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Archive for June, 2010


Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 30/06/2010


Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

Stephen ALISON The First Candidate To Break Cover!


well UKIP’s NEC elections are here at long, long, long last – when you consider they were due in February!
We note the first candidate to break cover is Stephen Allison and at 50 we note from his facebook site that he has all the gravitas one would expect from a UKIP NEC contender listing his Interests in the about me section as women! An interesting enough idea were he not married with two young lasses in his picture but I understand a son and daughter to his credit.

One wonders where they fit in with his other self proclaimed interests:

Likes and interests



 I expect the other candidates will, when they break cover, have as much to offer that is of such help in seeing UKIP taken seriously as it has been over the years to date.

I wonder if Stephen Allison will take the route taken by Peter Reeve as a guest speaker to the remaining UKIP member, who I presume includes the foolish looking ex goffer of Nikki Sinclaire’s who set out to betray her trust but as ever no one takes anyone seriously who has to hold his chubby little head on with a wing nut!

Presumably Peter Reeve has all the fun of having explained to him that Masturbation is not a crime by UKIP’s other General election candidate – a fact which no doubt Stephen Alison will be pleased to know in view of his listed interests on FaceBook! Pythonesque as his quote may be it is totally inappropriate on a public forum when claimed as one’s own – NOT FUNNY, by any standards. If a candidate can not differentiate clearly he is unlikely to be a suitable candidate a position made more clear by the attempt to rig the selection made by Bloom CLICK HERE

Peter Reeve soon found himself in some difficulty and very soon to save his own bacon demounced lord Pearson’s crass policy during the General Election where as ostensibly leader of UKIP he actively campaigned against UKIP with Farage’s support!

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future   
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   


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#0046 – The SW REBELS – UKIP: More trouble for Pearson – WELL EARNED!!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 28/06/2010

#0046 – The SW REBELS – UKIP: More trouble for Pearson – WELL EARNED!!
Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
The SW REBELS – UKIP: More trouble for Pearson – WELL EARNED!

Malcol Lor Pearson if not the brightest of men on a good day but lets face it his betrayal of UKIP as supported by Nigel Farage made the party look like fools – one only needs to look at the risible results in the General Election to realise that the public saw them for the fools they are under Farage’s leadership with his puppet Peer.

They even have a clown with a title now as Deputy Leader and a fool with a title as an MEP.

It is hardly surprising Mike Nattrass followed Nikki Sinclaire’s lead and disassociated himself from these racist, xenophobic, pro EU membership EFD low lifes.

UKIP: More trouble for Pearson

Somerset County Committee – Extraordinary General Meeting

Monday 28th of June 2010

7.00 for 7.30 pm

The King’s Head, High Street, Wells

Reason: To propose a vote of No Confidence in Lord Pearson as Leader of UKIP
UKIPPERS in the South West are incensed that Pearson urged the voters of Wells, Somerton & Frome and Taunton Deane to ignore UKIP’s own candidates. Pearson wanted UKIP supporters to back the Conservatives in those constituencies.

Pearson didn’t even see fit to inform his PPCs before sending the letter to the media in Somerset! See: LINK

However, UKIPPERS should remember that Farage fully supported Pearson and clearly endorsed his decision to campaign for opposition parties. They should be calling on Farage to resign as well.
From Parliament.Com

Ukip deputy Nigel Farage has defended his leader’s call for people in the UK to vote against their own party in the country’s upcoming general election.
Farage stressed that Lord Pearson was referring to only an “isolated” number of constituencies.

Pearson, a life peer, sparked controversy when he wrote to a media group urging voters not to support his party in three constituencies in the south-west of England.

The party’s south-west regional committee responded by saying it was “at odds” with Pearson, who last year replaced Farage as Ukip leader in the UK.

In a statement, it said it “regrets finding ourselves at odds with him over this one vital area of policy”.

But, speaking to this website on Thursday, Farage, himself a candidate in the election, defended Pearson’s intervention.

“Let’s be clear and put this in context,” he said. “Lord Pearson was referring to 12 isolated constituencies out of a total of 550 in which we are fielding candidates in this election.

“This is small beer. He was today [Thursday] urging people in another constituency to vote Labour.

“It is purely tactical and I have no problem with that.”

Some of UKIP’s 12 MEPs are standing in the election.

Meanwhile, Farage, who is by far the party’s best-known personality, has insisted he will continue as an MEP if he is unsuccessful in his attempts to oust the speaker of the UK House of Commons in the safe Tory seat of Buckinghamshire.

He said, “It is an uphill struggle but I am making progress.

“A lot of people I am meeting on the doorstep agree with our policies but it is not an easy seat to win.”

Some Ukip insiders have suggested Farage may be ousted by Pearson as leader of the party’s parliamentary delegation if he not elected in the 6 May poll. But he said, “If I am not elected I will stay on for the full term as an MEP.”
To see the original: LINK

And don’t forget that Farage called on voters to support Labour’s David Drew in Stroud.

He said: “This is not a deal. We have made a decision that Drew’s a good egg. We want David Drew to win.” See: LINK

Farage may want you to think that Drew’s a good egg. But read on and you will soon discover that Drew is a completely rotten egg!

David Drew is not a committed Euro-sceptic, as Pearson and Farage would have you believe. In fact, David Drew’s own website made absolutely no mention of his supposed Euro-sceptic views.

He is not on record, anywhere, stating that he thinks that Britain should leave the European Union.

Indeed, Drew had confirmed that he did not advocate a complete withdrawal from the EU, but favoured “a much more loose confederation…”
There is not much point Farage and Pearson attacking the ‘failed old party system’ if you are then going to tell your members to vote for them!

David Drew is a member of a political party that greatly desires ever closer political and economic union with the EU.

It is also interesting to note that:

David Drew voted in support of introducing ID cards and the smoking ban. UKIP is opposed to ID cards and the smoking ban!

Yet Farage tells us he’s a “good egg” and Pearson says he’s worthy of support!

And what good did it do, apart from angering UKIP members and supporters?

Annuziata Rees-Mogg was a Pearson favoured candidate. She lost to the Lib Dems. So was Heathcoat-Amory and Mark Formosa. They also lost to the Lib Dems!

And even the wonderful David Drew failed. He lost to the Tories by 1,299, with 1,301 still voting for UKIP, against Pearson and Farage’s advice!

The above is a direct lift – at the request of the team at JUNIUS

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future   
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   


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#0045 – UKIP’s PARTNER Mario Borghezio fights aliens

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 28/06/2010

#0045 – UKIP’s PARTNER Mario Borghezio fights aliens 
Clean EUkip up NOW 
make UKIP electable!
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 

their anti UKIP claque in POWER
the NEC
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

UKIP’s PARTNER In The PAN EU POLITICAL EFD Grouping, Mario Borghezio fights aliens!

For more details of this unpleasant Pan EU Political Grouping of the EFD – Expected to take over from UKIP as a Political Party in Novemeber CLICK HERE

Mario Borghezio fights aliens!

27 June 2010

var min=8;var max=18;function increaseFontSize() { var p = document.getElementsByTagName(‘p’); for(i=0;i<p.length;i++) { if(p[i].style.fontSize) { var s = parseInt(p[i].style.fontSize.replace("px","")); } else { var s = 12; } if(s!=max) { s += 1; } p[i].style.fontSize = s+"px" }}function decreaseFontSize() { var p = document.getElementsByTagName('p'); for(i=0;i<p.length;i++) { if(p[i].style.fontSize) { var s = parseInt(p[i].style.fontSize.replace("px","")); } else { var s = 12; } if(s!=min) { s -= 1; } p[i].style.fontSize = s+"px" } } Theelderly Lega Nord MEP, shows no sign of letting up his fight againstmany conspiracies. Recently, he asked Daniel Estulin to address a pressconference on the Bilderberg Group, a meeting of influential people whoeither discuss the issues of the day or are a race of twelve foot highlizard men who rule the world, depending on whom you believe.
Borghezio spoke sportively as his guest many many outrageous claims,including that the Bilderberg Group was founded in 1439, not 1954 andwere responsible for the Black Death, which they unleashed between 1348and 1350. Having confronted the Earthly powers, the MEP is now turninghis sights towards the heavens. He has just put down a writtendeclaration, no 57/10, asking for “public archives on UFOs to be openedup and for records to be declassified by the Member States, thusproviding the public and the mass media with access to the full rangeof documentation on the subject”.
Some governments have opened up the files, notably the British whohave also ceased collecting reports as they felt there was no value inthem. The French also opened up their files. However, many defenceministries would feel uncomfortable at allowing parliamentarians accessto their classified files. Others wonder how this demand fits in with aparty and Group that is constantly arguing against what it sees as EU interference in member states.
Borghezio feels there is something to hide as his declaration alsostates, “many members of the scientific community have been lookinginto the issue of UFOs and have denounced the systematic covering-up ofinformation on the subject”. These disgruntled investigators remainunnamed. the MEP’s thoughts are, as ever, for the benefit of humanityas the declaration goes on to say that, “a study of the material collected by the governments of all the Member States would have major scientific and technological spinoffs”.
As the EU promotes ‘Green jobs’ as a way out of the currentfinancial crisis, the Deputy seems to be advocating ‘Little Green Menjobs’.

To view the original Article CLICK HEREPerhaps as part of a Green Programme they could investigate Green Lizards – it would be far more rewarding that investigating much of the drivel that comes from The Green Party!

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)

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#0044 – The Beginning of The End OR The End of ………………………

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 23/06/2010

#0044 – The Beginning of The End OR The End of ………………………

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
The Beginning of The End OR The End of ………………………!
ONE HAS TO WONDER If Farage Is Signaling His Depature?


with comments like:

Nigel Farage the UKIP leader was back today after a period recovering from his election campaign air crash. Still in some pain he threw his hands up and without mentioning any of the above said: “The experience has changed my outlook. Problems in the European Parliament I don´´t worry about any more”

One is forced to wonder, at such indifference, whether Farage is merely sorting out details to jump ship, cashing in on the very generous scheme he is prepared for when it is apposite for him to jumpship – clearly like all political careers Farage’s is collapsing in failure – the truth will out, which was that as the performing monkey he had some merit but as the organ grinder he clearly lacks any Officer Qualities and leadership is not a job for a failed City barrow boy.

The accident when he was playing the fool last month gained him little but derision and perhaps that alone showed him for what he is – a jumped up little oik feared for his ability to use the likes of filth like Mark Croucher to gather material in the gutters he lived in to control people and thus Farage was both loathed and feared.

Astonishing to think that after all these years where Nigel Farage has seen himself as the great performer and where he was so keen to fight elections in 17 years of active campaigning Nigel Farage has never once won an election to any office himself.

The closest Farage ever came to duping people into the belief he won an election was UKIP’s leadership election and even there he failed.

To get his signatures Farage cheated and used his little butt boy Douglas Denny who was fired as returning officer for having set out to corrupt the election in favour of Farage.

The next stunt was Farage using his doxy Annabelle Fuller to loiter in all the public lavatories at hustings meetings issuing a stream of bile about Richard Suchorzewski who Farage so feared as his rival he was not leaving matters to the electorate! Then there was that sad serial failure David Lott who had done UKIP such harm due to his complete incompetence and lack of vision yet he too cheated and lied to aid Farage as did the utterly untrustworthy Jim Carver.

We then had the spectacle of the lies and dishonesty of John Moran so very embroilled in the corruption in UKIP one assumes he realised if an honest man was elected he would be out on his ear and rightly so!

With the slime Croucher mobilising the Independent UKIP Comic subourned and corrupted by Croucher and his lies.

Suffice to say there would seem to be no election in all these years which Farage has EVER won!

Perhaps it was his driving force to win at least one election honestly in his own right but lets face it it will never happen.

Even his sordid EFD Group is on the verge of collapse with Nattrass not even trusting him enough to let it be known as a discussion point and putting an embargo on release of the details which I, Junius, Tim and others obviously honoured. We could not of course allow for Nattrass himself accidentally breaking his own embargo and lettling it leak to pond life like Croucher and Skeptyk who without honour or integrity rushed to print betraying all for their vain glory – not even letting Farage know hence he was bearded by the media in the article below at about 10am.

This does however mean another story Junius and I had picked up from Tim could run early.

Junius will run later tonight with the story of just how much of a mess Pearson has created with the BBC by trying to foist the Party Clown on them for Questiontime! The BBC have rejected having the serial liar and all round idiot Christopher Monkton on their programme as a substitute for the bufoon Pearson. Farage on the other hand is livid because he believes he should be allowed to show off on TV and is angry that Pearson has been invited and not he.

The backstabbing and intrigue not to mention outright stupidity of UKIP’s leadership makes Peyton Place look tame.

Now with Nattrass finally displaying some backbone and quitting the sordid EFD  many await Trevor Colman doing the honourable thing and quitting but personally I am aware he lacks both the backbone AND the integrity to act honourably he is just another bent ex copper bought and paid for. He has made so many promises to get into office yet he honours none he is beneath contempt – kinda typical for a UKIP MEP.

Unrest In The Parliament’s F Bloc

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All is not well among the European Parliament´s F Bloc as the so-called fringe groups are becoming known.

David Cameron last week held what amounts to a clandestine meeting with Michel Kaminski, the much lampooned hate figure of the British media association with whom has rebounded badly on the Conservatives.

Amid rumours that the Conservatives are about to abandon their European Conservative and Reformist Group (ECR) the leader of the UK Conservative delegation was seen during the June Strasbourg week tapping his feet at a coffee table outside a Place Luxembourg restaurant in Brussels after finding out second hand what his leader was up to.

It appears that no one in the ECR group has yet managed to determine what the content of David Cameron´s conversation with Kaminski was. It does not appear to bode well for Daniel Hannan the near UKIP Conservative MEP whose newspaper The Daily Telegraph has been waging war on the UK coaition of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

Even worse has overtaken UKIP. Today Mike Nattrass a former deputy leader of UKIP was due to announce his resignation from the European Freedom and Democracy Group -where UKIP sits with the notoriously right wing Italian Lega Nord,  amid concerns about “lack of financial transparency”.

He will sit as a non-attached MEP alongside Nikki Sinclaire who has already resigned from the group over concerns about right wing extremism.

Nigel Farage the UKIP leader was back today after a period recovering from his election campaign air crash. Still in some pain he threw his hands up and without mentioning any of the above said: “The experience has changed my outlook. Problems in the European Parliament I don´´t worry about any more”

Perhaps that is a good thing because we hear increasing rumours that all is not well in the party back home. Senior UKIP figures are to meet in Somerset next Monday where they intend on proposing a motion of no-confidence in the party leader Lord Pearson.

To view the original article CLICK HERE

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   


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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 23/06/2010


Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Sorry I didn’t let you know about this on Monday when I first heard about it but I was asked not to publish until I had seen it somewhere else. 

It has been hinted at well rather more than hint I see – by Rob McWhirtter on the members only forum and although over 10 of us had seen it no one has had the courage to comment – obviously I couldn’t or I would blow my cover 😉

Lots more to follow when I can be bothered – in the main UKIP no longer has a relevance in politics

Ignored in the EU as a joke – Ignored in Britain as irrelevant.

Compare the column inches UKIP doesn’t get with Mike Nattrass past Deputy Leader of UKIP having the integrity to quit the racist, anti jewish, violent extremists Farage has had to gather around him to survive – then  consider how many column inches any real politician from a proper party would have got.

We note the rest of the scum and low lifes in UKIP – the MEPs who are without exception liars, cheats and the scum of politics and the incompetent idiot Malcolm Lord Pearson and the new party clown and dishonest fraud Christopher Monkton are happy to associate with the filth of EU politics in Farage’s cash cow the EFD.

More details when I get around to it.

A posting on one of the many web sites I contribute to:


The long standing UKIP MEP for the West Midlands Mike Nattrass – formerly Deputy Leader and if I recall correctly briefly Party Chairman has on a point of principle finally gathered sufficient courage to act with integrity and quit Farage’s vile pro EU membership, anti Jewish, racist group the pan EU Political EFD Party grouping.

This was the group the liar and dissembler Mark Croucher was PR and media manager for but it looks as if they have fired him as he no longer exists on their staff lists.

Hardly surprising really as he has a long track record for dishonesty and involvement in racism and anti judaism using them as slurs, dishonestly, against his political enemies when told to by his master Nigel Farage.

Mark Croucher’s most recent dishonesty and dishonourable action has been in his total contempt for British values and the British Courts yet pretending to be anti EU whilst trying to shelter his dishonesty with UKIP in the EU to avoid paying UKIP’s moral debt of £12,500 as incurred at Cardiff Crown Court for details CLICK HERE

Mike Nattrass is expected to remain a UKIP member but UKIP will be forced to fire him as THEIR MEP as otherwise they would hand a huge weapon to Nikki Sinclaire who will be taking them to the High Court over just this issue some time in the next 5.1/2 years!

However this does now, if UKIP indemnify themselves against the double standards accusation in Court, and do fire Nattrass then they are open to a High Court action brought by Nattrass – it may even pay Nattrass & Sinclaire to take a joint action in support of eachothers fairly irrefutable claims.

It looks as if Nikki Sinclaire has an open and shut case and Farage’s UKIP hasn’t a leg to stand on!

Sinclaire alone looked likely to cost them 100s of F1,000s Now add to that Mike Nattrass!

Farage just hasn’t the brains to lead a welk stall and with the clown Lord Pearson they are clearly doomed – they have now imported their own court jester in the form of Christopher Monkton as Deputy Leader – clearly a slap in the eye for the liar and fraud David Bannermann who is under investigation for fraudullent deception and money laundering!

Hey Ho – it all makes one wonder how Peyton Place could compete for intrigue and back stabbing!


UKIP MEP leaves “eurofriendly” EFD Group

23 June 2010

The British UK Independence Party’s (UKIP) Mike Nattrass, has left the Party’s group in the European Parliament.
The plenary session on 23 June of the European Parliament had a dramatic start, when Mike Natrass MEP, from the UK Independence Party decided to leave the EFD Group, claiming it didn’t represent his views.  It became known that Natrass had left when his profile on the Europarl website listed him as Non-Attached.

The party was not informed of the move, and was intended to hear of the decision when European Parliament President, Jerzy Buzek announced it to the deputies at the opening of the session. It is believed that Buzek was informed of the decision on 22 June.

In the British election no candidates were elected and those running managed to collect not more than 1,000 votes. Many in the party are believed to be angry with Lord Malcolm Pearson, the party leader, who replaced Nigel Farage MEP, when Farage relinquished the post in order to contest a seat in the UK election. Farage finished third, behind a pro-Europe candidate. Pearson had a dismal campaign, according to observers, including being ridiculed by reporters on British television when the Peer revealed that he has “only skimmed through” the party’s manifesto and hadn’t read it.

The manifesto is just 16 pages long. Pearson also said that they wouldn’t put candidates against certain MP’s who were judged to be eurosceptics, even though they often had candidates in place, and the Peer was seen campaigning with some Conservative MP’s.

Nattrass is the second MEP to resign from the group. In January this year, Nikki Sinclaire MEP left the EFD Group and was subsequently expelled from UKIP. She cited extremism, anti-semitism and homophobia as her main reasons for leaving. It is expected that Nattrass will remain as non-attached and be ejected from the party.

Nattrass told New Europe that he left “because I don’t share the same principles of some of the Group, on balance, the majority of the Group want to stay in the EU and I’ve always believed that we should leave.” He said he had decided to leave now, after the general election, when it would cause less disruption. He says that he intends to form a Non-Attached UKIP Group with Nikki Sinclaire, but said that he was loyal to UKIP, but others may join him in the Non-Attached UKIP group.

“I am the true face of UKIP,” he said, explaining that he was determined to push for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. He said he hoped to remain with UKIP, adding that, “I am a former Chairman and former Deputy Leader and I’ve been fighting for UKIP for 15 years and I don’t expect to be expelled from the party.”

A senior source from UKIP agreed that it was “inconceivable” that he would be expelled from the party, pointing out that the circumstances of Nattrass and Sinclaire’s departures were very different. The source added that, “We’re sad to see him leave the group but we’re happy that he’s still in UKIP. We wish him all the best, there’s no animosity, but I don’t see what advantage there is in being non-Attached.” Should Nattrass regret his decision, the UKIP source said, “We’ll keep the door open for him, should he decide to return, which I would like to see.” 
To view the original article CLICK HERE
 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   


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#0042 – skeptyk’s dishonesty & UKIP’s corruption & the duplicity of Mark Croucher.

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/06/2010

#0042 – skeptyk’s dishonesty & UKIP’s corruption & the duplicity of Mark Croucher.   
Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

skeptyk’s snivelling dishonesty & UKIP’s corruption & the duplicity of Paul NUTTALL, Clive PAGE & Mark CROUCHER!


Trusted Member skeptyk has some supporters skeptyk's Avatar

Join Date
Sep 2008

Quote Originally Posted by Niall Warry View Post
Richard Allen and Skeptk everyone is capable of talking boll**ks some of the time the thing is not to boll**ks ALL of the time like many supporters of Nige£ and his cabal do.

Ah, and we were getting on so well, Niall!!!!!!!

I am glad that you realise that these morons were talking b*ll*cks – it is yet another blow to GLWs wholly fatuous claim to have never knowingly lied when making his claims on his blog. I dare say we will not receive a retraction or an acknowledgement of this rather large error, but it is good that such a GLW/Junius loyalist as yourself has seen the light…


it is always worth the effort of pointing out to those posting as skeptyk that my statement was – is and always will be correct.

I have never knowlingly lied on this or any other blog I post – I have NEVER wittingly set out to deceive and I have never been so ashamed of what I have to say and my opinions that in cowardice I hide behind false identities.

Do by all means identify where you allege I have not published facts with specific links to the item quoted.

I recal doing this once before and you were unable to find a single example but being a dishonourable coward you failed to have the integrity to apologise for your constamnt lies and slurs.

So very redollent of that little racist creep Mark Croucher who acting as agent for UKIP aided before the Courts by UKIP Chairman Paul Nuttall & UKIP Pess Officer Clive Page set out to bully and harass me to suppress freeddom of speech and opinion and suppress the truth even boasting as I recal that he would bankrupt me.

When the little excrecence was exposed for the underhand and devious little creep he was by the Courts UKIP having caused me costs of £12,500 they failed to honourably acquit their moral obligations and UKIP being the underbelly of British politics staffed and manned tthrough, by and for corruption have shown how they would govern were anyone foolish enough to vote for such filth.

Mark Croucher was personally ordered to pay £8,500 of those costs by The Courts but both UKIP & Croucher have such contempt for British value, British Law, British Justice merely acting as a racist self promoting group espousing anti Judaism, violence and membership of the EU.

The truth is not quite the image UKIP would like you to believe for more details CLICK HERE

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
LEAVE-THE-EU to Reclaim YOUR Future 

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#0041 – BOTTOMS UP

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 15/06/2010

#0041 – BOTTOMS UP 

MEA CULPA – Blogging has had to be prioritised and UKIP really isn’t very relevant any more.
I have been in training for the 2012 Olympics I must look and see if they are having coughing in 2012.
I heard that training required consideration of altitude and we must be all of 200feet above sea level, looking out of the bedroom window.
As for temperature I hit 103 in old money on several days.

Surprising just how knackered one feels after 8 days of this intensive training!!

Anyway there are lots of revelations in store and I expect a few surprises as I catch up 😉

Sorry folks.

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
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my wee spies in the parliament have informed me that Nigel Farage has foresaken the comforts of home his bed and his rest. We understand he is acting against the advice of his Doctors in a fit of bravado or a fit of panic we are undecided.

I wonder what Kirsten’s thoughts are and the motivation behind them!

I would incline that Panic prevailled over common sense!

I have had broken ribs, broken sternum, internal bruising and a collapsed lung – I was nowhere near as old as Nigel and it is fairly punishing. My specialist told me I could play it one of two ways:

Either: take maximum rest and recuperation which would provide a full recovery in about 2 months.

OR: I could play the fool and be macho and push to be back to normal rapidly in which case I would never fully recover and would be prone to infections, periods of pain and possibly worse for the rest of my life.

I took 2 months off aged in my 20s and I have had absolutely no problems since, of which I am aware – broken my ribs a number of times and my colarbone, chipped my spine on several occasions, fractured my pelvis.

I would hazard a guess Nigel Farage feels he is between a rock and a hard place but I may be wrong.

Due to his injuries he may be paniced at the prospect of more time at home and felt he should dash off to the continent before sex toys were regulated to suit the small minded – we understand UKIP’s own Bennitto Mussolini has been taking a great interest in the subject as about the level of UKIP’s serious engagement with EU politics – so look out for Paul Nuttall pushing some chap under a blanket in a wheel chair from sex shop to sex shop.

Farage may alternatively have legged it to the continent to try to forestall a rebellion and the collapse of his plans to enrich himself with a political party in the Greater EU scheme of things with Farage at the helm of the EFD Party – where there is much jokeying and talks of deserion of the Lega Nord and others which would be excellent for UKIP and Britain but catastrophic for Farage.

Your Pension will of course be in Good Hands

Farage MAY have had to crawl over there to forstall the loss of his foreign bank accounts with an imminent crash of the EUro – likely to occur the day before you realised – what with this great fake currency on the slide and the bureaucrats breaking their own hard and fast rules of their Constitution where under Article 122.2 members of the EUro are expected to bail out fellow states in the case of disaster – to whit earthquake , hurricane, even perhaps at a stretch oil spill but surely obscenely over paying Civil Servants, making retirement age 55, huge pensions, massive bonuses can hardly be described as Natural Disasters!

122.2 is for NATURAL Disasters and that Britain is being forced to pay £8 Billion as a priority before our own bills from an exchequere with a £3 Trillion hole in it and the Boyzone Cabinet loudly promising a cut of £6.2B I guess the EU theory is that if it is Greek being crooks with other people’s money is Natural so when one finds one is £120 Billion in debt and unable ever to repay it the EU is happy to hand over our money to the total of £100M with a first step payment from Britain of £8B.

To achieve this Germany are having to cut public services and costs by £60B but Boyzone might manage £6.2 B.

Its a farce but if, as admitted to Denis McShane you had trousered £2 M. from the EU and it would seem that about another 2 or more £Million have gone missing a chap can hardly malinger in bed when there are foreign bank accounts to maneuver.

Lets face it there are many reasons why Farage may want out of the house but I doubt health is one of them and I fear for the foolish little man’s future but with the EFD on the verge of collapse, the EUro likely to be gone by Christmas, a choronation to be orchestrated and lets face it Farage would rather eat his own poo than let Steve Harris become an MEP.

You may speculate all you wish why Farage has gone, but whatever the reason you opt for I rekon it will have a cash tag line with a caveat that says IDIOT.

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#0040 – Nikki SINCLAIRE MEP Unattached – First with a/cs, 1st. with year end report

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 12/06/2010

Nikki Sinclaire MEP

Elected to serve the counties of the West Midlands Independent,
Nikki Sinclaire now sits as a non-attached Member of the European Parliament
as a result of a temper tantrum by Nigel Farage which brought UKIP into disrepute and left Lord Pearson putting out written statements reneging on his undertakings in the most disreputable manner and publishing lies to try to denigrate Sinclaire.

Clearly UKIP were unhappy at having been shown beyond all doubt to be corrupt, dishonest and self serving for a small claque of dishonest and untrustworthy people.

To personally enrich themselves they had dumped every principle that had got them elected and formed a vile group of extremists in Farage’s new EFD vehicle bringing together outright racists, xenophobes, anti Jewish, criminal deniers of the holocaust and this grouping that was pro EU membership yet advocated racial segregation on public transport was surprised when Nikki Sinclaire declined to associate HER electorate with such scum.

The First Year
I look back on my first year as one of the West Midlands representatives in the European Parliament with great pride, and look forward to the next year with enthusiasm.

My mandate remains clear: to actively campaign for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, to restore our own traditions, culture and national confidence. In succeeding I would make myself and every other MEP redundant (Each of whom costs the taxpayer approx’ £2.1 million every year). My first year has been rewarding, although at times very difficult, but all of my work in the European Parliament is aimed at helping us achieve this goal, and I will discuss this work in greater detail later. I have produced this booklet to explain what I have been doing, and how I have been working for the people of the West Midlands, who are of course my employers. Since December 1st the Lisbon Treaty came into force and with it more powers for the European Parliament (known as co-decision). The UK has lost a significant amount of sovereignty as a result of Lisbon coming into force. I have stood up for my constituents in various ways. For example obtaining a undertaking from Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, Janet Napolitano that all UK tourists visiting the US would be regarded as British and not EU citizens. Another example was my key vote that prevented your financial information being sent to the US without sufficient safeguards. The expenses scandals have sickened the nation. Despite all the promises of reform, and expressions of contrition, I became the first UK parliamentarian to have submitted satisfactorily audited accounts for the last year. I challenge every other MP and MEP to do as I have done, and to let the electorate see exactly what their money is spent on. The people deserve no less, and I remain absolutely committed to the principle of transparency. I refuse to compromise on my strongest principle – that Britain is better off governing itself – and I am promising to fight for a binding referendum on our position in the EU – Let the people Decide! When I meet people in the course of my work, time and time again the subject turns to the desire of the British people to govern ourselves once more. I have met farmers, entrepreneurs, students and housewives. In fact, countless local people, and I have found this to be the most enjoyable part of my job. I will continue to work for your interests, I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in the coming year, and I look forward to us achieving our aims together. Nikki Sinclaire MEP 3 Beliefs and Goals • The United Kingdom should be an independent nation governed by its own Parliament in Westminster • The UK should be in a free trade agreement with the European Union and it should be able to trade freely with the rest of the world without hindrance from the EU • That the UK would benefit from smaller government, less bureaucracy and an end to QUANGOS • That our education systems and our NHS should be taken out of political meddling, bringing an end to the centralised bureaucratic control and putting the trust in the professionals who do the work • To remain on friendly and co-operative terms with the EU, to retain our membership of NATO and the United Nations and to preserve our place as a permanent member of the UN Security Council • To stand up for our culture, traditions rural communities and to campaign against inappropriate development on Greenbelt land • To ensure equality of opportunity and treatment for all under the rule of law • Freedom and liberty for the individual that would encourage each person to develop independence and responsibility: The State is not there to donate endless handouts • To provide a safety net for those who cannot look after themselves
4 Nikki’s Picture Calendar JUNE Nikki on the BBC Politics show shortly after being elected JULY Nikki takes up position in Brussels Nikki meeting with UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon Nikki delighted to receive assurances from US Sec’ of State, Janet Napolitano on UK tourists. BBC Hereford and Worcester live “Cameron reneges on Lisbon” NOVEMBER AUGUST OCTOBER A call for student grants SEPTEMBER 5 One year representing the West Midlands Nikki’s first newspaper caricature – from the Guardian Auschwitz/BBC Daily Politics-Nikki stands up to political extremism Nikki begins her training with the RAF Nikki meets with the FSB Nikki sticks up for the countryside and the Greenbelt Nikki joins residents protest to protect the Greenbelt FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY DECEMBER JANUARY by his encouraging words. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to meet Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry, former PM of Kashmir, and a tireless campaigner for the self-determination of his people. His people have patiently and peacefully waited for the rights they were promised more than half a century ago. Ironically, the rights they seek are the same ones that we are giving away, as we transfer our national sovereignty to the EU under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty. I have also met with representatives of the Zimbabwean democratic opposition, and have been pleased to support an initiative by Iranian women to improve their situation and democracy and to stand up against the Death penalty for minors and women.. I signed a declaration against the Human Rights abuses in Camp Ashraf in Iraq. I also had the pleasure to meet the Sakharov Prize winners, Memorial from Russia in their tireless work for better democracy. I was also privileged to be the only UK parliamentary representative at the 65th anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz in the very month I stood up to political extremism in the EU Parliament itself.
6 Nikki’s work on Human Rights The Universal Declaration on Human Rights was proclaimed by the UN in December
1948. Sadly there are many people in the world whose rights are not protected, and for whom basic survival is an issue, let alone lofty concepts of egalitarianism. I sit on the Parliament’s Human Rights Committee. Whilst the EU does some commendable work, I feel that it comes dangerously close to breaching the rules itself. For example: Article 21 states that “The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government…” The EU has repeatedly ignored the wishes of its citizens, by rejecting the outcomes of referenda on its various treaties. I would challenge the democratic credentials of the EU, as it does not respect the will of the people, if the people do not agree with its plans. I have used my position to lobby the Commission, and to try to persuade them to force other European nations to honour their obligations towards refugees. The UK is the chosen destination of many refugees, and there is evidence to suggest that some EU states, like France, are keen to move these people through their own countries, leaving them in so-called refugee camps until they can reach the UK. They are literally shunting their unwanted refugees across the channel to England. The EU makes matters worse, as many asylum seekers are now trafficked by criminal gangs who exploit the lax immigration practices. I was very pleased to welcome UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon when he visited the West Midlands last Summer. He impressed upon me the importance of protecting human rights, and I was delighted Nikki lays wreath to dead and missing from
1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus 7 Join the Petition! See the back page EU How did we get here? The future? “The British are unfit to join the common market because they differ profoundly from continental Europeans,” Charles de Gaulle declared in 1963. He described Britain as “insular, maritime, and linked by her exchanges, her markets and her supply routes to the most diverse and often the farthestflung nations.” What De Gaulle feared most was Britain’s close relationship with the US. When Britain joined the EEC in 1973, it was a club designed to meet purely continental goals, such as containing Germany’s peaceful rise and modernising European farms. The Continental post war boom, with foundations in, ironically aid from the US, was in a time of central planning, which encouraged a certain faith in the State. Even in modern times, lots of countries’ voters now link joining the European project to emergence from dictatorship (both fascist and communist) and economic isolation. Historians describe us as unusually individualist and market-minded since medieval times, working for wages and trading property. England has had its system of common law for centuries. It industrialised early. It has not been occupied in a long while. All these things matter. In much of Europe people look to the EU as a higher authority able to rescue them from dysfunctional local rulers. Britain is one of the few countries whose voters instinctively assume domestic administration to be superior to the EU’s. Successive governments, Conservative and Labour, both supported by the Liberal Democrats, have supported further EU integration and harmonisation that has slowly eroded our traditions and culture. In the 1970 manifesto the Tory promise was to ‘Negotiate, nothing more, nothing less’, but Heath then joined the EEC with a mandate from the people. Wilson promised a referendum on membership which took place in 1975: a heavily funded ‘Yes’ campaign supported by the government won on a promise that it was nothing more than a trading agreement. Margaret Thatcher may have got us our rebate from the Common Agricultural Policy, but it was her government that signed the Single European Act in 1986. John Major then tied the UK firmly into the EU with the Maastricht Treaty, making us all Citizens of the EU. New Labour reinforced the integration by signing the Amsterdam and Nice Treaties. Then came the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty, where once again we were promised a referendum that never materialised. David Cameron gave a cast iron promise on a referendum that he jettisoned before coming to power this year. The Lib Dems promised a referendum on membership of the EU, but when they joined the coalition, they conveniently dropped the policy. It is now up to the British people to make their voices heard. People’s petitions have been promised both by the new government and the EU. I propose to use my resources as an MEP to facilitate such a referendum on our membership of the EU. cmyk pantone EU or Britain
8 My Work in Europe Acclimatising myself with EU beaurocracy has proved a steep learning curve; Brussels is the most frustrating place to work, with the simplest of tasks involving volumes of paperwork. I have also had to comprehend the work of my committees on Human Rights, Civil Rights and Women’s Issues, as this is where advance warning of impending new EU legislation can be found, information that is vital to British businesses and other groups. The committees normally meet in Brussels, but the EU has two parliaments, with all the unnecessary waste and bureaucracy that that entails. The cost of transferring staff, materials and the upkeep of a second parliament runs into billions of Euros. Strasbourg meets twelve times a year and it is here that most of the voting takes place: An example of the proposals is Commissioner Barrot’s announcement of EU plans to introduce an EU-wide-system of birth and death certification. A problem in the EU is that the political parties need to align themselves with politicians from other member states. Members who would not normally have political dialogue are thrust together to conform to the EU parliament’s narrow code of practice. This can cause problems, as I found myself sitting with holocaust deniers, people convicted for assaulting children, and even those who condone Nazi salutes. It was for this reason I decided to sit as a nonattached MEP, and make a stand against such extremism. I have made more references to West Midlands issues in Chamber than all of the other five MEPs put together. I have also learned how to use the Parliamentary Question system in order to ensure that serious West Midlands issues are raised at the highest level, examples being factory closures, immigration, and invasions of travellers in Meriden and Hatton: I have demanded explanations and action. Of course, I would prefer that these matters were dealt with at Westminster, but it seems that the political parties are far more interested in furthering their careers and feathering their own nests, than in looking after their constituents. That is why I decided that I could best further the interests of the people of the West Midlands by sitting as an Independent MEP. I do not represent any party – I represent the people. 9
14 September 2009 “Mr President, I do not accept the validity of this Parliament or any other EU institution to make laws for the United Kingdom. My electors have sent me here to tell you that they do not want £45 million of their money every single day spent in the European Union. We want that money spent in the UK on our schools, on our hospitals and our infrastructure, not wasted on corruption with your accounts not being audited for 14 years. Simply, I have this message from the people who elected me to the Commission: go back to your bureaucracy and prepare for the UK’s withdrawal from the corrupt and doomed mess that is the European Union”.
10 March 2010 I voted against Amendments… which attacked NATO and called for the removal of NATO bases here in the EU. One of the last arguments of those who believe in this European project is that the EU has kept the peace in Europe for the last 65 years. I would actually say that is a lie and that is was actually NATO which kept the peace in Europe with its forces. I think it is a shame to have allowed such an amendment to be voted on. I noticed that the group which actually proposed this amendment are the remnants of a failed ideology that kept their people behind walls and breached their fundamental human rights. It was NATO forces that protected the rest of Europe from this nightmare. I wish to place on record my gratitude to the US and Canada and the other nations of NATO for sparing us that nightmare. I believe that it is in the UK’s interest to cooperate with all of these countries against a new form of totalitarianism that is the European Union.
24 February 2010 Mr President,…whilst the Commission is very keen on defending our human rights, we British have known since the thirteenth century exactly where we have stood. I am afraid to say that the Lisbon Treaty is a pale shadow of our Magna Carta.
15 September 2009 When Member States’ citizens express views in national referendums, the result should be final, respecting their rights to their opinions, but the EU’s version of citizens’ rights is to make them vote and vote again in national referendums until they can cave in to the pressure and vote ‘yes’. This is how the Maastricht Treaty and the Nice Treaty were achieved, and now the EU is following the same tactic and forcing Ireland to vote again on the Lisbon Treaty when it has already rejected it, as did France and the Netherlands. What kind of rights are these, when they are rejected out of hand in the name of solidarity?
19 October 2009 Let us take a critical look at the Schengen Agreement and what that has actually meant for Europe: it has allowed criminals, people traffickers and drug dealers to travel across thousands of miles unchecked; it has allowed camps such as Sangatte and the Jungle to develop on the other side of the English Channel , with people living in deplorable conditions. I hope you are proud of yourself. You would be aware of the 1951 Convention on Refugees that says that a refugee should claim asylum in the first safe country – but you disregard that. You disregard international law and you purport to be a responsible legal personality, as Lisbon would make you. Come on, pull the other one: this place is a joke! Strasbourg – Nikki’s Debut speech Excerpts from Nikki’s speeches
10 West Midlands Employment and Local Services Shropshire Worcestershire Herefordshire The West Midlands is the home to so much of Britain’s creative and scientific genius – the birthplace of the industrial revolution and of such historical giants as William Shakespeare, Matthew Boulton, Edward Elgar, Charles Darwin, Stanley Matthews, and Lenny Henry among others. It has a population of 5.2 million people, and has proud traditions and a great people. The European Union has had a very negative affect on the people of the West Midlands – manufacturing has suffered the loss of giants such as the iconic HP factory which lies in ruins and rubble. The West Midlands has one of the worst rates of unemployment in the country. With,
1 in 5 people under the ages of 25 out of work and little prospect of finding employment. They will be the forgotten generation – the victims of years of EU membership. Our great car industry is a pale shadow of its former glory – plants like Ryton in Coventry have been transferred to Slovakia with the help of EU funding. Our government were powerless to bail out Rover due to EU trade rules, which put thousands on the dole queue. “The West Midlands has been a victim of EU legislation. We pay over £45m a day to the European Union, most of which is squandered in waste and corruption, whilst Rover needed £100m to survive – the government spent your money against your best interest!” said Nikki Sinclaire. Our major manufacturing names have been taken over by multinational companies from China, India and Russia at a fraction of their true value, the skilled work force discarded and to add insult to injury our government and the EU gives them millions of pounds in sweeteners. 11 Staffordshire orcestershire West Midlands
(County) Warwickshire BIRMINGHAM Nikki has made herself available across the region to highlight and fight causes and individuals who need help. Nikki receives a substantial mailbag on various issues from Housing, council neglect, pensioner rights, transport, small businesses, farming, healthcare, foreign property issues, and even suggestions on how to vote! Most of this work is rarely seen but Nikki takes particular enjoyment in helping people find resolutions to their issues. She also spends a significant amount of her time in the UK visiting local people and businesses to talk about the issues that affect them. Nikki cites her favourite activity in the region as being her visits to schools, colleges, and universities. The chance to debate and discuss with young people with a thirst for knowledge is rewarding. She has also addressed students in Brussels. She has been able to use her resources to highlight plans to downgrade Rugby’s St Cross Hospital’s A&E department which means that people with life threatening conditions and injuries are being sent directly to Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry, a journey that adds miles to the dash for life. Nikki said changes at St Cross have left the unit as an A&E in name only. This was done without any proper consultation procedures and led her to comment “I became an MEP to confront the bureaucracy and the lack of accountability and democracy at the heart of the European Union, but it seems that these very same traits are evident in the governance of the West Midlands and its public services”
12 West Midlands Countryside, Agriculture and the Greenbelt Nikki hosted a NFU delegation from the West Midlands to Brussels in January to listen to their concerns. Afterwards I commented “I have found this visit very informative, especially about the growing amount of paperwork farmers need to comply with – Farmers need to farm, not to become bureaucrats” Nikki had already highlighted the problems with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The now one size fits all; centralised bureaucratic mess that is slanted in favour of French and German Farmers. The French refuse to even discuss talks on holding a discussion on Reform until 2012. Tony Blair gratuitously gave up the UK rebate, money which previously went a small way to cover the burden of payment. West Midland dairy farmers have been hit hard by unfair and unrealistic quotas. The UK is forced to import 18% dairy quotas from the EU while our farmers throw milk down the drain. Farmers deserve a fair price for their produce and consumers deserve value for money. These are not compatible with membership of the EU with CAP adding £25 to a family-of-four food bill each week. 13
24 March 2010 Madam President, I come from the West Midlands, and 20% of the West Midlands is classified as green belt. The green belt has successfully protected the beauty of our countryside and blocked arbitrary urban sprawl. However, encouraged by the European Union, the UK Government has increased house building, endangering the green belt, which is particularly close to my heart because it is near to where I live on the Meriden Gap. This shows a lack of respect for our culture and traditions, but what do you care? Since the UK joined the European Union – or the European common market, before that – you have blatantly disrespected our culture and traditions, and there is nothing less to be expected of you. I am very concerned about the preservation of our Greenbelt , and nowhere is this more important than in the West Midlands . The proposed high speed rail link looks set to devastate much of the Meriden gap. But how many people realise that this is not a project that began in Westminster , but in Brussels ? The link will be part of an EU wide plan called the Trans European Rail Network, a project led by a Labour MEP. How many people know that a consultation has actually taken place? It was in Brussels last year. How many local residents were invited? This is the kind of devious political backroom dealing that I seek to expose and stop. This spring there were invasions by travellers in Meriden , and in Hatton. Again, the peace and quiet of the British countryside was violated. But how many people realise that the travellers have special rights, bestowed on them by the European Court of Human rights? Local people’s wishes, their privacy, and the sanctity of their environment can be ridden roughshod over as a result of this. The Conservatives will tell us that they will take us out of the power of the ECHR, but what they fail to tell you is that the EU will take us all in, whether national governments like it or not. Now you can see why I say that we will be better off out of the EU. Nikki’s speech to the EU Parliament about the Greenbelt Transparency
14 General Expenditure Allowance
14th July – 31 December 2009 As specified in Article 28 of the EU regulations • Office management and running costs, in particular rent and related charges (heating, lighting, insurance and cleaning): £5,555 • The cost of purchasing or renting office equipment: £4,111 • Telephone, including mobile telephone, and postal charges: £4,666 • The cost of purchasing office supplies and stationery: £130 • The cost of purchasing books, periodicals and newspapers: £270 • The cost of using public data consultation networks: £147 • The expenses involved in equipping Members with communications equipment and maintaining that equipment, for example the purchase or rental of a telephone, a fax machine, a computer, a modem or communications card, a printer, other IT equipment, computer peripherals and software packages: £3,848 • The cost of a subscription to the Internet and to databases: £136 • Representation activities: £10,814 • Hotel bills and other related expenses incurred in travelling in a Member’s Member State of election: £2,815 Total General Expenditure: £32,492 Total General Expenditure Allowance received from the EU: £22,039. This payment is received by every UK MEP from the EU regardless of their expenditure for this period. None of my family members are employed by me. Travel to and from the European Parliament
14 Journeys to Brussels.
5 Journeys to Strasbourg. Daily Subsistence Allowance A fixed allowance of 298 euros is paid for every day attended at the European Parliament to all MEP’s. Number of days attended in the European Parliament 47. Days Working in the UK – West Midlands Region 73. By the way the EU accounts haven’t been passed by the auditors for 15 years. I became the first, MEP to have my accounts scrutinised by Auditors. The Auditors Report is available on line Staffing allowance I am allowed approximately £195,000 a year (on the current exchange rate with the Euro) to be spent on assisting me in my duties. This allowance will be paid directly to chartered accountants in Birmingham who will pay my staff directly, deducting all relevant tax and National Insurance payments. At no time will I have access to a penny of this money. Current appointments Office Manager and Graphic Designer. Manager representing my interests in the West Midlands. Political Assistant. Political Researcher. Communications Advisor. Personal Assistant and Data Manager. Assistant for National Media and Press coverage. Office Assistant. Parliamentary Advisor. Public Relations Advisor. Paying Agents and Chartered Accountants. 15 Training with the RAF Nikki joined the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme that aims to give MPs and MEPs a better understanding of the needs and experiences of the UK armed forces; this course will cover basic training and duties for both junior officers and for other ranks, concluding with a period in Afghanistan. Nikki has already attended numerous briefings at the Ministry of Defence and has visited RAF establishments (including the RAF training centre in Halton, Buckinghamshire.) Nikki’s next exercise is a two-day survival training course. “As a politician, it is very important for me to be able to relate to the lives of the military, along with the lives of the many people who make this nation great,” says Nikki, who will spend time with service men and women throughout the intensive programme. “The opportunity to speak with our brave service men and women and to see them in their military surroundings will be an immense privilege, and the chance to observe even briefly the risks they are obliged to take, will hopefully be characterbuilding and make me a better politician; I think I am very lucky to be given a place on this course,” says Nikki. The Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme is funded by £45,000 from BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, Augusta Westland and their predecessor each year. The programme has been supported by Sir Neil Thorne since its creation in 1989. Nikki supports Troopaid who provide a ‘Grab bag’ of personal essentials for injured returning service personnel. This is a worthy charity assisting our injured heroes. Please support them. Troop Aid PO Box 14482 Solihull West Midlands B91 9LD. Patron: His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. Please visit their website TROOP AID is registered as a charity in the UK no:1123888.
1. Why do you believe it to be in Britain’s best interests to leave the EU? The European Union is a political project designed to merge the independent, democratic nations of Europe into a single bureaucracy governed from Brussels. Already, EU directives prevail over British Law – and they don’t even need to be voted on by our own Parliament in Westminster. The EU is undemocratic, obsolete, economically inefficient and fraud-ridden. All the red tape, rules and new laws inflicted on us by Brussels are not worth the sacrifice of our sovereignty – and in fact the EU is part of the problem; creating unemployment and economic stagnation across the Continent. Being part of a federal EU means giving up democratic control of our economy
2. So are you anti-European then? Not at all; I love and respect our European neighbours, but I simply do not believe we should be run by the EU. Trying to merge different cultures and economies within an artificially created state is distinctly abnormal. If history proves anything, it is that artificial states don’t survive. Look at the USSR or Yugoslavia or the old European Empires. Why should Brussels run British affairs? The idea that all people are alike and should merge in one state is dangerous. I believe in friendship and free trade in a free and democratic context, with each nation free to chart its own course.
3. So are you a British nationalist? No, I believe Britain should be selfgoverned, but do not argue that we are in any way superior to anyone else. Unlike the EU, we British have never sought to impose our values on others, nor do we want a return to the days of Empire. I oppose racism and sectarianism. I have no prejudices against foreigners or minorities, quite the opposite as I respect their customs and traditions. And in return I am prepared to stand up for our own. I am not a little Englander but I do believe in world trade and I have no intention of becoming a Little European. The UK can run its own affairs and be a “good European” as well as a World Trader.
4. If this is true, why are you an Independent Euro MP and how are you going to achieve your aims? I was elected under the slogan ‘Say NO to European Union,’ and therefore, my mandate remains clear: to actively campaign for my own redundancy, and that of every UK MEP, by withdrawing the UK from the EU and signing up for a free trade agreement which the British people were told they were signing up for in 1972. Just before the EU elections last year, a BBC poll found that
55% of people wanted to leave the EU and
84% wanted no further transfer of power. I am here to represent those people and to highlight whenever I can the way in which the EU pervades our ways of life, our traditions and our culture, not to mention the economic hardships the EU is causing the UK by costing us £45million a day. I still find it unbelievable that despite promises, no one under the age of 53 has ever been given the opportunity in a referendum to have a say about the transfer of sovereignty to Brussels, not even when we were made EU citizens in 1992! I intend to use my resources to actively campaign for such a referendum on our membership of the EU.
5. If the British people said they wanted to leave the EU in a referendum, is it possible? Yes! It would give the government authority to repeal of the 1972 European Communities Act. We can leave the EU, because no UK Government can bind its successor. We are subject to EU rules only because UK legislation says that we are. Statutes are passed through Parliament to implement each EU treaty. These statutes require UK judges to have regard to EU law in making their judgements. Repeal this UK Questions & Answers 17 legislation, and we are free. EU law would no longer apply to us. The debate with the EU would be about how best to manage our leaving, not whether we can leave. We don’t have to pay anything to leave. In fact we will stop paying into the EU budget – saving us all more money every year. We can leave the European Union – and still trade successfully with them.
6. But wouldn’t we lose out on trade if we left the EU? Our trade would prosper under the sort of free trade agreements enjoyed by other non-EU Countries like Norway, Switzerland and even Mexico. Quite simply, we buy far more from the EU countries than they buy from us, so it would be in their interests to have a free trade agreement with us. Therefore, we would protect our own jobs and be attractive to foreign investment.
7. Wouldn’t we lose out economically by leaving the EU? Since 1973 it has cost the UK untold billions to adapt to European systems and standards
(For example introducing the new European ‘112’ for emergencies that will take over from ‘999’), even though British systems led the world. Adopting these systems has made it more difficult for us to trade with the rest of the world. The cost to the UK is a net loss of between £20 billion and £35 billion per year!!! Moreover future EU plans are undermining much of what is left of our economy. We cannot afford to stay in the EU. It is taking our money, changing our laws and undermining our nationality.
8. We have to implement Euroregulations to export there, don’t we? The UK market is very attractive to other EU countries. Therefore, any free trade agreement will be negotiated on fair rules and procedures. British companies could better adapt their manufacturing to export across world markets if we were outside the EU.
9. But doesn’t the EU give us more influence in the world? No! In fact exactly the opposite is true; at the moment the UK is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, a senior member of NATO, and in the G8 group, not to mention the Commonwealth. British and EU interests are not always compatible and due to our EU membership, British interests are frequently damaged. Also, with the Lisbon Treaty now in force, the EU is actively seeking to remove the British and French seats on the Security Council in order to replace it with a single EU representative.
10. So what is your alternative to being a member of the EU? The alternative is to be a normal selfgoverning state like Japan (which does not feel compelled to join China or Russia) or Norway (which is successfully independent of the EU).
11. Yet isn’t almost two thirds of our trade done with the EU? No, we are the 6th largest economy in the world by GDP, and only 14% of that GDP is due to trade with the EU. Let’s face it. They make everything we used to make, and now they send it here. Their lower labour rates are closing our factories. When you are told
50% of our exports are to the EU, ask if those figures include ‘invisibles’ (insurance, financial services etc which they exclude; even exports to India of the Airbus parts made in the UK were classed as exports to France!) Ask whether our exports to the rest of the world go via Dutch container ports and are counted as exports to the EU
(because they are!) North America is our major market.
12. Wouldn’t Japanese and other investors pull out if we left the EU? No. Outside the EU our costs and red tape would be less, their profits higher. They need investments in an English speaking country, as English is a language that is used in half the
18 Contact us for more answers – details on back page world’s trading. They are also attracted by our own business taxes and fewer rules. “Harmonisation” to EU standards may cost us these investments.
13. But what about the Euro? Surely we will have to join it? Twelve to fifteen years ago it seemed as if it was inevitable that Britain would join the Euro; we were told that we would lose out: the opposite has proven true. The Euro is a political ideal, not an economic one. It is now beginning to unravel; Germany, with the help of the IMF, has bailed out Greece, whilst the Spanish, Portuguese and Irish economies teeter on the brink. The German people are fed up of bailing out weaker economies at their expense and for the first time it has been mooted that the Germans might go back to their Deutschmark. It is a ludicrous proposition that you can have one economic policy for countries like Germany, France and the UK on one hand, and the same for Malta, Greece and Estonia on the other: one size does not fit all! If we did join, interest rates would rarely if ever be right for our economy: boom and bust cycles would become much worse, just as we see in the effect the Euro is having on the German economy. Look what happened to the UK when we were tied into the ERM. The Pound has proven more stable against the US dollar than with any European currency – yet no one suggests that we should adopt the dollar. A single European currency is, and always was, an EU political statement: if you lose your economy you lose your country.
14. Why does the EU meddle in every aspect of British Life? Politicians presented the Common Market as a “simple trade agreement” in the 1975 referendum. Our fishing grounds have been abused, and our ability to produce enough food to meet our own needs has been severely impaired. Our manufacturing industry has been decimated, while our government sits powerless to protect jobs. “Corpus Juris” is a system of EU law that will eventually end our rights to Habeas Corpus and trial by jury. The new EU police force, EUROPOL, can arrest any EU “citizen” take them to another EU country and imprison them indefinitely whilst “evidence is collected,” without any appeal possible. Far from a simple trading partner, the EU is unaccountable and a dangerous unstable huge new country, costing British taxpayers a fortune
15. In what ways does the EU destroy UK traditions? Give some examples. The EU affects every corner of our lives: health foods, organ pipe making, steam railway preservation trusts, motorcycling, and the list is ever-growing. They now make 75% of our laws. I believe the UK should make its own laws. Just take animals for example: long distance transportation of animals across the EU for slaughter in overcrowded, heated conditions is an inhumane practice that the EU has refused to address. This situation worsened when the EU closed many of our slaughterhouses which did not comply with EU regulations. UK animals should be slaughtered in the UK and the meat exported, not dealt with in this cruel way. Horse meat exports are not our tradition. Under EU rules they cannot be stopped. The EU “REACH” directive required 12.8 million animals to be used for experimentation in the name of safer chemicals. Much of this was duplication of existing knowledge based on previous research. Dolphins are still being killed due to EU fishing techniques, despite this matter being continually raised in Brussels: it is simply not a priority to them. The EU has taken our fishing grounds, and now our waters are in danger of becoming sterile. We are an island nation, and our relationship with the sea is surely one of our most important traditions. 19 Objectives for 2010 – 2011 Don’t let them shut you up! Join the petition for a REFERENDUM Office of Nikki Sinclaire MEP PO Box 15262, Solihull, West Midlands B90 9FY Tel 0330 440 8434 email: Please complete the form below and send it to: The Office of Nikki Sinclaire MEP PO Box 15262, Solihull West Midlands B90 9FY Name Address Postcode Tel Mobile Email I would like to receive more information from Nikki Sinclaire MEP I support an EU Membership Referendum Signature Please tick the appropriate boxes Nikki Sinclaire, non-attached Member of the European Parliament. The opinion stated herein are those of the author. Sole liability rests with the author. The European Parliament is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.

#0000* – HERE IS A TEMPLATE SHORT INDEX TITLE  Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable! The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,  their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! HERE IS THE LONG TITLE! TEXT

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
  to Reclaim YOUR Future   


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Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,  t
heir anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

Fighting Bull by Nigel Farage
Biteback Publishing, £17.99
New copies at Amazon £9.59 with FREE Delivery!

Making plans for Nigel
by Paul Routledge
Tuesday, June 8th, 2010
The revolution in Britain “will come one day soon” he says. The downfall of professional, self-serving career politicians and the return of people to Parliament – and Parliament to people – is nigh.
These might be gladsome tidings, had they not been uttered by that improbable fifth horseman of the Apocalypse, Nigel Farage, the leading light (if no longer the leader) of the UK Independence Party.
The revolution was due to begin in Buckingham at the general election with the ousting of the Speaker of the House of Commons, there being “no better place for it to start and no better head to throw over Westminster’s walls than John Bercows’.”
Unfortunately for the braying UKIP soothsayer, events intervened. Bercow was returned to the Commons with a majority of more than 12,500 while Farage came third behind an independent with only 17 per cent of the votes cast. What’s more, he escaped death by inches when the light plane from which he was flying a party slogan crashed on polling day.
An abashed Farage conceded: “I wasn’t to know just how popular John Bercow was with his constituents.”
But that’s the point about politics. These are the things you are supposed to know before you go around prophesying the end of the world as we know it. It’s classic UKIP to get it wrong, and finest Farage to miscalculate on such a grand scale.
However, he gets it wrong with such style and such breathtaking chutzpah that his autobiography is hugely entertaining. You don’t have to agree with him – in fact, please don’t be taken in – to enjoy the ride. Not that you could ever revel in it anything like as much as he has clearly done.
Nigel Farage was born in April 1964 in Kent. His father was a high-living stockbroker in the City, and their seven bed villa backed onto the grounds of Downe House, the home of Charles Darwin. Perhaps there is something prophetic in the air. A bright, restless boy at Dulwich College, with “a passionate loathing for received opinion,” he was marked out for a dazzling career in the City but, at the age of 21, was knocked down by a car outside Orpington station, drink having been taken. He survived, fell in love with his nurse and soon after discovered he had testicular cancer. As he puts it, he’s now monorchid, the only attribute he might be said to share with Adolf Hitler.
An ardent admirer of Margaret Thatcher, he found his true vocation in 1990 when Britain joined the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. City pals were incredulous. He was incandescent. “What sort of stupid, asinine moron is this Major? This cannot work.” He became a notorious ERM bore and prophet of doom, and was a natural recruit to Alan Sked’s fledgling anti-Europe outfit that eventually morphed into UKIP.
The importance of being Nigel, and his obsession with getting his way, bore fruit in 1999 when Farage was elected an MEP. Despite congratulating himself all the way to Brussels, he fails to mention that he only won a seat in the hated European Parliament because Tony Blair changed the rules and introduced the quasi-PR “list” system of voting in Europolls. Without that so-called reform, UKIP would be an even smaller footnote in British political history than it is today.
Farage is fascinating about the ups and downs (for him, it’s mostly ups) of life in his party. The personality battles, egregious errors, backstabbings and general bitchiness make Labour in the 1980s look like a quiet afternoon in the library. His vanquishing of Robert Kilroy-Silk – “able enough, just not humble enough” – makes particularly satisfying reading. He also discloses, I think for the first time, a cash/electoral pact approach from Michael Howard’s Tories.
We may take with a vat of salt his protestation that “I had no desire to lead UKIP” because that is precisely what he went on to do for several years, with some élan, before handing over to the throwback hereditary Lord Pearson of Rannoch last year to concentrate on toppling Bercow and beginning the revolution. He remains, though, the grinning, garrulous face of the party, an adept performer on Question Time and unputdownable on the Today programme.
This autobiography comes to an end just before the general election, but the story isn’t over or, to use his words, “the war goes on.” Farage believes the euro is doomed (well, he would, wouldn’t he?) and argues that the EU itself cannot hold because it doesn’t have the wholehearted consent of its constituents. He concludes: “I only pray that we can break it up intelligently and calmly now rather than wait until our children must once more fight for freedom at terrible cost.”
With the eurozone in turmoil, wiser counsel is prevailing, and fingers are crossed for the success of the trillion dollar operation bailout. But what if fanatical Farage is right?

To view the original article CLICK HERE


It is understood that the plan was to let Lord Pearson drop out of the titular role of leader and although he would not come back as leader with his hand operating the dishonest and corrupt David Bannerman Farage would continue as leader.

The best laid plans of mice and men!

On the fateful day of the election 6th. May 2010 with Nigel Farage playing the fool, his greatest natural skill, and bunking off work to showboat in a little drag and drop Polish plane pulling, or trying to pull, an electioneering banner his plans crashed.

Although having had a catastrophic election with the only notable outcome being the speed with which Farage shifted the blame to Pearson – we note when Farage came out of hospital and total interest in him vaporised amongst the media and his supporters as he hadn’t died – Pearson made it known he would leave as leader but was talked into remaining until Farage had managed a coronation of his chosen puppet.

Once again the plan crashed as Farage discovered that delayed shock was far more real than imaginary and a chipped spine far more real still and he repaired to his bed!
ALONE – so he must be unwell.
We gather he has been ordered to all but bed rest for at least 2 months.

Now Harold Wilson said a week in politics is a long time, we have a feeling Farage will find 2 months could prove to be the balance of his lifetime in political terms with even the Lega Nord wishing to distance themselves from the failing UKIP.

Pearson without Farage’s spin starting to realise he is about as popular as a pork chop in a synagogue and now risibly trying to ‘make a difference’ as he introduces the alarming and utterly batty fake member of the House of Lords Christopher Monkton of such populist fame amongst the Bedroom Broadcasting Conmerchants.

It is hard to see how UKIP could ever be taken seriously again, that is to present the myth that they ever were!

It is my bet Farage will let someone intelligent suggest the blindingly obvious ‘It is over’ and he can thus retire on the incredibly generous terms of the Eu for those who retire due to ill health.

No doubt some fool will help the liar and cheat Tom Wise write some grubby little kiss and tell aimed at dragging UKIP down with him just because he was a criminal and was caught stealing public money – a book that will provide political ammunition but will merely make the odious Tom Wise look even more stupid for having been caught when the rest got away with it! What a sad spectacle – an isiot trying to blame his dishonesty not on his theft but on the fact that he was caught!

Would even the Krays or the Richardsons have sunk so low? Personally I think not but they do say their is no honour amongst thieves and so why are we surprised when a theif like Tom Wise sets out to prove he has no honour!

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
LEAVE-THE-EU to Reclaim YOUR Future 

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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 08/06/2010


Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  





What a sordid little scoundrel Tom Wise is

Jailed MEP will 'point the finger' when he comes out of prison

Jailed MEP will ‘point the finger’
when he comes out of prison

Shamed former MEP Tom Wise plans to “point the finger”   at those he says were culpable in his fall from grace when he leaves prison.

According to a well-placed source he will “pull no punches” in a book he plans to write when he is released from prison later this month.

Wise is expected to be released from jail on 29 June having served just six months of a two-year sentence for fiddling his parliamentary expenses.

The 62-year-old, a former UK Independence Party MEP, was jailed in November 2009 for false accounting and money laundering.

At his trial, the court was told he spent parliamentary money on cars and wine.

Wise, a former policeman, is currently working as a trustee and prison carpenter at Ford Open Prison in the south of England.

He has also been working with young inmates who have drink and drug problems.

According to a close friend, the former deputy will start work on a book when he is released outlining details of his downfall.

“It will pull no punches and he will not hesitate to point the finger at those who were culpable in what has happened to him,” he said.

Wise has been allowed out of prison to spend time at this home with his family in Leighton Buzzard.

The source said Wise had been “bowled over” by the response from his former constituents to his imprisonment.

“People have been coming up to him in the street saying how much they are pleased to see him.

“He says the worst part of it all is that, even when he comes out of jail, he will not be able to visit his grandchildren who live in Luxembourg due to the terms of his release.”

News of his release, however, has not met with universal approval.

Ukip MEP Gerard Batten said, “I regarded Tom Wise as a friend. He consistently maintained his innocence to me up until a week before his trial, at which point he changed his plea to guilty.

“He could have saved himself and UKIP a great deal of trouble by admitting his guilt at the beginning. If he had anything to say about his colleagues he could and should have said it at his trial.

“If a book ever appears, I shall not be buying it.”

To view the original article CLICK HERE

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future   

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   


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