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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 31/05/2009



here is a fantastic story to beat the Massively Expensive Parasites of the EU around the head with – but to cover for having perloned the £2,000,000 Nigel Farage boasts of and the same again he keeps quiet about Farage pretends he spent it all on EUkip.

It is as morally reprehensible to squander tax payers’ money on propaganda and campaigning, be it for or against.

Farage’s glee at claiming to be spending EU tax payers’ money on his political views (even if I shared them!) is as much corruption as Maggot Walstrom, the Goebels of the EU, as Commissioner for propaganda.

What a moral dyslexic like Farage fails to understand is his relatively small thefts of money grant The EU a license to rip off the tax payers of The EU on an eye watering scale. If Farage has used £5.00 of EU tax payers’ money to propagandise opposition to The EU he has granted license to The EU for the £Billions it has invested in propaganda.

Ever the performing monkey – a little man of absolutely no Officer Qualities – just like the performing monkey he has been tempted to stick his hand in the cookie jar, having grabbed the cookies on offer he is now trapped with his hand stuck in the jar – there is absolutely no such thing as an acceptable level of corruption. Farage is banged to rights and owned by The EU all because of his dishonesty!

Farage is politically too self obsessed (and arrogantly self impressed) and has paid for a staff of sychophantic Praise Singers, with OUR money, not men and women of ethics, integrity or morality and thus surrounded by the corrupt, the venal and the inane he has absolutely no concept of howmuch he is helping the EU and destroying EUroScepticism for it is certain EUkip lacks the intelligence to be EUroRealists as they are so clearly manipulated as usefull idiots.

Just as the MPs at Westminster in their bubble are unaware of the anger of the people – Farage in his bubble just doesn’t get it and as more truth becomes common knowledge the more vile and duplicitous are those he has to pay as his praise singers – now he is embroilled in promoting The BNP and driving people into their arms by his association with the likes of Mark Croucher, Mick McGough, Searchlight, Douglas Denny and their ilk. It is only due to a leak that he cancelled addressing a BNP group at the extreme Right Wing Racist Swinton Circle who provided a platform for Tom Wise despite knowing he was on the verge of being charged for Fraud and Money Laundering.

The Emeror is naked but he spends the tax payers’ money on praise singers who would loose their jobs and their freeloading on the gravy train. Farage is an excellent spokesman but lacks any visible wisdom, intellect or leadership qualities.

The aim was to get Britain out of the EU not just to grow EUkip for self enrichment and self agrandisement.

As Rod Liddle more aptly put it in The Sunday Times when he announced The Emperor had no clothes on:
‘The UK Independence party, for example, led by a chap called Nigel Farage, who resembles a frog that has just had a Chinese firecracker inserted in its rectum and, worse, is clearly enjoying the experience. Nigel cheerfully admits to having swallowed up 2m quid of taxpayers’ money in allowances in his 10 years as an MEP and seems to suggest that, as a consequence of this, he is one of the reasons the European Union should be abolished.’

Taxpayers’ money used to finance Labour Europropaganda campaign:

SP demands explanation

May 15th, 2009 •

The SP has, not for the first time, tabled questions to the Christian Democrat-Labour coalition government on the subject of Labour’s apparent policy of using public money to further the party’s ends, rather than the national interest. Labour Party (PvdA) Secretary of State for Europe Frans Timmermans set off last week, along with a coterie of Labour’s great and good, on a pro-EU tour organised by a bureau of prominent PvdA personalities, This would have been unobjectionable had it been financed by the PvdA, rather than by the taxpayer.

However, “the initiative ’27 hours for Europe’ had a strong flavour of Labour,” was the conclusion drawn by SP European affairs spokesman Harry Van Bommel. The events involved were organised by a company, BKB, run by prominent Labour personalities. Many prominent Labour figures took part in these events, including Minister of Education and Culture Ronald Plasterk, Secretary of State for Public Health Jet Bussemaker, and the mayors of Rotterdam, Groningen and Utrecht.

Labour Secretary of State for Europe Frans Timmermans

“It’s quite clear that this became no more nor less than a propaganda tour, an opportunity for Labour’s enthusiasm for the EU to be heard loud and clear,” said Van Bommel. “Virtually nothing was said about the criticisms with which people in the Netherlands have responded to such matters as the over-hasty expansion of the European Union, the bureaucratic character of the EU and the democratic deficit. This tour became nothing but a propaganda festival, paid for out of our taxes.”

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