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Archive for the ‘Belgravia’ Category

#0690* – UKIP MEP Wee Willie Dartmouth Courts The BNP!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 10/11/2011

 #0690* – UKIP MEP Wee Willie Dartmouth Courts The BNP!





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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

UKIP MEP Wee Willie Dartmouth Courts The BNP!

This confusion and split in UKIP leadership speaks volumes of just how unfit for purpose the party has become without a competent leader of any caliber!!



it is almost unbelievable just what a mess UKIP leadership are in – unless I am being set up by two completely unrelated sources that are usually very reliable!

Had it not been confirmed to me I can assure you I would NOT have published as I find it hard to believe even UKIP can be so crass and unprofessional!

I gather that whilst Farage is abusing his family friends and has used them to make a pantomime of the UKIP NEC for their past allegiances with The BNP.

We have festering idiots on various forums like Independent UKIP and the implausibly contrived Arthur Fonzanelli and the odious and particularly stupid Mick McGough making much of chucking BNP members out of UKIP – Meanwhile Farage had meetings with emissaries of the BNP in the past

When it is stated he was making overtures to The BNP.

Just as he employed the extremist Mark Croucher who could be relied on to construct and contort any lie for personal gain it seems, much as fantasists like Douglas Denny and Mick McGough or even Derek Clark, Graham Booth, Tom Wise, Jeffrey Titford & Nigel Farage  who haves been all to ready to lie, cheat or steal from the public purse as The OLAF reports have shown!

You will recal according to the public claims of Stuart Agnew he and David Bannerman were stealing money fraudulently as did Derek Clark & Graham Booth before them to fund political party staff – in the case of Agnew’s boast of dishonesty and corruption it was to fund The Regional Organiser for UKIP Eastern Region.

This case has led to an OLAF enquiry which at last update from OLAF was ongoing.

Interestingly Peter Reeve was recently shown to be a contributor to a Tory publication recently published by his chum David Bannerman.

This of course has led to a row in UKIP’s Eastern Region as even Gollom became involved and seems to have set aside his personal crusade against cats to make much of the issue – he of course has never forgiven Peter Reeve for having failed to defend his corruption of the Eastern Region MEP selection process and is all too well aware that the odious pair Reeve and his doxy Lisa Duffy the mare of Ramsay are angling and wangling in every way to establish themselves as leading candidates for MEP in 2014 – Won’t UKIP’s Essex idiot be miffed cosequentially failing to see just how much hard he has personally done UKIP with his vile behaviour! We note Gulleford already is more than a little miffed!

It is amusing that Gollom can not see the hypocrisy of making much of Reeve providing work for The Tories, when he himself has for many years tried to ride two horses as an employee in Chelmsford (and before) for UKIP whilst serving his original master the Labour Peer David Stoddart, but then again Gulleyford never was very bright or particularly trustworthy!

Returning to The BNP issue: You may also remember that Farage PERSONALLY approved Alan Hardy‘s membership of UKIP after he had briefly been in The BNP – only for UKIP to then lose a Court case and their ridiculous appeal which would seem to have cost UKIP almost as much as Derek Clark had ripped off the public purse for!
Now we have the idiotic Wee Willie Dartmouth apparently toddling off to give a speech to The BNP members at Star Tavern in Belgravia this evening at 19:00hrs.
Keeping up with the duplicitous vagaries of UKIP leadership is quite a task it seems! They so lack professionalism, an understanding of ethics or any integrity as to be unfit for purpose – However we may be seeing a re-allignment to ajust UKIP policy in The UK to occupy the racist cause with the antics of Gerard Batten their interest in Immigration Policy by Petition but clear lack of support for The Petition to hold a Referendum on In/Out of The EU via Parliamentary debate.
A re-allignment to accord with their vile extremist chums in the racist, anti Jewish, violent and anti homosexual EU Revisionist Group The EFD in The EU.
The BNP have many overlapping policies with both The EFD in general and UKIP in specific!
So either Wee Willie is having another of his aberative tantrums or has been set up by Farage as an emisary for UKIP who can be disowned and abused in future.
Let us see!

I note Junius has also commented on the unprincipled nature of this split in UKIP:

UKIP MEP to address BNP meeting

We are intrigued to learn that William Dartmouth will be addressing a meeting of a BNP front group at the Star Tavern,  6 Belgrave Mews West, London, SW1X 8HT (10 Nov). The nearest tube station is Knightsbridge. The meeting will get underway at 7pm.


I issued a caveat at the start of this article stating that I MAY be being set up with this information – I have checked back and it was NOT the intention of my sources but it seems there was a widespread distribution of information that eventually came my way that the faintly idiotic Wee Willie Dartmouth – as one of Farage’s placed muppets, had been approached to speak with the dangerously unreliable Swinton Circle.

I say dangerously unreliable in that they have close links to the Racist groups and an indifference to criminality as they were happy to give both Lindsay Jenkins and Tom Wise platforms whilst they were facing criminal charges when it was abundantly clear they had colluded in defrauding the public purse and the fact that Tom Wise was a personal beneficiary of this fraud led to his pleading guilty and receiving a 2 Year Prison sentence.

The Swinton Circle were well aware of the nature of the criminality yet still provided support and a platform!

It would SEEM Wee Willie SEEMS to share my opinion of The Swinton Circle and declined their invitation to speak.

I apologise if I inconvenienced anyone, and am relieved that I included the caveat – sorry, my various informants were wrong but I do not believe they acted with any malice.

I was far from surprised to recieve a couple of phone calls that believed that the talk was called off after first Junius published the details and then I published independently, subsequently reading The Junius article I included it above. The number of people who seem to have heard about the talk and the rapidity of the attempted cover-up leads me to believe there may well be truth in the fact that the talk was merely ‘pulled’ at the last moment due to Junius and I both publishing the details we had independently heard.

I gather Junius’ source was within The EU – mine were originally from Britain and a later confirmation was from The EU. I wonder who jumped in to speak at the last minute – though it is of little interest as few take notice of The Swinton Circle’s little meetings.

I did not remember The Star Tavern from the 1960s when I used to visit occasionally though more often a client of The Plumbers:

The Star Tavern, 6 Belgrave Mews West, SW1 (020 7235 3019). Popular with boozy high-society types and underworld crims during the Sixties. Christine Keeler worked here, Elizabeth Taylor drank here and Bruce Reynolds planned the Great Train Robbery in the upstairs drinking room. Allegedly.

Plumbers Arms,14 Lower Belgrave Street, SW1 (020 7730 4067). On 7 November 1974, a hysterical woman in a blood-spattered nightie entered the Plumber’s Arms and announced that her husband had just murdered her nanny. Hubby Lord Lucan hasn’t been seen drinking there since.

A subsequent phone call told me that the implausibly named Arthur Fonzanellie was as so often making a fool of himself on Butcher’s squalid UKIP contolled little forum.

Mr Lance-Watkins has apologised for stating that Lord Dartmouth was to speak at this event. A rare apology from that gentleman but an apology nonetheless. I would imagine that the creator of this topic and the Junius editor(s) were hoodwinked by Mr Lance-Watkins and ‘ran’ with this entirely false story. I hope those who have helped spread this falsehood will follow the lead of Mr Lance-Watkins and offer apologies to its readers and to Lord Dartmouth. However, I hold little hope…

Clearly whoever writes this drivel has little command of facts despite the oleagenous and pathetic sneering style.

Lets look at what the fool has to say:

Mr Lance-Watkins has apologised for stating that Lord Dartmouth was to speak at this event.

No – I have apologised to anyone I had inconvenienced with the information I had been given and had published with a caveat.

It is interesting that common belief ‘seems’ to indicate Wee Willie cancelled at the last minute, due to the publicity.

A rare apology from that gentleman but an apology nonetheless.

I ALWAYS apologise when I find out I am wrong – Little wonder this is a rare event as I do try very hard to get ALL the facts right or quite legitimately UKIP or those I had been wrong about could show I had deliberately and dishonestly defamed them which of course is NOT nor has it EVER been the case.

Fortunately I have NEVER been materially wrong in ANY of my many 1,000s of postings or my Blogs would not be so regularly followed – of course ANYONE finding an error PLEASE contact me amnd I will check it out and one day I may have to apologise for an error of cosequence, try as I might to ensure accuracy ethically.

I would imagine that the creator of this topic and the Junius editor(s) were hoodwinked by Mr Lance-Watkins and ‘ran’ with this entirely false story.

Clearly a stupid comment as shown by the facts.

I hope those who have helped spread this falsehood will follow the lead of Mr Lance-Watkins and offer apologies to its readers and to Lord Dartmouth.

I wonder if the idiotic Arthur Fonzanellie can identify a single error of consequence on ANY of my blogs over the last 15 years or so?

However, I hold little hope…

I am relieved to say it is very unlikely I will need to apologise as Fonzanellie has shown – My postings are as far as I can ascertain 100% accurate when posted – it seems that even the one in question may well have been also and its publication seemingly led to a change of plan but it will of course be denied! Such is the consistency of dishonesty of UKIP leadership and their parasites.

We note the parasites of UKIP:

Those who bring UKIP and its leadership into such disrepute both in their own name and sheltering their cowardice behind fake identities such as Mick McGough, Independent UKIP, Skeptic, Arthur Fonzanellie, Annabelle Fuller, Mark Croucher, Douglas Denny and their sordid ilk with their lies, distortions, fantasies and personnas screeching like the witches of bedlam at the incredible deliberate lies in other areas or reporting are conspicuous by their cowardly absence as with:
 With the sort of behaviour of its vile parasites and its extremist associates it is little wonder they fare so very badly in domestic politics where the domestic electorate may vote foolishly at times but rarely support those of the gutter and outright cowards as shown by the irrefutable fact that UKIP has consistently failed in domestic elections on a truelly spectacular basis over 20 years.

Considering the fact that UKIP lays claim to some of the most popular causes of the peoples of these United Kingdoms such as:
Repatriate our democracy
Reinstate our borders
Restrict immigration
Restore our Sovereignty
Replace the political aspects of The EU
Reintroduce our legal system & its values
Remove the EUropean Human Rights Act
Renegotiate our trade position with the global market place
Re-evaluate the relationship between the various regions of the UK to Westminster

Yet despite this UKIP has only ever achieved less than 30 elected seats out of the 19,500 available in Governance of these United Kingdoms.

It would seem that the people have seen through the charade of UKIP and its self serving self enriching and squabbling leadership claque!

as for self determination – UKIP have failed after 20 years of expenditure and much carousing and gutter politics to either convince the electorate of their good intentions or to provide any kind of exit and survival strategy, vision or plan let alone strategy, organisational structure, professionalism or any kind of tactics – The electorate have noticed and in domestic politics have clearly ignored them as about as relevant as The BNP, The Greens  or The BFP.

At a time when the creepy Lib.Dims. are seemingly at an all time low UKIP has failed to come even close to ousting them in any single domestic seat at election whether general or by election.

The failure would seem to be largely due to total lack of OQ amongst its leadership in fact no Officer class whatever and populist as they may strive to be the public seek leadership from those they can respect – a quality astonishingly absent amongst the leadership of UKIP and its vile parasites mostly on the make and the take and willing to demean themselves in any manner just to achievbe their personal ambitions and gratification.
. .

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