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#157* – MARTHA ANDREASSEN Is Trying Hard BUT …….

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/11/2008

#157* – MARTA ANDREASSEN Is Trying Hard BUT …….

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!


When considering hiring a Danish woman, domicile in Spain who was married to an Argentinian one wonders how much accurate research was done or was it along the Farage laise fair manner he is so renowned for?

You will remember The Honourable Stephen Sobey Neville with his name dropping of Eton and impressive connections to titles. Nigel – so insecure – fell for every line of the lad’s patter. At the time I phoned Nigel, having never met the chappie but before he was hired.

“Nigel this chappie is a fraud, or if you rather a mole where are you putting him?”

“No he isn’t he’s a really good chap and has amazing contacts and I want him in the press office.”

Not a murmur from the party Press Officer who probably hadn’t bothered coming to work for a while and was absolutely hopeless as a press officer – just look at all the media coverage he didn’t ever get!

“Nigel for starters he is NOT a ‘Nevile’, nor is he a Rt. Hon. and I’ve checked with mates of mine and he never went to Eton, don’t HIRE him he is a Tory plant”

Next day I get a call “No he is genuine, I misheard him, he went to Stowe and played Eton at sports.”

“Did you check the rest Nigel? Was he the groundsman at Stowe?”

We all know what happened. A rank amateur bowled over by the sniff of a title! No sensible check of references etc.

Well here we go again it seems!

It isn’t a job share for the happy couple is it?

I wonder if Nigel watched this before he hired her:

Thursday, 3 October, 2002, 14:08 GMT 15:08 UK
EU accounts ‘open to fraud’

Marta Andreasen met the BBC’s Tim Andersen
Marta Andreasen, the former chief accountant of the European Union says that flaws in the EU accounting system leave it vulnerable to fraud on a massive scale.

What she didn’t say until she was ambushed with the question that made her squirm was that their procedures for hiring senior trusted personelle is just as ropey!

Let us see how this woman fits in for EUkip as she sure to hell represents none of the British values that UKIP used to stand for!

I can confirm that Martha Andreassen was suspended from a senior position at The O.E.C.D. for 18 months without pay.
I can confirm that Martha Andreassen unlike honest contestants in the selection/election scams to draw up the list of prospective MEPs for EUkip did NOT provide a CRB clearance.
I can confirm that Martha Andreassen unlike honest contestants in the selection/election scams to draw up the list of prospective MEPs for EUkip did NOT provide a British electoral roll number.
I can confirm that Martha Andreassen unlike honest applicant for a job did NOT include in her application CV for a senior role at the EU the FACT of her suspension without pay for 18 months from her senior role at The O.E.C.D.I can confirm that morally Martha Andreassen is inadequate to the job of representing British citizens in a political party grounded on the core vote and belief that we should leave the EU and repatriate our democracy, Sovereignty, liberty and self determination as she is firmly on record as being pro EU and has even taken the EU to court to get her snout back in the trough and lost recently.
I can also confirm Martha Andreassen is unfit to represent members under the terms of EUkip’s own rules.I can also confirm that Martha Andreassen participated in and acted in a corrupt selection/election process – see EUkip’s own returning officer’s report enumerating many breeches of the process.
I can confirm that Martha Andreassen is aware that her position and behaviour is corrupt and mallign to the process of democracy and decent behaviour.

I can also confirm that although an effort was made to establish residency in a dodgey P.O.Box but after further prayers to the good ‘Lord’ I understand a suitable Domicilium Citandi was found.

Interestingly having cheated to get the job at the EU – the claims in the interview would indicate she never was paid for the period of suspension, despite wholesome motives for her suspension are claimed by her!

I find this strange as it is clear this is a woman of quite notable letigious fortitude.
I note that recently she has lost her case in Court, to get her snout back in the troughs of the gravy train. I gather her claims against the EU and The O.E.C.D. were not disimilar and that Courts in two very clear juristictions and maybe more have found against her!
One is forced, not unreasonably, to wonder if EUkip will be her next victim?

I can see no philanthropic motive for her association as she is I understand performing a part of the task of treasurer which hereto fore was performed largely pro bono, yet for her part time efforts I gather she is paid some £36,000 a year plus expenses!

As I say I can see no philanthropy there and as for Patriotism that would be beyond belief for the most broad minded of souls surely. Martha Andreassen is I understand Danish born, Argentinian married and a Spanish resident.

However now that she is ‘ostensibly’ resident in Britain all be it as an alien and is expected to be for 6 months minimum by electoral law what will be her tax position.

I would contend this foolish and implausible woman may well grant some benefit to EUkip but to UKIP she is but an electoral liability as are all of the leadership team and their associates.

Perhaps you will find watching Tim Sebastian’s interview of the woman more convincing than did I – It can be viewed at:

Personally she cuts no ice with me and I would trust her as far as I could kick her but very few of the supporters and staff of The EU offer any value to mankind – as with all parasites we will be well rid of them, when we leave The EU.
I hope this provided sufficient details for EUkip’s look alike BNP chavs to again try to bully Anthony Butcher to try to remove and control FREEDOM OF SPEECH in a manner directly contra the core principles of the party NuttAll tries to chair, yet again bringing the party into Disrepute, in a manner that would leave honest men and women with no alternative but to put him before a Disciplinary Committee.
I can also confirm that although she is Danish her name is actually Marta but I thought I’d give her a leg up – lots of others seem to, and give her the benefit of Anglicising which she so clearly craves.
Clearly his dishonest bullying and threatening complaint seeking to damage Anthony Butcher’s relationship with his ISP brought EUkip into disrepute.
It is time the rotten head of EUkip was removed from the body of UKIP to give EUroScepticism a chance. Please can we be sure that Marta Andreassen is made fully aware that she represents no wish or value that represents these United Kingdoms I can see – is EUkip so debased now that they can not find honest British candidates as MEPs that they must hire a foreigner with a track record of falling out with almost everyone she works with.
Beyond ALL doubt if nothing else this woman has participated in a corrupt and dishonest process for listing as a candidate – The Evidence Is Irrefutable she knowingly participated in this corruption and acted and has gained personal gain.

Marta Andreassen is corrupt and dishonest having clearly colluded in corruption and dishonesty.

Clean up EUkip to make UKIP a party that honest, decent men and women of integrity and morality can vote for to serve us and lead us out of The EU.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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