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#0380* – Further Thoughts on Scoundrels In Politics re: Tom WISE & UKIP

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/03/2011

#0380* – Further Thoughts on Scoundrels In Politics re: Tom WISE & UKIP
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
Further Thoughts on Scoundrels In Politics re: Tom WISE & UKIP + others!
We MUST Help The Genuine LEAKS Like Nikki’s Leaks that have created so much publicity!




I wonder what YOU believe should have been done regarding Tom Wise who fought against his case and was supported by Nigel Farage MEP who took no meaningfull action against him save accept around £5,000 of the stolen money to settle one of his own bills and also by officials of UKIP like Douglas Denny, Roger Helmer MEP, Mick McGough, Trevor Colman MEP, Brendan Padmore, Gerard Batten MEP, Mike Nattrass MEP, and others who fought every inch of the way to protect Tom Wise although it was clear he was a criminal.

Then consider having only paid back part of the money he stole and having held onto his grossly overpaid job after his brief stay at Ford Open Prison he now draws his full MEP Pension and also his secondary pension which is provided by a neo fraudullent route and is paid into from expenses in the main by almost every MEP which accrues a bonus pension pot of around £250,000 on top of the basic pension!

Then of course there would seem to have been around 1,000 bottles of good wine to tide him over, gained through yet another apparent scam as a UKIP MEP.

It has even been mooted that Tom Wise should receive a Royal Pardon as it was unfair that he was prosecuted for his thef because all the others are doing the same in scams and fiddles – If this is the case then I wish The Insight Team in The Sunday Times good fortune tomorrow and I understand there will be more well placed ‘leaks’ the week after!

It is time that politics was thoroughly overhauled and what better incentive than the austerity foist upon the people by the utter incompetence of The Political self styled elite.

That we will be Better-Off-Out relative to membership of The EU is a given but we MUST lend all the support we can to MEPs like Nikki Sinclaire who are doing all they can to expose the corruption in The EU.

Interestingly her exposures to dater are plastered across the media of The EU with 4 papers in Romania in one day carrying her stories – well done to journalists like the Insight Team, The Sunday Times, Marie Woolf, Daniel Foggo, Rob Watts, Jon Gaunt, Richard Littlejohn who relentlessly try to expose this filth.

Much of the work collapses due to either editorial partisanship or the belief the public don’t care – this being shown by the fact that the stories The Insight Team exposed, the story of rotting scanners, the story of MEP Boob Jobs, bum lifts and Viagra, cash for legislation and much more have not caught hol;d in Britain but have led to MEP resignations and headlines all around the balance of The EU.

There are still Newspapers (something of an oxymoron in this case) like The Guardian that are funded to put before the public a corrupt political line and propaganda amounting to lies as with such pond life as Polly Toynbee but then again there are few papers – even such toilet paper, that can afford a £171 Million loss just to peddle their crass ideology.

Let us hope it is not long before the general public cease to idiotically be manipulated and duped by the left wing self serving nutters and their thirst for anarchic violence rather than the democratic principle that so recently exposed them for the filth they are leaving them after 13 unlucky years handing over the £4.8 Trillion debt and daily interest repayments of £120 Million.

Let us have an end to this neo communist farce with its all too typical neo communist politicians feathering their own nests in socialist style at the expense of those who provide that wealth namely the working people of these United Kingdoms and their Non Government, private sector employers – as clearly no Government in history has been a wealth producer but there are those that can act as facilitators for creating greater wealth and thus providing better services rather than bigger debts, which has been proven even idiots can create!


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