are corrupt we also KNOW Farage as a leader is a liar – every time he seeks votes he lies as with His Nepotism and paying his wife, his promises to professionalise the party!

Farage is an excellent mouth piece but desperately needs the help of a mature leader of competence and integrity to curb his childish insecurity and crass inadequacy!




here is the individual UKIP considers to be a valid candidate to be Mayor of Leicester responsible for a £1Billion budget and ensuring the city delivers the best value for money in all service areas – Frankly I personally believe that a schoolgirl put forward as a candidate by a professional Party would be offensive that UKIP have put forward such a candidate must surely be seen as both unprofessional, insulting and exploitative of the said schoolgirl.

What on earth was UKIP’s selection process that might arrive at such an amateur and crass decision – however the action may well anger some members and supporters for its lack of professionalism but clearly surprises few – Such crass and inept behaviour is on a parr with dressing up as chickens, and driving around like small boys in WWII scout cars – or even desperately trying to draw attention to oneself seeking publicity by urinating in flower pots in hotels, copulating with prostitutes on the bonnet of cars and then using a claim of Diplomatic Immunity as a UKIP MEP when arrested.

Sadly due to unprincipled and inept leadership few are surprised by just how foolish UKIP can be and it seems their only defence is to put forward the likes of Gothmog (William Shaw), Independent UKIP, Skeptyc, Mick McGough and their ilk to further demean the party by lies, corruption and defamatory abuse.

It is abundantly clear that it is not JUST Regina Andreson who is politically inappropriate but the more one sees of UKIP’s lack of l;eradership, idiotic selection processes and general dishonesty and unprofessional behaviour the more it becomes apparent UKIP is currently unfit for purpose and demeans the body politic.

I suggest Regina Anderson does not put her photograph in too many phone boxes:


We note even a vociferous and frequently wildly ill informed UKIP supporter of the Party leadership has finally commented:

All I know is that according to Richard Allen the local party had nothing to do with it and a fuming mad about it. Draw your own conclusions from that. Personally it looks like some sort of sabotage, and the buck stops as always with Nigel Farage. The Leicester Mayoral election is for the election of the mayor of the largest constituency except for London and is in charge of a £1 billion budget. This takes the pi$$ so badly I can’t see that it was anything other than deliberate. There needs to be an investigation into this and a sacking of whomever was responsible in order to restore confidence. You can’t just brush it under the carpet. If it were a parish council or a town council election then it would not matter, but this is an issue that is at leadership level. If you recall there was the same sort of problem with that ethnic postman a couple of years or so ago who turned out to be useless, but this takes it far beyond that. Farage should have learned the lesson there. He’s like a smak addict to the drug of political correctness. No one in the UKIP has anything but the greatest repulsion for political correctness, but Farage keeps on injecting it, and hence this makes sabotage easy.

For the original of the comment CLICK HERE
It is unfortunate that the poster lacks the integrity to put their own name to the post as it puts comment on a par with Skeptyk, Independent UKIP and others as more likely to be lies than truth.
However in this instance it is hard to disagree!”

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