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Archive for the ‘Heather Brooke’ Category


Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 19/02/2011


ADDITION AT 2011-Feb-20 03:04hrs.: 


Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
This is the planned follow on promised in The News of The World, not just Penny Ante errors presented as fiddles but the Industrial level structured corruption Sinclaire has shown the Team!

I have read the text of the article and this is not cobbled together footling over claims on expenses – this material far exceeds the  ‘Expenses Scams at Westminster’ exposed by Heather Brooke.

Guy even states:
‘The figures are well above the generous handouts available to British MPs that led to the expenses abuse scandal which swept through Parliament’.

As an aside I gather Sinclaire has asked written questions as to why, when there is no official business at Strasbourg on a Friday MEPs are GIVEN €280 for a days allowance just to sign in?

IF half the MEPs steal this money (legitimised by corrupt rules) that is public money down the drain to enrich MEPs and their staff!


I recently received this from Guy who I have known for some time and have historically found to be trustworthy and honourable, if at times a little confused on ethics and principles having displayed a thin grasp of the concept of ‘corruption’, a cause of conversation where his moral compass took a bit of a battering regarding Tory fund raising recently 😉
Hi Nikki,
This is an updated version. (The other name on it, David Coverdale, works with me, and should be in Brussels for you to meet.)
Added in more about your stance (will try to get a web link or similar in), and distanced you more from the allowances.
I’ve updated the figures but we need to check the table. I’ve estimated the Parliamentary Assistance Allowance for now, but it’s closer.
Let me know if you want me to forward to Greg, or if you can send on.
My Editor is very keen on this, which is great for us.
I will let you know my travel arrangements to Brussels a bit later, but we’re certainly going to give it another go.
It will be same as before, but we’ll be arriving with photographers earlier on Thursday to prepare as best as possible.
Hope all is good with you.
A BRITISH Euro-MP today opens her accounts to the News of the World to reveal how Brussels politicians are handed £2.6 MILLION a-TERM in salaries and expenses.
Independent MEP Nikki Sinclaire says lavish allowances and perks in the European Union have now hit up to Euros 599,817 (£518,814) a year for each and every MEP.
It would add up to a staggering £2.6m each….. CUT
It is interesting to see The Murdoch Press still taking a principled stance with this follow on from the story lined up for them last week by Nikki Sinclaire, exposing the tip of the iceberg on the industrial level corruption she seeks to expose within the EU, whilst still trying – despite endless attacks by individuals who seek to fleece the tax payer by milking the system for all it is worth.
The copy scheduled for this Sunday is far more hard hitting and exposes a great deal more than the tip of the iceberg as Guy Basnett and his team show the industrial level of the corruption in the EU. Sinclaire has gone to extraordinary levels to open doors for The News of The World team which has been to and from the EU pleasure domes in numbers for several weeks. She has given them absolute access to her time and her books where even a hardened journalist like Guy has clearly gone on the record stating he is impressed with how hard she works and the lengths she will go to to help him expose the EU corruption in a very trusting manner and he is impressed with how genuine he has found her to be.

Guy has thanked me effusively for the suggestion and has promised he will ensure she features in a good light to help her efforts for The Petition for a Referendum in return for her honest and hard working contributions.I am also of the understanding that not one cent has been paid to Sinclaire for any part of this story as she sees the exposing of The EU’s corruption as a part of her elected job.
Perhaps The Murdoch Press is trying to redeem itself after a number of very high profile failures in Court as with The Max Moseley case which they lost reputedly costing them £1M in damages and I guess around that or more in expenses. Not to mention the use of criminally obtained telephone communications and data!
I have heard a very clear whisper that the slime in the EU are doing all they can to silence Nikki Sinclaire, including an admission from one newspaper that they have been offered stolen records actually stolen from her office. 

Let us see what filth crawls out of the woodwork with penny ante tittle tattle and gossip based on small beer accounting errors seemingly planted in her accounts! Let us see who is working for the EU and the protection of the industrialised scams and fiddles of The EU – who is acting in self interest for personal reward and gain and which paper will then be willing to leap into the gutter to assist The EU in its industrial rip off of the tax payers.

I wonder who and which newspaper will be happy to prostitute itself to such a level just for their own personal gain and to aid MEPs and their staff continue engorging themselves at the expense of The Tax Payers and in betrayal of these United kingdoms without ethics, without principle and without integrity JUST FOR THEIR OWN GAIN!


10 *Clandestine devices and subterfuge
i) The press must not seek to obtain or publish material acquired by using hidden cameras or clandestine listening devices; or by intercepting private or mobile telephone calls, messages or emails; or by the unauthorised removal of documents or photographs; or by accessing digitally-held private information without consent.
ii) Engaging in misrepresentation or subterfuge, including by agents or intermediaries, can generally be justified only in the public interest and then only when the material cannot be obtained by other means.
for the rest of the PCC guidelines see:

One need only consider the efforts of those defending the EU and its corruption and the self serving corruption within UKIP to attack and defame this blog and me personally. The desperation of low lifes and liars like Mick McGough, Douglas Denny, Skeptyk, Mark Croucher, John Ison, Stuart Parr and others seeking crumbs from the table of The EU who have as yet never ONCE found me to have deliberately published a single dishonest fact nor even accidentally publish a consequential or material error which has needed correction – NEVER ONE ERROR of consequence deliberately posted to mislead but it does not stop UKIP’s seried ranks of liars corruptly defaming me.

ADDITION AT 2011-Feb-20 03:04hrs.:

It is interesting to note that now that the paper has published on line in full the excellent story, which I HAVE read and hold a copy of subject to last minute corrections (as last week), has fallen to the intervention of those protecting their positions at the troughs on the gravy train.

I do note due to the scurrilous nature of their claims and the fact that there is already a crime reference number in hand and that 10/1 of the PCC code pertained the clearly ‘Set Up’ story lacked any suitable credibility as an attack on Nikki Sinclaire – it is my opinion, based upon reliable whispers that it was largely Nigel Farage behind this seeking to protect against exposure of the 4000 account scam at a guess and worried that his route to riches might be damaged on the eve of his party mini conference where his adulants will be told how he can make yet more money by compliance with the EU in forming a Pan EU Political Party.

That Annabelle Fuller also colluded in the spoiler to aid The EU and corruption would also seem likely on information received but the primary source of what seems to have been stolen documents and fabricated evidence would seem to be John Ison yet again seeking to defame people for his own glorification and in the hope of ingratiating himself with UKIP’s corrupt leadership to fiddle his way into being an MEP whilst holding a salaried role in the interim.

This is not the first newspaper this scam has been tried on as you will remember the endless allegedlies in The Sunday Times when Jonathan Ungoed-Thomas made something of a fool of himself having failed to check his facts. At that stage Nikki Sinclaire opted to keep her powder dry until more evidence was to hand and third party witnesses were in place to testify.

The situation has somewhat changed I gather!

The tragedy is that in their greed and venal vitriol these sordid self serving Farage leadership filth have done much to wreck an incredibly good story exposing corruption of an industrial nature in the EU from being disseminated via the 7,000,000 claimed readers of the paper in question.

Just who are the Farage team actually working for as it does look very much as if it is for The EU and their own pockets yet again.

I regret 7,000,000 people are unlikely to see this item exposing The EU’s corruption just yet but be minded that I have the ear of numerous papers, a number of the opinion formers dip into this blog aware that they can quote EVERY item safe in the knowledge that in 1,000s of blogs I have NEVER made a material error and never once lied.

I believe that if the slime that have seized control of UKIP could make the same claim and had put in a fraction of the work exposing The EU during the last 18 years there would be every possibility we would now be liberated from The EU.

Many will seek more details and visit:

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62
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