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Archive for the ‘Mark Croucher; Farage’ Category

#99* – Saturday 1st. Is The Start of Rebuild for UKIP.

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 31/10/2008

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership & NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable

#99* – Saturday 1st. Is The Start of Rebuild for UKIP.


Before we start I make the statement that David Bannerman, David Campbell, David Campbell Bannerman or what ever his real identity is is a fraud, a liar and a cheat whose involvement with EUkip has indisputably brought the party into disrepute.

May I also add there is a possibility he is still in the employ of the Tory Party to damage EUkip but it is a proven certainty that he is in the employ of the EU in direct breech of UKIP Constitution and Rules – for who is the Deputy Leader working? Clearly as he is a proven liar and NOT the person he claimed to be his word on anything is invalid and his membership of EUkip is invalid.

Firstly an apology – then a clarification for a correspondent who asked for clarification (Please add your own bullet points to suit clarity for yourself ;-), Then a couple of astonishing eMails from the Tory aid & EU employee the liar and fraud David The Desk – followed by a comment by me about his lies.Then a spot of VERY new information! & a bit more ‘stuff’.

Firstly my apologies for the quite genuine typo in the line below from #98* (apposite as it may be) it was a genuine error!

A Challenge for today – minded of the determination of the leadershit and NEC of EUkip to orchestrate a kangaroo court to debar those who wish to


>I would like to thank those who are beavering away in offices in the EU to ensure the members are kept informed.<

I mean here those who at risk of their position beaver away to seek to keep YOU informed by eMailing me copies of material in the absolute knowledge that in 10 years even those mailing it to me can not prove my sources 😉

Then a couple of astonishing eMails from the Tory aid & EU employee – the liar and fraud David The Desk:
‘I am sorry but you do not know half the story. Amongst other things, John West libelled me and reported Jeffrey Titford and Stuart Gulleford to the Essex police on trumped up charges – these have now been comprehensively dismissed as nonsense. He is now about to face serious disciplinary charges from a rich variety of complainants. Whilst there was one regrettable incident about YouTube, if anyone should apologise, it should be John West. Please disregard these GLW diatribes – he is out to undermine UKIP. We are not sure who he is working for, but we are determined to find out. His paymasters clearly do not have our interests at heart.
‘Best wishes,
David CB

Which Gained The Reply:

Dear Mr Bannerman,

I am in receipt, though a third party, of a letter which seems to be in general circulation.Would you like to justify the comments made in this email? Once again you have lied by claiming that I have libelled you.

You also lied when you claimed that I had reported you to the Police. I provided you with clear proof that I had not done so but I have still to receive an apology from you. To make matters worse you have made this lie public by circulating it to other members. You also mention Jeffrey Titford and Stuart Gullerford.

I approached senior officials of the party about this matter and my concerns were dismissed. When asked by the original complainant what action the party had taken I explained that nothing had been done. Therefore, in my capacity as a branch chairman, I had no option but to report to the Police what I saw as clearly a criminal breach of the Data Protection Act, together with apparent financial irregularities.

I also discussed this with my father, a former policeman, and was advised , subsequently confirmed by Essex police, that failure to report it would mean that both I and the original complainant could have been considered by the Police as ‘accessories after the fact’ for failing to report the alleged crime.

Further, in the interests of integrity, will you provide provenance for your claim regarding GLW?
I, like many others, deplore his style, but like you I am unable to refute his claims.

His endless string of leaks and statements of fact coming from the NEC, the EU and those close to it are now almost constant and yet the leadership seems unable to refute a single one of his allegations.

We the membership, look to a leader who will stand for probity, decency and morality. To slander people without proven substance is dishonest and demeans UKIP. I look forward to your speedy apology.

Yours Sincerely,
John West

followed by a comment by me about Bannerman’s lies:

To revisit the duplicity of the liar & fraud from the Tories David The Desk Bannerman:

>’I am sorry but you do not know half the story. Amongst other things, John West libelled me<

Bannerman – this is a lie as you are well aware. Just as is the pack of lies about your ancestry, which is almost as duplicitous as the CV you present relative to what can be found on the internet. As proven by the fact that I disproved the ‘crock’ that was peddled about you when you first parachuted in from the Tories to drag UKIP’s name into the gutter in which you live as a fantasist claiming fraudulent status and dishonest relationships.

I would contend that WHATEVER West said about you it would be impossible for you to make a claim of libel stand in court (even had he) as your public persona is a lie and it is thus imposible to libel you – one needs a stature and truth to establish a libel – you have neither.

>and reported Jeffrey Titford and Stuart Gulleford to the Essex police<

I have often noted that the corrupt at the top of EUkip seem to believe they have an entitlement to ignore the law yet bully and lie about their members and other to defend themselves.

There is no doubt that John West acted with total integrity in this matter – Do you David Campbell as a Tory claim that members of a political party in elected positions of trust should conceal what they perceive to be a crime?

A very straight and simple Yes or No answer will suffice!

>on trumped up charges<

You may recal that there was first a denial from EUkip sources that ANY report had been made!Then EUkip claimed there was no enquiry!

I note there is now an admission in part that there is a Police enquiry though you have lied again about the allegations – you have also dishonestly implied that Mr. West has the authority to bring ‘charges’.

As you KNOW (or imply you know) the allegations perhaps you should enumerate them and when unable to establish that they were trumped up and that there was perceived financial irregularity on SEVERAL counts and for numerous £1,000s and when you can not PROOVE there was no downloading of eMails of a private nature from PRIVATE eMail addresses perhaps you can do something honets for once in your life (since all we have seen of you is founded on lies) Your foulsome apology for your lies about Mr. West are long overdue.

> – these have now been comprehensively dismissed as nonsense.<

No sir they have not – this is another of your lies – though since the threatening letter did not actually threaten physical bodily harm or death the police have agreed with the complainant to drop that potential charge!

The matters of abuse of tax payers money and possible money laundering are I understand ongoing with OLAF, who when they have gathered the relevant information will take a view on what steps to take next – you may recall the time it took to bring Tom Wise to ‘arrest’ for what seem to be similar crimes of deception it seems.

As for the matter of the breech of trusty and abuse of computers that will remain an open investigation inactive pending direct complaint being made by those, such as the Chairman at the time and the General Secretary who had their private correspondence hacked into I understand.

I understand there are similar enquiries in the hands of OLAF pertaining to other individuals in the party particularly in the EU offices.On the strength of these FACTS I believe I have comprehensively proved that David The Desk has yet again been proven a liar.

> He is now about to face serious disciplinary charges from a rich variety of complainants.<

Yes this is true and a kangaroo court process is being set up to prevent him representing the members on the NEC as he was democratically elected to do. Further, interestingly, a number of known cheats and liars in the party have been solicited for spurious complaints that are clearly being encouraged in return for preferment and are thus being made on the grounds of malice for gain it seems.

We shall know more of the spead of corruption over the next few days as the liars are forced to surface with their self serving stories for the NEC orchestrated dishonesty.

Already, together with this eMail I have been sent an exchange of some 10+ eMails between Eric Edmond & various duplicitous and untrustworthy members of the EUkip NEC who are seeking to prevent him representing the 2,400 members who voted for him to represent their interests and the best interests of the party as he sees it.

Talking of trumped up charges you really must read the pompous drivel drawn up by this sad little failed Tory bag carrier – it is risible and that document alone would have an executive of a proper grown up company looking for a new job – This sordid little Tory liar has done NOTHING but bring EUkip into disrepute and has as you will be aware prostituted EUkip for HIS 30 pieces of silver as an EU employee.

>Whilst there was one regrettable incident about YouTube,<

’Regrettable’!!!! Regrettable!!

You really are a disgracefull little man Bannerman just how low will you sink for your own gain. The wording you are looking for if you had ANY integrity is ‘We deeply regret the criminal activity of a rogue employee who has been summarily dismissed without references or severance reward, we have written a letter of apology to Mr. West and his wife for any embarrassment, harm or damage they may perceive they have been cause and we as a Party and the responsible officers of the Party have unreservedly apologised and have clearly accepted our responsibility, we are obviously at the mercy of Mr. West to seek any reasonable damages however we hope that by adding him to the list in a draw for position and acting rapidly to acquit our duty in a manner we feel sure our members would wish we trust he will continue to work as a valued member of our party’.

Due to the incompetence of leadership EUkip now faces numerous related Court cases subsequent to which it is likely that Mr. West will, as with Mr. Page, seek punative damages – what staggering incompetence the leadership and NEC have shown!

>if anyone should apologise, it should be John West.<

What staggering arrogance from the unelected Deputy Leader of EUkip – on what grounds does this serial liar, bully, cheat and general Tory low life presume to to make so disgusting an allegation?Perhaps, other than perhaps style or syntax, has Mr. West done ANYTHING that he could be believed to

>Please disregard these GLW diatribes<

What? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE disregard the facts provided by G.L-W. as we can not show that a single word exposing corruption, dishonesty, incompetence, lies and fraud in EUkip is so much as inaccurate let alone untrue.

That the egregious little filth – liar, fraud, cheat and dishonourable Bannerman who has been proven unreliable, unsound, bitchy and corrupt who can not, together with lawyers and all his corrupt colleagues, refute a single fact I have led seeks to BEG YOU not to believe the truth – how very EU!!!

> – he is out to undermine UKIP.<

Now that IS a libel as he has not one shred of evidence to back his lie and I am firmly and openly on record as wishing to destroy the corrupt and rotting head of EUkip to restore it to the members cleaned-up and distanced from the indisputable dishonesty and corruption that I and many others have proved and published.

Let us see if the liar David Bannerman, or whatever his real name is, is sufficient of a man to apologise for his proven libel.

>We are not sure who he is working for, but we are determined to find out.<

The corrupt in EUkip have been making these comments for many years and a measure of their incompetence is their abject failure to make anything but childish playground insults in any way substantiated. Meanwhile again and again I have exposed liar, cheats, fraud, corruption, slander and libel by these odious people – with the aim of strengthening UKIP in the hands of its members liberated from the rotten head that has brought its into such disrepute.

We DESPERATELY need a patriotic party that will strenuously and with integrity, facts, probity and morality strive to liberate these United Kingdoms from the EU.

>His paymasters clearly do not have our interests at heart. ‘<

Again the idiotic Bannerman seeks to libel me by inference – However he is correct as I seek to destroy corruption, as so clearly represented by this sordid plant from the Tories now working for the EU.

>Best wishes, David CB<
(Do YOU think this stands for Corrupt Bastard or Conservative Bufoon?)

To continue – may prove interesting as an example of corruption in EUkip and during the recent scam orchestrated by the leadership of EUkip to put in place their chosen cronies – Farage is firmly on record making it clear he cares not a jot what the lists state he will draw up lists to suit him in April – what Bannerman is just a seat warmer for someone Farage wishes to parachute in – someone like the turncoat Tory Bob Spink?

Then of course he is in a position to parachute in the foul mouthed Fuller as a reward for her lies and duplicity and other services – he may even find he is blackmailed into giving the odious liar and supporter of extremism Mark Croucher as number one in Deadweight Derek’s (Derek Clark MEP) fiefdom or the walking waistcoat, assuming he has his marital affairs sorted out, as a replacement for Trevor Colman who I note is already being spun against on the grounds of racism!!!

Bit rich coming from some of EUkip’s leadership!

You will be aware I have a great deal of material from EUkip offices in the EU and elsewhere pertaining to the series of Kangaroo Courts planned to remove those who wish to clean up EUkip and who are insisting on financial probity and the removal of those who have so obviously brought EUkip into disrepute.

Although EUkip is wriggling on the hoof (to mix a few metaphors!) and at the moment are TRYING to deny basic Justice and refuse the selected victims the right to defend themselves against the trumped up charges – should they obstruct the fundamental standards of decent behaviour on a balanced and fair basis clearly those who are being dishonestly victimised will have every right to clear their names and acquit their duties to the electorate and those who voted for them in the public arena – including the courts.

Let us see if EUkip NEC & Leadership who have participated in this immoral and disgracefull witch hunt, seemingly to ensure they can keep their interests and calumnies concealed should unreservedly apologise for the shameful behaviour and also those who instigated this corruption including Farage as leader, Bannerman as deputy leader, Zucherman as Party Chairman who is acting shamefully as a licensed solicitor!

Denny who has repeatedly lied, cheated and acted corruptly on public forums and elsewhere, Oxley for her malicious behaviour and dishonest representation of her legal opinion as informed! Clark for his betrayal of Britain and admitted frauds against the EU – then we can start, once these people have resigned, to clean up the remainder of the party with the help of OLAF, The Police, The Electoral Commission and put UKIP back on track as an organisation that is fit for people of integrity to vote for.

I shall, in the interests of restoring UKIP withhold the documents to hand to provide EUkip with an opportunity to undertake to commence the clean up themselves – however I reserve the right to act in any manner I believe will best serve my Country and the decent honest grass roots members who have had their party stolen by self seekers, self enrichers, spivs, petty crooks, liars and worse!

EUkip has until 17:00hrs. Friday 31st. October to publicly and unreservedly apologise to myself, John West, Del Young, Simon Muir, Richard Suchorzewski, Petrina Holdsworth, David Abbott, Niall Warry, Dr. Richard North, Ian Gilman, Peter Watson, Robin Page, Daniel Foggo, The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times, Dr. Eric Edmond and others whom they have defamed, lied about, slandered and libelled – Further an undertaking will be made to appoint The Returning Officer Piers Merchant to conduct a full, fair and externally organised rerun of the application, selection and vote for MEP candidates – the NEC/Leadership will undertake as recompense of their collusion in the corruption to date to fully fund this process from their own pockets – those unwilling to co-operate in this first step to make UKIP electable shall resign such offices they hold recuse themselves from all future political activity save voting and surrender their office and their membership back to the new UKIP within 7 days.

I note there has been much talk of EUkip’s leadership moving to a night of the long knives – You ain’t seen nothing yet!

If they insist let their political blood be spilt to ensure rebirth. I will not withdraw from this battle for my Country nor give ANY quarter once the battle commences – the choice is entirely that of EUkip whether to continue in corruption or commence the clean up. The names of ALL who have been besmirched by the filth 5that has risen in EUkip WILL be cleared and various resignations are a given – let us see if EUkip gets the message in time.

I will meet with any member of the Party on any public platform to accept their apologies and their plans to clean up the party and restore it to the members – I will meet with any group publicly to debate the clean up of UKIP or destruction of EUkip. The choice is entirely yours.

This may well not be pretty but already we have a small but growing army of activists in place ready to campaign directly against EUkip during the elections and we have briefed media contacts who understand our position our actions are predicated on whether the leadership acts with integrity or continues in indisputable corruption – if the latter the exposures will be relentless and the corrupt will be harried on a daily basis, clearly we are aided by the Courts, the Police, The EU, the Electoral Commission and various other authorities.

Clearly we have unexpected sources on the NEC, over many years, leaks amongst staff, media and trusted members – people who appreciate that UKIP is finished and are VERY angry at seeing their efforts exploited and their Country betrayed.

May I ask ALL honest members of what was UKIP to circulate this as widely as they can and do all they can to clean up EUkip and restore it to the members and the peoples of Britain fit to elect – minded that the most recent poll showed that 95% of 10,000 people polled wished Britain to LEAVE the EU yet under its present leadership the membership has fallen the activists have collapsed and the support in elections varies between 1 & 3% as a norm save one freak vote when only 2 parties stood!

Help US to get Britain OUT of the EU and ensure British people make rules for British people, pay taxes to fund Britain and control their own borders.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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