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#0339* – In Memoriam – Ian ANDERSON – The Flag – NF – National Democrat

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/03/2011

#0339* – In Memoriam – Ian ANDERSON – The Flag – NF – National Democrat!
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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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In Memoriam – Ian ANDERSON – The Flag – NF – National Democrat!
Ian Hugh Myddlton Anderson was born in 1953 & died 02-Feb-2011!



Voices of Liberty: Interview with Ian Anderson, 1991 from Sean Gabb on Vimeo.

Ian Hugh Myddleton Anderson (born 1953, Hillingdon, Died 02-Feb-2011, Epping) was a leading figure on the British far-right in the 1980s and 1990s. Although continuing his association with The National Democrats with whom Gary Cartwright had a very brief association when he first left The RAF Ian never seemed to realise the folly of his extremism though he did give considerable support to UKIP in later years and aided Pam Barden of S.O.S. (Now sponsored by UKIP).

Ian Anderson’s support for The Skelton Group is also worthy of note and was long term as has been Nigel Farage MEP UKIP & EFD, Tom Wise MEP UKIP & Ford Open Prison and other similar luminaries of UKIP.

I had contacts from Ian Anderson over almost 20 years, though I never shared his extremist views and founded my views on a revulsion of The EUropean Union scam and Patriotism, I  found him to be willing to provide information where he could and he was always polite, though somewhat primly, in his dealings with me.

I now know that the last time I spoke with him was in fact in about the last week of his active life – I phoned to see if I could be of ANY help having heard of his plight with what I had been told was a brain tumour. We spoke for a few minutes but although I have run a casual cancer help line since I started down this cancer trail in the late 1990s he was clearly very angry at his plight but still robustly fighting the disease.

Ian’s career is well documented at CLICK HERE and it is clear that even within extremist politics he met with mixed reactions of respect and vitriolic hatred.

The last political contact I had had with him was some time ago when I was invited to a conference he was holding, but I declined to attend as the travelling was beyond that which my health would cope with.

It transpired that I was fortunate in not attending as only 15 people turned up and some of them left in contempt at being expected to listen to the liar and low life cheat Mick McGough speaking as a makeweight to give some semblance of relevance. One individual stormed out during Mick McGough‘s speech saying he hadn’t travelled this far to listen to this boring old fool mumbling and telling everyone how clever he was.
Sadly I gather from more polite individuals that they wished they had done likewise!
I was sorry to hear that Ian Anderson had died though I vehemently disagreed with many of his views and his associates – His publication, sporadic as it was was in other respects consistent. He had also been a source for cost effective printing for the Nationalist movement if never quite making the essential step to Patriotism and EUroRealism he had a following.

Ian Anderson’s funeral took place on 15-Feb-2011 bringing to an end his controversial life at only 57.

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