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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/09/2010


Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  



I thought this might amuse UKIP’s decent honest members and show just how much they have lost by way of commitment and determination amongst their leadership team as they get left behind and scorned by Nikki Sinclaire who spoke 3 times in the Strasburgh Plenniary as far as I can work out – without the staff and the collective input from other UKIP MEPs, two days after she had been set up and duplicitously sold out to the press.

Two days after a story was planted by UKIP leadership who ruthlessly exploited the pathetic little Mrs. Dale’s Diary seeking favour with his ‘friend’ yet I was phoned by someone who had not seen the article about 4 minutes after it was posted! They would not tell me who had phoned and told them but it was pretty clear at that time of night that Mrs. Dale’s Diary had been had for a sucker (no pun intended) in posting the leak.

An over paid and trusted book keeper had made a false entry in the books in January claiming for a ferry ticket and an airline ticket for the same journey and having subsequently been reported to the police for other perceived discrepancy in May waited to announce his seemingly deliberate error immediately before the conference! Yeah an oversight NOT.

I believe that John Ison is duplicitous, dishonest, venal and corrupt he will prove a well matched adition to the visible parasites in UKIP Leadership.

Many hours of travel later, the hurt and anger that such a betrayal must be felt but yet Nikki Sinclaire delivers a robust and passionate attack on the dishonesty of The EU and its propaganda and the importance of THE FREEDOM OF THE PRESS and FREE SPEECH even joking with a comment about the over use of ‘Allegedly’.

That is why I support UKIP Members and Nikki Sinclaire because she represents what is good about the party.

Nikki Sinclaire is without doubt a hopeless speaker, her voice is terrible for either open or electronic amplification – but I seek out her videos on the internet, troll through the parliament debates, search on YouTube because there is an awsome truth in the morarlity of almost every clip.

No she is not a showman – a snake oil salesman – a performer but unlike Nigel Farage who is there is at least in Sinclaire’s speeches sincerity where the immense competence and delivery style of Farage just cuts no ice – it is clearly just a performance and were it the lines of Shakespeare or Hannibal Lecter he would be just as competent but which would he mean and even then would any but the naiive and the gullible believe him as he surrounds himself with garbage that do not challenge him yet he fails to realise their presence shows him as no more than a cockrell crowing on top of a farm dung heap as he has gathered not the shoulders of giants on which to stand but the excrement of midgets!

It takes courage and a sound moral compass to stand for square under attack and speak out for the liberty of your attackers. It takes an empty self publicist to attack some petty fogging unelected spineless official like Rumpoy – whatever his bloated title and endlessly attacking the idiotic Baroness Trash Can demeans the attacker.
Outsmart them don’t make a fool of yourself by being ruder or shouting louder!

Someone who speaks to Nikki would you mind telling her for me ‘I’ll teach her how to deliver her speeches and her voice and breath control – in exchange would she mind putting me on her mailing list’, I wouldn’t spend so much time searching the internet!

I wonder if wee John Ison would care to send this blog to John.Ungoed-Thomas@ the Sunday Times with his admission of corruption – it is astonishing, with years of practice, just how easy it is to get information – learn from the medievval armies never seek to enter a hostile castle through the front gates they are the best defended but seek passage with the cow herd at a side gate delivering milk!

As Mr. Ison will tell you the boss protects his information and uses his staff in accord with their salary but there is always some low life like John Ison who will part with information, too stupid to understand who they are supplying indirectly!

Only an idiot like McTrough or Croucher or Denny is such a fool as to believe the supplier of information even knows they are doing so – but that is why they are other mens’ parasites!

The TEXT of the Speech was as follows:

“I am pleased that the Commission acknowledges the important role of a free press in maintaining democratic integrity.

However, all too often, the political elite adopt the attitude that words mean what they say they mean. This is one of those cases.

Today, in this parliament, an article in the Løkkegaard report called for correspondents from the Brussels press corps to be organised in order to cover EU news in a more instructive manner. Journalists are there to inform, not to instruct.

More than anything else, journalists value their independence. If they do not have independence, then they cannot be considered free.

Already, the Commission exerts too much control over the media in Brussels , through financial incentive, and through coercion.

Europarl TV is talked about here as if it had some news value. It does not. Its content is nothing more than press releases with moving pictures. That is why nobody watches it.

The Løkkegaard report was actually voted through this parliament today requiring EU studies to be incorporated into the school curricula. Any journalist will tell you that there is no place for propaganda in a free and independent media.

The NGO Reporters without Frontiers has already identified Italy , Bulgaria , and Slovakia as having noticeable problems with press freedom. France and Spain also fail to meet the standards that European citizens should have the right to expect. In the UK we already have a press that can be considered to be free. As we have seen here today, the EU seems to be moving in the opposite direction.”

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