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Archive for the ‘EUkip; UKIP; wives; Farage; Scams; Allowances; Expenses;’ Category

#499* – 7 Times Nightly, IN THE TIMES – No Ice!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 29/05/2009

#499* – 7 Times Nightly, IN THE TIMES – No Ice!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership
& NEC is what gives the remaining 10%
a bad name!

7 Times Nightly In The News of the World, IN THE TIMES – No Ice but £30,000 For His Wife!!

Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, pays his wife Kirsten up to £30,000 to work as his secretary.

Having promised prior to his election that he would NOT employ family members and having instructed EUkip MEPs NOT to employ their family!

It is interesting to note that when he was exposed for his lies and hypocracy his Political Agent and his Regional Organiser had no idea she was being employed and they run his UK office! To this day no one knows why she is paid or what she does that could be worth anything like this amount. Any Mum will tell you there is little you can do or have the energy to do with a ‘crawler’ & a ‘toddler’ + two teenagers on the horizon!

AND a largely absent husband!

He boasted last week that he had received a “vast sum” in expenses and allowances since becoming an MEP in 1999.

How very true – far more than he ever made as a barrow boy in the city!

“I don’t know what the total amount is but — oh lor — it must be pushing £2 million,” he added.

Not only does he not know the amount but as he admitted to The Sun he hasn’t a clue how he spent this tax payer’s money – Also it does look as if he wildly under estimated the amount which would seem to be nearer £5,000,000

Critics claim that even if there is no suggestion of wrongdoing the employment of relatives reinforces the public perception of the European Parliament as a “gravy train”.

Especially when like EUkip you have promised both the electorate and your members that you would not do so! I note Robert Kilroy Silk employs his wife Jan.

Other EUkip MEPs would also seem to but have declined to confess to their dishonesty.

No wonder they voted against MEPs declaring their expenses!

Mats Persson, research director of Open Europe said: “It is not acceptable for any MEP to continue employing members of their family.”

Well actually what does he mean? I undersatand if you already have the family on the payrol when the new pay rises come in on June 8th. with the new intake you can continue to employ family and perverts can employ their partners!

He added: “You have to ask why more than a third of British MEPs are employing their own relatives.”

He might have to – I think most people can work that out pretty quickly!

Several British MEPs have been embroiled in scandal over their expenses and allowances.

Out of 12 EUkip MEPs:
1 went to prison.
1 quit and employs his wife
1 is on Court Bail with his researcher.
1 hypocrite traffiked Polish Labour for personal gain.
1 employs his wife
4 are under investigation by OLAF & or The Police

Tom Wise, an independent MEP for East of England, was charged last month with his researcher with false accounting and money laundering.

A situation known about for years yet EUkip took no effective action and Farage, Trevor Colman and ALL the other MEPs colluded in the crime after the event by orchestrating cover-ups.

The former UKIP politician is accused of pretending his own bank account was actually that of Lindsay Jenkins. From November 2004 until October 2005, he is alleged to have channelled £39,100 into his own account, from which he paid Ms Jenkins £13,555. They have pleaded not guilty.

They are due to surrender to bail on 08-Jun-2009 at Westminster Magistrates Court in Horseferry Road for ‘allocation’. They are I gather pleading guilty despite the facts which seems unwise as that will put them before a Jury I understand. Honest folk are unlikely to take kindly to politicians caught on the make and the take!

I note Jaqui Smith is apearing before the same bench on 26-June-2009!

Ashley Mote, 73, who represents South East England as an independent, was found guilty of falsely claiming benefits of more than £65,000 and given a nine-month jail sentence in 2007. The former UKIP representantive has since been given permission to appeal against his conviction.

This incident took place before he was elected – long before!

We do not know which other EUkip MEPs employ their family and as has already been stated they have voted against a transparency Bill!!

To view the full article in The Times CLICK HERE

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