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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 21/10/2008


Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!


The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership & NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
The next 7 paragraphs are a repeat just in case you missed them previously as since they include a correction I would like to be sure YOU saw it and also that you might pass the eMail on to the people in your address book interested in EUkip – both of them ;-(
The failure of EUkip to act with ANY competence, intelligence or seeming ability shows beyond any shadow of doubt that in their hubris and incompetence they lack any ability at damage limitation such as to show that under their present leadership and NEC they have no right to ask ANYONE to put their trust in them or to vote for them – with the best will in the world even their most naïve supporter could not responsibly vote for them.
As always I am willing to stand by my word and am prepared to be cross examined on the facts I have put before you.
On that note I received an eMail, from a senior Branch Official of long standing, whilst Lee and I were away with friends and as I had not responded immediately (as I try to) I managed to track the individual down and obtain his phone number and phoned, firstly to apologise for my tardy response and also explain how my error had come about and undertake to correct the error, explaining how it had come about. Thank you again for contacting me and also for your fulsome praise of my news letters. I will happily publish your name with my thanks for your information if you wish but obviously not without your permission. (Do let me know)
Last week before leaving I published the fact that WAYNE HARLING had decamped from EUkip to The Conservative Party – I understand this was NOT TRUE and I unreservedly apologise for any inconvenience or embarrassment this may have cause Wayne Harling or anyone else including those who wrote to me or phoned to say it was no loss, especially after his behaviour apropos the hijack and Kangaroo Court relative to Del Young by the NEC and the support of the undeniably corrupt and dishonest Lisa Duffy who misled the members and thus dishonestly and against the spirit of the constitution of EUkip obtained a seat on the NEC of EUkip.
My error came about not out of malice but having made REASONABLE assumption! The fact that he had defected to The Tories was stated as a fact on what was UKIPForum and it WAS commented upon and after a notable time no comment correcting or amending the statement had been made and in consideration of the fact that there are those like Mick McGough, Douglas Denny, Bob Feel Martinis, Mark Croucher and others who are all too willing to lie, cheat and dissemble in support of EUkip and the purely gullible like Kernow, JoshuaOnyons, and the like who seem to adopt a crano rectally retentive position regarding EUkip’s corrupt and dishonest leadership and NEC and minded that EUkip’s Press Officer Clive Page and also their new little chappie (when in the country) all seem all too rapid in their protection and defence of the indefensible and as several of the posters are from, EUkip Yooof there was no correction of the story I presumed, falsely, that it was true.
I am pleased to say that I believe this is the ONLY factual error that has been pointed out to me by someone responsible in EUkip rather than the lies and serial dishonesty of the likes of Croucher and Denny as proven, as I have ALWAYS stated I aim to be absolutely accurate and am ALWAYS happy to correct any factual error I may EVER have published.
Unlike people like Anthony Butcher I will always stand by my word and also grant an unequivocal right of reply, not censoring honest comment and promoting dishonest personal attacks as Butcher has frequently encouraged on his Forum, in a dishonest and corrupt manner, showing beyond doubt that he is not to be trusted and is without integrity or fundamental decency.
I was going to publish a few more of the letters I have from the NEC but they can wait till later in the week.
I have been a tad busy recently and I would ask you all to spare a thought for various people who I seek to help through not least of whom are Gemma who is having a radical nephrectomy due to Renal Cell Carcinoma in a few hours time, Chris who is in hospital facing a prolonged, demeaning and agonising death in The Royal Gwent as our PCT has refused to provide the drugs he needs to keep him alive as with Val, Janey, Rob, Sandy, Jean and about another 40 I can NAME many of whom chat to me through the night as they face those lonely hours facing imminent death and often leaving young families – if I come across as unwilling to suffer fools, impatient with idiots and ruthless with the corrupt I do not for a moment ask you to forgive me but perhaps you might understand why I WILL NOT TOLLERATE dishonesty as it is just that dishonesty which is deliberately killing people who have become friends many who face death in their 30s & 40s whilst the pond life in EUkip rip off the self same system.
Perhaps someone can identify the duly enacted Act of Parliament passed at Westminster after debate and democratic process, which although it denies women the fundamental human right of control over their own bodies and a right to abortion, denies those in terminal agony or demeaning horror the right to the dignity of death when they chose have the sordid arrogance to practice selective EUthenasia based on undefined expediency against the will or wishes of the patient!! I understood that to me more normally called murder and when exercised in yours and my name by OUR Government it is no better than the murders carried out by Britain’s poorly trained, badly led, incompetent and irresponsible armed Police and perhaps we could be advised when the Government, which can find £Billions for their pensions, £Billions to fund cover-ups of their own banking incompetence but will not fund drugs available in much of the rest of the world and other 3rd. world states WHEN are The Harold Shipman Wards being opened for those not ‘Cost Effective’ to be exterminated on the NHS!

I gather EUkip has started openly conceding that it acted dishonestly and is in breech of its contract with members who stood for selection/election as prospective MEP candidates.

It would seem that having refunded the £250.00 to candidates that they are admitting that the process was, as we all know, corrupt.
That their own chosen and appointed Returning Officer openly and in the public domain highlighted many of the corruptions and cheating even the lies of Mick McGough the fraudulent lies of David the desk Bannerman (frankly no one gives a stuff who he is it is just that he has proved himself to be a fraud, a liar and a cheat and NOT who he claimed to be – this shows he is not to be trusted on even simple matters), then there was the corrupt behaviour of Gollom aided by Titford – Gollom has proved himself to be a duplicitous ill mannered and dishonest little parasite who in all his years has ensured his income above all else by working for two masters and often none as he played one off against the other.
Many will remember the lack of publicity and incompetence relevant to the web site he was happy to be salaried to not achieve.
Not a man who would seem to have friends and clearly not one to trust if you stand between him and his income stream!
You will be interested to note that realising that the selection process was corrupt and fundamentally flawed on the very many counts listed by the Returning Officer, Lynnda Robson, myself and many others in the public domain – EUkip has refunded Robin Page’s money that they obtained from him dishonestly as the first step in compensating him.
I also note that the letter made public from Lynnda Robson has been accepted as fact and she has not only received back the £250.00 but also a substantial proportion of her direct costs – this clearly shows that EUkip accept her position to be accurate and correct and thus one presumes they will be putting the situation right by removal of The Desk from the Eastern Region and preferably the Party since who needs the publicity of a cheat, a liar and a fraud during an election.
Mick Muckgough must surely be removed for his dishonesty, Andrew Smith is clearly unfit having so incompetently and dishonestly betrayed the party and lied to The Electoral Commission leading to huge costs, a guilty verdict in the Courts and £18,000 forfeiture and now the potential for further costs and forfeit of around £1/2Million – this is a man of such staggering lack of professionalism or competence, integrity or duty that one is surprised he is not in Gordon Brown’s Treasury team!
A man who understands large sums and how to squander them when they belong to others!
One must assume that in admitting their corruption by having refunded the fees EUkip’s leadership will be refunding the money to all – since all were cheated and one must assume those they do not refund were party to the lies and corruption – it will be interesting to note who were their cronies in the scam!
Presumably the joke candidate Martha Andersen will be sent packing to befoul some other poor party – has she tried the BNP yet for it would seem she has tried most others and I presume the Danish people do not want her back as a Dane nor it seems do the Spanish want her as a candidate – for sure there is no credibility or merit in having her as a candidate in Britain and no doubt the amount of work done pro bono by people like Martin Hasslam will show all too well she definitely isn’t worth the £36,000+ expenses she pockets just for her part time book keeping so one MUST assume there is an ulterior benefit for Farage for which she is being paid since EUkip could obtain a reputable BRITISH firm of accountants rather than a partisan friend!
Similarly Tiny Tim will no doubt be dumped back on the beach in Portugal from whence it seems he didn’t come for tax purposes!Sorry the facts are spilling over as so often so let us have a quick peek at some correspondence that has been leaked to me:From: Sent: 21 October 2008 01:37To: glancebackSubject: Open letter to the Fuhrer

Open Letter to UKIP Leader Nigel Farage 19.10.2008

Dear Nigel,

There are a number of issues, which need seriously addressing. Failure to deal with them brings the whole of UKIP into disrepute and in my view raises the question of whether you are a fit person to lead a political party.

I would remind you that I am not a politician. However I have always been concerned by those who enter politics and who lie and cheat as a normal part of their lives. As a result I want to know whether or not lying and cheating is now an accepted part of UKIP’s philosophy and internal management.

I suppose my mother is to blame for all this. Her philosophy was always “Tell the truth. Say what you mean, and don’t hold grudges”. It seems to me that you, and most of those sycophants that surround you, might take a completely opposite view.

To start with Nigel, you are aware that I made a Data Protection Act request to UKIP. The Party has made no effort to comply with the Law. How can you be taken seriously as a Party leader when you have allowed this to happen? Do you regard you and the Party to be above the Law? Perhaps you do and of course several senior Party members are currently being investigated by the police and OLAF.

Let me remind you of my background.
My first major choice of blatant lies or the truth came in 1969. The then Secretary of State for Social Security Richard Crossman, and his henchman, an MP from Kent called David Ennals – later ennobled, were liars. I could have ignored their lies or challenged them. I decided to challenge them.

The two of them lied their way through a Panorama programme on BBC television. Being a civil servant in the same department I was appalled, but was told by a senior officer that we could do nothing as the department paid our wages.

I took a different view, believing that as a” public servant” my first loyalty was to “the public”. Consequently as a matter of principle I believed that the truth should be told. As a result I wrote a series of articles under a pseudonym for The Spectator under the Editorship of Nigel Lawson. Needless to say, because my articles were totally factual the super-sleuths tracked me down, and at the age of twenty-six I was sacked and threatened with legal action under the Official Secrets Acts if I wrote another word. Of course I wrote again and of course I was not prosecuted – although for a young country boy taking on a bunch of dishonest politicians it was all rather stressful. Everything I said was later confirmed by a Committee of Inquiry.

I have made several other stands since then on matters of principle – usually honesty against political dishonesty – even police dishonesty. Stress is now not an issue as I am used to it all and of course won damages earlier in the year from the Gloucestershire Police. Information received under the Data Protection Act clearly showed that the police had lied about me and had no reasons to act against me. BY complying with the Data Protection Act the Gloucestershire Police actually incriminated themselves. Please note Nigel – UKIP still has not complied with my Data Protection Act request – thus not only breaking the provisions of the Act – but also implying to me, and others, that you have things to hide. Nigel, why won’t you comply with the ACT? I need to see the minutes of the “Political Committee” that allegedly discussed my case at the time of the internal elections. There are many emails too that I know exist and you must divulge. The Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act are virtually the only pieces of good legislation passed by Blair – you seem to be frightened by them – why?

In 1979 I stood in the Thatcher General Election as a Tory in Bethnal Green. I achieved the second highest swing to the Tories in the country, and easily saved my deposit. It is normal after such an event and after such a personal result, to then put in for a safe seat. However, I found some of the other neighbouring Tories so deceitful, unpleasant and dishonest (some of whom went off in the traditional way to get safe seats) that I went off to write “The Wildlife of the Royal Estates” instead. I decided against a life in politics as I found most of those climbing the ladder totally unpleasant, as indeed I do today. Indeed the only politician that I met at the time that I held any respect for was Peter Shore in the next constituency. He seemed out of character for politicians past or present – straight, honest and pleasant.

When Jimmy Goldsmith came along I changed my mind. I felt I should get involved again – not for my sake – but to help save the pound, and even the country. I got on very well with him. Unlike some of those who huffed and puffed around him, bowing and scraping – I told him exactly how I saw things and I believe that he respected me for that – unlike you Nigel. Anybody who disagrees with you seems to be ejected from the Party – or set-up – and I expect in due course you will set up a Kangaroo Court full of “Yes men” to get rid of me – that seems to be democracy UKIP style at the moment.

Interestingly, or not, Jimmy wanted me to stand against John Major, but I refused, believing that local people should represent their own areas if at all possible. That is why in the Europeans I believe that David Bannerman should stand in London. Also of course, because I believe in total honesty, I do not believe that he should be using the name David Campbell Bannerman. He should be standing on his own ability, not on the name of a long dead politician – what is your take on this Nigel?

It may be of interest to you Nigel that because of my experience in broadcasting and writing I did the voice-over on the Referendum Party’s video that went to thousands of houses and also had some input on the script. Oddly I have never been asked for any input from UKIP as I am told that Jeffrey Titford would not allow it. I have never known why – although in the past you have confirmed the situation? So what was the problem Nigel?

With the sad loss of Jimmy Goldsmith you pleaded with me to join UKIP. After serious consideration, and realising that it could damage me professionally, particularly with the BBC, I agreed. At the same time I was doing much for the Countryside Alliance and at one rally addressed 125,000 people.

At the time of the European Elections in 2003 I agreed to be a candidate. As usually happens at the hustings I injured myself just before. I fell off a ladder and landed on my head – on concrete – concussing myself and damaging an arm. For trying to take part in one hustings meeting – with a splitting headache and leaving early, certain people within UKIP started “spinning” against me. A reliable journalist would not reveal the person or people involved but informed me that it came from the UKIP computer at its Chelmsford HQ. It was said later that the computer was examined and the entire material for the time concerned had been wiped. You stated at the time that the spinning must have been done by Titford, Gulleford or Wise individually or in combination. I have no idea. It was said that even so I missed second place by four votes. From the way in which UKIP runs its elections, I do not necessarily accept the result.
However – although I believe that I was stitched up – I agreed to do nothing, for the sake of UKIP.

However Nigel, you know that I have been stitched up for a second time and in view of the behaviour of Wise etc I am not prepared to allow blatant dishonesty to prevail again.

You know that for these elections I did exactly what your paid staff asked me to do. Strangely, an email from Stuart Agnew to John West actually confirms this and there should be other evidence that is almost certainly being withheld (or of course destroyed). You also know that the Curtis Report was nonsense and of course Wise put Curtis in place originally. You have also totally ignored the report and recommendations of your Returning Officer, Piers Merchant. The sooner UKIP elections are handled by the Electoral Reform Society to prevent vote rigging, gerrymandering and or corruption the better – but of course Nigel, I think you are opposed to that – why? You know that people were accepted late onto lists and apparently you have put your own choices at the top of lists. And are you going to parachute Bob Spink into the East? Then of course it was you who described the weak and silver-spooned Gill as “unprofessional”. The elections were a total farce. I am told that you spoke against me at meetings, when you told me you had no say in the matter at all. Thanks friend. Strange that – I did regard you as a friend. Evidently you regarded me in the same way as you regarded Richard North – what was that? Some sort of threat? You certainly don’t seem to understand teamwork, combining skills and abilities; you just seem to want to dominate “gofors” who say “Yes Nigel. No Nigel. Three bags full Nigel”.

Incidentally, your treatment of Richard North was a disgrace and at this particular time, Richard onboard, as part of a team, would have been invaluable. Where has UKIP been lately? Invisible – congratulations.

But there are other issues Nigel. I remember you boasting to me how much the call-centres were making. Where did the money go and how much did they make?

In my view you must also come clean about the Isle of Man. Have you and/or your brother got a Trust Fund there or not? What is it for and where did the money come from? If it is an educational Trust, as it is rumoured, who can benefit from it? I know you were on the Isle of Man for two days in May – did any aspect of your trip involve money? These are all reasonable questions Nigel and require an answer. Are members of the NEC incapable of asking these questions?

It is odd – in the past you have claimed to want honesty and transparency in Europe. I want to see honesty and transparency in UKIP. At the moment UKIP has become the “sleaze party” it seems to me.

Then there is the “wog” issue. If it is just a story to create mischief, fine, say so and it gives people chance to believe you. But it is also said that there are witnesses and you were filmed – which if true would make it difficult. So be honest Nigel. Did it occur? If it did you should stand down. If it did not – fine.

I urged you to stand as leader. I was wrong. In my view you have shown that you have few leadership qualities – surrounding yourself with yes men and in my view flouting UKIP’s own rules. You are turning UKIP into a one-man band – a dictatorship – and at the same time turning a small party into an even smaller party. All this also helps to explain to me why you gave me virtually no support when at short notice I was removed from the BBC’s “Question Time” and never put back on again.

In my view Nigel your honesty and integrity has descended to the same level as Edward Heath. I am disappointed as I considered you as a friend and taking on my mother’s philosophy I still like you, as I don’t bear grudges. However Nigel for the sake of UKIP and the good people making up the grass roots – stand down before you do any more damage to the anti-EU cause. You are not only bringing UKIP into disrepute, in my view, you are confirming that politics brings out the worst in people. Power and politics, however small and insignificant, corrupt – pathetic isn’t it?


Robin Page

I am sure many of you could list far more comments than those Robin has chosen – had you heard that I am mad?

That I am a BNP supporter?
That I work for the EU?
That I work for MI5 or was it 6 well maybe CIA or oh yes that imbecile Boob Feel Martinis claimed I worked for BOSS (South African Bureau fOr State Security!), You will have heard that EUkip never prosecute me because I have no money!!!
Any decent organisation would seek to silence me and force an apology through the Courts based on maintaining their reputation – EUkip however are well aware that no libel is committed if the statement is the truth and that as Batten said to one person by mistake that it would cost over £100,000 to lose in Court! A Freudian slip or a statement of the obvious as he realises.
Then there is the ridiculous claim that because I have cancer they would not look good trying to clear their name – however I do have the witnessed statements of one EUkip MEP saying ‘The Bloody Bookseller in Chepstow but who cares he’ll be dead soon he’s got cancer’ without accessing the documents as I recall that was in early 2002!
Virtually without exception the EUkip MEPs are some of the most revolting, ill educated, dishonest chavs it has been my misfortune to meet I do so agree with Robin’s assessments above. Sadly the pond life that has gathered like parasites and leaches around them are the only thing that makes them look good – Croucher, Denny, Fuller, Moran, Carver, Zucherman, McGough, Smith, Bannerman, Duffy, Andreasen, Wood, Lott, Williams, Mickelthwaite, Kingscott, Agnew, Lawson etc. low lifes, trash, spivs, climbers and beneath contempt in their dishonesty – as proven by the mess the party is in!
Many will recall the lies of Farage during the hustings and the lies of his supporters and staff to ensure they kept their snouts in the troughs.What do you think of this comment:

From: Sent: 21 October 2008 00:15To: glancebackSubject: Ukip’s failure to comply with Data Protection Act request

From Robin Page by email 19.10.2008
Hard copy to be sent on 20.10.2008

Dear Paul Nuttall,

This is to remind you that UKIP has failed to comply with any aspect of my Data Protection Act request.

As required by law I am sending you a copy of the original request made to your predecessor.

I am now giving you seven days to comply with the requirements of the Act.
Failure to do this will mean that I will have to take my complaint directly to the Information Commissioner, Mr.Richard Thomas.

I have to say that UKIP’s failure to comply with the law further brings UKIP, particular its leader and members of the NEC, into disrepute, and in my view indicates serious maladministration. From comments I have heard I believe that there is a growing feeling within UKIP that the present leader and several members of the NEC should stand down before dragging UKIP even further down into the gutter and into electoral oblivion at the next European elections.

I have to say too that by simply returning my cheque emphasises UKIP’s incompetence and belief that it is above the law. In fact the reality of the action is that UKIP has been shown itself to be childish, as well as incompetent, a very unfortunate condition for a political party that wants to run a country.

I hope to hear from you soon with all the information requested under the Data Protection Act. A further result of your failure to comply will also mean that I will have to inform the Electoral Commission of your behaviour, which is totally unacceptable.

Yours sincerely,

Robin Page

Robin is being foolish thinking NuttAll has any say!

NuttAll is merely profiting from the corruption in EUkip and is thus no more nor less scum than the rest of them – PLACED in position by Farage he is owned, bought and paid for – a man of ANY integrity would have refused to collude in such chavvery a pathetic little Liverpool Scally with, it seems, a reputation for aggression and no ability as a mediator or leader – like his puppet master.
Were he a man he would be ashamed to appear in public.Let them huff, puff and bluster Robin these sad little muppets haven’t a clue how to behave they don’t even trust eachother or how would I be supplied by so much information by so many – Both the honest seeking a clean up and the corrupt seeking protection are my informants and even those who run off at the mouth in public slandering me are some that inform me in the certain knowledge that I WILL NEVER break a trust but if I find out through other means they are doomed.

Like Robin I can not stand corruption, dishonesty or greed in public life.
Further I have NEVER wittingly lied on any matter of consequence NEVER deliberately.
PLEASE HELP US TO CLEAN UP EUkip and restore it to the people as UKIP in a fit and proper condition that men and women of integrity could vote for it and if that can not be done
PLEASE HELP US ensure not one single MEP is elected from amongst the scum that are listed.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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