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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/12/2008


Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



At a rather squalid little EUkip meeting with not a single speaker worth listening to as most were self seeking and inconsequential and the best EUkip could field was the totally discreditted David the desk Bannerman – who has proved he can not be trusted on virtually any subject – the man works for the EU and is a liar and a cheat, all too willing to pretend he is someone he isn’t for personal gain.

John West a hard working and dedicated UKIP supporter who was elected by members in the Eastern Region as a Branch Secretary in oone area, branch chairman in another and both he and his wife had willingly put up their own money having been voted in as PPCs in their individual rights.

John West had also offered his time as an NEC member and had been elected by the members. You may recall that John West had organised 2 full day subject conferences for EUkip.

Many will also be aware that this was despite sabotage attempts by Titford, who sadly seems to have early onset dimentia I hear, and Gulleford who has for so long promoted himself for personal gain, in the eurosceptic world at any cost but limited, even invisible, results!

At the meeting on the 29th. November where only some 28 members attended besides those who were organising or makeweights John West was the victim of a low level common assault with sound witnesses present, but in view of the efforts of EUkip to intimidate John West as a witness this is just another in a long list of dishonest, underhand and cowardly efforts to intimidate him as a witness in various upcoming court actions.

EUkip are so stupid that they seem not to understand their efforts are merely strengthenning the resolve of those seeking to clean up EUkip. Yes John West has stated that he has made an official complaint to the police – naming his witnesses and I believe providing relevant statements.

This must be seen in this light as Peter Reeve merely slots into a predictable norm!

Greg L-W.
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