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Archive for the ‘EUkip; UKIP; Suffolk Coastal; John West; Alison West; Niall Warry; Dr. Edmond; Voelker; Titford; Curtis; Reeve; Nuttall;’ Category

#158* – SUFFOLK COASTAL & Alison & John WEST

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/11/2008

#158* – SUFFOLK COSTAL & Alison & John WEST

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!




lets look at some of the players in the corruption that has been endemic in The Eastern Region:

Jeffrey Titford – all too willing to dishonestly bear false witness for his own gain and protection. I was sent a copy of his distortions and lies bearing dishonest false witness against John West, it was mailed to me by someone close to the NEC at about 20.00hrs. last evening.

Mr. Jeffrey Titford you are a duplicitous liar.

I have yet to establish whether the person who sent it to me wishes me to publish it yet.
Andrew Smith, a liar, unprofessional, corrupt and with Nigel Farage directly responsible for the fact that The Courts found EUkip Guilty in the case defending their offences against electoral law. Guilty as Charged. Currently there is a Judicial Review pending that may find EUkip liable for between £1/2 & 1 Million due to this man’s irresponsibility and that of Farage.

Currently seeking to place a gagging order on the unelected Regional Committee so that news of their fiddles does not reach the members no doubt!

Peter Reeve discreditted BNP member well he looks like one and acts like one! Deselected by several UKIP branches has presided over a steady fall in membership amounting to almost one per working day over and above any recruits!

A liability willing to enjoin in dishonesty and destroy the credibility of the party for personal prefferment. Has orchestrated unconstitutional and dishonest kangaroo courts.

Nigel Farage’s sad little unelected puppet – clearly way out of his depth and needed The Metropolitan Police to restore order at the only NEC he has so far chaired – where Godfrey Bloom had to be restrained from thumping someone as did NuttAll himself.

This BNP look alike iis the sort of person who gives the BNP a bad name – just look at his bullying and dishonest letter trying to present freedom of speech – just for the record Nigel Farage DOES consort with prostitutes even though he claims he doesn’t pay.

I can provide a Court with affidavitted evidence that his proud boast is he has never had to pay one yet! See Blogs:

#144* – EUkip – Farage & The Prostitute ………….
#143* – Farage DOESN’T Pay Prostitutes!!
#142* Prof. Farage & How To Make A Horemone

Lisa Duffy – last heard hissing and spitting at the NEC meeting like a refrigerator with a shorting fuse. Shouting at other members like a fishwife.

ON TWO SEPARATE TAPES (not quite true one was an MP3.

This is the woman who gained access to the NEC duplicitously and dishonestly. She also lacks the integrity to recuse herself when voting on Eastern Region matters and her partner!

George Curtis, a liar, dishonest and a coward. Has lied about me provably, has lied about John West provably and has lied about Robin Page provably. Corrupt in that he bears false witness for personal gain and a coward because he only does it behind people’s backs. A man without honour or integrity.

The Pathetic little desk is getting less and less significant as more and more people realise that David Bannerman is dishonest, a liar, a fraud and a cheat – but he has got a coupon cut out of a breakfast serial packet to prove he isn’t or something equally irrelevant – his pathetic little chum NuttAll told us all about it for a joke, I think, in his abusive letter to Anthony Butcher:
#141* – EUkip’s NuttAll Issues Party Suicide Note!…

If you want to check out any of the caterpillars or the butterflies just type their name into the search boz at the top left of the page.


SUFFOLK COASTAL had its duely constituted AGM last night.

The past Chairman and one of his cronies arrived, not surprisingly & tried to prevent the meeting taking place.

3 people had been brought as guests to join once the new committee was empowered but have subsequently decided not to having seen the behaviour of the outgoing Chairman trying to mislead and disrupt the meeting.
The meeting was small, but there were about half as many as David Bannerman and Peter Reeve got to their launch Rally for David Bannerman’s Eastern Region campaign for the EU elections. Many leaflets and a great deal of advertising was carried out for thats one whereas a single letter was mailed out for this AGM to each member of the branch – despite the abuse of membership lists by a member (Ron Witmore) who with others rang around to try to destroy this meeting for the corrupt Eastern Region EUkip cabal the meeting was fully quorate.

June Latter and Ron Witmore who both claimed the meeting had been cancelled to people on the phones, turned up to the so called cancelled meeting, but when their shameful behaviour was brought to light and the dishonesty they had participated in with Peter Reeve they had a hissy fit and stompped off together, very much tail between their legs.

The meeting was called to order and proceded in a civilised and correct manner.
Alison West was proposed and seconded and is now the duly constituted and elected Chairman.

John West was proposed separately to both the duty of Treasurer and Secretary, seconded and duly constituted and elected Treasurer and Secretary separately.

All three positions were voted on and gained a unanimous vote.

I expect more details later today when my vole (a small mole) can contact me. If there is anything of note I will post the details on this blog.

That said – in Constitutional terms all that is left to do is congratulate Alison & John West who have been stalwart activists for UKIP for several years and have continued campaigning despite the series of corrupt and dishonest attacks made on them by some of the filth that has floated to the top in EUkip’s septic tank.

Well done for your courage and the example of polite and rigid determination.

These are the very British values UKIP seeks to repatriate on leaving The EU not those of the self serving, dishonest gadarene EUkip as they rush squabbling and squeling to get their places at the trough.

Well done Suffolk Coastal – I hear that if the EUkip leadership try to intervene there will be a unanimous disbanding of the branch and the members will actively campaign around other branches for support and actively campaign against EUkip in the elections – be minded that 21 Branches in the Eastern Region have put their names and signatures to The Newmarket Declaration: #119* – The Betrayal Of The Branches & Democracy (…
#118* – The Betrayal of the Branches, The Members …

You will also find sebveral have put in motions of no confidence in The Regional Organiser also.

May I suggest that people with an interest in the endemic corruption in the Eastern Region read my blo in full!!


May I make an apeal – I am aware that Alison & John are young with financial responsibilities and upholding decency in UKIP in the Eastern Region and defending UKIP and themselves against the corruption endemic in The NEC is proving a burden to them as they are ensuring that they do not put a foot wrong, as it might put them at risk, and that legal advice must perforce be good and is thus not cheap.

Alison & John West are fighting this battle to save UKIP fom being subsumed and I believe that all who value freedom should make a contribution relative to their means and just how much they value liberty, honesty and integrity.

I shall be asking Major Niall Warry (Green Jacket Rtd.), who is beyond reproach to act as the collecting point and issue receipts for any and all monies contributed, if he will be so good as to do so, should this not suit YOU then I would ask you to make your contribution through either Dr, Eric Edmond or Mrs. Petrina Voelker who are both of utmost probity and the three can liase.

Thank you – any monies over and above the legitimate costs of Alison & Juhn will be contributed to the fund to clean up EUkip and re-establish probity, morality and integrity – The UKIP that was stolen from the members.

Major Warry, Doctor Edmond & Mrs Voelker together with the Wests will form the steering committee to liase on projects over and above the reasonable and legitimate needs of Alison & John.

Sometimes honesty costs!

I have launched this on my own initiative knowing that the 3 parties I have nominated will be only too willing to help but due to commitments or legalities may need to nominate another.

I will publish their contact details here once confirmed.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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