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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/09/2010


Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


I find it as hard to work up any enthusiasm for commentary on the utter waste of time that is the UKIP Farage Fan Club annual reunion.

It is so boring, so yesterday, so corrupt and so very very irrelevant!

First we have the sad spectacle of yet another complete con masquerading as an election where the tragic comic figure of the increasingly senile Elizabeth Burton not only counts her own votes it seems, astonishingly managing to stay awake for that long during an afternoon without a nap!

Incredibly she even tried to joke and quoted from my blog confirming that voting was easy she just asked Nigel what to do!

To add to the embarrassment, without even visiting the many other areas of clear corruption both under law and the party rules, not to mention UKIP Constitution the election was clearly an offence to reason, morality or democracy – Elizabeth Burton was unable to deny she had counted her own votes –

One wonders why they bothered when votes coming in that were husband and wife in one envelope were discarded when not wanted yet those with Godfrey Blooms letter to the data base included were considered acceptable. There is also the small detail of the box of votes that was ‘materialised’ at the end when it was realised all was not according to the list they had drawn up of who was to win and it was this box which seemingly corrected the matter so how many permutations of spare box were there to suit which contingencies?

I remember the night of the Wales Devolution vote where despite arranging with the returning officer to change the paramaters 7 times after the vote commenced to try to rig a win eventually Tony Blair had secretly caught the train back to London as it was clear there would be a NO vote but Labour YES campaigners were the only people permitted to count or view the opening and flattening of votes (as with poor old Burton counting her own in a separate room!) that was in Rhonda Cynon Taff – In Flintshire a large quantity of NO votes were passed out of the ladies toilet window and replaced with pre counted YES votes.

Gloom struck when they realised they had lost the con but a certain individual was prepared and a police car was called to collect an overlooked box in Neath which on arrival was subject to deliberate obfuscation but was clearly seen to be packed to absolute capacity and surprisingly there was not a single NO vote in the entire box.

We must of course remember Neath was the odious Pietre Hayne’s seat and also do remember as the Minister with responsibility for introducing The Minimum Wage he was prosecuted and found guilty of paying a full time staff member £17 per week and his defence was the rest was made upa as clothing allowances and from petty cash so as not to effect her benefits!!!! Pietre Hayne fled to Spain on holiday to avouid interview and until it was no longer news despite the guilty verdict and the £3,500 fine. No doubt it was then he set in place the mechanism to ensure he could not be caught on false declarations in future – as with £100,000 undeclared in the leadership election but declared moments before it was about to be found out by a probing media!!

No wonder the returning officer did not turn up – he is learning from Farage (who no doubt learned from Pietre Hayne)! Put in place the instrument of corruption but do not sign it or accept responsibility.

Then there was the embarrassment of the unsurprising distraction of Paul Nuttall standing down as Party Chairman – not a post that pays and with his new car parking in London is difficult! Nuttall was never elected in the first place he was a Farage placeman – he resigned last leadership election but no one noticed and he has done so again – well who cares?

We also have the laughable spectacle of the unprincipled liar and cheat David Bannerman predictably announcing he will stand for leadership and raising his vicious little profile with a contrived leak to the BBC that he would attack Nigel Farage from the conference platform.

DO YOU REMEMBER some speech reputing to being like being attacked by a wet sheep – well for those too young to remember Geoffrey Howe’s original efforts here was a perfect example.

Not a bad scam when you look at the truth but why do they use the same ruse over and over again have they no pilitical intelligence or imagination?

Well yes of course you are right – none whatsoever – do not forget Mrs. Dale’s Diary can be relied upon to support the love that knows no name! It must be so very frustrating for the poor dear to be so unrequited when as clearly a failure in any political terms and with such ambitions to be left as the petty commentator with a wee fan club but no support of gravitas and after endless attempts at interview as a PPC endless rejections! Sad really but it must be discomfitting for his snivil parner!

Last time Bannerman was wheeled out to pay for Farage’s patronage was at the last leadership election (NO not the puppet farce with Pearson).

You will remember Bannerman was wheeled out as Farage feared Suchorzewski might win and with absolutely no hope Bannerman was wheeled out to split the vote – Bannerman stood not a hope of taking votes off of Farage, which is why Farage didn’t bother going to hustings and despite outright lies he was not very convincing – without Bannerman’s intervention Suchorzewski would now be UKIP’s leader and without any shadow of doubt – however bad he might have been he would have far out classed anyone in UKIP today.

Again we see, as predicted, the risible David Bannerman – not with a view to winning but with a view to splitting the vote that Batten and Congdon would otherwise get.

It is all so transparent! So predictable! So corrupt – so very very UKIP leadership team.

They even deliberately leaked, through Nigel’s new best friend, a contrived attack on Nikki Sinclaire – one has to wonder at their stupidity, do they really want to annoy her and find themselves in The High Court losing against her AGAIN!! I can think of 3 cases she could currently bring with every expectation of winning.

I gather the fat little chap with the bow tie who used to work for Sinclaire as an office gofer is ingratiating himself with Farage as the SO CALLED complainant on some historic travel expenses – you remember him maybe better as delivering speeches for his chum the PPC Bleary AllCock who seemingly preferred to stay at home and masturbate.

 Unmemorable as the chubby chap was I found a photo of him his name is Jonathan Imsoggy as I recall and he was previously a campaigner for Fathers for Justice – probably also on the staff as the thought of him being father to anything is too bizarre for words!

Where does UKIP find them and they were both PPCs!

Talking of Court Cases – since Bannerman is under investigation with OLAF I understand as are Clark, Agnew & Titford still are the appointments of Farage’s corrupt muppets really appropriate?

As for the NEC – does ANYONE know anyone so corrupt as to have voted for Curtis, McTrough, Hugh Williams for starters – REALLY can not believe these utterly corrupt individuals got voted onto the NEC – one is forced to wonder if ANY aspect of the election was not corrupted – seriously who the hell voted for such corrupt filth.

Is it any wonder that The BBC commentators were openly laughing at UKIP on the morniong programme having had the deputy leader leak an attempted stab in the back to the owner of the party – clearly it was a put up job and the BBC knew it one commentator said ‘if you think the Tories and Labour have problems with in fighting then you should see UKIP that is all they do’!

How right they were!

I was going to write a serious summary of the day at the conference with Bannerman’s tedious speech et al but then I thought – what is the point they are so utterly revolting, so very un British and so clearly irrelevant WHY BOTHER!

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