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#372 – LIBERTAS LAUNCHES with a Quiet PLOP!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 11/03/2009

#372 – LIBERTAS LAUNCHES with a Quiet PLOP!

The pro EU utterly confused party has launched.

The ill informed leading the unwitting in the direction of nemesis!

They have clearly learned so little about The EU that it must surely be a case of the optimists seeking to get one hand in declan Ganley’s pocket in the hope they can get the other into the tax payers’.

They are about to prove the fact that Hubris precedes Nemesis.

Their outright hubris with regard to morality & integrity can only be seen as either irresponsibility verging on the insane or irresponsibility verging on the criminal.

Their Hubris is such that they have totally ignored or arrogantly failed to find out the facts underpinning The EU – such Hubris can ONLY lead to Nemesis.

One can only feel sorry for those who like the rats follow this colourful jester.

For more factual information and views CLICK HERE

Also for more tangled foundations of Libertas EU Ltd. etc. LINK

It takes a very particular form of moral dyslexia to be informed AND promote Libertas or for that matter EUkip – they are so very similar!

Greg L-W.

There is really only one option:

Make every single vote a matter of duty in honour of those who struggled, suffered and died to grant us our vote and the continuum of 1,000 years of refinement of OUR Westminster Parliament.


Make it a Referendum EVERY Time.

Write on YOUR Ballot


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