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Archive for the ‘EUkip; UKIP; Ron Witmore; June Latter; John West; Alison West; Nuttall; Arnott; Reeve; Suffolk Coastal;McGough;’ Category

#159* – A Measure Of How EUkip Would RULE?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 27/11/2008

#159* – A Measure Of How EUkip Would RULE?

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



One can not possibly attribute ever act that brings EUkip into disrepute to incompetence – this shower of scheisters are staggeringly trying to enrich themselves by keeping their snouts in the trough in the EU.

It is morally reprehensible that these odious people are permitted to try to con the public into voting for them, without having to provide a warning showing that they have had 50 man years as MEPs and cost the tax payer £65,000,000 and have achieved absolutely nothing to fulfil their electoral promises NOT EVEN honour their promise to each other – paying their wives without even telling each other!

Let us look at the situation.

Last Night Suffolk Coastal Branch held a legitimate AGM, details can be seen at: #158* – SUFFOLK COASTAL & Alison & John WEST

You will notice the difficulties and dishonesties AND the support they received.

John West acquitted his duties and contacted EUkip Head Office Membership Secretary:

John West wrote:
Dear Nikki,
At Suffolk Coastal’s AGM the following people were elected:
Alison West as Chairman.
John West as Secretary and Treasurer.
Contact details:
5 Spring Lane, Wickham Market, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP13 0SW.
Tel: 01728 746427
The meeting was held in accordance with party rules and all Suffolk Coastal members were given 21 days notice of said meeting.
Yours sincerely,
John West

This eMail was clearly received:
UK Independence Party wrote:
John,thanks for letting us know,we will update the records.
However Alison & John West received this ill considered eMail from the clerical department!!
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008
Subject: Re: FOA Nikki Edwards: Suffolk Coastal AGM
Dear John and Alison
With reference to the Suffolk Coastal Branch, I am afraid that after carrying out our usual procedural checks Head Office understands that the Branch meeting held to appoint a new committee was not properly constituted.
Until I receive clear guidance on this from the Party Chairman, General Secretary, or Eastern Regional Organiser, I regret that I am unable to make the changes you have requested. This is in your own interests as I’m sure you would not wish to receive UKIP members’ details without being legally entitled to them.As you can see, I have copied this email to the three Party officers in question and will await further instructions.
Yours sincerely
David Challice
Head Office
Administration Manager
Let us consider who is going to carry out this undemocratic travesty – trying to force out of office the duely elected Officers of Suffolk Coastal Branch. Be minded EUkip has a due process and this corrupt kangaroo court is it seems setting aside the hard won democratic principles and the Disciplinary Committee.

So that is Disciplinary Committees set aside.

An attempted set aside of the fundamental human right of Freedom Of Speech – a core value of civilised politics.

It would seem the unelected puppet of Farage Little Jonathan Arnott has been appointed.
Well actually that is morally not acceptale as he has been appointed to disemble to see if he can dupe the Courts to find against both John West and separately Alison West.
In a denial of fundamental justice.

I have been sent a copy of the lies of Titford that are to be used to bear false witness.

Then we have this low quality BNP look alike the unelected employee who has presided over a catastrophic collapse of members in the Eastern Region, which from my lists would seem to show a fall of around 1 member per working day over and above any recruits!

This chappie is unfit to take part in this case as it was he who held a dishonest and corrupt ambush and kangaroo court.

Yet another BNP look alike!
This astonishingly is EUkip’s part chairman, well I suppose not so very surprising Paul Nuttall is the unelected puppet of Farage and is so inadequate to the task that the Metropolitan Police had to attend to restore order at the only meeting he has chaired as yet!

Clearly this hopeless little chap can take no part as he has already been involved in trying to dishonestly and corruptly engineer the removal of John West.

Then we note just how low EUkip has sunk as they bring the entire party into disrepute by using the odious and proven liar Michael McGough to attack UKIP supporters to aid the survival of EUkip – It clearly takes liars and the dishonest to uphold the behaviour of EUkip.

Perhaps I could ask you to read the postings of EUkip’s chosen bully boy at

That EUkip have seen fit to firstly atempt to suppress Freedom of Speech on this forum recently, with little NuttAll issuing a vexatious and dishonest pack of lies founded on lies and without legitimacy see: #141* – EUkip’s NuttAll Issues Party Suicide Note!…

Here is the dishonest document supplied to their errand boy Michael McGough and despite his reputation as a liar and a cheat he is used as EUkip’s messenger.

It was on seeing this pack of lies placed deliberately on a public forum in a case that is ostensibly sub judice that having received a copy of the Head Office letter from another source I contacted Mr. West and asked for his permission to publish the material.

I admit I pointed out that I had the letter in my possesion and was merely acting as a courtesy in asking if he minded its publication.

“How can this supposed AGM be real as John West was informed that he was no longer a member of the Suffolk Coastal Constituency Assoc weeks ago, he and his wife do not even live in the constituency!
Sir – this is a lie, no constituted meeting has had been held nor any official letter on the matter has been delivered to either Alison West or John West.

That the past chairman is so ignorant of procedure that he does not appreciate the manner in which an AGM is called speaks volumes and that it is the duty of the secretary, John West to have called said meeting. May I remind whichever idiot wrote this that John West received membership data on Saturday last from Head Office as the Secretary of Suffolk Coastal Branch. Thus clearly the author is either deliberately wrong and has lied or is ill informed.

The existing sitting committee,
Attended the meeting the bullying Ron Witmore as outgoing chairman and John West as SEcretary – me minded that the Treasurer had previously resigned and also resigned his party membership in disgust at the behaviour of Ron Witmore and the bullying and unelected Peter Reeve.

Thus clearly I am right to contend there is a deliberate and dishonest intent to deceive in the letter EUkip’s errand boy posted.

which is still in office headed by its long standing Chairman Ron Whitmore
Were this the case perhaps it can be expplained why this paragon of virtue Ron Witmore had abrogated on his fundamental duty to instruct his secretary to call an AGM within due period as defined in the Branch Constitution.

had legitimatly withdrawn their willingness for West to be a member of their branch
He had no authority under the constitution to act in so dishonest, underhand and corrupt manner.

after he went to the press
I am happy to take oath that it was NOT Mr. West who went to the press – it was I; having heard on the phone from one of my contacts in the eastern region. I contacted 4 or 5 journalists known to me.

Should EUkip choose to challenge me I can provide provenance of a nature of proboity that would outclass the claimed integrity of EUkip’s entire shower in leadership.

with trumped up stories about elected UKIP MEPs.
May I suggesrt that EUkip withdraw this dishonest slur on the character of John West, as you have absolutely no grounds to make this dishonest comment – it is a lie which I am already assured that the relevant Police will bear witness to.

I believe he was informed of this decision by the Party in writting weeks ago.
He was not – this is a lie.

The reason that the current branch committee was not there was because it was an illegitimate meeting
A dishonesty which those present will bear witness to. 6 Eligible voting members + The outgoing chairman and June Latter whose membership is understood, by the branch secretary, to have run out. Also present were one guest from another branch a member, also 3 guests who it was hoped would join as members that evening. They did not in the light of the behaviour of Ron Witmore.
In pique at having been exposed as duplicitous and dishonest Ron Witmore stormed out like a spoilt child.

The meeting then continued in a cordial manner.

that West had been informed by the Party could not go ahead.
Untrue and false. Why would others have attended were this true?

The branch AGM will not be called until the new year
The branch AGM has already taken place and due to the incompetence of Ron Wittmore was Constitutionally overdue.

when the branch chairman Ron Whitmore calls it.
Ron Witmore is no longer Chairman – it was legitimately voted on and it was the decision of the branch that if there was dishonest inteeruption of democratic process the branch would disolve and actively campaign in the region against EUkip. I understand already 21 branches are on the verge of closing under The Newmarket Agreement.

Similarly there are various branches who have rejected the authority of the unelected Reeve.

As I understand it, what GLW refers to as a ‘unanimous decision’ was a meeting that only had around 2 members of the branch at it.
You understand it wrong and the meeting was legitimately quorate.

The handful of others there, including Mr & Mrs West are not even members of the constituency.
You deceive yourself in your desire to misleed others.

GLW is also incorrect about the DCB meeting as there were around 20 people at the meeting he refers to
I am prepared to correct my figure as supplied by one person who was present should you be able to locate an individual of trustworthy character. I do not accept the word written or spoken of a liar such as yourself who lied to disadvantage his associates for personal gain.

Not that of NuttAll or Reeve who have both shown themselves irrefutably to be untrustworthy – nor thew liar, cheat and fraud David the desk Bannerman whose dishonesty is despicable as it exploits the few decent members left in the party.

and this was just one of a series of meetings organised by Donald Martin (the South Suffolk Chairman)
No that is untrue – we speek of the widely advertised and leafleted launch (as stated on the leaflet) launch of EUkip’s campaign to dupe the public in The EU elections. Further the meeting at Capel St. Mary was the only such meeting promoted upon EUkip’s web site or its blog, as I understand it having looked almost every day for several months.

and his team that occured in a 4 week period.
Perhaps you were to obtuse to realise I was speaking of The Capel St. Mary meeting which was a catastrophe.

I am told that several hundred people attended the DCB talks in total and the branch are very pleased with the results. “

What you are told and what you say are clearly unreliable as you have established a track record of the most unpleasant and underhand dishonest, behaviour and lies at the expense of your colleagues – whether in your own right or as errand boy for others.

Michael McGough you are a liar, a cheat and represent no British values that I recognise – you are an excrescence and a coward.

Many will be aware that Alison & John West are being attacked by the corrupt EUkip by way of intimidation. These intimidations, lies and threats have taken place quite clearly as revenge for the upright character of the Wests and their exposure of EUkip’s corruption since before they put their names forward in the selection, election process for experience so that they could do ever better for UKIP in future elections and they were met with dishonesty after dishonesty to the extent of criminality.

One has to wonder just how revoltingly EUkip would act if it ever gained authority – one must fear for our Country that such sordis behaviour is perceived as acceptable even by a failed minority party.

I am disgusted at the behaviour of EUkip’s executives!!! AND their duplicitous and dishonest errand boys.


01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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