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Archive for the ‘KNAPMAN’ Category


Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/09/2010

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! 


Campaign website:

For more general data CLICK HERE


You may have noticed that yesterday evening I featured rumours being spread by Parasites in UKIP that eventually surfaced through Nigel’s ‘chum’ on Mrs. Dale’s Diary – you may well remember that saccharine and sickly article in GQ that showed Farage as a complete light weight which is more well known than this latest offering!

Seems like such unrequited love must be fed the odd tit bit to buy its favours!

Revolted by the tought I just can’t see Nigel Farage as a Homosexual icon but he has featured in GQ – I asked some of my female friends and without exception they saw him as a homosexual icon each of them say ‘as they couldn’t imagine him being appealing to women’ – this MAY have some merit as he ensures their fidelity by ensuring they are unatractive to men , which I gather is common and is then predatory on the gullible and those shallow enough to put a value on his access to tax payers money – all rather makes sense when you put it that way.

Also do bear in mind it may explain why he can not form relationships except with people he controls and can disgard – people who put income above integrity.

It may also explain why he is so vicious when he is challenged – he is no alpha male he is bereft of all the talents of leadership and he is clearly not a man one can trust or respect on any level.

Yesterday evening (Thursday) I published this report:


An interesting if not unexpected attack on Nikki Sinclaire has been reported to me from the NEC – as the slime on the NEC largely cheated or were dependent on a clearly corrupt election to achieve their status and no effort is likely to be spared in seeking to damage Nikki Sinclaire’s Petition out of embarrassment on the part of the really staggering level of filth that is UKIP’s leadership – I convey this information but I look forward to hearing details of the assault on Nikki by her fellow UKIP members.

Let us see what Nikki has to say and what the details of the claims against her are.

There is every reason to believe, based upon track records, that Sinclaire has NOT offended against any rules and EVERY reason to believe members of UKIP’s leadership, NEC & parasites are yet again telling lies – that has been their habitual behaviour to date.


From my phone calls during the day I have established that The West Midlands Police have absolutely no idea what I was talking about and were happy to confirm that no such complaint had been made, as also from The Met. I gather from a friend in the meeeeja, one of my TV friends checked with with OLAF as did a press contact and they disclaimed knowledge of any complaint.

I have absolutely no doubt that Farage will seek to ensure his fingerprints are nowhere near the instructions but do bear in mind Farage’s insecure tantram and attempt at bullying when Sinclaire decided to leave the revolting racist, anti Jewish and pro EU membership EFD Group which Farage chairs.

Sinclaire had negotiated an honourable withdrawal to UKIP’s advantage with the then Party Leader Lord Pearson – a measure of his leadership was when Farage completely ignored his undertakings and set his sewer rat Mark Croucher to see what dirt he could dig up on Sinclaire – Mark Croucher was, as ever, utterly incompetent and failed to provide anything of substance.

It does seem that although Pearson being a weak and venal man of no integrity, which will come as no surprise to those who know him – he is after all a placeman having achieved nothing himself in life from his placement by Daddy at Eton onwards – he is now all but broke and clearly glad of his expenses as a peer as Rannoch Estate he inheritted may be very valuable but even a small estate like that costs a great deal to maintain and it is not long before one is dependent on handouts from the State, The EU or some trust or another – as dependent as a junkie on benefits and methadone!

We note only recently Pearson was flipping properties and encashing on his London house, no doubt with liquidity in mind to stay afloat.

If Dan Hannan, Nigel Farage, Marc Glendenning as the more money motivated political prostitutes believe the new scam will be any better than previous ones to milk Pearson for cash I believe they are even more stupid than I thought.

I do understand that the aim is claimed NOT to be a rival or spoiling operation for Nikki Sinclaire’s efforts at a cross party petition to lobby Parliament – yes ours, what is left of it – to hold a debate towards an in out referendum for the British peoples.

The Petition kicked off on the Conference fringe meeting trail and did hugely well at the first on the list with UKIP where well over 10% of the people attending UKIP’s conference came along and many signed up.

This was all the more astonishing when you consider UKIP leader’s lunch was on at the same time and although UKIP doesn’t have anything looking remotely like a leader for years – some might say if ever! It was noted Malcolm Pearson failed to have the common courtesy to attend – most probably advised not to risk discovering just how much he had let the party down by his betrayal, weakness, incompetence and outright dishonesty. I would imagine he would have asked everyone he met until he heard the advice he wanted to hear!

I do however expect the loudest volume was his protective and much brighter wife and Bridget Rowe – not unkindly nick named Death Rowe in press circles I gather!

Back to The Petition and we find the faintly ridiculous and utterly dishonest Peter Reeve turned up to show off the size of his mouth and his brain – he was very very successful as he always seems to be.

Peter Reeve made some vitriolic public comments to show off how little was in his brain attacking Roger Knapman a past leader over The Maastrict Treaty and Roger was able very rapidly to sho that he really was as much of a fool as we have always held him to be.

Sad little Reeve never one to miss an opportunity rounded on Sinclaire as he had an obvious bloody nose from Knapman but dozey as Roger is he had made Reeve look incredibly stupid (Reeve no longer has need of a mirror!) – His ploy with Sinclaire was to belittle the Petition but we all know UKIP leadership is working for themselves and not to get Britain off their Gravy Train!

Reeve however, being more stupid than most made that VERY obvious and as a recovery position scrambled to what he thought was high ground again belittling the Petition as standing no chance as UKIP had launched its own – this gave Sinclaire a perfet opportunity to point out it was NOT a UKIP venture – had he not heard Pearson had left UKIP and Dan Hannan had never been a member – she was also able to point out, much to Reeve’s embarrassment, but he is too stupid to understand embarrassment for long! She made it clear that The Referendum pressure group was NOT a Petition was complimentary to what The Petition is aiming for, and to cap it informed Reeve and the audience that the Referendum Group had approached her to see how they could help and the previous day she had met with their Campaign Manager.

Reeve clearly has little brain input to work his mouth but that does not stop him stuffing his foot in his mouth with consumate ease again and again and again.

One has top wonder just why UKIP keeps employing these low lifes but I guess the MEPs employ them and like Elizabethan ladies kept a monket in tow for comparison so they were thought of as beautiful it seems UKIP MEPs hire idiots so that the MEPs might look intelligent.

The meeting played to a packed room and received a great deal of support and promises of continued support.

Since this is without exception the very first visible activity from UKIP that has been entered into with thought, a plan and honestly that is working towards leaving The EU rather than a favoured few stuffing their pockets.

Good luck top the petition despite UKIP leadership clearly seeking to damage this positive effort to oppose membership of the EU – something UKIP leadership only ever talks about and has a track record of abject failure – criminality and lies.

Not to mention their efforts to harass people who oppose the EU openly, oppose The BNP openly and seek to clean up UKIP as supporters of UKIP to TRY to make it electable when you consider after 17 years they only attract 3.1% of the vote of the electorate and out of 19,000 seats available for election at various levels they have less than 30 people elected in UKIP.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. So many decent people betrayed by the scum that has risen to the top – many corruptly and now criminally enriching themselves in the manner of other UKIP MEPs before them!

There is no depravity to which Farage and the filth he has gathered around him will not sink to seek to protect their income stream.

Further just look at the line up on the EU Referendum group and other than the obvious political prostitutes out for personal gain who would YOU be brave enough to trust. I am in touch with them as they have contacted me seeking clear water but it will take some convincing to me that they are not merely on the make and the take for their own gain – at least 4 of them I would not trust in my home alone and the other two would need to prove themselves and on the face of it I have my doubts – so cut no deals, these are people who are largely without ethics, clearly without principles and who would renege on an undertaking on a whim.

We have all seen Malcolm Pearson lie through his teeth, seek to dishonestly publicly defame and then go on to betray every principle on which UKIP was supposedly founded and he had a good master to teach him in Farage.

One is judged by the company one keeps and just look at the pond life of UKIP leadership.

Perhaps YOU could list the achievement over many years on a high salary as a political prostitute that has been achieved by ANY of the 7 so far known to be in this new group – not one would you wisely trust with the petty cash from a whelk stall.

Unlike previous petitions by UKIP this petition has a proud public aim to be presented to Paliament when it has the legal minimum signatures to engender a House of Commons debate to strive towards a full fledged National public debate and a referendum on leaving The EU.

In the interim it is intended to deliver Votes cast/petitions signed every time we have another 25,000.

Unlike the last UKIP petition, which seemed to have been a scam, as it did not have legal paperwork, was funded directly to the tune of £250,000 by the tax payer and was NEVER CARRIED OUT, leaving many in the belief that David Lott, Nigel Farage, Mark Croucher and maybe others had possibly trousered the money for their personal gain.

This Petition has been funded personally by Nikki Sinclaire from her personal allowances.

The documentation has been checked.

This Petition is NOT a dishonest spoiler for someone else’s efforts.

Though it is early days 

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

totally endorses this Petition and its aim to have a debate in Parliament and a Nationwide Referendum on IN or OUT of the EU.

September 3rd. The Toorak Hotel, Chestnut Avenue, opposite the conference centre.

To be held during conference lunch break. Approx 1.00 pm.

The campaign for a referendum on membership of the EU.

Speakers will included:

Nikki Sinclaire MEP

Roger Knapman, former UKIP leader.

& A Free buffet.

Campaign website:

For more general data CLICK HERE
They clearly chose the right day and venue as the Saturday is expected to attract 350 – 400 UKIsies with their stale platitudes and obvious loss of direction abandoning their core message for lack of leadership over many years as they have blown like dandelion seed in a tornado.

Since there are so few (IF ANY) individuals with any notable education I hardly want their views on it and their transport views are utterly irrelevant as are their pretences at fiduciary policies and even were Prof. Tim Congdon to be elected – which he will not be their economic theories would even then be as little use as flatulence in a huricane.

The aim is to leave the EU not ponse around being pretentious in the delusion but anyone other than a political numptie or a child has ANY interest in UKIP policies when they vote.

UKIP has NEVER understood politics as Steve Uncles made so clear in his little sketch!

Without exception UKIP has a leadership of political fools without one wit of understanding of the pragmatism of politics.

You do not drive a lumbering bulldozer at 5mph at an enemy that can scatter at 15mph – you use the technology and you use a laser lance to eviscerate.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   


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