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Archive for the ‘Alan HARVEY’ Category

#0694* – Clarifying UKIP Distortions on behalf of Junius & myself

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 15/11/2011

#0694* – Clarifying UKIP Distortions on behalf of Junius & myself

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To Spread The Facts World Wide



Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

Clarifying UKIP Distortions on behalf of Junius & myself!!



this self serving distortion of facts by one of the many sordid sock puppets of UKIP leadership which post their dishonest lies, fantasies and corrupt propaganda on Anthony Butcher’s corrupt and dishonest UKIP controlled forum – some as muppets of UKIP leadership posting in their own names and some using fake identities to hide their shame – including Mark Croucher, Mick McGough, Douglas Denny, Mark Croucher, Annabelle Fuller, Paul Nuttall, Ray Finch, Bob Feel-Martinis, John Ison, Brendan Padmore, Stuart Parr and many others.

The posting hosted in disregard of dishonesty as ever by the corrupt Anthony Butcher  was brought to my attention by members of the JUNIUS team who have asked me to address the dishonesty in detail and expose this latest publication by this odious cowardly underbelly of UKIP corrupt leadership support.

Many of these self serving cowards working with Anthony Butcher use multiple identities and EU computers with rapidly changing ISP addresses and shared identities.

I will address this specific rubbish when I get a chance – distortions and dishonesties similar to those of other cowards such as Skeptyk, Independent UKIP, Defamation Hunter, Arthur Fonzanellie who shelter their corruption in cowardice and shame behind fake IDs.

Probably THE most significant fact in political terms is that some of these people are members of UKIP NEC, some salaried officers and no doubt some actually elected or seeking to feed from the public purse – a reflection on UKIP’s clearly corrupt and self serving leadership is that never once have I been aware or made aware of any member of UKIP leadership making ANY efforrt to surb these lies and distortions and it is clear that bullying and lies are a feature of the management of UKIP.

Imagine what a vile country these United Kingdoms would be if the morality and ethics of UKIP EVER held sway here!

Clearly UKIP leadership and its parasites are examples of shame and not leadership.

I shall Fisk the posting below in the next couple of days so you can consider the responsible truth, which I defend with my name and identity.

You will note that NEVER in many 1,000s of postings has it been shown EVER that I have posted to mislead or in dishonesty – unlike UKIP and its parasites!

Sorry I haven’t got back to this yet, as I was out most of yesterday evening with friends and today I have some building work to address – unfortunately I have to employ as health precludes doing it myself! 

At least more than 1/2 of the re-roofing job is now secure and winter tight!

I am in the fortunate position that firstly I am not answerable to any of the toe rags in UKIP leadership’s claque nor do I seek popularity, income, agrandisement or preferment unlike them, nor have I ANYTHING to hide!

I also ONLY post in my own name and have no position, other than the truth to present.


Would have been well advised to stick to his day job at which, as a Street Cleaner, he may well be competent. Though we note below his main stock in trade is indeed garbage!

StreetCleaner is offline

Newbie StreetCleaner is just starting out

NOT VERY PLAUSIBLE – far more likely to be a retread sock puppet using a false name to distort and defame out of both shame and cowardice.

Join Date Oct 2011
Posts 9

Default Junius: Behind The Real Front

A meaningless title – what ‘Real Front’ is it implied The Junius Team are behind?

“BNP front group” is a smear used by Alan ‘sexy’ Harvey.

As this Alan Hardy (Mea Culpa and apologies to Alan Hardy – this should have read Alan Harvey as you can see from Gutter Snipe’s posting quoted immediately above – To find out about Alan Hardy see the right sidebar as he is relevant to UKIP and a member directly approved by Nigel Farage whereas I have no reason to believe Alan Harvey was or is a UKIP member though I understand he has friends and associates who support him within UKIP’s senior members! My thanks for the message pointing out my mistake!) who Street Cleaner seemingly finds ‘sexy’ is not a part of Junius and has never written an article for them nor to their knowledge has he ever spoken with them one wonders at the relevance.

I do clearly state that I understand that like many with an interest in EU related politics it would seem an Alan Hardy (As earlier read Alan Harvey)) HAS written on the comments section of The Junius blog. Then again so have members of UKIP leadership and others including UKIP MEPs & staff!

It was Harvey who was found to be linked to the BNP via Jeffrey Marshall, BNP London Organiser;

What relevance this extensive knowledge of The BNP has to Junius or I I am unsure – though it is noted that UKIP leadership have had and it now seems still have close relations with The BNP:

It is also well publicised that UKIP are associated with extremists, racists, anti Islamists, anti homosexuality and violence in politics even now it seems Gerard Batten has fallen foul of the race laws in these United Kingdoms and is defending his behaviour we understand with the support of UKIP and the express financial support of UKIP aurthorised by Nigel Farage.

Yert again UKIP department of lost causes is squandering member’s money, it seems!

Harvey’s recently fallen out with a member of his ‘Ulster branch’ who is a long-standing BNP member – clearly the BNP membership was not an issue until they fell out.

Clearly no relevance just an attempt to smear Junius and possibly myself by UKIP who seem rightly to be denounced as The BNP in blazers by some!

Readers here will recall that Harvey’s close friend Gary Cartwright tried to get Mike Smith expelled from UKIP over supposed “strong BNP connections”.

Mike Smith many will recal was an odious, bullying and litigious buffoon and as such Gary Cartwright would seem to have acted with some sense on this issue.

Assuming it is the same Mike Smith who committed suicide well over a year ago further details can be found at CLICK HERE

It was Gary Cartwright who had to leave UKIP.

I was under the impression Gary Cartwright quit UKIP over what HE considered to be a point of principle and now works directly for the EU Parliament attached to The Unalligned Group of MEPs and is allocated primarily to Nikki Sinclaire MEP and as such has done a great deal more towards the Leave-The-EU cause than any of UKIP’s sock puppets and most of their self serving parasites.

Amidst Greg Lance Watkins’ denunciation of the Swinton Circle is that it had as a speaker Tom Wise yet omits that Wise employed and was supported by Gary Cartwright, and that Cartwright was also a member of the Swinton Circle.

Yet another cowardly and dishonest statement seeking to smear from UKIP’s cowardly sock puppet.

Read the article the cowardly creep has cited – wher in would be the relevance of this statement relative to Cartwright? Was he a member of The Swinton Circle? It seems this cowardly sock puppet has a fairly intimate knowledge of The Swinton Circle – Personally I couldn’t name a single member though I do note it is seen as an extremist group which has given a platform to Tom Wise, Nigel Farage & Lindsay Jenkins – Tom Wise spoke for them on at least one occassion whilst awaiting trial and sentence to 2 years in prison for stealing from the public purse in abuse of his position of trust!

I KNOW the Swinton Cirlcle provided the platform with full knowledge of Tom Wise’s criminality as before the courts and with Nigel Farage’s encouragement!

In 2009 GL-W was chastising his associate Cartwright for his “support of criminality” claiming it “most clearly undermines [Cartwright’s] credibility”, then rather interestingly comes the sentence “Not an error that I would wish to make nor one I believe any of the contributors to Junius would wish to be associated with” – reads almost like an instruction as if Greg Lance-Watkins is trying to bring the wayward Cartwright into line doesn’t it?

What a desperate attempt to smear – so very typical of UKIP sock puppets and their vile associates.

Firstly Gary Cartwright is NOT an associate of mine nor have I even met him let alone associated with him. Just to dispel the blatant lie.

Secondly I stand by my statement as quoted at CLICK HERE

I will happily reitterate my position that I conside it a VERY poor display of judgement that ANYONE including Nigel Farage or even Crtwright gave succour to the criminal behaviour of Tom Wise who is a particularly unpleasant low life with the morality and ethics of an alley cat!

It is noted Wise was supported by Anthony Butcher, Douglas Denny, Mick McGough, Nigel Farage, Mark Croucher, Roger Helmer and many others, mainly self serving Judas Goats and Plastic EUroSceptics.

Clearly Cartwright’s refusal to toe the line over Wise still rankles as only a few months ago Greg Lance-Watkins stated Cartwright had a “crano rectally retentive attitude to Tom Wise” and that Cartwright’s job while working for Wise was to “try to dupe people”.

Do we take it that the snivelling cowardly Street Sweeper in crawling out of his gutter would claim my statement to be wrong? In mittigation Cartwright WAS employed by Wise and his and his family’s income was dependent on Wise at the time – that makes his actions no less acceptable.

Perhaps GL-W would be able to state if in his opinion Cartwright did a good job duping people, and whether Cartwright’s job for Nikki Sinclaire is also to “try to dupe people”?

The smear attempt is noted but clearly the capacity in which The EU currently employs Cartwright is a matter for Nikki Sinclaire – though he brings with him baggage which I personally consider it was unwise of Sinclaire to take on board as his talents doe seem all too readily subsumed by the low lifes of UKIP who seek to defame Sinclaire!

Curiously, Alan Harvey’s alternative ‘Swinton Circle’ on his Springbok club website which shows previous speakers no longer lists Tom Wise from March 2008 but retains Farage from January 2008; why one and not the other?

Since the cowardly Street Sweeper has such connections and information may I suggest he earns his keep as a butt boy for UKIP and finds out.

I do note that The Springbok Club and The Swinton Circle have been closely associated for many years – After many years based in South Africa actively opposed to appartheid and having resigned from The British Army on a point of principle over partly the issue of colour and my rejection of the fact that The British Army was at the time on standby to enter Rhodesia to promote a racially based position – I take issue with the smears of the guttless and cowards.

Another speaker to the Swinton Circle no longer shown is Bob Lomas – and what’s this? GL-W getting a bit uptight with Junius about the Magna Carta Society! What can it all mean?

It may surprise the cowardly that it means EXACTLY what I posted.

Unlike Street Sweeper I post what I believe to be the facts and will stand by them in a responsible manner, not as a coward posting innuendo and smears behind a cowardly cloak of anonymity!

Anyone wanting further facts is all to welcome to contact me direct as i have ALWAYS been easily contacted, always posted my material in my own name and always been willing to correct any detail that I have posted in error (it has happened, as I recall on 3 occasions and in each was corrected rapidly with apologies – fortunately not one of which was of any material consequence).

Greg Lance-Watkins repeatedly denounces Tom Wise from on high but fails to apply the same standards to his beloved Ashley Mote.

Ashley Mote’s criminality was totally disimilar to the breech of trust in public office and the abuse of access to the public purse made by Tom Wise – as the courts recognised in sentencing where Mote was sentenced to 9 months and Wise to 24! It is also of some note that Ashley Mote was of some value to EUroRealism over a number of years – Wise was corrupt, dishonest and of little use to anyone other than wine merchants it seems – with his long string of failures and non jobs over his life.

Tom Wise betrayed the electorate and the EUroSceptic cause in office representing UKIP, the electorate and these United Kingdoms!

But then Greg Lance-Watkins has no credibility to undermine.

So you may dishonestly claim – yet we note that Street Sweeper’s credibility is such that he is too ashamed to put his name to it!

Astonishingly (or maybe not) the every hypocritical Greg Lance-Watkins

Such a cheap and shoddy claim from a coward too ashamed to put his name to defamation yet unable to cite a single solitary instance of hypocracy with any credible evidence – so very like UKIP and its vile leadership and odious defenders.

denounces the Swinton Circle for (un-proven) BNP links but spectacularly fails to comment on Alan Harvey’s recent link-up with the Canadian “British People’s League” which is run by John Beattie former leader of the Canadian Nazi Party!

Cowardly fool that Street Sweeper is he fails to note I have absolutely no interest in Canadian Politics have considered Alan Hardy an irrelevance of no material consequence based on the little I know of him. I shall leave the gutter sweepings to those best suited in the gutter – this particular Street Sweeper andf his snivelling cowardice.

“More power to your elbow“ Harvey advices Beattie – clearly good advice for anyone who does the fascist salute a lot! Harvey also says he and Beattie “ will work ever closer together” – which based on his past record such as with US Nazi Richard Barrett means he will later develop selective amnesia and deny he ever heard of him.

What is the relevance of this obsession of UKIP with their chums in The BNP and extremist politics to Junius or myself?

So when Alan Harvey and Gary Cartwright’s ‘Swinton Circle’ (aka Springbok Club) next holds a meeting will Greg Lance-Watkins and Junius be rushing to denounce it as a Nazi-linked front group and publish its address? Seems unlikely considering denial forms part of their politics.

Particularly unlikely as I do not follow the antics of these tiny extremist groups.

Hence I am unaware of the membership of the group nor what its splits were.

The relevance of the Swinton Circle was merely due to their providing a platform for senior UKIP leadership and their being seen and quoted by many as yet another extremist group UKIP leadership were associated with.

It’s time to take out the trash

How very true and sitting on the pile of garbage that is so clearly represented by this cowardly street sweeper are all too many seeking preferment, placement and self interest within UKIP, its leadership, its parasites and its claque.

Perhaps when the odious Street Sweeper or scum like Independent UKIP, Arthur Fonzanellie and their ilk have the integrity to put their names and IDs to their sordid postings they can explain what this odious low life Street Sweeper was trying to achieve by showing just how dishonest he is!
. .

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