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#0722* – BATTEN & McGough Provide a sad betrayal of UKIP!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/01/2012

#0722*  – BATTEN & McGough Provide a sad betrayal of UKIP!

ADDITION 00:25hrs. 03-Jan-2012

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

BATTEN & McGough Provide a sad betrayal of UKIP!

Is there ANYONE of Consequence, Gravitas & probity Left in UKIP!

There can’t be or they would clean out the garbage and seek to work for these United Kingdoms and Liberty not just prostitute themselves and the party for personal gain!



This eMail I received was interesting:
—–Original Message—–
Re lying Mick – please find attached Open Europe Transparency Report from May 2009 where his beloved boss admits employing family member 
Re Paul Diamond, Batten’s barrister,  only Counsel in UK with judicial warning for ‘dealings in travesty of reality’ using ‘extravagant rhetoric in his skeleton arguments’ and using ‘arguments which are to speak plainly simply wrong to the factual premises on which they are based’ – words of Lord Justice Munby and Mr Justice Beatson in R (Eunice Johns and Owen Johns) v Derby City Council with Intervener Equality and Human Rights Commission [2011] EWHC 375 (Admin) (28 February 2011).  Same judges also warn that Diamond has a habit of trying to mislead Courts and that Diamond has used similar rhetoric before Laws LJ in McFarlane v Relate Avon Limited [2010] EWCA Civ 880, [2010] IRLR 872, as well as Court of Appeal in Islington Borough Council v Ladele (Liberty intervening) [2009] EWCA Civ 1357, [2010] 1 WLR 955 
Re Batten v Islam – he was speaker at the very first CounterJihad Conference in Brussels in 2007 that led to formation of Anti Sharia network in US as well as anti Islam movement in Europe and formation of EDL nutters in UK (attached).  His ‘A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding’ is formative document for these Neo Nazis.  
Also I don’t know if you are aware but Searchlight Magazine (one which exposes Nazis and racists has written in its March edition about Batten and Alan Lake)  Also Alan Lake (Deputy Leader of EDL and chief financier) uses Batten’s texts (stupidities) to galvanise EDL via his web page  They are so closely connected that they are raising funds in US with Tennessee Freedom Coalition (US nutters) for Tommy Robinson AKA Stephen Yaxley Lennon, Leader of EDL for his legal fund  Diamond visited them in November.  Obviously journalists have found out about this and asked liar Farage in Guardian but instead of admitting what they are up to he simply lied and tried to say ‘UKIP will abolish UKIP Burqa Policy’.  
It seems that any cause that come with any money (even religious nutters money and/or Nazi money) is more important than anything to do with British withdrawal from EU.  
I believe a read of the items above and of the various entries on  may speak volumes of the true nature of UKIP & the naked self serving corruption!
Based on the factual points I am aware of I incline to believe the absolute veracity of the above third party posting and the links have proved sound!
Then one notes the utter incompetent and un-professionalism of some of the fools UKIP has in its leadership such as Mick McGough who, although of no meaningful consequence, does much damage with his childish posturing.

That a member of UKIP NEC can so readily publicise the irrefutable fact that he is so ill informed and willing to demean UKIP, with his embarrassing and childish rush to conclusions, without an iota of factual understanding, no doubt explains why UKIP is considered so untrustworthy and why the party does so consistently badly in domestic elections; clearly he is far from being the only dishonest and corrupt fool in UKIP leadership as their behaviour shows.

Mick McGough merely typifies the low caliber of UKIP’s senior leadership members and its NEC – consider the irrefutable fact that this sad obsessive, having sent me some 18,000 spam ‘e’Mails in December, has sent me just short of 400 of his offensive self serving spam ‘e’Mails on just this first day of 2012 – or so at least my anti virus and spam blocker tells me! 
There is something sad about such a low life having lied and boot licked his way into a position of such inconsequentiality that even The Fourth largest Party ignores his demeaning antics as an executive member of its leadership! – a measure of their unprofessional inconsequentiality as we enter a new year!

A sad way for a member of an aspirant political party to betray its members; but as Nigel Farage proudly boasts in his New Year message to his gullible sycophants, by way of preaching to the converted, UKIP is now the FOURTH largest Political Party in these United Kingdoms. 

Perhaps someone can tell me who came 2nd. Let alone 3rd. and 4th. In the 100yards in any Olympics since Jesse Owen or even gained any place but first in any event since the war!

Who cares who the also rans are when clearly there are clearly drawn lines for first and second and even the LibDims as 3rd. count for nothing of any consequence beyond makeweights for the Tories!

But do permit me the excentricity of proving my own argument wrong by reminding others of the days when John Tindall on behalf of his National Front constantly banged on about being the FOURTH largest party in British politics and surges in the electoral polls. No doubt a style Farage learned from his Father who was, I understand, a member and their old family friend Buster Mottram who against all advice Nigel Farage insisted was brought into the party!

The future of UKIP seems all too likely to emulate that of The NF (for clarity National Front NOT Nigel Farage!) – destroyed by its own leadership squabbles and its extremist, violent, racist and xenophobic fellow travellers.

UKIP  was unable in its New year message to lay claim to a single solitary achievement of any consequence during the last year and it has clearly moved backwards not forward to judge by its leadership and its squabbling internal divisions – willing to cut each others throats for personal gain and all too willing to enter into any vile pact for money as The EFD shows! Not to mention the low grade of its leadership, its abject failure in elections and its dependence on sock puppets too ashamed to put their name to their support of such a claque!

ADDITION 00:25hrs. 03-Jan-2012

I was amused by the comment of Niall Warry – he has always struggled in his busy day to follow many of my blogs and as one can see from his own postings he is more attuned to brevity, though his comments do tend to have consistent verity.

Mick McGough on the other hand makes something of a fool of himself, as ever!:

Quote Originally Posted by Niall Warry View Post
A bit of a rant by GLW about Mike McGough which I don’t find that easy to follow but I do agree that so long as people like McGough have influence in EUKIP it is going nowhere.

UKIP – vs – EUkip: #0722* – BATTEN & McGough Provide a sad betrayal of UKIP!

Mind you it is clear to me that McGough’s main aim is to curry favour with Nigel so that he gets on the EUKIP MEP list and can get on the Brussel’s gravy train as soon as he can!!

Mick McGough’s offensive and demeaning reply:

If you ,who is very close to GLW cannot follow his delirious rants how are we expected too?Clearly his medication is having a serious effect on his writings,never noted for accuracy,spelling or good English.He is clearly desperate to maintain his output in order to continue receiving the President’s EUros.One has to admire a man who writes lies for money and who marries to protect the same.Perhaps GLW should limit his output to the up cycle of his bipolarity.

Minded that McGough is presenting as a UKIP NEC member and a lead candidate for the EU’s London Assembly and has lied and cheated his colleagues to be selected as an MEP candidate for UKIP it is a measure of their desperation that he makes such a fool of himself and thus UKIP!

Let us consider his silly comment:

If you ,who

Should this not be – If you, who – as it is customary to place the comma after the word and NOT immediately preceding the following word!

is very close to GLW cannot follow his delirious rants

Pray enlighten – in what way does he claim ‘delerious’ – it is he who is the proven liar, seeks election, fantasises and leaps to utterly inaccurate conclusions whilst using dishonest and defamatory slurs. It is Mick McGough that sends offensive eMail spam in the 1,000s to my anti virus spam blocker and so demeans those he claims to represent – yet he gratuitously and without a shred of foundation rushes to show his lack of comprehension of medicine and diagnostics!

how are we expected too?Clearly

Might McGough have meant ‘to’ and surely spaces would help to make him look less foolish!

his medication is having a serious effect on his writings,never noted for accuracy,spelling or good English.

Perhaps Mick McGough in his haste and exuberant obsession has no understanding of the use of the space bar on his keyboard for when he is inconsistent and uses it for a change he places the spaces in the wrong places!

Some indication of the medication he fantasises over might help as I take none other than a rather strong mouth wash as I have a seriously damaged imune system as a result of my cancer and am thus prone to infection and ulcers.

He is clearly desperate to maintain his output in order to continue receiving the President’s EUros.

To keep repeating his dishonest fantasies would seem to be convincing the poor obsessive but he has proved he lacks both the honour, integrity and self respect to support his lies and demeaning comments with fact or evidence – That even The Fourth largest Party in British politics considers this to be anything other than sound reason for de-selection of such a fool speaks volumes of the desperation and lack of professionalism in UKIP!

One has to admire a man who writes lies for money

Again I challenge Mick McGough to show a single solitary lie amongst the many 1.000s of blogs I have published and Forum contributions I have made – Yet5 again this grubby little man will run and hide, bombarding my spam filter with more childish postings and hide behind his own dishonesty unable to show an instance where I have lied as he claims – when it is a proven and public fact that he is a liar and a cheat, a low life and a blight on humanity seekimng reward yet willing to act against the interests of EUroRealism and UKIP on a serial basis.

Michael McGough you are not only a liar but clearly damaging to UKIP amd the ethics of these United Kingdoms – without honour, integrity or ethics.

Not even man enough to apologise for your odious behaviour and reprehensible dishonesty.

and who marries to protect the same.

McGough not only makes a fool of himself with such comments but that UKIP endorse such vile comments by failure to sanction him as a member of their executive he demeans UKIP and those he pretends to represent.

Perhaps GLW should limit his output to the up cycle of his bipolarity.

Another lie, another unethical dishonesty another desperate effort to defame – Mick McGough you are beneath contempt.

Provide your evidence or be man enough to apologise and withdraw from UKIP so as not to further damage their sick and ailing Party.
. .

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