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Archive for the ‘Fleet Street Fox’ Category

The Fox Exposes The Flaws In The Chicken Run!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 01/09/2014

The Fox Exposes The Flaws In The Chicken Run!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


The Fleet Street Fox Exposes The Flaws In Nigel Farage’s so very fragile Chicken Run!


having been a follower of Susie Boniface from long before her entertaining book ‘The Diaries of A Fleet Street Fox’ was published, her sarcism is all too often poking fun at the self important and those who have become a legend in their own lunchtime or in this instance in their own faux publicity drinking time and indeed she is sometimes right – sometimes in her vocabulary is self denigratory as I fing her not only right most of the time but all too frequently both prescient and predictive.
When one considers her accuracy one is wise to remember she spent some time as a defence correspondent for the Plymouth Herald reporting in depth on The Royal Navy and its actions in The Gulf.
Ms. Boniface’s style may be light hearted as behoves the tabloids for whom she writes but it would be foolish to dismiss her as anything but a professional in her field as is shown by this article that exposes the weakness of Nigel Farage and his cult and the bluster behind which Ukip shelters.
Bluster which all too often not only neglects the electorate in its hedonistic self serving activities but is all too willing to be malicious and vituperative in its defence of the comforts of the gravy train on which it aims to ride, seemingly in perpituity, without any meaningful achievements to its name beyond efforts to destroy the lives of anyone who dares to expose their undeniable corruption, industrial level of fraud and persistent dishonest chavvery as with:
ATKINSON, Janice 02Ukip MEP Janice Atkinson
 And Nigel Farage, whilst employing his wife prior to arranging for a lackey to employ her and having been publicly exposed employing at least one of his sometime sexual partners on the public purse had the temerity to dump his long term chum and cult follower Godfrey Bloom, for daring to use the soubriquet ‘Sluts’ when alluding to certain Ukip women!

No-one expects UKIP and Nigel Farage – their chief weapon is surprise

Watch out: Nigel Farage is about

If there’s one thing Nigel Farage is good at, it’s surprising you.

And drinking beer. If there are two things Nigel is good at, it’s surprising you and drinking beer.

And making headlines. If there’s three things… oh, never mind.

It is undeniably an excellent bit of summer political shenanigans to stand for Parliament and grab a defection within a week.

On Tuesday Nigel became the official candidate in Thanet and unveiled 11 other mainly seaside, blue collar, immigrant-heavy constituencies he was targeting.

Now Tory backbencher Douglas Carswell – the MP responsible for booting the last Speaker Michael Martin over the expenses scandal, the MP who wants proportional representation – has joined UKIP looks good for Nigel.

It says that mainstream people like him, not just fruitcakes and that he’s jolly democratic.

Rather than switch sides and hold on to his seat, Carswell’s done the decent thing and said there’ll be a by-election so the voters can say if they agree.

It also says, quite loudly, that UKIP can expect a solid two months or so of “ooh, exciting, isn’t it?” political coverage at zero risk to themselves.

If Carswell wins the by-election, hooray. And if he loses, which is very unlikely with a 12,000 majority, he gets to stand again in May.

And meanwhile nobody will be looking too hard at Nigel, or his candidates who have a tendency to be, well, a little nutty.

Carswell himself isn’t quite so squeaky clean, even on the expenses issue he was so keen to expose. He was found to have flipped his second home and claimed £655 for a “love seat”. He did all this despite owning a third property which he rents out.

He has said this was “entirely justified” while also saying: “We need to clean up Westminster politics and take action to restore faith in our political system.”

Laugh a minute: Nigel Farage poses for photographers as he leaves his home in Kent

But then, Nigel rather likes people who do one thing and say another. He does much the same himself.

For example, he SAYS it’s dreadful that MPs buy second homes with taxpayer-funded mortgages, flipped them to avoid capital gains tax, “claimed expenses for duck houses, moat cleaning and poppy wreaths”.

But his party has voted against expenses reform in the European Parliament, employ one another’s wives as their secretaries, andgenerally get the taxpayer to fork out for quite a lot.

He SAYS he’s running a people’s army, inspiring people who do not vote to return to the ballot box to make their presence felt.

But all the evidence shows that fewer of us are voting these days, and Nigel is not dragging more of us to the polling station.

In May UKIP was the biggest party in the Euro elections by polling just nine per cent – NINE – of the total electorate.

That’s not a people’s army – it’s more a rotting cadet hut.

Cheers chums: Nigel sips a pint

But now we have been served up a portion of Carswell and a side dish of by-election to take our minds off it.

Nigel wins when we are entertained and stop thinking. When we listen to how he says things, rather than what he does.

The best bit of advice I have ever had was from a friend who said: “You don’t judge people by what they say, but by what they do.”

What Nigel says will always grab headlines and give good soundbite. Perhaps that will be enough to propel him to Westminster.

But what he DOES is always different, and it always trips him up. If he gets within a sniff of power neither he or his party will know quite what to do with it, and I quake at the prospect of him holding summits with Vladimir Putin or Angela Merkel.

Cleaner politics wouldn’t suit Nigel. It would mean his weaknesses were exposed, that we would have no need for the things he says, and he’d be an unemployed middle-aged man with a face like a Simpsons character.

And like the Spanish Inquisition, he needs sinners or he ceases to exist.

The problem with UKIP is no-one expects anything of them, so that when they do one good thing it seems amazing, and when they do lots we’ll be absolutely horrified.

Is that the kind of surprise you want?

How will you vote in the General Election?

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