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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 16/10/2010

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!


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It is not easy to work out what UKIP’s smear team are playing at sometimes, but the article below in blue was written back in 2006 by Nikki Sinclaire and circulated now, presumably in an anti Patriotic effort, by UKIP smear team, it seems to damage the petition for an EU Referendum.

Clearly Farage’s anti Jewish, Holocaust denying, anti homosexual claque of low lifes in his about to be formed Pan EU Political Party The EFD have not read CLICK HERE

Keep Not Silent
By Nikki Sinclair • April 4, 2006 – 1:00
This film explores the difficult subject of orthodox Jewish women living in Israel who try to reconcile their deep religious belief with (the forbidden) homosexual practice. The genre was more fly on the wall documentary than feature film and focused mainly on the real life stories of two lesbian women living in the ultra orthodox religious communities in Jerusalem.
The first, a single woman, seeking understanding tolerance and acceptance from her family and permission from her rabbi to live as a lesbian women and practice her religion. Her parents rejected her, the rabbi equated her need to sleep with other woman to that of a murderer needing to kill people and advised that in both cases these tendencies are clearly a test from God that must be controlled and suppressed.
The film charted her story from her struggle to acknowledged the fact she is unlikely to be accepted by her parents and the religious community all the whilst she chooses to live actively as a lesbian to her partaking in a ring ceremony with her partner which was a joyful yet emotional event. Happily she was supported by her siblings in her endeavours.
The second woman, married with six children, had struggled for many years with her sexuality when she met the woman she was now in a relationship with.
She confided in her husband who predictably consulted his rabbi. The rabbi explained that although male homosexuality was explicitly forbidden in the bible no such edict applied to women so technically his wife was not committing adultery!
The couple chose to take this interpretation as an endorsement for the wife to continue the relationship. The couple have effectively arranged their lives to accommodate both the lesbian relationship and the marriage.
It seems like a practical solution. However, it is not perfect. The eldest daughter has rejected her mother and left home. The eldest son questions his mother’s motivations and treatment of his father. 
The husband appears perversely to enjoy the arrangement as the sex has definitely improved since the new arrangement began – that and looking after the children being the wife’s compromise in return for the freedom to see her girlfriend, who is not best pleased that `marital relations’ continue! And of course it all has to be handled discretely under the cover of darkness.
Theses stories are not isolated and indeed a group of orthodox Jewish women have formed themselves as `orthodykes’ and meet regularly. Their debates centre on the right of man to interpret God’s will and practising a religion that does not acknowledge their natural tendencies. They believe they have every right to worship god and practice Judaism as well as sleeping with women.
The film portrays the worst of Jewish fundamentalism and as a liberal Jewish lesbian it concerns me that the casual observer would assume that we are all treated like this. I applaud these women’s efforts and struggle to live their lives as `God intended’ and to try and overcome the intolerance and bigotry and be good Jews. Sadly, the reality is that they will never be able to do so openly and be accepted by their community. 
As with other fundamentalist interpretations of religion, the rights of women sit very low on the list of (male religious) priorities and their sexual fulfilment most probably is not even a consideration.
Nikki Sinclair saw “Keep Not Silent” at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Well it does look like another piece of typically shoddy research from Farage’s UKIP smear team – almost on a par with their lies about Richard Suchorzewski as a homosexual supporter of The BNP only to subsequently discover that his long term girlfriend was a black girl from St. Kitts with a senior nursing position in a leading hospital  in London!

Almost as risible as the lies they have so glibbly published about me – mainly based on the dishonesty of Mark Croucher‘s desperate and utterly stupid efforts to portray me as pro BNP and anti Jewish – both of which are utterly ridiculous claims, supported by not a shred of evidence.

Rather similar to the article by Ms. Nikki Sinclair a regular commentator in The Pink Press!

You will also note there is a blond Nikki Sinclair described by others as a blond bomb shell & also a Nikki Sinclair super model.

You may care to recall Nikki of UKIP notoriety as MEP and openly declared homosexual was not only selected by UKIP members in The West Midlands but was elected by the people of The west Midlands to represent them and is clearly just getting on with her job as an MEP elected to represent the public and voters who wish to Leave-the-EU with a heavy shedule IN her constituency and beyond in these United Kingdoms promoting the Patriotic Petition across the country in a campaign to secure an EU IN/OUT Referendum.

UKIP’s anti Judaism in using their foolish belief that Nikki Sinclaire is Jewish as a slur is as sloppy as the fact they did not notice after 16 years of her dedication to UKIP and the EUroSceptic cause that she spells her name with an ‘e’ at the end.

Could UKIP with Farage as leader be trusted to get anything right as they bully and abuse whilst squabbling like ferrets in a sack – just look at the disgusting display by Nigel Farage, ever the oik dragging the party into an undignified gutter where he feels at home as a barrow boy.

First he has his staff rigging the hustings – then members have to suffer the pond life around him trying desperately to denigrate Tim Congdon and his frequent calls to Batten serve little purpose, weak as he is.

Now we have this idiotic smear attempt!

An interesting aside is despite his paranoia I saw the rough timetable of events for The Petition in about June and the magazine was scheduled for October – let us face it it was not until recently that Farage felt fit enough for Pearson to admit he had quit as leader some time back, taking a caretaker role until Farage was fit enough to take back the leadership as planned when Stuart Wheeler forced Farage out last year or he would give no money as he knew, as a City barrow boy, Farage was not to be trusted with money – least of all his hard won money as a professional gambler!


 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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