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#0741* – FSB & George Osborne feature with Nikki Sinclaire!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 08/02/2012

#0741* – FSB & George Osborne feature with Nikki Sinclaire!

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The FSB & George Osborne feature with Independent MEP Nikki Sinclaire on her blog!

Largely I believe her to be right but it is hard to preclude the views of an author on a blog tainting the content!!



there is an interesting new article on Nikki Sinclaire’s blog regarding George Osborne’s speech to The FSB.

I do agree with most of Sinclaire’s views but I do question if George Osborne has cut spending sufficiently and since there is a massive increased NEED for borrowing it seems clear he has not nor has he tailored tax rises according to need.

I stress NEED as his borrowing does seem to be based upon progress in the right direction rather than Labour’s borrowing addiction smacked of desperation, a willingness to bankrupt Britain which they largely did due to economic illiteracy and a fundamental core dishonesty compounded by a desire to buy votes for further terms for self enrichment and track covering!

That aside it is good to see a responsible MEP participating in such events without drunken bufoonery as with Godfrey Bloom or exhibitionist braggadoccio as with Nigel Farage or even cringingly embarrassing public house populism of the particularly crass Paul Nuttall.

Of course Gerard Batten would be unlikely to be invited to such an event in view of his obscene hatreds and dishonest prejudices. I gather he is much too busy trying to oil the wheels of his own re-election efforts as he traipses around Police Stations making a fool of himself by trying to suppress the truth and throw his weight around!

The FSB Annual Dinner 2012

I was very glad to attend the Federation of Small Business Annual Dinner last night. Also in attendance was the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne.

Sadly, Mr Osborne is choosing to ignore the big blue elephant in the room.

Whilst George Osborne promised a moratorium for domestic regulations, he conveniently forgot to mention the regulation derived from the EU that is so crippling small businesses. I am calling for an immediate moratorium of EU regulation in order to boost small and medium enterprises and create jobs.

I would also like to criticise his refusal to extend the national insurance holiday to all small firms taking on extra workers, and he won’t recognise that raising taxes and cutting spending too far and too fast has choked our recovery – pushing up unemployment and leading to borrowing £158 million more than planned.


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For further information on the FSB please go to



congratulations in pointing out the utter hypocracy of the Tory position.

They conveniently produce all that they can, which is mostly spin and hot air – for in reality under article 2 section 2 of the ECA it clearly states that ALL Law enacted MUST be compliant with The EU’s undemocratic diktats.

George Osborne can call for a moritorium but amongst his masters in The EU the unelected officials who draft the law and force it through without any meaningful democracy aren’t listening.

In real terms, since we were sold out to foreign and very allien rule by the centralised EU soviet of unelected apparatchiks George Osborne is not the only castrato in the Westminster choir – they are all castratti!

It is clearly time to Leave-The-EU which has brought these United Kingdoms much harm , huge cost and no consequential benefit.

Leaving The EU may not be as easy as Ian Milne would lead us to believe but it is clearly achievable and a worthy if not inevitable aim!


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