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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/10/2010

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable!
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
 their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

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Good Luck!


I have quite unashamedly lifted this article from the blog ‘Everything About UKIP’ and claims to report from ‘The Lunatic Fringe’

I note that they have adapted the Gravy Train tin as used on this blog from time to time but I do not think they noted, in choosing the tin as UKIP’s NEW logo that the lower part of the label states ‘Strips In Gravy’ though on reputation alone it would not be beyond possibility that the woman in question lives down to expectation for to be sure her fantasy ‘STORIES’ about taxi drivers and her foul language would indicate a lack of morality.

It is also woth noting that during the period she fancifully claimed her lap top was lost in a taxi her own blog stated SHE was in Morrocco, from whence the video clip was posted.

It may be unreasonable of me but I fancy I would be right in stating her supposed aliby is a pack of lies and that would mean that John Wittacker had had pressure brought upon him to lie on her behalf. Who could exert such pressure besides the seemingly corrupt Nigel Farage.

 I say corrupt in this instance as you will recall the Chairman of UKIP stood down immediately after publishing this utter tosh, seemingly by demand of Farage, which leads one to believe that UKIP may well have lost a Chairman and a regular donor as he was not prepared to cover for Nigel Farage’s apparent infidelities and corruption.

This astonishingly is the man who can not account for several £Millions of public money, lied in the press to oblige his apparent doxy during his annual Farage Feste last year and has seemingly colluded in smears and dishonest practices deliberately designed to defame and denigrate Nikki Sinclaire over the weekend of this year’s Farage Feste in Torquay which totally subsumed ANY publicity of an adult nature such as politics, policies or people.

This is the party which having dishonestly ousted Dr. Edmond and Dr. Abbott to make way for more muppets who would vote for Farage on the NEC also ousted Del Young for having the timerity to be in the way of Farage’s latest chosen one!

Young, after much struggle and argument including death threats set up and buily UKIP Yoooof but was ousted to make way for Lisa Up The Duff to take over and do seemingly nothing. The years as a shelf stacker and breeding facility would seem to have ill prepared her for the role and as can be seen the web site is a disaster zone, as it has been ever since she took over! Now eventually she is going to take the matter in hand and do what she was supposed to have done for two years with Michael Heaver.


The web site it has been announced is in good hands!! Well to be more accurate in the same hands! Was it not Einstein who said …..Oh don’t bother it will go clean over their heads!

Yet it would perhaps be of note that nothing has happened with UKIP Yoooof under the control of Lisa The Duff so we see the flickerings of yet another New Launch. These launches seem to come in flottilas – Zuckerman after several years of being the face of UKIP for Zion or whatever the anti Palestinians are called seemingly achieved NOTHING and has quit and surprisingly the head Zionist and Islamaphobe Pearson has not taken on the task but has watched it relocate to Church Cottage with Elizabeth Burton.

But Friends of Palestine must surely be hot on the heels of such a disgusting concept as Friends of Zionism!

Then we have, as this blog has already reported the unseemly behaviour of team Nigel as he watches his neophytes squabble over wordings deliberately designed to embarrass Sir Patrick Moore, who having acted in good faith on Farage’s assurance that he was not standing for coronation to the title of Leader but clearly was planning to fiddle and dupe from behind the scenes, as ever, to make any future incumbents task untenable.

Sir Patrick in determination to support UKIP aligned himself in support of David Bannerman who he knew long before he had met the foolish Farage.

Then Farage emerges to take the crown and ‘the bite’ is put on Sir Patrick by Farage’s claque with unseemly comments from the chair in Norwich North all very distateful as Sir Partick has made it clear that he has given his support to Bannerman and he will honour his undertaking, come what may – rather than act as Gentleman we note the UKIP dross promoting stories to embarrass Sir Patrick and the remaining decent member for most of any calliber have left.

So I guess it is back to Stripping in the gravy for UKIP Party Community Chest in this particular game of Chance and once again, whilst stuffing his pockets and reneging on his undertakings Farage has drawn and passed off on someone else the Go To Jail Card – Do not pass GO and do not collect another £2Million!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

UKIP’s Nigel Farage and Annabelle Fuller

Annabelle Fuller, long time ‘friend’ of UKIP MEP Nigel Farage, is reported to be back on the scene following her departure from UKIP a couple of years ago. Her departure prompted the following email from the party chairman to members of the NEC:

Dear NEC

We all regard the posting on youtube of the video of John West’s euro-candidate selection interview as unacceptable.

It has been argued that the source of this posting may have been Annabelle Fuller, who was involved in the interview and had possession of the relevant computer records.

I have received a statement from Miss Fuller in which she denies making this posting. She does, however admit to negligence, saying that she left a laptop computer containing the file in a taxi in London around 4 July. This was returned to her some 5 days later by the taxi driver who advised her that he had, in the meantime, passed it to a third party who had inspected the files in order to identify the owner.

Miss Fuller has not been working in the UKIP press office for some weeks. I understand she has now resigned from the party and from her post as press officer.

I am disinclined to take further action.

John Whittaker

The above appeared on the UKIP Bunker click here to read.
Since then John West, the wronged party, has been hounded and smeared by senior UKIP members. Although why Ms Fuller would still want to associate with UKIP, apart from her ‘friendship’ with Nigel Farage, we can’t work out, after all here is her side of the story of her departure:

Terrified: Annabelle Fuller says she was forced to quit her UKIP role following a two-year smear campaign

A former top aide to UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage broke down in tears yesterday after revealing she had received ‘threatening’ telephone calls accusing her of being ‘a whore’.
Distraught Annabelle Fuller, 26, claimed that she was the victim of a vicious two-year smear campaign aimed at undermining Mr Farage.
Ms Fuller said the phone calls and an ‘irrevocable breakdown in working relationships with my closest colleagues’ had led her to quit as Mr Farage’s spin doctor.
She told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I have been terrified. Absolutely terrified. I’ve had years of people writing abuse about me and saying abusive things – purely because I was loyal to the leadership of the party. People tried to get at Nigel by attacking me.’
Mr Farage defended Ms Fuller yesterday, saying: ‘She is a bloody good writer and a very good press officer. She decided to move on because she got p***** off with politics. I don’t blame her.’
His defence comes after UKIP’s annual conference in Bournemouth was tarred by a feud between Mr Farage, leader since September 2006, and his critics in the party.
In his main conference speech to delegates, Mr Farage vowed to root out ‘half a dozen people who wish us ill’.
Ms Fuller joined UKIP in Brussels as a researcher in October 2004. She said she joined because she was passionately committed to its key aim of pulling the UK out of the EU.
UKIP leader Nigel Farage defended Ms Fuller, calling her a ‘very good press officer’
She said it was after she moved in June 2006 to handle press inquires for Mr Farage and his party at Westminster that the abusive calls began.

On one occasion an anonymous caller phoned her at 3am and accused her of being ‘a whore’.
‘I don’t know who that was,’ she said. ‘I never reported it to the police because I was told that’s what happens in politics and these people were doing it not to get at me, but at Nigel.’
The calls continued even after she left her job at UKIP in July this year.
‘It’s like trying to stab a dead person,’ sobbed Ms Fuller. ‘I could have made a big deal about it but I have my career in front of me.’
Ms Fuller said she decided to go public because she thought the calls were part of a wider plot to undermine Mr Farage.
‘I heard they were trying to overthrow Nigel and I thought I’d let people know what they are really like,’ she said. ‘You know what respect I have for Nigel. He has been a good boss and a good friend.’

To read the original click here.
They really don’t sound like very pleasant people in UKIP do they?
If you would like to read some of the delicate Ms Fuller’s ramblings click here where you get ladylike pearls such as:

It really does fuck me off when I read about women who sue their employers because they get knocked up and want the world to revolve around them.

UKIP, such a lovely group of people.
To view the original of this article CLICK HERE
I must say the article I STOLE was really quite good and I do hope the anonimous ones derive some benefit from wider coverage.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
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#118* – The Betrayal of the Branches, The Members & Democracy (01)

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 12/11/2008

#118* – The Betrayal of the Branches, The Members & Democracy (01)

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



This meeting called by Branch Chairman Martin Harvey, who I understand unequivocally confirmed that his associate Michael McGough who stood in the farcical selection scam corruptly orchestrated by EUkip’s leadership based on lies and dishonesty – Michael McGough clearly claimed in his election statement that he was the elected PPC for EUkip in Harlow which is a lie he failed both to appologise for and also to correct.

The notice of the meeting called by Martin Harvey in the Eastern Region was widely known and attended by around 25 people, I understand, however there were 21 eligible voters representing 21 different Constituencies.

The meeting was civil, well mannered, well organised and I understand well chaired

(not a bit like an NEC meeting then!)

The subject matter was I understand debated and a form of wording agreed for a clear message to EUkip’s leadership and NEC.

This has subsequently been named ‘The Newmarket Declaration’ and I have fortunately been supplied with a copy, together with a covering note, by a friend of democracy with access to a relevant EUkip computer.

I do hope that the friends of UKIP and the intentions of the Grass Roots of the party to campaign to leave the EU are making sure that they not only delete the copy of the eMail to my associate which is forwarded to me are removed from the >SENTDeleted< box – this will further make it difficult for the corrupt and venal leadership, NEC and their lakeys from confirming who are my intermediaries and also which members are supplying me direct from the EU.

Just a warniong as the level of lies being spread around about me are escallating to protect the guilty one must assume – even the Foul Mouthed slut Annabelle Fuller surfaced again this evening bobbing to the surface like something unwholesome in a septic tank.

I undersatand she is likely to be hauled in for questioning for the criminal breech of The Data Protection Act – implausible as her nonsense about taxi drivers and Morocco seemed to all but Wittaker who ill advisedly signed the letter – I wonder when he is asked to sign his witness statement in his defence as the then Chairman whether he will be as happy to attest to the version of events he put his name to originally.

I digress a little.

To return to ‘The Newmarket Declaration’:
I append a copy below Martin Harvey’s polite request to the NEC members and Farage’s puppet chair – frequently to be sat upon no doubt!

Make of it what you will and when the answer comes to hand I will publish that also.

—– Original Message —–

To: ; ; ; ; ; ;

Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008 10:21 PM
Subject: UKIP 2008.

Dear Mr Nuttall, and NEC members,

Last Saturday 27th September, there was a meeting in Newmarket of UKIP Activists from the Eastern Counties, chaired by myself, Martin Harvey. I am chairman of the Broxbourne and Harlow UKIP branch.

The agenda was a positive one to do with campaigning for maximum effect at all elections. After the first two agenda items had been completed, I realised that the problems within the Party were dominating the discussion, and a vote was taken that determined that the problems be debated in order to clear the air so that usual business could continue.

The ensuing debate produced a declaration that received unanimous support from the meeting, and I set out that declaration below.

The Newmarket Declaration.

At a meeting of Eastern Counties Branch Chairmen representing twenty one Constituencies, Branch Officers and Members, at Newmarket on 27th September 2008,
The following points were resolved;

The Eastern Counties regional committee is constituted contrary to its own binding rules, therefore its decisions since its inception, including the MEP selection process, have been and `are unlawful.

The dissolution of the existing committee and the establishment of a new committee in accordance with UKIP rules, be effected forthwith.

That such election be overseen by an impartial independent body.

We note seriously the grave reservations of Piers Merchant, in his official capacity as official returning Officer about the conduct of the Eastern Counties Selection Proceedures.
Newmarket 27th September 2008.

Over a month later and after an NEC meeting EUkip’s sordid claque in leadership have NOT responded but I do hear that there is likely to be expulsion from the party of some who signed the document!

You will appreciate that Nigel Farage & his sordid claque of low lifes orchestrated their ‘Reichstag Fire’ moment at the NEC on the third and are currently following the example of Adolf Hitler this event has given rise to their equivallent of an ‘Enabling Act’ the achievement of which has been celebrated by several of the plotters by way of ‘washail’ and I understand that a celebratory dinner is on the cards as the plot rolls forward.

Already there have been limited Kangaroo Courts and ambush procedures – these have been reliant on abuse of the spirit of the Constitution – one is surprised as a Jew Michael Zucherman being a Practicing Solicitor (at the moment!) has been happy and enthusiastic in his persuit of this plot in the position of Party Secretary – a position in which he is woefully in remiss of duty – it would seem his orgasmic salivations at the very scent of rising up the prospective MEP list if he can engineer the ousting of Gerard Button & Ralp Attkinson during the ‘Kristall Nacht’ period has overcome him.

We understand that there will be a period of flagrant abuse of the residual constitution that was so evicerated by the inept OR dishonest actions of Michael Zucherman, already the Disciplinary Committee would seem to have been disenfranchised! Next no doubt the full benefits of the ‘Reichstag Fire’ moment will be exploited and the Constitution itself subsumed by the new dictatorial powers of the elite!

Draw your own conclusions since YOUR morality is a matter for me – however I have no need of Polls to tell me how to act with integrity, in a moral, fair and decent way. I stand by my morality and my judgement.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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111* – Well Mr. Bannerman CLAIMS to be a Script Writer & IS Fuller on the Payroll?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 08/11/2008

#111* – Well Mr. Bannerman CLAIMS to be a Script Writter & IS Fuller on the Payroll?

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!


Talk about setting it up for a night of the long knives – the transparency is staggering!

But as you all know David Bannerman is a fantasist, fraud, liar and wanabe script writer, who is DESPERATE to have a proper job after so many years as a serial failure & bag carrier for the Tories – he must feel such a pratt having made such a fool of himself in EUkip.

There is a fun blog on the internet – do have a look and it is so redolent of some sort of childish plot Bannerman might dream up as a wanabe script writer, of Croucher in a determination to do Searchlight’s work for them and bring EUkip into disrepute or perhaps Fuller to get her revenge for Farage’s failure to get her what she wanted!

Anyway do read it as it is quite a well dreamed up fantasy that Farage & his corrupt cronies just might think they can get away with it – cunning, duplicitous and dishonest they are but no one ever said they were much beyond stupid and we all know they are terrified they will get their snouts kicked out of the EU’s feeding troughs.

Hi,watching Farage self destruct is getting to be a bit like shooting fish in a barrel.Firstly may I remind you that Nigel Farage, David Bannerman and their entire crew of corrupt self seeking self enriching scum that has seized control of EUkip – whether liars like Malcolm Wood, fraudsters, liars & cheats like Bannerman, Duffy and their ilk, womanising self enriching drunkards like Farage, spivs and nere do wells like Moran, the fundamentally untrustworthy like Mickelthwaite, the foul mouthed like Zucherman, Denny & Fuller, the self seekers & untrustworthy like Trevor Colman, Gawain Towler, the infatuated and the self seekers like Seymour, Oxley, Andreassen, Blob Feel Martinis etc. etc.

Nor the various hopeless and hapless puppets and muppets like NuttAll, Gill, Reeve etc. etc.Please NOTE the EUkip NEC where Farage started to implement his Reichstag Fire speech with the fantasies of BNP infiltration, the need to dispense with the Disciplinary Committee as it might be infiltrated with BNP and suspend the Constitution to make control of the party central having dispensed with the NEC as it may have infiltrators & until the party suits the ‘Glorious Leader’ the poor man is becoming deranged & paranoid – next he will have a dog called Blondy and be bedding his youngest cousins!

One has to laugh when you listen to the tapes of the NEC where they are tring to remove the people they have branded libellously as BNP – whether this is a case of:’

The lunatics firing The Doctors from The Asylum’
What need has a party on the verge of technical bankruptcy with a Doctor of Economics and when in such bad health of a Doctor of Medicine – they are possibly making way for a Doctor of Psychiatry & an abortionist!’

With apologies to those who are libelled I am publishing this as it clearly libels and defames me and just to show what depths of depravity EUkip Reichstag Fire Plan will sink!

Favoured EUkip village idiot posted the URL for this blog site at 08:48hrs. 02-Nov-08.

The main Reichstag Fire Plan was outlined at 08:11hrs. 03-Nov-08
The EUkip NEC meeting commenced at 13:00hrs. 03-Nov-08

Fearfull that some may have missed the scam & details Mark Croucher republished the URL yesterday not realising those with knowledge of the facts had seen right through it.

By the way their GUESS that I might have a Criminal Record is quite right – it is well known and I have spoken openly of it for years – do phone me for details if you like – I have a Section One FireArms Conviction on two counts in 1981?
one for possession of a firearm (handgun, pistol, automatic)
the second for 50 rounds of hollow point drilled, mercury filled magnum rounds.
‘Guilty as charged’ 😉
it was shipped back into Britain from Africa by professional packers, in error.
WOW what a revelation!
Just how corrupt are these people? Having access, not just to spent convictions, but also 27 years ago!

I also have another conviction for having permitted the local prison bait (47 convictions – John Farley roofer and pro. Rugby Player) at a children’s party I had organised in Chepstow he threatened me and then hit me!
I warned him if he hit me again it would be self defence if I killed him – he took a swing at me so I layed him flat on his back stunned.

His defence in Court was that I assaulted him inept and corrupt magistrate Councillor John Parker found me guilty – at appeal to Crown the judge appologised to me for the miscarriage, issued a rebuke to Chepstow Magistrates Bench and refunded my costs for both cases without receipts!

Yes I have a criminal record of which I am not remotely ashamed which is why they probably didn’t publish it knowing I have dined out on both stories for ¼ Century.

Last heard of John Farley was in a high security prison for having killed his son’s wife!

It’s the rest that would scare them 😉

I am aware of the facts relative to the fantasy published and will be happy to present anywhere convenient to me (health & time) to prove this entire fantasy is no more than a dishonest construct – seemingly to provide a small group of liars cheats and the corrupt in EUkip leadership to create a Reichstag Fire moment to trump up dishonest claims and outright lies about EUkip members with integrity, who are standing in the way by telling the truth.


NIGEL FARAGE has surrounded himself with kindred spirits and gullible idiots, for his personal gain.

Enjoy the tale of fantasy and fabrication, which is Nigel Farage’s REICHSTAG FIRE moment.

REMEMBER – I am happy to appear on ANY public platform and confront the author of the following fantasy and will willingly dismantle and disprove every single solitary lie they have put forward to build their Reichstag Fire Moment – I would suggest Farage, Bannerman, Fuller, Croucher, NuttAll, Oxley, Zucherman & Denny bring their fantasies to the meeting with the identified author of the quoted blog
(suffice to say 78332211etc. who by law GOOGLE must identify to confirm my information – it is them upto those who have been libelled and defamed).

I shall NOT take legal action for three reasons:

1. Anyone of integrity or common sense knows the comments about me are largely lies with a large body of obvious lies built on one or two unrelated honest facts.

2. I have neither the time nor the money to prosecute criminals who will have dishonestly constructed themselves as men of straw, with no reputation or integrity to be besmirched.

3. I consciously set out on a patriotic basis to clean up a series of rat nests and septic tanks that they have tried to nip me and have thrown sh*t at me is nothing a good bath will not solve.

My Reputation, being founded on fact, is palpably strong enough over some 60 years of rigid integrity and indisputable honesty to withstand the onslaught of these sordid little people.

Enjoy The Fairy Stories: Monday, 3 November 2008

Edmonds, Lance-Watkins, Hockney, de Rook and Edwards

Stories reach the
Common Man of negotiations at a high level between the BNP and UKIP. Of
scurrilous e-mails from anonymous sources being sent to the membership. Of
shenanigans in the MEP selection process. Of attempts to rig NEC elections to
favour certain candidates. Of tapes of NEC meetings.UKIP 2009? No, UKIP 2004,
when almost the same scenario was played out. On the BNP team, the players were
the same: BNP leader Nick Griffin and his motley band of convicted criminals and
failed businessmen. On the UKIP team at that time were BNP mole Andrew Edwards,
standing in for Greg Lance-Watkins, and the Abbott/Edmonds double act of their
day, Damien Hockney and John De Rook. UKIP substitutes included one-time
Yorkshire chairman Michael Cassidy-Scutts, Tory agitator Martin Cole and the BNP
treasurer, John Brayshaw, parachuted into a defunct UKIP branch in Yorkshire as
chairman to lend credence to the plays. The BNP’s gameplan? Exactly the same as
this time around: an e-mail campaign calling for truth, honesty and integrity,
which accuses the entire leadership of more debauchery than Nero’s court,
culminating in an attempt to fiddle a list of BNP sympathisers, self-promoters
and ‘don’t care who helps as long as we win’ want-to-be’s to the top of MEP
lists and onto the NEC.Luckily in 2004, the plan was forestalled at the last
minute. The Common Man hears that Hockney managed to suppress the details by
issuing a writ for libel, despite using in his writ extracts from a tape of the
NEC meeting where the plot was exposed. The same tape would have defeated his
own libel action, because it was clear that the presenters of the NEC report
into the affair (then chairman David Lott and then communications director Mark
Croucher) did not accuse him of direct links to the BNP, only of being so
desperate to gain control of the party that he didn’t care who was helping him.
Edwards was thrown out of UKIP, as was Brayshaw, Cassidy-Scutts left, and Cole
disappeared without trace once his usefulness to the Tories in heading off a
UKIP advance ceased. Interestingly, Cole had worked with Alan Duncan MP at the
time his oil brokerage was breaking UN sanctions by selling oil to Yugoslavia.
The involvement of senior UKIP members was hushed up by the terms of the
politically expedient settlement of the libel action.The present day play bears
an uncanny similarity to the 5 year old one. This time, Mr Lance-Watkins’ is the
Mr Edwards, with his wide ranging leaks of NEC material supplied by Misters-
Abbott and -Edmonds. In a refinement of the BNP gameplan, which made up in
enthusiasm what it lacked in originality, long term infiltrators such as John
West and Martin Harvey were used to lend credence to the idea that there was a
problem with the MEP selection process. On this foundation, Lance-Watkins used
his extensive e-mail database, built up over many years interference in UKIP’s
internal affairs, to sow the same rumours that were used 5 years ago without
success, all leading to the appearance of Buster Mottram at UKIP’s NEC meeting
yesterday. Mottram was brought along by Martin Haslam, UKIP deputy treasurer, to
defend himself against charges of leaking information to the press, and
admittance for Mottram was gained by Misters- Abbott and -Edmonds using this
pretext. The trio then sat back and waited for the show to begin, having all
been party, with Mr Lance-Watkins, to the negotiations. Following earlier
experience, both Abbott and Edmonds taped the meeting, and immediately provided
the tapes to Lance-Watkins.The BNP’s offer was straightforward: ditch UKIP
Leader Farage, and enter an electoral pact, splitting the country between the
two parties. In 2004, it was the same except that the condition was to ditch
then UKIP Leader Roger Knapman. Then, the new leader would have been Damien
Hockney with Mr De Rook as deputy, while the current plan would have seen Mr
Edmonds heading up the remains of the party, with Mr Abbott as deputy.It all
began to fall apart when Mr Lance-Watkins proved unable once again to keep quiet
over the details and insisted on issuing an ultimatum at the end of the previous
week. In 2004, the end was very similar when Mr Edwards was caught out in a
similar way over John Brayshaw, allowing UKIP to expel them both before the trap
could be sprung. It is there that the similarites end, unfortunately. This time,
the BNP did have negotiations with senior UKIP figures in the persons of
Misters- Abbott and -Edmonds, and all those involved were aware of the others
and exactly what their game plan was. The ad-hoc nature of 2004 was replaced by
a much more determined approach with a concerted plan which, even though based
on the earlier version, shows that even the BNP can learn from their past
mistakes. The branch chairmen and ordinary members who fell for it this time
were as always in BNP plans expendable cannon fodder and useful fools. The real
changes were at the top. In 2004, Mssrs Hockney and De Rook were simply used
because they displayed enough naked ambition to not care where their help was
coming from. This time, the senior UKIP people were already closely linked to
the BNP, and were made aware of the other BNP pieces in play to avoid repetition
of earlier mistakes.Although the BNP appear the losers they have not really lost
that much. Abbott and Edmonds were about to be expelled as details of the
negotiations surfaced over the previous week or so, while Lance-Watkins BNP
links have become increasingly obvious in recent months to the point where even
his supporters are distancing themselves from him. The trick for the BNP now as
in 2004 is to try and turn the cleaning up process around, and make the
subsequent expulsions from UKIP of those who were involved in the negotiations
seem unfair and a part of a wider witch-hunt. If the game continues to play as
it did in 2004, UKIP members will see through such troublemaking.
Posted by
The Common Man at 08:11
Sunday, 2 November 2008
Beaman’s mysterious departure

Now the dust has died down about Gregg
Beaman’s mysterious departure as both NW Regional Organiser and lead candidate,
the truth is beginning to out. Strange to say it isn’t found on Mr Beaman’s own
blog which gives his noble reasons for standing aside, and which has now stopped
taking postings from anonymous users because their comments were getting a
little close to the truth of the matter. Even libertarianism has its bounds at
the edge of untrammeled free speech.Sources close to the anti-UKIP movement
within UKIP tell the Common Man that the real reason concerns an NEC member, a
laptop and Democracy Forum. Users of Democracy Forum should take a look at
postings by user name ‘Rosie’, who wrote “I saw how hard Greg Beaman worked when
he formed the branch I was in, and two or three nearby ones”, “Greg Beaman was
certainly the popular choice when I left the North West over a year ago now, and
I hear he still is as he has a long and solid track record”.The same forum
spends some time discussing Mr Beaman’s departure and how it was a conspiracy by
the leadership to get rid of him because Paul Nuttall was the preferred choice
for the number one slot in the North West.It will be interesting to see how they
react to the news that Rosie and Gregg Beaman are one and the same, gender
confusion notwithstanding. This less than earth-shattering piece of news came to
light when Mr Beaman returned a borrowed laptop, forgetting to remove the
incriminating evidence first, and wasting all his hard work, time and effort in
climbing the greasy pole as a regional organiser to get to the top of the list
while at the same time attacking the leadership anonymously via a public forum
and a series of contacts with people who are decidedly not UKIP’s greatest fans.
The subject of his attacks included then UKIP Chairman John Whittaker MEP, who
was a staunch supporter of Mr Beaman’s attempt to gain the number one slot on
the list, and UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP, who was responsible for his
paycheques.The face saving formula of allowing Mr Beaman to resign quietly
clearly isn’t working, as the Common Man hears that his involvement with the
anti-UKIP cause continues just as his vaguely worded blog entry leaves visitors
with the impression that UKIP had done something wrong. How his opposition to
UKIP taking seats in the European Parliament squares with the effort he put into
gaining first place on the list is matter for others to discuss but there was no
point of principle involved in using an MEP’s allowance to send out a regional
newsletter which was little more than a campaign mailshot or in using an
alter-ego to sing his own praises.
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Saturday, 1 November 2008
Colman and foot in mouth disease

Much talk on Democracy Forum about TC
and an alleged smear campaign against him claiming he made racist comments.
Maybe, maybe not. It wouldn’t be the first time in his short career as an
MEP.News reaches us that at his welcoming meeting in Strasbourg he was enjoying
a chat with a fellow attendee, telling them how much he hated Farage, and how in
his days as a copper they knew how to deal with troublesome journalists who took
too much of an interest in such boring issues as police corruption – lock them
in a cell with a couple of burly PCs, and then beat the crap out of them.
Medecine to be repeated daily until cured. Other such indiscretions tumbled from
his lips, leaving a bemused European Editor of a national daily, for such was
his audience, wishing it had not been a private meeting because it would have
made a lovely front page.Not the first time such comments have been made by TC,
however. Another source tells the Common Man that he thought this would have
been an ideal way of dealing with Tom Wise, who he cleared, then smeared, then
cleared again shortly before Wise’s arrest.With friends like this to show UKIP’s
best face to the media, who needs enemies?
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Thursday, 23 October 2008
I see the
latest Greg Lance-Watkins rant has arrived in inboxes, including a significant
section devoted to the BNP. After republishing large parts of their website, he
thoughtfully finishes with a couple of lines about how bad they are, paying
special attention to how shocking it is that some of them deny the
holocaust.Strange that he should be so particular, as it was only two weeks ago
that he was fending off accusations that he himself supported holocaust deniers
after old e-mails from him surfaced praising organisations such as Al-Quaeda,
Hamas and the PLO, all of whom deny the holocaust.But as if that isn’t bad
enough, rumours also began to circulate about just how close his links to the
BNP were or are. Discussion on the Democracy Forum (formerly UKIP Forum) centred on how he apparently attempted to mislead a group of UKIP activists into
attending a political weekend at a local pub to which he had secretly invited
BNP leader Nick Griffin. His defence, amazingly, was that Nick Griffin had
phoned him and asked to attend – as if having the leader of Britain’s
blackshirts phoning up and inviting themselves around was somehow better than
having invited him.The actual cause of these revelations was a ding-dong between
him and former UKIP PR man Mark Croucher, who took umbrage at one rant too many
from the erstwhile Watkins. More apparently is due to come, as I understand
details of Watkins criminal record have recently come to light.
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Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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#98* – The Caterpillars & The Shredders??

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 30/10/2008

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership & NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable

#98* – The Caterpillars & The Shredders??


A Challenge for today – minded of the determination of the leadershit and NEC of EUkip to orchestrate a kangaroo court to debar those who wish to represent the members and see the party cleaned up – the various (few) competent members who wish to introduce, structure, competence, professionalism, training and vision on an equitable, informed and moral basis replacing the anarchic distrust and chav like squabbling for better places at the trough or on the paths to the troughs of the gravy train it is interesting that I am no receiving as many as 5 copies of some of the correspondence from the NEC.

I would like to thank those who are beavering away in offices in the EU to ensure the members are kept informed.

I feel sure you will find the correspondence below all too indicative of the incompetence, ill manners and arrogantly hubristic chavs on the NEC and their puppet masters.

I wonder howmany have noticed there is almost no meeting deadweight Derek dare not attend – he is like the failing employee who leaves a jacket at his desk to stop people talking about him.

It is clear the contempt that many hold Clark in both for his dishonesty, his personality, his greed and his betrayal of the members, the Region who so foolishly elected him yet whom he has so betrayed by rigging committees and boasting of his methods of defrauding the tax payers whilst betraying our Country by acting as puppet for Farage and signing up to a concordance with the pro EU Ind. Dem. Group to place these United Kingdoms in greater subsidiarity to the corrupt and centralised EU and also to work with the EU to strengthen its committees and their control over Britain.

Whether the unscrupulous Derek Clark sees himself as some latter day Osric who like the present usurper seeks to reasonably mould the opposition, whatever the games he plays he does not even match up to Dungeons and Dragons and in fear of his place at the trough he dare not turn his back for fear of meeting with the fate of Hamlet’s Osric.

Derek Clark has proved a disgrace and his continued support of the betrayal of Britain does nothing but bring EUkip into disrepute – ensuring further failure in the elections of 2009 whether the enquiries of OLAF have come to fruition in time or not.Let us consider the offering I have been provided with recently (very), for which the individual is to be applauded and it may interest them to know that the second copy came in from another country within 15 minutes of the first!

On Tue, 21/10/08, john west wrote:
From: john west
Subject: Data Protection Act
To: ‘Abbott Dr.David (SE_Winchester)’ , ‘’ , ‘’>, ‘DAVID ABBOTT’ , ‘DAVID BANNERMAN’ , ‘del young’>, ‘Derek Clark’ , ‘’ , ‘Eric Edmond’ , ‘’ , ‘Farage MEP. Nigel (LEADER)’ , ‘’ , ‘’ , ‘’>, ‘’ , ‘Paul Nuttall’ , ‘’ , ‘’
Date: Tuesday, 21 October, 2008, 10:53 AMFor the attention of the Party Chairman Copied to the NECDear Mr Nuttall, I am writing to you concerning my Data Protection request.

The 40 day period has now expired and UKIP has still not complied with my request.

I am sending you another copy of my original letter. You now have exactly seven days to comply with the requirements of the Act. Failure to comply with Section 7 of the Data Protection Act is a criminal offence and will result in a complaint being made to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

I thank you for returning my original cheque for £10 and thereby undertaking to fulfil your duties under the Act free of charge.

Please do not claim that you do not posses the material requested as I am fully aware that various documents and emails concerning me exist.

These include a letter sent by Nigel Farage to Brian Barter, a member in Suffolk Coastal, the George Curtis report, the Piers Merchant report, the Political Committee’s report and numerous NEC and Eastern Region Committee emails.

I look forward to receiving all the documents and emails as requested in my original letter.

Yours sincerely,
John WestChairman
UKIP Ipswich & East Suffolk
Secretary UKIP Suffolk Coastal

> >Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 14:55:23 +0000
> >From:
> >Subject: Re: Data Protection Act
> >To:

> >> >Dear John
> >> >After taking legal advice, I am advised to inform you to refer to the letter sent to you by Dr. Whittaker on 11 September 2008.
> >> >Best wishes
> >> >Paul Nuttall

Subject: RE: Data Protection Act
Date: Wed,
For the attention of the Party Chairman
Copied to the NEC

Dear Paul,

Thank you for your email.

Once again your response is totally inadequate. As Party Chairman you are obliged by law to supply me with all the documents as requested under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act.

May I remind you that this law was passed by Parliament and can’t be ignored. Does the leadership think that they are above the law and can ignore the consequences of their actions indefinitely? UKIP is already the subject of complaints to the Information Commissioners Office and the Police following the leak of my MEP video interview onto You Tube.

Please don’t force me to make another complaint. Time and time again the leadership has brought the party into disrepute.

They have refused to apologise for the You Tube video leak , denied me my elected seat on the NEC, refused to discipline Michael Zuckerman and Douglas Denny for claiming that both Eric Edmond and myself suffer from mental illness, refused to open an investigation into the rigged MEP selection process, thrown an elected member off the NEC, refused to confirm or deny the claim that Miss Fuller is still working for Nigel Farage, refused to discipline Peter Reeve and Ron Whitmore for their unlawful attempt to throw me off the Suffolk Coastal Committee and so on.

How many more scandals will it take before the NEC finally wakes up and starts to realise that UKIP is falling apart under its current leader? I am also fully aware that there are plans to bring several members before a disciplinary committee. My name has already been mentioned as being on that list. I have been sent an email that confirms this.

I understand that this will be done prior to the NEC elections in order to prevent certain individuals standing for the NEC. No doubt these committees will also be rigged to get the desired result! Rather than deal with the serious corruption in UKIP the leadership seeks instead to silence those of us who wish to see democracy and integrity restored to UKIP. How very EU! Paul, how can we expect the British electorate to support us when we can’t even keep our own house in order? I had hoped that you would be different from your predecessor.

I had hoped that, unlike John Whittaker, you would resist Farage’s dictatorial attitude and stand up for the interests of the members.

It seems that I misjudged you. However, I still hope that you will prove me wrong. I strongly suggest that you supply me with the required data. I also strongly advise you to stop listening to misguided legal advice from Mr Zuckerman or Miss Oxley.

You have exactly 24 hours to confirm that you will supply me with the required data as requested under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act.

Failure to agree to supply it will result in a formal complaint being made to the Information Commissioners Office on Friday.

Yours sincerely,
John West
Chairman UKIP Ipswich & East Suffolk
Secretary UKIP Suffolk Coastal

It is quite staggering the crass muddle EUkip’s leadership and NEC have got themselves into.It is clear that they lack, in terms of leadership or managerial competence, integrity or any understanding of morality and gentlemanly conduct the slightest smidgeon of ability – but then again their leader had to depend on lies and dishonesty and the spending of a great deal of other people’s money to seize the leadership.

By the by as an aside had you noted that EUkip’s web site is so fundamentally biased that a debate in Cambridge is presented as a great achievement despite the undeniable fact that the fraudulent liar and cheat David the desk Bannerman lost the debate hands down whether due to his incompetence or his being utterly discredited in the eyes of decent people I could not guess.

It must by now be obvious to a huge percentage of the electorate that he is only acting as a placeholder in the lead position in the Eastern Region as his dishonesty is beyond all reasonable doubt – it is so marked that his place on the NEC is no longer legitimate nor as a candidate – the man brings EUkip into disrepute but then again it is not unreasonable to ponder for which of his masters he is doing this.Do not forget that he was sent over to EUkip replete with the story of the desk from The Tories where he had been salaried – the better informed amongst you will recall Stephen Sobey did likewise complete with cover story.

Bannerman now has a double reason for betrayal of members of UKIP in that he is also now salaried by the EU – he has proved to be dishonourable, a fraud, a liar, a cheat and NOT the person he claimed to be to gain acceptance and preferment in the first place – exactly the type of cover story the Tories provided for Stephen as you may recall!

When will EUkip wake up and rid itself of people like Clark, Denny, Smith, Bannerman, Colman, Duffy, NutAll, Oxley, Moran, and others who so clearly offer nothing of merit to the membership whatever value they may be as yes men and puppets for the leadership.

It is these odious people who are used by the incompetent leadership to buffer them against those who would see EUkip cleaned up and restored to the members as a party fit for people of integrity to vote for – when you consider in a rwecent media poll over 90% of the voters, be that self selected or not, voted to leave the EU yet under the present lack of leadership and misguidance the best they seem able to manage by votes is 1-3% as a party!

I do appreciate that Farage and those who seek to feed from the crumbs he spills them, almost unanimously seek to blame their failures on others – whether the their old associates the BNP or their critics. It is astonishing just how dishonestly they claim that I and others are damaging the party and bringing it into disrepute – have they not considered that all we do is report their shameful behaviour?

Friends in the media assure me that although EUkip is of absolutely no interest to their editors they are storing the details from eMails and the Forum that come their way – you must be aware of the damage EUkip’s leaders have done and the strength of the enemies they have made.

If you doubt me why not call the Barry plumber or the Press Office and establish how long after a foolish posting was made about duping people relative to a charity and hit numbers or some such was published by the pipe bender just how soon were the mainstream media onto the matter. Similarly whence do you imagine I obtained the details of Tom Wise’s renewal of bail, subsequently confirmed elsewhere.

It is interesting to note that despite the protestations for public consumption from the leadership Tom Wise is a fully paid up member of EUkip, until last week I understand he was still the Chairman of at least one EUkip branch and I understand that although he is in public denounced by Farage as chairman of the pro. EU Ind.Dem.Group he was until but a few days ago the custodian of the EUkip Ind.DemGroup battle bus which was parked up on his patch.

Interestingly I note the London Branch of EUkip now has its web site up and running provided by a member of the Libertarian Party!! Further I note that they make much of having converted a number of Tories with unpronounceable names who had gathered as a branch, these newcomers to British politics have abandoned the Tories in favour of supporting Gerald Button yet the animosity and contempt of Farage and The Desk is such that no mention of this apparent coup would seem to have appeared on the EUkip main web site – obviously The Desk’s drubbing in the Cambridge debate is more promotable!!

I wonder if the fact that Zucherman would seem to be prepared to prostitute his professional qualifications, seemingly in return for the orgasmic thrills of having a chance of being an MEP – it seems that in return for favours that keep Bannerman the desk in position and kangaroo courts orchestrated by him to ensure only puppets are permitted a voice he can expect assistance in the removal of the choclate Button who will be forced to melt away for lack of support thus Zucherman can ride the desk to their Nirvana – the feeding troughs of the gravy train in the EU.It does look very much that way from other correspondence I have received from EU sources – though as I said yesterday, on all that data I currently choose to keep my powder dry – more to rebuild UKIP than to expose and bury EUkip.

Farage old son do not flatter yourself – you are the greatest asset the BNP has at the moment and I assure you from what I hear the last thing they would want is you to loose the leadership as currently on the domestic scene as leader you are to the BNP as you are to the EU as an MEP – a recruiting sergeant and useful idiot – even your membership, as they drift away, are increasingly aware of your duplicity and just how much you have4 done to aid the Tories, the BNP and the EU.

Just look at the calibre of people you have had to gather around you to prop you up – not individuals of strength integrity and stature that would add to your possible appearance of gravitas but spivs, con men, self seekers, frauds, cheats and liars.

WELL DONE & haven’t you made a lot of enemies amongst the true patriots of Britain – had EUkip had a leader of stature a structure, training, trust and organisation just think how little the BNP, The EDP, The etc. etc. parties would have achieved.Farage – your ignorance, arrogance and lack of loyalty is so beneath contempt that you have made enemies you will NEVER escape – do you think the Wests, Pages, Abbotts, Conninghams, Suchorzewskis, Holdsworths, Harveys, Crosses, Hasslams, Warrys, Edmonds, Lawsons, Watsons, Chants, Webbs, Hockneys, Masons, deRouks, Battens, Gillmans, McWhirters, Kingscotts, Schofields, Wessons, Troy,s, Silks, Knapmanns, Youngs, Colliers, Hockneys, Norths, Steads, Butchers, Parsons, Herrons, McConnachies, Colmans, Bennett, Muirs, Padmores and so many more whom you betrayed, supporters and friends who will NEVER relent after your treatment of them?

What a sorry mess you have made of your life when those YOU believe to be your supporters and friends are supplying me with correspondence and phoning with facts to bring you and your leadership down to give UKIP a chance.

Even your various Tory friends who phone to inform me of your latest idiocies as with your stupidity with Declan Ganley that will prove so damaging to EUkip in the long run and you makre no friends in Ireland I gather with your posturings of the part you played in their opposition to the New Constitution Lisbon Treaty. A conspicuous and cowardly silence thus obliging your mates and masters in the EU and the Tory Party!

I do believe that based upon the FACTS and considering the majority, including those who support these people It is REASONABLE to describe EUkip’s self seeking venal leadership and NEC as not only clearly and provably corrupt but little more than a bunch of spivs, barrow boys and petty crooks.

EUkip is finished unless it is cleaned-up and cleaned up FAST – even then it may well not survive.

I have literally DOZENS more letters and around 100 pages of documentary provenance to back my contention and I receive authentic material from various offices in the EU which of course includes offices in participant countries.

I CHALLENGE the leadership of EUkip to a debate to defend themselves – they are by a majority beneath contempt.

Just to round up you will no doubt be disgusted to know that the unarguably dishonest, incompetent, corrupt and unprofessional Andrew Smith would seem to be working in cahoots with the cowardly and dishonest George Curtis, who so bravely lies about people when he believes his lies will not be exposed – George Curtis is clearly a liar and when I challenged him regarding some lies he had invented about me and published – he spluttered and mumbled but lacked the moral fibre to withdraw his lies and lacked the integrity to apologise – a sordid little man! It seems he makes a habit of telling lies as proven by his response regarding the lies he published about Robin Page and also I understand John West.

Do note however that the self selected, in that there was NEVER a valid vote, the self proclaimed bunch of rascals on the so called Eastern Region Committee – which you will note has received Votes of no confidence from Bedford Branch, Fenland Branch and also some 21 separate branches under the Newmarket Declaraqtion – they are now so out of touch with the party but so determined to keep their snouts in EUkip’s troughs that I understand George Curtis will be cock a hoop as Andrew Smith wants the committee to act in its own interests NOT those of the membership by having members sign a gagging order that they will not let the people they represent know what fiddles they are upto, I understand that John Saunders was not enamoured of such a gagging order in fact I gather he positively up chucked and I understand has now been widely quoted by the BNP.

This is shamefull and makes EUkip look little better than the early days of Adolph Hitler – soon no doubt they will have their own brown shirts – shaven headed chavs as enforcers!It does seem the main function of EUkip is as a recruiting sergeant for the BNP – what an obscene realisation!

No individual of ANY integrity or intelligence is likely to put his name or his money to support this crooked bunch of losers – who clearly have managed the demise of a dream sinking it in squabbling, lies, greed, distrust and corruption – no wonder their only backer of note made his money as a professional gambler – it is also worthy of note that it would seem EUkip has been unable to find a reputable British Firm of Reputable Accountants to present their books and have had to seek out a pro EU Danish woman living in Spain and it will be noted she had to be bribed at a cost of £36,000 PLUS expenses to sign the cheques on a part time basis – yet happily signed of the accounts at the business meeting when it was not just apparent but blatantly clear she had ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE OR UNDERSTANDING of important areas of the accounts.

No wonder no one of repute has stepped forward to fund the party and it has failed to recruit a single solitary politician of credible stature – just one failed Tory MP looking for a way to keep his snout in the trough!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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#96* – Don’t study Maggots Without A Strong Stomach!!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 28/10/2008

#96* – Don’t study Maggots Without A Strong Stomach!!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership & NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!


Firstly may I take this opportunity of thanking Len Baynes for having the good grace and integrity to publicly appologise for having dishonestly made an accusation against me and when challenged and finding he was unable to substantiate his claim he had the wisdom and fundamental decency to withdraw his false and unfounded accusation and appologise.

Thank – you Len and as far as I am concerned the matter is not only history but is accepted as being an error that is as if it had never happened and may I wish you good luck in your efforts to clean up EUkip and make it electable for people of integrity in the best way you see fit.Unfortunately it would seem that Bruce Lawson is, unlike Len Baynes, a fool without integrity, short of morality and utterly untrustworthy as proven by his abuse, harassment and bullying threats which he was neither man enough to substantiate nor wise enough to apologise for.

Bruce Lawson is clearly a pompous self important self imprest pratt who whilst Treasurer of EUkip failed in his claimed intent, abrogated on his duty and has proved untrustworthy having published confidential correspondence written and received in a position of trust as Treasurer – a duty and responsibility he freely accepted yet betrayed by publishing confidential material on his wersonal web site under the guise of UKIP – Mr. Lawson you are no gentleman and not to be trusted even amongst the odious scum that would seem to have floated to the top of EUkip.

Having been proven a bully and dishonest you have clearly failed to have the integrity to appologise when proven in the wrong – may I suggest that you stick to impressing yourself in the shaving mirror for the standard of behaviour you have displayed impresses no individual or integrity or morality and falls far short of the behaviour any gentleman would have the right to expect.Both EUkip & UKIP are well rid of you and it is to be hoped you never bring your contemptible lack of morality to the body politic ever again as it befould the aims of liberty and the values we seek to re-establish in Britain.

On the matter of irresponsibility and EUkip being brought into disrepute one need look no further than a letter I received from the NEC late this evening wherein it is clear that in its irresponsibility EUkip’s leadership and NEC bring the party into disrepute by failing to act with decency, integrity and morality – this time in the matter of refunding the money quite clearly owed to John West – in as far as it was obtained from him and EVERY other EUkip candidate in the dishonest selection of those the leadership wanted appointed on their list of MEP candidates.

That the process was dishonest is clear in two very clear aspects:

Christopher Gill the ex Tory MP was appointed to oversee the application phase and he utterly failed to acquit his duty and then like a pussy cat rolled on his back to oblige the leadership – having dishonourably failed to acquit his duty both in deserting his post to suit HIS convenience supposedly/claimed on holiday and also displaying his utter incompetence by failing expeditiously to answer correspondence and failing in his duty of care under the law relative to The Data Protection Act or the control of the staff working for him.

Christopher Gill’s behaviour was nothing less than shamefull and a disgrace and any man of calibre would have had the integrity to tender his irrevocable resignation having brought EUkip into such disrepute.

We must consider the selection process as irrelevant and invalid as shown by The Returning Officer, the facts I have published and the mailings of Ms. Lynnda Robson & Mr. Robin Page.

Clearly the positions of such as:
Bannerman (a Fraud, liar and cheat employed by the EU!),
Tiny Tim Whatzit (Resident in Portugal and thus not fulfilling requirements),
Ms. Andreassen (an alien with no plausible interest in Britain beyond the money scammed from EUkip, a track record of being pro. EU, resident in Barcelona, Spain and having failed to comply with the rules)

WHERE WAS GILL? It was Gill’s DUTY to oversee a fair & just selection process – Gill FAILED as has been made very clear.


Letter 01:

Date: Monday, 20 October, 2008, 5:00 PM
For the attention of the Party Chairman
Copied to the NEC

Dear Mr Nuttall,

I am still waiting for the return of my £250 deposit. In a previous email to you I requested the return of this money as it was obtained under false pretences. The MEP selection process was clearly unfair, dishonest and rigged to benefit certain individuals. The report on the MEP section/ election process written by Piers Merchant, the Returning Officer, proves this beyond doubt.

Indeed, he recommended that a special committee be appointed to investigate the whole selection process in the East. The NEC’s failure to follow his advice is simply another example of how it has brought the Party into disrepute by failing to deal with the corruption and dishonesty that now threatens to destroy UKIP.

Unfortunately, rather than deal with the genuine concerns raised by myself and others it apparently now plans to conduct a witch-hunt in order to remove those of us who have had the courage to fight for honesty, accountability, decency and transparency. How very EU! If the Party should decline to co-operate I will have no choice but to follow the steps taken by Lynnda Robson and take legal action. I am now in contact with Ipswich County Court. Unless I receive a cheque for £250, plus £20 interest, within seven days I will instigate legal proceedings against UKIP.

Yours sincerely,
John West
Chairman UKIP Ipswich & East Suffolk
Secretary UKIP Suffolk CoastalLetter

Letter 02:

Subject: Re: Legal action against UKIP

Dear John

After taking legal advice, the party has concluded that you have no right to ask for the return of £250.

Best wishes
Paul Nuttall

Letter 03:

Subject: RE: Legal action against UKIP
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 14:12:27 +0000

Dear Paul,

I am saddened that you are prepared to listen to misguided legal advice from, I presume, Michael Zuckerman.

You will be aware that your own returning officer’s report ( now in the public domain) expressed grave concerns about the selection process and recommended that a sub-committee be appointed to investigate the whole matter. The NEC, of course, ignored his recommendations. It is quite clear that the whole selection process was rigged to favour certain candidates.

What saddens me is your willingness to go along with this corruption and dishonesty. You did tell me upon becoming chairman that you would be ‘a new broom’. You forgot to mention that you would be using the same handle! You have already conceded your liability to refund the money by refunding Lynnda Robson’s deposit, plus costs. If the selection process had been fair the leadership would have contested her claim in court. You also returned Robin Page’s deposit for the same reason.

Paul, your response is wholly inadequate. May I suggest that you obtain competent legal advice from someone other than Michael Zuckerman as both my wife and I will be taking UKIP to the Small Claims Court.

Yours sincerely,
John West
Chairman UKIP Ipswich & East Suffolk
Secretary UKIP Suffolk Coastal

Letter 04:

Subject: FW: Legal action against UKIP
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 22:33:12 +0000

Dear Paul,

I have now issued a county court claim against UKIP.

You gave me no other choice.

Yours sincerely,
John West


I presume that John West has lodged a statement in full and also has lodged the supportive evidence of the rules AND the Returning Officer’s very clear report placed in the public domain.

It will be noted that to prove the process was fair John West is entitled to demand copies of the cheques paid by EVERY other member with proof their check was cleared, also the CRB checks for each and every applicant should be lodged in confidence with the Court together with proof of their residency and voter role entry.

I understand Lynnda Robson made such an application and it would seem EUkip leadership knew they would loose through the Courts for EVERY entrant in the failed process and not only refunded Lynnda Robson’s £250.00 but also have paid her expenses.

Similarly I understand that £250.00 was paid to Robin Page as the first acceptance of fault on their part and as the first stage in such claims for damages he will eventually seek! In that Robin Page was within 4 votes of election at the last EU Election and this only because it seems Tom Wise abused his access to the membership lists and self promotion in his EU employed capacity at the time. This time there is no competent candidate notable in the Eastern Region and thus it would be reasonable then, I presume, for Robin Page to make damages claim for the loss of potential income as an MEP!!!

This may be fanciful but you must be aware that the lead candidate will not be able to stand eventually as he has brought EUkip into disrepute as a fraud, a liar, a cheat having proved a failure in the Tories he came to EUkip based upon lies and dishonesty which befoul the reputation of EUkip – this he has compounded by taking a job with the EU with an undertaking to act in a manner directly contra his position with EUkip. As the realisation that he is beneath contempt in his exploitation of EUkip for his personal gain integrity will overcome pity on the part of EUkip and he will have no option but to resign – even based on his corrupt morality!

The number 2 is Stuart Agnew and he has openly made it clear he intends to exploit the job for his own gain and considers his absolute right to election claiming directly that he has bought the position. Further he is aware that he is taking advantage of dishonesty – a contemptible little bully of a man with no integrity and the bombast of a fool.

No. 4 in the Region is Andrew Smith who is on EVERY count unsuitable – it was his indisputable dishonest abrogation of duty that has led to a guilty verdict against EUkip for having endeavoured to cheat the Electoral Commission, it is his dishonesty that makes EUkip at risk of forfeiture and costs of around £500,000 in a Judicial Review. Further it was Andrew Smith who as Treasurer failed to acquit his professional duties and resign when faced by some 20+ questions relative to his duties which proved beyond doubt he had acted dishonourably and contra the simplest of professional competence as a book keeper let alone the Party Accountant/Treasurer – Andre Smith also failed to protect EUkip from the debts and liabilities of call centres considered by many members to be corrupt.

I would contend if EUkip were to have a candidate elected in June 2009 there is little doubt that had EUkip complied with democratic process, which the Returning Officer attests it was not – Robin Page would be an MEP in June – Just what do YOU believe will be the level of damages in the Courts minded of the damage to Robin Page as a journalist by the loss of this position?Interestingly having spoken with both the Police and the DPA there is every intention that they WILL be vigerously prosecuting enquiry and subsequent due process in the matter of the publishing of material of a confidential nature on YouTube with regard to John West.

The cowardly and dishonourable action of John Wittacker in signing the dishonest letter regarding the foul mouthed slut Annabelle Fuller (Those who feel I may be harsh in branding this sordid slut thus might care to view her pathetic and obscene childish Blog!).

Wittacker may well have lied as Chairman and subsequently resigned having felt he was forced to sign the lies by Farage but I doubt he would lie under oath in Court when the time comes – probably around April on next year.

Then after the guilty verdicts against EUkip and its leadership and NEC there will no doubt be the open and shut damages case that could run well towards 6 figures for reasons which will become apparent in the fullness of time!On the matter of LAW – I am given to believe that the Police have failed to let Tom Wise the EUkip MEP off the hook for fraud, embezzling and money laundering as a liar in abuse of his position of trust as made clear in the media.

I do not know as yet whether Lindsay Jenkins will be charged or whether they will consider her too irrelevant and merely a rather foolish woman impressed by a younger man! Tom Wise was I am reliably informed due to surrender to bail to the Police on Wednesday 29-Oct-08 – However I understand he has announced, confirming what I had heard previously, that The Police have had ‘words’ with him and have shown they have more than a passing interest!

The Police I understand have extended the Bail Period for a further 3 months.

I do NOT personally believe that this action indicates the Police do not intend to charge and prosecute in the long run – I shall therefore NOT publish the documentary evidence I hold at this stage copies of which have been provided to the Police – I believe that there is reason to believe that since the Police have evidence that they consider to make the case open and shut as we understand it – I believe the extension of bail is because they have as a result of this case opened the edge of a MUCH larger case which they do not wish to damage by moving too soon on the larger and more serious issue.

It I was Trevor Colman I would not sleep easy in view of the corruption in which he participated to use his status as a retired Police Officer to orchestrate a cover-up of the criminality of Tom Wise as made public and as a result of Trevor Colman’s shameful dishonesty it led to collusion in the criminality of Tom Wise as known by the leadership and NEC at the time colluding in the cover-up. I appreciate it does seem that Trevor Colman has benefited from his dishonesty, weakness, corruption and prostitution of his Queen’s Commission – both in the pecuniary gain of his partner/mistress Sue Palfrey and also in his seeming reward by being placed in the position of MEP – shame on EUkip that they see this as seemly behaviour for their representatives – though I do appreciate they are well off in having rid themselves of the liar and low life Graham Booth a man of very little merit who went so far as to try to parachute his clearly unsuitable relative into his job – I guess since her only notable claim was her relationship to the odious Booth and claims that her hobby of parachuting was any better or more relevant qualification than knitting or gardening!

The members of EUkip are well shot of the liar and all round nebbish Graham Booth but surely they did not deserve to have him replaced by the corrupt and bent copper Trevor Colman – surely even EUkip have SOMEONE of better calibre in the South West – the list is risible for next June.EUkip seek votes for election to run/represent our Country – what a shameful display of competence they have made of running their own Party – Clearly until EUkip is cleaned up and re-structured no individual of integrity would wittingly vote for them.

I call Farage DIRECTLY to account – on the hustings whilst his staff were cheating and publishing lies to keep they snouts in the trough as with the ex and much failed Press Officer a proven liar and cheat – Do you deny Nigel Farage that time and again you made the proud and dishonest boast that it was essential members voted for you as if you were elected there were various senior Tory MPs who had undertaken to join EUkip under your leadership and there were various individuals willing to put up big money to back the party the moment you became leader.Despite the many witnesses do you deny these lies?

Nigel Farage having lied to get yourself elected perhaps you would care to apologise for your lies and admit you are, as I stated at the time, incompetent to lead the party, without the gravitas and not trusted having gathered around yourself spivs, chavs, liars, cheats, frauds and failures it does not in fact elevate your position it shows the calibre of those who you can afford to buy.

Nigel Farage other than as a rather lightweight affable performing monkey can you identify a single solitary area of competence you bring to leadership other than as a rather glib and shallow barrow boy who trades on myths of success from almost 20 years ago in a City boom you rode briefly as a gambler.

Nigel Farage you have brought little but shame on EUroScepticism almost no publicity of gravitas and virtually no leaflets of calibre, no training, no credible structure and a collection of VERY low grade acolytes as praise singers. You have not eben produced sufficient men of stature to form an NEC risible puppets and parasites who would be unable to hold down a meaningfull position of power and stature.

By the way there has been so many letters leaked to me from the NEC in attempts to clean up EUkip that I do appologise to those who are sending them _ I regret I can not publish them all and also PLEASE accept my judgement as there are some that I believe would not help and may well unfairly damage so those I will withhold at the moment – there are lots more to come.

To come full circle – let us hope Farage and others have the stature and integrity of Len Baynes who was man enough to apologise when he made a mistake rather than continue to emulate the shabby and cowardly behaviour as displayed by Bruce Lawson who acted in a manner so redolent of EUkip’s leadership and MEPs – a coward, a bully, untrustworthy and with no political merit – merely an inflated opinion of himself as with the low lifes and nere do wells that sadly represent EUkip all too often! Follow Lawson’s lead and run away PLEASE give UKIP a chance!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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