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111* – Well Mr. Bannerman CLAIMS to be a Script Writer & IS Fuller on the Payroll?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 08/11/2008

#111* – Well Mr. Bannerman CLAIMS to be a Script Writter & IS Fuller on the Payroll?

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!


Talk about setting it up for a night of the long knives – the transparency is staggering!

But as you all know David Bannerman is a fantasist, fraud, liar and wanabe script writer, who is DESPERATE to have a proper job after so many years as a serial failure & bag carrier for the Tories – he must feel such a pratt having made such a fool of himself in EUkip.

There is a fun blog on the internet – do have a look and it is so redolent of some sort of childish plot Bannerman might dream up as a wanabe script writer, of Croucher in a determination to do Searchlight’s work for them and bring EUkip into disrepute or perhaps Fuller to get her revenge for Farage’s failure to get her what she wanted!

Anyway do read it as it is quite a well dreamed up fantasy that Farage & his corrupt cronies just might think they can get away with it – cunning, duplicitous and dishonest they are but no one ever said they were much beyond stupid and we all know they are terrified they will get their snouts kicked out of the EU’s feeding troughs.

Hi,watching Farage self destruct is getting to be a bit like shooting fish in a barrel.Firstly may I remind you that Nigel Farage, David Bannerman and their entire crew of corrupt self seeking self enriching scum that has seized control of EUkip – whether liars like Malcolm Wood, fraudsters, liars & cheats like Bannerman, Duffy and their ilk, womanising self enriching drunkards like Farage, spivs and nere do wells like Moran, the fundamentally untrustworthy like Mickelthwaite, the foul mouthed like Zucherman, Denny & Fuller, the self seekers & untrustworthy like Trevor Colman, Gawain Towler, the infatuated and the self seekers like Seymour, Oxley, Andreassen, Blob Feel Martinis etc. etc.

Nor the various hopeless and hapless puppets and muppets like NuttAll, Gill, Reeve etc. etc.Please NOTE the EUkip NEC where Farage started to implement his Reichstag Fire speech with the fantasies of BNP infiltration, the need to dispense with the Disciplinary Committee as it might be infiltrated with BNP and suspend the Constitution to make control of the party central having dispensed with the NEC as it may have infiltrators & until the party suits the ‘Glorious Leader’ the poor man is becoming deranged & paranoid – next he will have a dog called Blondy and be bedding his youngest cousins!

One has to laugh when you listen to the tapes of the NEC where they are tring to remove the people they have branded libellously as BNP – whether this is a case of:’

The lunatics firing The Doctors from The Asylum’
What need has a party on the verge of technical bankruptcy with a Doctor of Economics and when in such bad health of a Doctor of Medicine – they are possibly making way for a Doctor of Psychiatry & an abortionist!’

With apologies to those who are libelled I am publishing this as it clearly libels and defames me and just to show what depths of depravity EUkip Reichstag Fire Plan will sink!

Favoured EUkip village idiot posted the URL for this blog site at 08:48hrs. 02-Nov-08.

The main Reichstag Fire Plan was outlined at 08:11hrs. 03-Nov-08
The EUkip NEC meeting commenced at 13:00hrs. 03-Nov-08

Fearfull that some may have missed the scam & details Mark Croucher republished the URL yesterday not realising those with knowledge of the facts had seen right through it.

By the way their GUESS that I might have a Criminal Record is quite right – it is well known and I have spoken openly of it for years – do phone me for details if you like – I have a Section One FireArms Conviction on two counts in 1981?
one for possession of a firearm (handgun, pistol, automatic)
the second for 50 rounds of hollow point drilled, mercury filled magnum rounds.
‘Guilty as charged’ 😉
it was shipped back into Britain from Africa by professional packers, in error.
WOW what a revelation!
Just how corrupt are these people? Having access, not just to spent convictions, but also 27 years ago!

I also have another conviction for having permitted the local prison bait (47 convictions – John Farley roofer and pro. Rugby Player) at a children’s party I had organised in Chepstow he threatened me and then hit me!
I warned him if he hit me again it would be self defence if I killed him – he took a swing at me so I layed him flat on his back stunned.

His defence in Court was that I assaulted him inept and corrupt magistrate Councillor John Parker found me guilty – at appeal to Crown the judge appologised to me for the miscarriage, issued a rebuke to Chepstow Magistrates Bench and refunded my costs for both cases without receipts!

Yes I have a criminal record of which I am not remotely ashamed which is why they probably didn’t publish it knowing I have dined out on both stories for ¼ Century.

Last heard of John Farley was in a high security prison for having killed his son’s wife!

It’s the rest that would scare them 😉

I am aware of the facts relative to the fantasy published and will be happy to present anywhere convenient to me (health & time) to prove this entire fantasy is no more than a dishonest construct – seemingly to provide a small group of liars cheats and the corrupt in EUkip leadership to create a Reichstag Fire moment to trump up dishonest claims and outright lies about EUkip members with integrity, who are standing in the way by telling the truth.


NIGEL FARAGE has surrounded himself with kindred spirits and gullible idiots, for his personal gain.

Enjoy the tale of fantasy and fabrication, which is Nigel Farage’s REICHSTAG FIRE moment.

REMEMBER – I am happy to appear on ANY public platform and confront the author of the following fantasy and will willingly dismantle and disprove every single solitary lie they have put forward to build their Reichstag Fire Moment – I would suggest Farage, Bannerman, Fuller, Croucher, NuttAll, Oxley, Zucherman & Denny bring their fantasies to the meeting with the identified author of the quoted blog
(suffice to say 78332211etc. who by law GOOGLE must identify to confirm my information – it is them upto those who have been libelled and defamed).

I shall NOT take legal action for three reasons:

1. Anyone of integrity or common sense knows the comments about me are largely lies with a large body of obvious lies built on one or two unrelated honest facts.

2. I have neither the time nor the money to prosecute criminals who will have dishonestly constructed themselves as men of straw, with no reputation or integrity to be besmirched.

3. I consciously set out on a patriotic basis to clean up a series of rat nests and septic tanks that they have tried to nip me and have thrown sh*t at me is nothing a good bath will not solve.

My Reputation, being founded on fact, is palpably strong enough over some 60 years of rigid integrity and indisputable honesty to withstand the onslaught of these sordid little people.

Enjoy The Fairy Stories: Monday, 3 November 2008

Edmonds, Lance-Watkins, Hockney, de Rook and Edwards

Stories reach the
Common Man of negotiations at a high level between the BNP and UKIP. Of
scurrilous e-mails from anonymous sources being sent to the membership. Of
shenanigans in the MEP selection process. Of attempts to rig NEC elections to
favour certain candidates. Of tapes of NEC meetings.UKIP 2009? No, UKIP 2004,
when almost the same scenario was played out. On the BNP team, the players were
the same: BNP leader Nick Griffin and his motley band of convicted criminals and
failed businessmen. On the UKIP team at that time were BNP mole Andrew Edwards,
standing in for Greg Lance-Watkins, and the Abbott/Edmonds double act of their
day, Damien Hockney and John De Rook. UKIP substitutes included one-time
Yorkshire chairman Michael Cassidy-Scutts, Tory agitator Martin Cole and the BNP
treasurer, John Brayshaw, parachuted into a defunct UKIP branch in Yorkshire as
chairman to lend credence to the plays. The BNP’s gameplan? Exactly the same as
this time around: an e-mail campaign calling for truth, honesty and integrity,
which accuses the entire leadership of more debauchery than Nero’s court,
culminating in an attempt to fiddle a list of BNP sympathisers, self-promoters
and ‘don’t care who helps as long as we win’ want-to-be’s to the top of MEP
lists and onto the NEC.Luckily in 2004, the plan was forestalled at the last
minute. The Common Man hears that Hockney managed to suppress the details by
issuing a writ for libel, despite using in his writ extracts from a tape of the
NEC meeting where the plot was exposed. The same tape would have defeated his
own libel action, because it was clear that the presenters of the NEC report
into the affair (then chairman David Lott and then communications director Mark
Croucher) did not accuse him of direct links to the BNP, only of being so
desperate to gain control of the party that he didn’t care who was helping him.
Edwards was thrown out of UKIP, as was Brayshaw, Cassidy-Scutts left, and Cole
disappeared without trace once his usefulness to the Tories in heading off a
UKIP advance ceased. Interestingly, Cole had worked with Alan Duncan MP at the
time his oil brokerage was breaking UN sanctions by selling oil to Yugoslavia.
The involvement of senior UKIP members was hushed up by the terms of the
politically expedient settlement of the libel action.The present day play bears
an uncanny similarity to the 5 year old one. This time, Mr Lance-Watkins’ is the
Mr Edwards, with his wide ranging leaks of NEC material supplied by Misters-
Abbott and -Edmonds. In a refinement of the BNP gameplan, which made up in
enthusiasm what it lacked in originality, long term infiltrators such as John
West and Martin Harvey were used to lend credence to the idea that there was a
problem with the MEP selection process. On this foundation, Lance-Watkins used
his extensive e-mail database, built up over many years interference in UKIP’s
internal affairs, to sow the same rumours that were used 5 years ago without
success, all leading to the appearance of Buster Mottram at UKIP’s NEC meeting
yesterday. Mottram was brought along by Martin Haslam, UKIP deputy treasurer, to
defend himself against charges of leaking information to the press, and
admittance for Mottram was gained by Misters- Abbott and -Edmonds using this
pretext. The trio then sat back and waited for the show to begin, having all
been party, with Mr Lance-Watkins, to the negotiations. Following earlier
experience, both Abbott and Edmonds taped the meeting, and immediately provided
the tapes to Lance-Watkins.The BNP’s offer was straightforward: ditch UKIP
Leader Farage, and enter an electoral pact, splitting the country between the
two parties. In 2004, it was the same except that the condition was to ditch
then UKIP Leader Roger Knapman. Then, the new leader would have been Damien
Hockney with Mr De Rook as deputy, while the current plan would have seen Mr
Edmonds heading up the remains of the party, with Mr Abbott as deputy.It all
began to fall apart when Mr Lance-Watkins proved unable once again to keep quiet
over the details and insisted on issuing an ultimatum at the end of the previous
week. In 2004, the end was very similar when Mr Edwards was caught out in a
similar way over John Brayshaw, allowing UKIP to expel them both before the trap
could be sprung. It is there that the similarites end, unfortunately. This time,
the BNP did have negotiations with senior UKIP figures in the persons of
Misters- Abbott and -Edmonds, and all those involved were aware of the others
and exactly what their game plan was. The ad-hoc nature of 2004 was replaced by
a much more determined approach with a concerted plan which, even though based
on the earlier version, shows that even the BNP can learn from their past
mistakes. The branch chairmen and ordinary members who fell for it this time
were as always in BNP plans expendable cannon fodder and useful fools. The real
changes were at the top. In 2004, Mssrs Hockney and De Rook were simply used
because they displayed enough naked ambition to not care where their help was
coming from. This time, the senior UKIP people were already closely linked to
the BNP, and were made aware of the other BNP pieces in play to avoid repetition
of earlier mistakes.Although the BNP appear the losers they have not really lost
that much. Abbott and Edmonds were about to be expelled as details of the
negotiations surfaced over the previous week or so, while Lance-Watkins BNP
links have become increasingly obvious in recent months to the point where even
his supporters are distancing themselves from him. The trick for the BNP now as
in 2004 is to try and turn the cleaning up process around, and make the
subsequent expulsions from UKIP of those who were involved in the negotiations
seem unfair and a part of a wider witch-hunt. If the game continues to play as
it did in 2004, UKIP members will see through such troublemaking.
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The Common Man at 08:11
Sunday, 2 November 2008
Beaman’s mysterious departure

Now the dust has died down about Gregg
Beaman’s mysterious departure as both NW Regional Organiser and lead candidate,
the truth is beginning to out. Strange to say it isn’t found on Mr Beaman’s own
blog which gives his noble reasons for standing aside, and which has now stopped
taking postings from anonymous users because their comments were getting a
little close to the truth of the matter. Even libertarianism has its bounds at
the edge of untrammeled free speech.Sources close to the anti-UKIP movement
within UKIP tell the Common Man that the real reason concerns an NEC member, a
laptop and Democracy Forum. Users of Democracy Forum should take a look at
postings by user name ‘Rosie’, who wrote “I saw how hard Greg Beaman worked when
he formed the branch I was in, and two or three nearby ones”, “Greg Beaman was
certainly the popular choice when I left the North West over a year ago now, and
I hear he still is as he has a long and solid track record”.The same forum
spends some time discussing Mr Beaman’s departure and how it was a conspiracy by
the leadership to get rid of him because Paul Nuttall was the preferred choice
for the number one slot in the North West.It will be interesting to see how they
react to the news that Rosie and Gregg Beaman are one and the same, gender
confusion notwithstanding. This less than earth-shattering piece of news came to
light when Mr Beaman returned a borrowed laptop, forgetting to remove the
incriminating evidence first, and wasting all his hard work, time and effort in
climbing the greasy pole as a regional organiser to get to the top of the list
while at the same time attacking the leadership anonymously via a public forum
and a series of contacts with people who are decidedly not UKIP’s greatest fans.
The subject of his attacks included then UKIP Chairman John Whittaker MEP, who
was a staunch supporter of Mr Beaman’s attempt to gain the number one slot on
the list, and UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP, who was responsible for his
paycheques.The face saving formula of allowing Mr Beaman to resign quietly
clearly isn’t working, as the Common Man hears that his involvement with the
anti-UKIP cause continues just as his vaguely worded blog entry leaves visitors
with the impression that UKIP had done something wrong. How his opposition to
UKIP taking seats in the European Parliament squares with the effort he put into
gaining first place on the list is matter for others to discuss but there was no
point of principle involved in using an MEP’s allowance to send out a regional
newsletter which was little more than a campaign mailshot or in using an
alter-ego to sing his own praises.
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Saturday, 1 November 2008
Colman and foot in mouth disease

Much talk on Democracy Forum about TC
and an alleged smear campaign against him claiming he made racist comments.
Maybe, maybe not. It wouldn’t be the first time in his short career as an
MEP.News reaches us that at his welcoming meeting in Strasbourg he was enjoying
a chat with a fellow attendee, telling them how much he hated Farage, and how in
his days as a copper they knew how to deal with troublesome journalists who took
too much of an interest in such boring issues as police corruption – lock them
in a cell with a couple of burly PCs, and then beat the crap out of them.
Medecine to be repeated daily until cured. Other such indiscretions tumbled from
his lips, leaving a bemused European Editor of a national daily, for such was
his audience, wishing it had not been a private meeting because it would have
made a lovely front page.Not the first time such comments have been made by TC,
however. Another source tells the Common Man that he thought this would have
been an ideal way of dealing with Tom Wise, who he cleared, then smeared, then
cleared again shortly before Wise’s arrest.With friends like this to show UKIP’s
best face to the media, who needs enemies?
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Thursday, 23 October 2008
I see the
latest Greg Lance-Watkins rant has arrived in inboxes, including a significant
section devoted to the BNP. After republishing large parts of their website, he
thoughtfully finishes with a couple of lines about how bad they are, paying
special attention to how shocking it is that some of them deny the
holocaust.Strange that he should be so particular, as it was only two weeks ago
that he was fending off accusations that he himself supported holocaust deniers
after old e-mails from him surfaced praising organisations such as Al-Quaeda,
Hamas and the PLO, all of whom deny the holocaust.But as if that isn’t bad
enough, rumours also began to circulate about just how close his links to the
BNP were or are. Discussion on the Democracy Forum (formerly UKIP Forum) centred on how he apparently attempted to mislead a group of UKIP activists into
attending a political weekend at a local pub to which he had secretly invited
BNP leader Nick Griffin. His defence, amazingly, was that Nick Griffin had
phoned him and asked to attend – as if having the leader of Britain’s
blackshirts phoning up and inviting themselves around was somehow better than
having invited him.The actual cause of these revelations was a ding-dong between
him and former UKIP PR man Mark Croucher, who took umbrage at one rant too many
from the erstwhile Watkins. More apparently is due to come, as I understand
details of Watkins criminal record have recently come to light.
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Greg L-W.
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