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Archive for the ‘Council Election Day’ Category

#0459* – UKIP – The Morning After The Night Before!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 05/05/2011

#0459* – UKIP – The Morning After The Night Before!
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
UKIP – The Morning After The Night Before!

They may even get a superannuated regional Councillor in Wales!

They could move from 14 elected Councillors to as high as 20!!!!




With around 9,000 seats up for election today and with UKIP fielding about 1,200 candidates I predict UKIP will NOT break the magic 30 seats elected.


as the electioneering is now over and the desperate job of talking up the outcome arrives for UKIP’s unprofessional leadership team and and the parasites around them seeking preferment and crumbs from the troughs on the gravy train will all be busy crowing atop their dung heap whilst Farage talks up the net gain (which it would have been hard not to achieve!)

Let us remember UKIP entered this election period with 14 or 16 elected seats (it takes more effort to pin down the exact figure and as it is dismally low it is largely obfuscated by UKIP).

They started out with 13 MEPs but 3 have resigned so far from the extremist group The Pan EU Political EFD Group which Farage set up off his own bat without democratic consent to support racist, xenophobic, pro EU membership, anti Jewish, violently anti homosexual policies based on a REFORM policy.

The fractures apeared within a very short space of time with Trevor Colman speaking out and ‘claiming’ he would not go along with it almost immediately and stating he would leave in the September as did Nikki Sinclaire.

Out of concern for UKIP neither did leave as with an election upcoming Farage took the utterly selfish step of abandoning the party for his personal glory, forcing a leadership election. It is also claimed Farage had to go as the party had so squandered its money on hiring family and friends and half wit schemes to distract from the fact that almost no money was coming in and the MEP donations of any size were only being contributed in self interest and not to the central party – the party after crass mismanagement and catastrophic leadership with serial court cases lost was all but broke.

With an election up coming and no man of stature funding the party, even the bemused booky Bowne was seemingly a spent force his reputation on a low ebb and his property investments down it is said. Thus we hear Stuart Wheeler made it clear he would donate but not with Farage anywhere near the money or as leader.

Impressed with the title and the efforts of the outgoing leader on his behalf the duplicitous and underhand Malcolm Lord Pearson was put in as Wheeler/Farage’s puppet. Even then Stuart Wheeler was so disillusioned he had one of his ‘Crises of Confidence’ as with David Cameron, that his share income was dropping like a brick and he had more than halved the fortune he made gambling – he wrote a final cheque and quit UKIP to stand against them with a rather silly scheme forming a new party – who talked him into that honourable but idiotic idea so late must have hoped for income and a job!

UKIP’s results in the general election were risible in every single constituency in which they stood.

By this time Sinclaire having had detailed discussions with Pearson prior to Christmas and his assurance that her principles would be respected and her position in UKIP would be unaffected when she left The sordid EFD Group. At this Nigel Farage had one of his imature and unedifying hissy fits and yet again threatened to leave UKIP if Nikki Sinclaire remained. Pearson terrified at the thought of being left alone with this bag of vipers capitulated and reneged on his undertakings to Nikki Sinclaire – I for one was not surprised he is after all an Old Etonian!

Sinclaire was manouvered against, propagandised against, lied about and when her regional committee voted  6 to one in har favour they were ignored and Farage engineered her being removed and her offices robbed on the instructions of the discreditted and useless Christopher Gill. The implications for Mike Nattrass from whom she rented the offices were horrendous as his employee had carried out the robbery and rapidly the goods stolen were returned and profuse apologies accepted by Sinclaire.

The folder of evidence in Sinclaire’s defence put before the NEC was impressive but in normal style the mostly useless boot likers and yes men on UKIP’s NEC acted without any ethics, morality or sense of justice and obeyed their inner voice in the form of Farage’s hit squad having seen the way he and Croucher had pumped up The BNP to create their own Night of The Reichstag Tower and a subsequent Crystal Nacht removing those of probity who called the NEC to account.

More low life placemen were of course readily available and Sinclaire although remaining a member of UKIP was forced to cease being a UKIP MEP or using UKIP logos or badging – She was thus forced to enter the election in opposition to EU membership in her own capacity.

Her position was untennable – a professional politician being courted by rival parties, she again took the only rational and ethical stand and declined offers of standing for national parties and stood on purely local issues highlighting EU influence, supporting and standing for the nascent Residents association SAMRA.

There was even an outside danger based on local recognition and work done that had Sinclaire been permitted to stand for UKIP she just might have unseated Caroline Spelman and could with a fair wind and help have been UKIP’s first MP – there was no one else in UKIP who stood a prayer! Standing for SAMRA obviously she was never likely to get many votes but it legitimised her campaigning against EU membership.

So what of the outcome in todays vote?

I incline to the opinion, in view of the well earned unpopularity of Nick Clegg Chris Hoohne and Vincent Cable that the Lib.Dims will take a bath.

The Labour pro EU movement will make big gains as it reclaims the Lib.Dim. disillusioned faction and there will be small gains for The Tories in the better informed wards where they realise that the cuts need to be a hell of a lot tougher if Britain is to survive the economic illiteracy and corruption of the 13 unlucky years of Labour misrule and the £4.8Trillion of debt they created in their self serving greed.

IF the Snivil Cervice and Government jobs are not halved Britain WILL NOT survive.

IF the Kleptocratic QUANGOcracy feeding like maggots on The NHS are not erradicated THERE WILL BE NO FUNCTIONING NHS within 5 years. Consider Wales where £1Billion of NHS money has been squandered on fashionable projects aggrandising inadequates like rebadging NHS Gwent and creating ever more hugely over paid management structures whilst basic equipment needs and cleaning go by the board!

OK in this atmosphere I predict net gains for UKIP that may even bring them up to 30 in elected office for the first time ever – that leaves a mere19,470/2 to go to be in a majority!!!


May I suggest that whilst they take stock, root out the parasites, maggots and hangers on – ensure they haven’t a single staff member earning more than £30K and that each MEP donates not less than £40K a year from their salary to the central party and all accounts are presented in detail openly to the full NEC and both authorised and signed off by each member.

– the party would do well to: 

Read the article below by Bruno Waterfield on 20-Apr-2011

Then structure a plan to get UKIP activists NOT TO STOP their efforts of the last week or two in the elections but to continue to ensure EVERY household in Britain knows not less than 5 of the facts Bruno Waterfield has highlighted and whilst at it a simple flier showing how Britain pays £50M a day to fund membership of The EU and £120M a day in interest on the borrowings of 13 unlucky years of Labour dishonesty and incompetence.

Those who wish to act positively can go to CLICK HERE and read up on the facts before downloading a form and actively campaigning for signatures and supporters.

The plight of the discreditted UKIP will come later!

This is just an infill movement to give the remaining Party some sort of aim to carry it forward until it is reformed and can attract a leader of both stature and probity, competence and charisma, professionalism and authority thus liberating Farage to do what he does best ‘Be A Performer’.

If UKIP fails to act it will continue to bump along enriching a few whilst disapointing many and betraying more.

EU spending in numbers

Brussels has demanded that British taxpayers stump up more than £600million in extra contributions to the European Union next year to meet a proposed £5.5billion increase. Here is a breakdown of the EU’s spending.

a one euro coin above the flag for the United Kingdom


The nine tenths of the EU’s budget in 2009 that was “materially affected” by irregularities, projects that included the spending of more than £350,000 “improving the lifestyle and living standard of dogs” in Hungary.
The annual cost of paying pensions to Eurocrats by 2040, British taxpayers will end up paying £350million of the total. 


The amount British taxpayers paid for EU pensions in 2010, giving the average retired Eurocrat an income of almost £60,000. 
The annual pay and perks package for Baroness Ashton, the EU foreign minister and highest paid female politician in the world 
The number of senior EU officials, earning £185,000 a year, who were entitled to three months time off work on full pay last year. 
The amount that the European Parliament’s 736 MEPs can collectively claim this year in “daily subsistence” and “general expenditure” expenses without having to provide any receipts or proof of expenditure. 
The annual cost of moving the entire EU parliament hundreds of miles from Brussels to Strasbourg for a plenary sitting once a month as a symbol of Franco-German reconciliation. 
The European House of History, to be built by 2014 by MEPs, despite a continuing argument over fundamental historical event, such as what happened during the Second World War. 
The annual cost of EuroparlTV, a television channel, which highlights the work of MEPs, and has only 830 daily viewers, less than 10 per cent of the 9,000 people working in the parliament every day.
Cash to train teenagers in Burkina Faso and Mali, two of the world’s poorest countries, in “therapeutic dancing” because Africans find that “expression of feelings through the spoken word is often difficult and complicated”.
The sum paid on the EU’s “project of generosity” set up to “spread the movement of reaching out and sharing”. 

The funding went to the London-based Flying Gorillas troupe, whose acts includes the “brilliant smelly foot dance”.

To view the original article CLICK HERE



 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62

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