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Archive for the ‘EUkip; UKIP; NEC; corruption; dishonesty; incompetence; minutes;’ Category

#310* – EUkip’s MINUTES (Well Sanitised Version!)

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 21/02/2009

#310* – EUkip’s MINUTES (Well Sanitised Version!)

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership
& NEC is what gives the remaining 10%
a bad name!

The EUkip NEC MINUTES (Well Sanitised Version!)!


Paul Nuttall (Party Chairman) (PN):

astonishing really when you think this Liverpool scally has blagged his way to Chairman of EUkip, with so very little experience – he only even claims to being a student & teaching them! – No wonder this unelected puppet has been such a disaster. As Farage’s little puppet even with his tame oaff and in house liar and fixer copying his BNP bully boy style, he is clearly out of touch with the bulk of the members and any principles.
One only has to look at the chaos he and his muppets have caused in the Eastern Region with the aid of liars, the corrupt, bullies and fools like Andrew Smith, Stuart Agnew, Peter Reeve, Mick McGough, David the desk, George the coward and liar Curtis – need I go on!

The Tories have fielded Caroline Spelman as their Chairman.

Labour have Hazel Blears!

The Lib.Dims. have one hidden on their web site I guess, but since few Lib.Dim.s have any more relevance than EUkip who cares!

Nigel Farage MEP (Party leader) (NF):

has proved to be a complete clown as a leader – as I said more than 10 years ago Nigel Farage is a really good front man; a performing monkey who can draw the crowds and entertain, ‘quite’ good on the media, and can count on my support’.
‘However since he is without one iota of Officer Quality a barrow boy of no gravitas, with no leadership skills or ability and a liability who if he ever tries to lead UKIP can count on my implaccable opposition and will destroy the party’.David Campbell Bannerman (DCB):

A serial failure from the Tory party who has a CV to die OF!
A sad insecure fool of a man, puffed up and crass.
Quite a good drafting clerk but it has to be ascertained if he can do anything else. Came to EUkip and was foist on the party as yet another of Farage’s drinking chums he has proved a walking disaster for EUkip ever since. Drags the party into the gutter with his dishonesty and lies, with at least one feature article scheduled about his lies and dishonesty in the run up to the election IF EUkip manage to become of ANY relevance.

This was the sad little chap who has lied about his identity and then PROMISED to deliver 17 Policies for EUkip by February. It matters not howmuch you search, EUkip hasn’t produced a single solitary Policy NOT ONE. So far it has produced 7 briefing outlines – unsourced, un costed, un corrected clearly written by amateurs on a standard that would probably get the admonishment ‘Could try harder’ if it was a 6th. Form holiday project.

Marta Andreasen (MA):

The discreditted Marta Andreasen – discreditted on numerous counts, not least of which was that it seems she didn’t even tell EUkip the problems that had her suspended from her job with The OECD without pay for 15 or 18 months. Nor the allegations of racism.

It is clear from her interview on BBC – Hard Talk – by Tim Sebastian that she also failed to mention this small detail! It was not in her CV nor it seems were the EU aware of this at the time they employed her for a brief period.

Since joining EUkip she has lied and cheated to get herself onto the MEP list for details CLICK HERE. She would also seem to have colluded in dishonesty on the NEC and has signed accounts having failed to answer valid questions at the business Meeting on matters that showed she had little or no understanding or knowledge of EUkip or its accounts.

John Whittaker MEP (JW):
A chappie used to being a man amongst boys, as a teacher, but clearly out of his depth as an MEP but the only MEP capable of ‘fronting’ as a Chairman. With Farage, his money helped!

Made EUkip look utterly stupid politically by standing in numerous constituencies at the same time personally!

Having had to try to steer the utterly ill informed and clearly none too competent Marta Andreasen through HER Business Meeting, which showed all the signs of going pear shaped as she had little knowledge of EUkip and clearly less understanding. (In true EUkip style she didn’t let this prevent her from signing off the accounts!) Even her shoddy accounts were better than the unprofessional and dishonest efforts of Andrew Smith that aided by Farage and Whittacker so clearly landed EUkip in the hands of the Courts with a guilty verdict and now since the Judicial Review leaves EUkip potentially liable to £1/2 > 1 Million.

It will be recalled that having signed a totally dishonest letter to cover for Farage’s lies regarding Annabelle Fuller and her mythical taxi driver – not one word of which did J.W. believe as he knew the truth. J.W. quit as Chairman!

Michael Zuckerman (MZ):

Ma Zucherman is a joke, that you wouldn’t bother making up – his command of the law seems staggeringly inadequate for someone who CLAIMS to be a qualified solicitor – I personally question whether his SO CALLED firm amounts to much more than him and a dustbin for his mistakes – Benson Mazure!!! Bent & Manure seems more accurate when you think that MAZ are his initials (MAZure) and he has an office in Benson Street.

I understand much of his income is in association with property developers and I also understand he is accused of ripping off a lady client who has taken him to Court!

The thought of MAYBE getting onto the gravy train for an income makes him all but salivate with greed – perhaps like ‘The Desk’ he is desperate for the income!

Rachel Oxley (RO),

Another joke member of the NEC – a school teacher of small children in a small private school! It seems she brings little political knowledge and clearly less legal wit to the NEC. She is at least smart enouight to know Ma Zucherman lacks the legal smarts to cope and therefore Oxley dispenses legal advice liberally but sadly has little control of a vituperative tongue.Jill Seymour (JS):

How quaint! A pleasant enough lass but as weak as ditchwater. All too willing to do the decent thing and act honourably until in the presence of Farage when she buckles.

To be fair she did stand up to him once, presumably on the instructions of her husband, who had the smarts to realise that through his wife’s ambitions he was exposed to the risk of underwriting the activities of this venal bunch of clowns that have seized control of the party. EUkip in truth represents only those with personal ambitions or like Farage much to hide.

It may well be due to the sense of her husband that EUkip decided to register ANOTHER Limited Company – possibly to shelter its NEC from their own stupidity and the crass behaviour of their staff and leadership, using the Company as a sink for debts & borrowing.

Delroy Young (DY):

Del has finally given up trying to achieve anything through the undeniably corrupt and dishonest NEC of EUkip. Del’s mistake was to undermine his position by failing to provide a CV or ANY details about himself when he sought election. It having become clear he stood not a chance in the leadership election because of this error he foolishly blamed Richard Suchorzewski for exposing the fact and irrationally set out to assist Farage by sabotaging RAS.

As with anyone featuring I used publicly available sources to find out much about Del (to his surprise) in the hope that he would have the smarts to think again and publish details to be able to run to help RAS who was the ONLY hope for EUkip. Sadly Del, who I believe is a decent chap failed to understand the damage he was doing for his own future and that of EUkip.

Since then Del has with much courage tollerated the veilled contempt and insults of the childish and irresponsible low lifes on the NEC and leadership. Now perhaps Del can rebuild his confidence freed from the chants when he tried to act with integrity to be faced by the crud around him pointing out who would second him having got rid of all the decent, honest NEC members who tried to represent the interests of the members who elected them such as:
Dr. Eric Edmond
Richard Suchorzewski
Petrina Holdsworth

Gill Chant
Dr. David Abbott
Martin Hasslam
and others who had no desire to be associated with the NEC and those on it – so never stood!

Good luck Del – thanks for trying but such a pity there was no one to guide you through the mine field, you will remember I did try!

Christopher Gill (CG):

What a tragedy. Though not the smartest he inheritted a substantial fortune and had plodded along as a rather uninspiring Tory for many years.

It is so sad that after a lifetime of trying, albeit with very little to show for it, he left the Tory party and it has been catastrophicly down hill ever since. The first move was to The Freedom Association which he so clearly damaged by politicising it for his own gain.

Gill went on to befoul his fragile reputation by the manner in which he has behaved in EUkip and his open support and participation in the corruption.

Probably the most disgusting act was not fiddling the selection process in the selection/election process CLICK HERE, he then totally abrogated on his duty and made absolutely no effort to act honourably any more than when in the leadership election where he all too willingly backed both sides!

In fact far more odious was the vituperative and downright evil letter he put his name to in an attempt to block democracy, attacking his associates.

One might say the most evil action of this sordid and befouled little man has been the staggering arrogance and contempt for democracy to remain on the NEC of EUkip and collude in its dishonesty and corruption.

Douglas Denny (DD),

Filth – a liar and a cheat. Willing at the slightest excuse to lie, cheat and defame. So fundamentally dishonest that he repeatedly brings EUkip into disrepute with his self important stupidity on public Forums.

This odious individual’s sole contribution to EUkip has clearly been in self interest and mallign – such that those who know him best in his own constituency deselected him as PPC where seemingly only he and his wife voted for him whilst all the rest voted in the relatively unknown Moncrieff.

Denny NEVER seems to represent anyone but himself and even the NEC were so disgusted with his dishonesty and corruption that they voted and removed him as Returning Officer in the leadership election. Even by their standards he had proved himself utterly dishonest and untrustworthy – a fact born out that when he felt he could get away with it he went so far as to lie and rewrite the minutes to try to exhonerate his behaviour.

A poisinous little man of absolutely no visible merit.Derek Clark MEP(DC),

A totally dishonourable little man – many years teaching the same subject to young children unable to advance without qualifications and seemingly with few if any friends. Like many in his retirement many years later he wormed his way into a position with some authority and one realises why he never was given it in his entire career as all he has done is abuse his position ever since – a bully, a liar, a cheat – a man beneath contempt who broke his promises to those who put him in position. Brought a thoroughly dishonest false case based on his own lies against Peter Baker and aided by the dishonest and duplicitous Douglas Denny and the corruption of Gerard Batten failed in their arrogant abuse of their position when confronted by the truth, facts and honest people.

Even then this poisinous little jerk could not act honourably and went on to secure his income by destroying UKIP in his region where now only those he pays support him or will deliver leaflets! Meanwhile he betrayed our Country, our peoples, out values and our heritage not to mention the electorate by campaigning against Britain’s interests and with Nigel Farage signing up to Britain being subject to GREATER subsidiarity to the EU AND signing up to greater co-operation with the EU through its committees to IMPROVE THEIR CONTROL over Britain!

That this little man is still in EUkip, albeit under investigation by OLAF for, we understand, fraud will come as no surprise but that he is still in EUkip speaks volumes of just how corrupt and self serving is the leadership and NEC.Alan Bown (AB):

Onre has to wonder why! This retired professional gambler must surely have learned more about odds than to keep backing losers. They do say that a fool and his money can be easily parted – but is there more to this than meets the eye. Be minded there is a steady flow of printing through EUkip and one condition of his continued support would seem to be that printing is placed through him!

Then we have to wonder why he has been embroilled in the obfuscation of accounts and has been closely associated by large amounts of money going missing as with the printing for the fake ‘Petition’ then the dubious apparent syphonning off of large amounts of money related to his Company Ashford call centre.

I do not believe this man is a fool but why is he acting outwardly as if he is a fool?

Also present: Jonathan Arnott (General Secretary):

A degree in sums seems a strange qualification to get from a minor University to go forward as its youngest graduate he claims to then never use his qualification in any serious manner winding up as a maths teacher in a little private school that seems not to take people much beyond what was ‘O’Level and has less than 150 pupils all seems like no qualification for his present job.

This probably explains a great deal! One really must wonder what he brings to EUkip as it can not be experience of much and very clearly isn’t.

Apologies for absence: Lisa Duffy:

What a relief. Off breeding more members for EUkip Yoooof I understand – well she needs to do something as she has been a staggering failure to date. Clearly a mistake as a member of the NEC but since no one believes she was legitimately elected that may explain why she turned out to be so useless and little more than a loud mouthed chav.

Consider the Minutes now you have a better idea of the odious shower actually running the NEC now that most decent members have been lied about and dishonestly removed by The Faragista Fan Club.

Meeting started: 1.04pm.

Minutes of previous meeting

Motion 1: That the minutes of the previous meeting be approved. Carried by 8-0 with 2 abstentions (JW, not present; DY). Proposed by DD, seconded by RO.

Matters Arising

PN said we have received a letter from David Abbott requesting that the case to be heard be considered as a hearing not as an appeal as he was not present for the original hearing.

DCB said originally this would have been deferred for a month had DA requested it, but he left the room saying ‘Goodbye UKIP’. It was therefore reasonable to deal with it then.

PN said this must be an NEC vote, not an executive decision.

Motion 2: That we accept due process was followed at this committee in November, and that the case to be heard is an appeal rather than a re-hearing. Proposed DD, seconded CG.

Carried by 9-1(DY) with 1 abstention (JW).

DY’s opposition to this decision was minuted.

Party Leader’s Report

NF was encouraged by a recent batch of opinion polls. Fewer than 1 in 4 say that EU membership has been a good thing. 83% of people do not want European law to override UK law. The first EU election polls show UKIP at 7%.

At a comparable stage in 2004 we were on 3% so we start from a much higher base. The absolute key will be money and billboards. We must have the money.

(currently however EUkip is polling at 1% with the odious BNP at 2% and the BNP has seriously trounced EUkip in a series of by-elections – G.L-W.)

There does seem to be a bit more of a willingness for newspapers to take our stories at the moment.

On 18th December there was a proposal from the EU to put Britain’s sea anglers on the commercial quotas. Even worse, if the cod quota for our area has already been used up it’s subject to a £50,000 fine. NF suggested a mass lobby of MEPs asking the public not to contact their MP – there is no point. They won’t even vote on it. The vote will come in. The Sun has already run this on page 2, and it shows NF as leading the campaign. We’ve been told that Murdoch personally approved that.

MZ suggested that people who own boats, which are very expensive, might potentially be useful for fundraising as well.

NF will be talking to our MEPs about this in Strasbourg. We can do a mass writing campaign to newspapers. It could be a very good campaign for us. We will also be looking at online marketing for this one.

AB suggested full-page ads in angling newspapers – much cheaper as they’re limited circulation.

CG asked if we could embarrass other MEPs who might be taking their salaries in euros; existing MEPs will have the choice. They may choose the euros because they’re worth more than having it in pounds.

NF said Saturday’s Daily Mail covered this, giving NF a lot of quotes. The trouble is that exchange markets are so volatile that rather than taking a pay increase, it could end up being a reduction. If the exchange rates change, other MEPs may keep taking pay in pounds anyway.

CG argued that therefore it’s not a big risk for our MEPs to insist on being paid in pounds.

NF has thought about it but I haven’t reached a conclusion – not wanting to take a decision then look silly in 6 weeks’ time.
CG asked how UKIP voted on this.

NF said UKIP opposed the Members’ Statute as we wanted MEPs to be employed by the Home Office not the European Union.

DCB said Ken Clarke’s return could prove to be a bad move for the Conservatives, and could potentially help UKIP.

David Abbott appeal

DA asked how it be an appeal as there hasn’t been a hearing.

PN replied that NEC members had taken the view that DA walked out of the hearing.

DA – Okay.

PN said Rachel will put the complaint again to refresh people’s memories. Each side to have 5 minutes.

RO read out an email sent by DA on the 24th September. RO disagreed with his comments but the real source of the complaint was the list of people to whom it has been sent, who should never have been party to such a communication. He has shown his public opposition to UKIP in that email, and such behaviour is unbecoming in an NEC member. That was the general basis for the case.

(The letter in question is readily available and can be found on David Abbott’s web site Brits At Their Best which can be found via the links on the right on this web site. No part of Dr. Abbott’s letter were anti EUkip it was a statement of unarguable values of honourable behaviour, which may explain why Rachel Oxley did not understand it and was so readily backed by EUkip’s dishonourable NEC. G.L-W.)

DA described his email as ‘whistleblowing’ in his response, arguing that he was only upholding the rules. DA then made a series of allegations against MA, Clive Page, Mark Croucher and others.

(The facts led in this section which are without exception correct and accurate should be published but EUkip’s NEC has chosen to collude in corruption and not publish the facts presented regarding these individuals and others. G.L-W.)

DD said the whole statement considers fair rules of the party; yet it seems there is a clear underlying problem where DA have a lack of support for the leader, the NEC and UKIP in general. How can DA say he took his role as an NEC member seriously, yet call collective decisions a ‘nonsense’? If breaching the rules leads to expulsion, and if the rules in the Constitution allow it, why call it a nonsense?

DA said he had not don’t any of those things that refer to expulsion. It was never intended to hear this case, and that he left due to the ‘extraordinary business’ at the November NEC.

(Clearly a garbled section seemingly to duplicitously undermine Dr. Abbott’s clear and sensible case in which he contends that EUkip’s NEC should set an example rather than follow some of its members into the gutter in which they seemingly live. G.L-W.)
PN replied that “Criticising NEC decisions outside the NEC” is covered under 7.18. It’s clear from the list that this has been sent wider than the NEC and that it criticises the NEC. Is that not the case?

DA said “It is to some extent. I could have made blind copies if I’d wanted to. I’m admitting it but I’m saying that the punishment has to be proportionate to the crime”.

DY asked whether not criticising would really have resulted in further progress for the party.

MZ asked DY when the last time was that he ever agreed with anything said by the leadership in this committee.

DY said that it does not happen very often actually.

MZ said that DY has behaved as an honourable member. We respect DY, and DY has respected us, and DY has not attempted to attack the NEC for the decisions made in this room, alleging that we have somehow acted in bad faith. DYs conduct has been impeccable in that respect.

DCB wished to put on record first of all that there are factual inaccuracies in what was said by DA. DA has sent this to an English Democrat, and to someone effectively working for the BNP. Such people should not be shown privileged information.

DY asked whether DA knew of any adverse effect on UKIP of sending that email.

DA said he had a lot of positive feedback.

MA said she got a call from a billionaire and potential donor, saying this had been brought to his attention, asking her to explain this email to him.

(We note this clearly discreditted and self seeking woman makes no statement of who said individual might be – we are all perfectly entitled to discount any evidence this woman gives as she is proven both dishonest AND dishonourable. G.L-W.)

DA and RO then left the room.

PN reminded the meeting that the case must be determined on the email alone.

DD said the case all hinges on two things:
1. Was this an appropriate email to send?
2. Is the wide list of recipients appropriate?

DD suggested that it was vexacious because of 2.

MZ said that criticism of NEC decisions should remain within the NEC. There is little in that document that can be described as a communication to someone who has already taken part in the debate to ask them to reconsider. This is a generalised broadsisde intended at those who have no knowledge of the issues raised. It is not a communication to members of the NEC.

(It is clear to all but the corrupt that it is the duty of an elected member of the NEC to represent the interests of the members who elected them NOT to represent the NEC and collude in corruption, dishonesty, bullying and abuse. Clearly a concept of integrity beyond the understanding of people of the callibre of the NEC and leadership hence their ire at being exposed as corrupt by Dr. Abbott’s letter, the initial circulation having been relatively restricted but mailed to me by several recipients and I distributed it widely, so that members were aware how they were being serially betrayed and duped by the low lifes on their NEC and leadership. G.L-W.)

Motion 3: That the decision of the NEC on 3rd November 2008 to expel David Abbott from the NEC be upheld. Proposed by DD, seconded by CG. Carried by 9-1 with 0 abstentions (as the complainant, RO not present for vote).

Treasurer’s Report

The response to the Christmas appeal, shown as £58,000, increased on the next working day to £60,000 and more is expected in the next week. MA stressed the importance for further fundraising and for regions to keep the national party updated on funding.

PN is asking branches in the NorthWest to sponsor billboards. It’s an achievable goal that they can take ownership of.

NF argued that some branches do not understand that there are members of UKIP who will attend good social events who won’t attend normal UKIP meetings

AB said branch fundraisers don’t raise big money.

AB said it came as a shock that regions might have to pay for the Party Election Broadcasts.

NF provided an update: we’ve bid for 3 European and 1 local election broadcasts. They are not going to do a radio broadcast this time. We have asked the company that made the last two DVDs for a quote. But the cost of that, I think, must be a central party cost.

JW asked about candidates’ deposits; if only 50 have paid so far; £40,000 is not enough.

MA said that 6 have refused to pay.

NF said that we have people clamouring to get on these lists; this would be covered later.

JA suggested that a motion be put forward reassuring regions that the cost of the Party Election Broadcasts will be covered nationally.

Motion 4: That the national party pay for the costs of producing the Party Election Broadcasts for the European and local elections in June 2009 without making any charges to the regions. Proposed by JS, seconded by DCB. Carried by 11-0 with no abstentions.

A brief discussion followed regarding MEPs and generating publicity. NF will be interviewed by GQ magazine next week. NF said that recently, the public’s daily lives are being more affected by the EU.

NF and JW then left the room.

A discussion followed with regard to the payroll. PN reported that he had spoken to Martin Haslam(MH) and will be speaking to MA and Bruce Lawson later to sort the problem.

JS asked whether staff are being paid on time.

MA – Yes.

PN said that MH did request that the NEC accept that these payments were not for his own personal gain.

MA accepted that it is most likely that it wasn’t for MH’s personal gain, but it has caused disruption.

(NOT HALF AS MUCH AS MARTA ANDREASEN’S DISCREDITTABLE & DUPLICITOUS BEHAVIOUR – as a liar and a cheat and regarding her track record and her failures of disclosure! G.L-W.)

The next Party Conference was discussed and a number of ideas were put forward to ensure that the Conference does not lose as much money as lat year and hopefully becomes self-financing. PN is already some way down the line on investigating this one. A suggestion for a one-day Party Conference
MZ wanted to use Independence News to bring in advertising.

Ken Irvine (KI) then entered the room to deliver a report on the proposed campaign for the European elections.

Campaign Presentation (Ken Irvine)

KI officially only took on this role in Friday, but has been doing the job in practice for much longer. Online campaigning will be a priority. We’ll be encouraging our activists and candidates to make use of their own blogs and help them with content/graphics/key messages. We already have clear research on what people think about the EU, what they are interested in and what they aren’t. We’re going to relate what we say to what people are interested in. Going forward to billboards and leaflets, the point is to have an integrated approach. Some billboard ideas are drafted and ready to be tested.

The other aspect is finding the money to pay for them, and in these challenging economic times fundraising will be harder. We’re not in a position to book all the billboards that we want to at the moment. Ideally we would like to place at least some orders end of Jan/start of Feb, but realistically we need to see what happens. We might ask whether donors will give, or even just underwrite, costs. Also examining bus/rail advertising. We’ll see whether they’d carry hard-hitting messages or not. In 2004 they wouldn’t; in the current economic climate they might. First region will be the SW with John Bufton; once we have an idea hopefully we can roll it out across other regions. We are not yet fast enough to generate the kind of media coverage that we should be. The plasma TV ban is one good recent example of this. Not just national/regional papers but also trade press. That improvement might not happen tomorrow, but it will happen during the campaign.

It is also no accident that the Taxpayers Alliance poll came out this weekend. We stand at 7% nationally with marked regional variations. 7% with men, 8% with women. Just at 2% in Scotland. More importantly, 45% of the British public believe that none of Lab/LD/Con represent their views on the EU. We have a tremendous opportunity.

Last but not least is the issue of the campaign office. We will be negotiating terms this week for an office with 8-10 people and access for boardroom; in the current economic climate we hope to be able to negotiate the cost down to allow us to pay for the computers etc necessary to run it. All we need now is 3 things – money, more money and even more money.

The work on the regional websites has started today and hopefully will be completed in the next couple of weeks.

(It is clear from the meeting and also from these very abbreviated minutes that there is next best to no realistic campaign – no clear strategy – no visible tactoics! Just a series of very hit and miss ideas, little joined up thinking and no clear costing.
Does EUkip have the vaguest idea what to do? G.L-W.)
CG said that the plan as described is wonderful, but queried how this involves the regions if at all.

KI said they will help him with targeting where the messages will go, and perhaps some polling to identify regional variations. KI does not have the power to impose because of internal party structure but wants to convince them what we’re doing.

PN described the nonsense on the internet implying that UKIP is going to close Newton Abbott as malicious garbage.

KI said that the campaign office will be additional but we’re committing to 5 months taking us to the end of June. If a GE is called, we might extend it but normally it can be extended on a month-to-month basis.

JS said suggestged we make sure that the media know who to call in advance this time, after the results are declared. UKIP wasn’t prepared for the media hype on our results last time.

KI said we will be this time.

CG asked if a region can book billboards if it has money already.

KI said they can be booked through him. We need a detailed plan on what they have to spend, locations, packages, frequency, particular towns, where our results came from in 2004. We will have a very good idea of where we did well, and where we did not so well.

MZ asked whether in rural areas we can advertise using fields and posters.
KI said that this is possible, and we have plans in place to do so.
KI was thanked for coming.

Chairman’s Report

The NEC elections are coming up. We have 11 candidates for 6 vacancies. DY has decided not to stand for re-election. We could not send out the packs until the DA appeal had been heard.
Candidates are:

Rachel Oxley, Alan Bown, Phil Griffiths, Terry Durrance, Elizabeth Parker, George Curtis, Andrew Moncreiff, Paul Henke, Mick Greenhough, Wayne Harling, John Wallace.

JS asked if there is a good geographical spread.
PN – Yes.

(The largest area by membership is The South West Region which now has no representation on the NEC due to the dishonest manner in which Dr. Edmond was removed – there are NO candidates for the NEC from the SW. Why did Paul NuttAll lie? Why did no one on the NEC have the integrity to tell the truth? Are they so out of touch they don’t know! G.L-W.)

The NEC election forms will go out this week. The count is expected to be on the 17th February. The voting papers will be sent out early next week. The Constitutional changes will go out in the same pack.

A letter will be sent to all ex-members and enquirers from NF together with a DVD. A Bulletin From Brussels will also be sent to ex-members and enquirers. After this, UKIP will send a follow-up letter together with a Freepost envelope and application form for UKIP membership.

Looking at the UKIP membership figures, there is a need to set up a call centre in the run-up to the election. When we had a call centre our membership jumped substantially.

(Why not collect and account the money that has gone missing unaccounted to members from Ashford and Ramsgate call centres before setting up another apparent scam? G.L-W.)

DD said it did cause us tremendous problems, so if we do it we have to do it properly. The danger was, and is, what happens after the election is over. It should not stay open for too long. But it did raise the membership by thousands in a few months. DCB was responsible for closing Ashford. We closed it because it was the wrong time. Now is the right time to have a new call centre.

JS asked where will it be and how much will it cost, and whether Head Office would be a viable location.

PN said that Head Office would not have the space because the SW region has most of the space.

JS then suggested the Campaign Office.

PN replied that it would be too expensive to have it in Central London as we would have to rent more office space, and that staff would have to be paid more in London.

PN stated that he is merely asking for a decision from the NEC to authorise him to do this; it must be Constitutional.

MA suggested subcontracting to a third party company.

PN said that Steve Allison is exploring this idea but that expense could be an issue.

MA said that information is tied to the quality of the database. We need to think about having a completely new database.

JS asked whether this idea had failed before in Ramsgate. Secondly, I agree about the database. The Head Office database is not flexible but to spend money on a new one is to co-ordinate it with the Head Office database.

DCB pointed out that much ‘nonsense’ has been talked about call centres bringing in money. In Ashford, the income from the party paid the operators. Only a small amount was actually surplus income for UKIP.

JS cautioned against phoning ex-members, preferring to use petition data for example.

(Quite clearly this bunch of clowns haven’t a clue what they are doing but as none of them have ever done anything it is hardly surprising! G.L-W.)

Motion 5 : That the Party Chairman be authorised to explore the viability of setting up a call centre for the duration of the European elections campaign, examining all options, and to report back to the NEC. Proposed by CG, seconded by JS. Carried by 8-0 with 0 abstentions.

DY wondered why Gerard Batten’s office had not been considered. The response by PN was that it had been considered, but the office was too small to accommodate enough staff and also too far away from Westminster.

(Clearly neither DY nor PN know what the other is talking about – already it has been shown that London is too expensive but PN wants it nearer Westminster!!!! Since Batten’s office is in a largely slum area with a huge homeless centre near by and as Batten does little or nothing worythwhile and has no chance of re-election why not take over his office as the Party Office rather than waste money on Farage’s ego opposite St. James’s Park, in The Regius Office Block accomodation address!

Motion 6: That Ken Irvine and Marta Andreasen be authorised to go ahead with the London campaign Office. Proposed by DCB, seconded by DD. Carried by 7-0 with 1 abstention (DY).

The Internal Communications Committee will meet for the first time on the 22nd January as agreed at the December NEC meeting. Invitations will be sent out tomorrow. [Since deferred to February due to lack of availability]

JS asked whether any progress had been made with the ‘Family Tree’ (UKIP hierarchy chart). PN had met with Toby Micklethwait on this earlier in the day.

(I’ll try to find time to publish this for her within the next 24 hours – sorry I forgot she had asked for a copy. If she would like a copy by eMail just mail me otherwise it will be linked on my blog and posted probably on Google Data. I do hope this helps, wel at least until you have had another committee meeting to decide which committee will deal with it until after the election is over and there will be no need for it!. G.L-W.)

PN reiterated that this committee will only be for communications, not to take decisions.

JS expressed confidence in PN’s word and integrity.


DCB asked whether the NEC could just agree that, with the beermat and various communications, that all national communications go through him in good time.

MZ wanted to look at anything from the legal side.

DCB suggested that this should cover all national communications involving policy messages.

Motion 7: That all national communications that include policy messages are agreed with the Head of Policy and Party Secretary in advance. Proposed RO, seconded JS. Carried by 7-0 with 0 abstentions.

JA asked for an assurance that this referred only to new policy messages, as the text of the moment as written would include anything – press releases, comments on current UKIP policy, websites and almost anything.

MZ responded: “If it follows a policy that has already been agreed upon by the party, then there is no problem. This motion refers to new policy messages only”.

JA accepted this.

Party Secretary’s Report

John West’s Disciplinary Hearing will take place on the 9th February.

The Electoral Commission case judgement will be handed down to the lawyers on the 19th January and stated in court on the 22nd January.
A firm has been appointed and is ready to undertake the transfer to a Limited Company subject to the budget agreed at the previous NEC meeting.

PN reminded the NEC that the membership must vote for this first.
A brief discussion followed on the mechanics of the transfer.

General Secretary’s Report

JA had been asked by Nigel Farage and the Political Committee to draft a proposal to deal with vacancies on MEP candidates’ lists created by candidates withdrawing from the list either by resignation, or implied by failure to pay the requisite £800 deposit.

JA presented a proposal with the aim of ensuring speed and fairness to candidates currently on the lists in lower positions or who had missed out in the members’ ballot.

MZ was unhappy with requiring consent of all candidates if candidates at the bottom of the list are unaffected.

DD suggested amending the proposal by replacing ‘mutual consent of all candidates’ with ‘consent of successive candidates’

DCB suggested appending ‘subject to NEC approval by telephone’ to point 8.

PN was concerned about the danger of a leak if the candidate is sufficiently high-profile.

MZ expressed concern that the consent of candidates lower down the list was not necessary if they were unaffected by changes higher up the list. For example, if a candidate entitled to step into the number 3 slot chose not to step up, then the candidate entitled to position 4 should be allowed to take position 3 without the consent of 5,6,7 etc.

JS commented that pressure must not be applied informally for candidates to step down a place on the list.

Motion 8: That the draft proposal be accepted subject to replacing ‘mutual consent of all candidates’ with ‘consent of successive candidates’, removing the second sentence in item 9 and appending the words ‘subject to NEC approval’ to the end of item 8.

Proposed by JS, seconded by CG. Carried by 6-1(MZ) with no abstentions.
Any Other Business

CG suggested that a word of appreciation be sent to Gerard Batten for his booklet on the cost of the European Union. This was carried by general agreement.

The meeting closed at 5.58pm.

What a staggering waste of time – they clearly haven’t a clue what they are doing, have absolutely no marketing skills, zero leadership, no visible competence in any field and clearly all want a finger in every pie because they know there isn’t an iota of competence for the task before them and less trust of eachother – probably their ONLY sensible realisation.

These people REALLY believe they have a moral right to seek votes from the British peoples.

Did you notice NOT ONCE was there a statement of something they had achieved, not once congratulations to a member formally voiced, not once an idea how to progress the cause of getting out of the EU or anything related.

The entire farce is clearly how to climb back on the gravy train and the members and electorate are an inconvenient irrelevance to be betrayed and lied to whilst keeping them in the dark merely as a way to make money!

Dr. David Abbott was chucked out for daring to seek ethical behaviour and suggesyting the Party stuck to its own rules – You couldn’t make it up could you?

I note the vicious war of name calling that the risible little cockroach Denny has started with Ma Zucherman would seem to have subsumed what was probably the ONLY intelligent action of the day – re reinstatement of Niall Warry. NOT because the idiot Denny does or doesn’t want him back – Denny has no concept of morality we know but surely someone can explain to him that it is more sensible that Justice is seen to be done in accord with the rules than his petty vindictive nature is satiated and EUkip ends up facing yet another Judicial Enquiry!

We note the posturing fool is already telling members they are idiots for voting against making Farage a dictator by changing the Disciplinary Procedure and telling them they will have to vote again.

There is little doubt that the peoples of these United Kingdoms would be better off as vassals of the revolting and corrupt EU than the even worse, if unlikely, possibility that EUkip’s shower of scheisters might gain votes and authority!

Fortunately we are unlikely to see EUkip MEPs elected in any number able to continue sabotaging the EUroSceptic movement.

In the mean time treat the June Election as a referendum on The New Constitution Lisbon Treaty and write on your Ballot Paper:



What is the exit and survival plan for these United Kingdoms to maximise on the many benefits of leaving The EU. It is the DUTY of our Politicians and Snivil Cervants to ensure the continuity, liberty and right to self determination of our peoples they have a DUTY to protect against crime and secure both our food and our border.

NONE of these DUTIES has a single British politician upheld for 40 years. They have drawn their incomes fraudulently and dishonesty.

Politicians are failing to tell the truth, but so are almost all wanabe Politicians, the MSM and Snivil Cervants.

The fact is that even if EVERY British MEP wanted change in The EU it would achieve NOTHING.

Every single British Politician, of EVERY Party, elected since before we joined the EUropean Common Market, has promised to change The EU’s CAP – In 40 Years they have achieved absolutely NOTHING!

To try to put a value on OUR Freedom is as futile as floccipaucinihilipilification and as odious as the metissage of our societies, as we rummage in the ashes of our ancestors dreams, sacrifices and achievements, the flotsam of our hopes and the jetsam of our lives, consider the Country and Anglosphere which we leave our children and the future, with shame!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62


I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country.

Deny the self seeking & meaningless wanabe MEPs the Mythical Mandate for which they clamour. Diktat is imposed from The EU but Law should be made at Westminster, for our Country & our Peoples.

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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