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Telegraph Shows The Utter Irrelevance of The Farage Party!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 31/12/2011

Telegraph Shows The Utter Irrelevance of The Farage Party!

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Mark D’Arcy in The Telegraph Shows The Utter Irrelevance of The Farage Party!Clearly results prove the point!!


Hi,I note that Mark D’Arcy, The Telegraph political correspondent, in his predictions for the year ahead makes no mention of any relevance of UKIP but does allude in some detail to the debate obtained in The House of Commons by Nikki Sinclaire!The implication seems to be that Sinclaire has more relevance than all of UKIP, though I do feel that is something of an exageration, though based on actual achievement it does have some credibility as UKIP’s only publicity seems to be the antics of Nigel Farage, which does little but damage in terms of gravitas and his deeply destructive association with xenophobes, racists, anti Jewish, anti homosexual advocates of political violence in his pro EU membership EFD Group does the grass roots members no good!

Little wonder he cares not a jot about the many lost Court cases, the divisve behaviour of his claque and the obvious low rent irrelevance of his NEC whom he ignores as shown by the idiocy of Duffy, McGough and the other nebishes of no consequence.

To quote Mark D’Arcy for January & February:

Meanwhile, in the Commons, the whips will be endeavouring to ensure that the devil does not find work for MPs’ idle hands.
There’s some suggestion of a crunch euro-vote in the Commons at some point in February on moves to increase the UK’s subscription to the IMF – the international emergency finance facility which bails out countries in financial trouble.
European test I’m not clear this will actually happen – but if it does, it could provide a difficult test for the government with Labour opposing any extra contribution that could then be used to bail out eurozone economies.
Were Labour and most of the 81 Conservative euro-rebels to join forces, the government would lose.
I’ve been pointing out for a while that the government can’t rely on its majority on issues like this, so the smart thing to do would be not to have the fight, if at all possible.
But secondly, it is a mistake to think of the 81 – the MPs who rebelled in the backbench debate calling for a referendum earlier this year – as a cohesive group, or a party within a party.
In Euroscepticism there are many mansions, and some of the 81 would be very reluctant to cast a vote that might bring down the coalition government or otherwise cause chaos.
Others wouldn’t blink before doing so. What I don’t doubt is that the core sceptic (and I really must find a better word) strategists will want to keep up pressure on ministers they continue to regard as a bit suspect on the European Union.

However what Mark D’Arcy fails to point out is that MPs NEVER vote honestly if it means they might lose their job – Just look at how corrupt was the final Maastricht vote where all those smug and voluble EUroSceptics who to this day claim they voted AGAINST Maastricht voted the bill through to save their own jobs!

I note UKIP is still talking of a surge in the Poles – The only surge in the Poles UKIP has EVER experienced was as a result of Roger Knapman’s family’s people traffiking business which clearly led to a surge in the number of Poles in his attic at the expense of British skilled artisans and labourers!

Here are UKIP’s results in a few recent actual poles (as opposed to theoretical results!):

Westbourne, Brighton and Hove
Conservative 1,027
Labour 826
Green 645
Lib Dem 45
Trade Unionists &
Socialists Against Cuts
European Citizens Party 13
Worlingham, Suffolk




Feltham & Heston (Parliamentary by-election)
  • Seema Malhotra, Labour – 12,639
  • Mark Bowen, Conservative – 6,436
  • Roger Crouch, Liberal Democrats – 1,364
  • Andrew Charalambous, UKIP – 1,276
  • David Furness, BNP – 540
  • Daniel Goldsmith, Green – 426
  • Roger Cooper, English Democrats – 322
  • George Hallam, London People Before Profit – 128
  • David Bishop, Bus-Pass Elvis Party – 93

It is near impossible to describe these results with any honesty or integrity as anything other than catastrophic and consider the fact that to get a mere 10% of the vote needed to win and considerably less % of the overall vote in Feltham UKIP prostituted almost all its policies, slinging them out of the window without a moment of democratic credibility to attract a wealthy clown as candidate!

You will note they have made a similar spectacle of themselves in Wales CLICK HERE is it any wonder they consistently bomb in the reality stakes whatever the surge in the Polls as they may dishonestly claim to be reality!

Or as Roger Knapmann showed, in Daniel Foggo’s well researched report in The Sunday Times, amongst his Poles there was also a surge made by far worse in publicity terms by the crass dishonesty and defamatory statements of the odious and corrupt Mark Croucher!
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