At the present time unemployment is the important issue. It is important for many reasons, not least that for the first time since the 1930s’, it is as much a middle class problem as one for the working-class.

Having sacrficed our fishing industry, farming industry, and now the prospect of North Sea oil becoming a ‘An EU common resource’, this must be firmly placed in the public consciousness as a consequence of EU membership.

British imports from the EU mean that we are receiving nothing from this EU project.

The euro project, and interference by the EU into London’s financial trading must cease. The case against our EU membership has never been clearer.

UKIP is failing because we have abandoned reasoned discussion in favour of ‘gesture politics’: you are unemployed, with a mortgage, and a standard of living which is declining, because of the EU. In times of crisis we need the right to make our own decisions; for the first time in our history that is what we are being denied.

If we are to lose; let us lose on our own terms and not through those imposed upon us by foreign politicians.

Nonsense about a UKIP candidate in Buckingham is a mere distraction: choose any UKIP candidate that you like, but saving the deposit will be a mammoth task.

The art of political speech-making is identifying the origin of problems. And then articulate the concerns of the electorate as though they themselves were elucidating their own difficulties in their own minds.

‘Men are taught as though you taught them not, and things unknown proposed as things forgot’.

That is the way to capture the support of the multitude.

Sadly, UKIP has thrown away what could have been an historic opportunity to change the political direction of this nation.

If the British Tommies in World War1 were, ‘lions lions led by donkeys’, the UKIP membership are patriots led by dunces’.

Corruption has virtually incapacitated the party for over a decade.

Those who did those things to us, or those who knew of those things, but out of cowardice did nothing, must take equal blame.

Those who are being investigated must be TOLD by Pearson to, ‘stand aside’ until the matters affecting them are resolved. Those same people must also withdraw from the NEC; they cannot continue to be involved in decision-making.

We must extricate the Party from association with Continental political extremists in the EU Parliament.

We must resolve to become a decent party again, and that will be manifest in our dealings and the company we keep.

We must again become the custodians of our own consciences; and not reluctant apologists for company that we should not keep.

These things are not optional extras; but central imperatives if we are to survive.

Two centuries ago, William Wilberforce told William Pitt, the prime minister, that it is not possible to reform a corrupt society.

I doubt if we will be any more successful unless we markedly improve.