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#0099* – UKIP vs EUkip information CONFIRMED ACCURATE by UKIP

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 07/09/2010

#0099* – UKIP vs EUkip information CONFIRMED ACCURATE by UKIP   

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  



despite the normal comments and accusations by idiots like Mick McTrough, Dippy Denny and the like this blog is pleased to say that it has maintained its track record of 100% accuracy on all substantive matters.

NEVER ONCE has this blog or its predecessor been shown to mislead or lie about any fact of consequence.

We concede on 3 occasions we have accidentally misled:

A./ once was claiming Richard Allen had been the other member of Blaby branch with Delroy Young – although 100% accurate we had assumed (based on two people who knew one or the other!) that the Richard Allen  who colludes as a moderator in the dishonest and corrupted Anthony Butcher Forum was one and the same – Within less than an hour of being corrected, having checked with 2 other sources the correction was made with an apology.

B./ The other occassion was on the employment status (which had just changed) of Tim Worsnipp (sorry unmemorable chap name may be wrong will correct if advised!!)

C./ and the third occassion I can not recal as it was even less significant! Sorry I have forgotten what it was but will add it if someone can remind me.

This Time:
I am pleased to confirm UKIP has issued a statement confirming the information we broke on this blog was correct.

Item 01:

We stated that Elizabeth Burton as a candidate, in breach of UKIP’s own rules participated in the count of NEC votes.

This information has been confirmed by UKIP’s delegated acting Returning Officer John Knott:

Elizabeth Burton did sit at the envelope opening when assisting opening envelopes at the first stage. When I noticed her she immediately agreed to move.

At no time was she in a position to influence counting of her votes. I was supervising her [and others] and am convinced there was no irregularity”.

To be pedantic it is claimed there was no irregularity!! Perhaps Mr. Knott should read the rules and if there was no irregularity why did he step in to order Burton‘s withdrawal?

May we also point out that we announced that UKIP would eventually dream up some official story to hide the facts which might include dog walking and leaving the room. The embarrassment of UKIP very late in the day issuing their statement does leave it open to criticism and naturally to skepticism – the incompetence of UKIP leadership is quite staggering!

Whether the irregularity was of consequence to the result is an entirely different matter, however it begs the question of how could someone this foolish be considered a suitably astute representative to be on UKIP NEC – but we must be minded how she comes to be there as she has stated herself that she votes as instructed by Nigel Farage!


We hold written affidavit from witnesses at the count that Elizabeth Burton was not only opening envelopes but discarding material and handling the votes for a protracted period.

We note Zuckerman’s gofer stated:

Elizabeth Burton did sit at the envelope opening when assisting opening envelopes at the first stage.

Who appointed her? Was anyone allowed to wander in and handle votes? Was there ANY control? This is crass, incompetent and implausible.

When I noticed her she immediately agreed to move.

When he noticed!!!
Did he notice whether the rest of the count was vaguelly acceptable?
Did he notice the rigid disposal of honest and genuine error by husband and wife sending their votes in the same envelope being discarded.
Did he notice votes to order by Godfrey Bloom were NOT discarded?

Did he notice the entire procedure did not comply with the rules.

Did he notice there were rules?

Did John Knott notice his utter incompetence as Zuckerman’s gofer?

At no time was she in a position to influence counting of her votes.

This is a direct and total untruth.

I was supervising her [and others] and am convinced there was no irregularity”.

He has just told us in the lines above that there was indeed an irregularity.

This vote is very clearly invalid.

That UKIP may find such dishonesty, corruption and breach of their own rules acceptable speaks volumes of their incompetence dishonesty and willingness to both cheat and lie –

UKIP Leadership is UNFIT FOR PURPOSE on every count.

Item 02:

This blog provided the information that Michael Zuckerman had tendered his resignation as Party Secretary – we did so in the form of hints as although it was long after any intelligent organisation would have issued a statement to prevent rumours we felt UKIP should have the opportunity to invent a plausible story to issue a statement to ‘quell’ rumours.


We understand the eventual story agreed confirming our hints is to say:

‘that due to pressure of work and expansion of his business (see his new web site with partners factoring legal cases for fees!) he has given his resignation to be effective as soon as a replacement can be found’!!! or some such!

My word Sonia will be relieved as it must have been deeply embarrassing at The Law Society and socially that her that her husband was Party Secretary of a Party that was part of the Pan EU Political EFD Grouping which is Racist, violently xenophobic, anti Jewish and harbours holocaust deniers amongst its executive members.

This will of course be even more embarrassing now that UKIP’s dim but titled dishonest puppet leader has quit as at least he was rabidly anti Islamic and an award winning Zionist.

Thus 2 posts the braying asses of UKIP leadership tried to denigrate have been confirmed as fundamentally spot on by UKIP.


of the many dishonest members of UKIP Leadership and their puppets and muppets – who are all too willing to lie, dissemble, mock and generally show themselves as crass, incompetent, dishonest and thoroughly unpleasant in their childish and ill informed behaviour and despite the endless untruths and dishonesties of UKIP leadership THIS BLOG supports UKIP The Party and has NEVER wittingly or deliberately lied or misled and has in fact NEVER consequentially misreported or defamed.

Would that the same could be said of UKIP Leadership, staff and theparasites including those too cowardly and ashamed of their behaviour to put their real name to their vituperative and dishonest behaviour.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
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Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   


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