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Archive for the ‘EUkip; UKIP; Jeffrey Titford; Stuart Gulleford; Gollom; John West; Ken Bennett; Christopher Gill; Nigel Farage;’ Category


Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 24/11/2008


Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!




it is astonishing just how gleefully many in EUkip’s leadership team MEPs & staff leap to wallow in the gutter.

Squabbling, backbiting, threatening and abusing all who may stand in the way of their access to the Troughs on the Gravy Train.

It looks like Gollom has excelled them:

Gollom seemingly is threatening Ken Bennett.

For those who are unaware of who Ken Bennett is – Ken has been a VERY loyal supporter of UKIP for many years and has done a great deal of voluntary work for UKIP.

As the poison presssssious pen letter states he was at one time responsible for Jeffrey Titford’s finances and is thus well informed of the goings on in EUkip’s Chelmsford Office.

You may recall Ken was Treasurer of UKIP’s South Essex Branch which was chaired by Brian Lee, who after many years left what had become EUkip in disgust.

Ken Bennett, for the record, has developed a serious and life threatening neurological disease isease which leaves him almost too tired to function in life – Ken has faced this challenge with great courage and clarity of thought between his prolonged visits to hospital.

Ken’s resolve was much firmed when he received, slittttthering under his door a hand delivered poisssssson pen letter.

Ken Bennett has authorised me to display the letter and his personal details.

Minded how ill Ken is and the years of loyal service and support to UKIP I am disgusted at the content of the letter.

Judge for yourself at how the filth residual in EUkip are behaving: Revolting and cowardly isn’t it no wonder Gollom chose his alter ego as a scavenger of corpses!

So Veeeeeery EU so veeeeeery EUkip so veeeeeery Gollom!

I am reliably informed and can assure you the Police were informed and hugely underwhellmed. The letter was I understand tracked back with accuracy to Gollom.

It may interest you to know that Ken was not well enough to act in this matter and contacted John West as a Branch Chairman and PPC who, having worked in The Chelmsford Office of Titford, he was absolutely certain he could trust to act honourably who could be trusted.

John West having reported other offences for Ken Bennett – at Ken Bennett’s request, due to Ken’s deeply challenging health, the offences WITH documentary supporting AND corroborative evidence, including copies of private letters from hacked into private eMail addresses on EUkip servers or computers, and details of serious financial irregularities within Jeffrey Titford’s EUkip offices in Chelmsford and ‘possibly’ also the EU.

We understand that the initial reports were made so that EUkip could put its house in order and John West supplied the information, on behalf of Ken Bennett, to the relevant Officer in EUkip. In a total and disgusting betrayal of trust the individual concerned advised Jeffrey Titford and Stuart Gulleford of the exact details of the complaint and details of the complainants.

Shame on you Christopher Gill – you really are a revolting old man – you betrayed these two vulnerable people who were acting with integrity EXACTLY as any moral individual should. They wanted EUkip to clean up its act rather than be exposed in the media.

Christopher Gill your behaviour in this instance and in your utter and total abrogation on your duty in the sordid business of drawing up the list of potential candidates as MEPs until Farage alters the lists to suit his personal gain by April 28th.

Christopher Gill are you another Conservative plant saddled on UKIP to drag it further into the gutter as EUkip? Shame on you you have befouled your entire career with these sordid and dishonourable actions – it is to be hoped you will have the dignity to resign from politics hanging your head in shame.

When John West became aware of this betrayal he discussed the matter with a friend – only to be told by his friend that in conversation with Nigel Farage that he, Farage, couldn’t give a ‘stuff’ and they could do what they liked.

After discussion with his father, a retired Police Officer, John West realised there was now irrefutable evidence that he was aware of perceived criminal actions and to fail to act he would be considered under law to be accessory after the fact if the matter came to law by another route and he was also aware of his duty as a citizen. John West conferred with Ken Bennet who asked him to proceed.

John West reported the matters to the police as allegations of suspicion of various crimes having taken place.

The police have opened separate files on the matter and I understand that they fall into three categories:

* Poison Pen Letter with veiled threats to a very unwell loyal party member.

* Downloading the private letters (believed to be those of Petrina Holdsworth past Chairman, Geoffrey Kingscott past General Secretary and Returning Officer when Douglas Denny was fired from the job by vote of the NEC for corruption, dishonesty and lies, and maybe others)

* Financial irregularities involving seemingly fraud and embezzlement ie receipt of money for one usage and using it for another – but I am NOT conversant with the details.

I understand there were 3 basic files opened.

One has been investigated and the police have reported back with thanks to John West placing the matter in abeisance since no direct threat was made to physically harm Ken Bennett although he found it intimidatory and threatening.

The computer interference requires a direct complaint by a wronged party – the file is still open and will remain so pending a direct complaint from Petrina Holdsworth, Geoffrey Kingscott or some other directly involved party – I believe if such a party contact the Police the police hold copies of the stolen eMails and would supply them to the parties concerned which would revivify the enquiry.

The final files regarding financial irregularities have been established as substantive, sufficient to pass them to OLAF who will investigate whether they have sufficient grounds and provenance to pass the files back to The British Police to further investigate and when ready notify OLAF who would then make an official complaint.

If this follows the same path as Tom Wise this will take a considerable time but may, like Tom Wise, end up with arrests and prolonged bail – the bail period being deliberately long as the offences, if similar, will fall under ‘money laundering’ laws which permit of full forensic investigation of finances and bank accounts and those of ALL who have related bank accounts.

I understand the OLAF Case Number is OF/2008/0764/Titford there may be other numbers of other cases against Titford and/or case numbers of others related to these cases.

I have MORE information on these matters, some of which I am witholding so as not to prejudice the case other that I will consider releasing at an apposite time.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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