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#0595* – UKIP ‘Again A Matter of Trust’ – Graham Gillis, PEPPs & MEPs

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 20/07/2011

#0595* – UKIP ‘Again A Matter of Trust‘ – Graham Gillis, PEPPs & MEPs

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UKIP ‘Again A Matter of Trust’ – Graham Gillis, 
considering PEPPs, Money & UKIP MEPs!!


Quote from: Graham Gillis on Today at 14:07:26

If UKIP win the majority of MEP’s,
the majority of UKIP’s British MEP’s will refuse to take their seats at the EU.

Again a matter of trust.


since you mention ‘a matter of trust’ please explain why you are presenting this statement as if it was fact – perhaps you can show where in UKIP’s Constitution or in its Manifesto or in a recent speech or written in an approved form authorised by Nigel Farage that such a policy is hinted at let alone stated.

Where and on what grounds do you believe there is justification for the dellusion that UKIP might earn 27 MEPs when it currently has only 8 responding to the leader and of those just who would you be prepared to advocate as competent, ethical or trustworthy who is making any mark whatsoever that is beneficial to these United Kingdoms commensurate with their bloated incomes and future EU Bribes?

Was it for trying to misrepresent UKIP with such comments that led to you being moderated off of UKIP Members Forum and also The BDF UKIP controlled Forum – though I long since ceased regularly reading your input on those forums – for the very reason that they were unsound, unsubstantiated and unsustainable in policy or political pragmatism.

May I remind you that UKIP’s leadership, incompetent and venal as it is, not only participates in EU funding at any opportunity but uses little of the money to fund UKIP, though I concede some of the MEP do make donations to get themselves back on the gravy train.

Perhaps just for amusement you could identify any UKIP MEPs who have made donations to the party (not in direct self interest to their region to be re-elected) during any ONE electoral period that matches or exceeds their income in a single year from their pension for the rest of their lives – income for them year in year out.

Perhaps you could show the donations made by Jeffrey Titford, Michael Holmes, Graham Booth or Roger Knapman since they commenced drawing their pensions – likewise those employees who are now on pensions who have vanished into their natural obscurity.

UKIP MEPs are spectacularly reticent about transparency, probity or obfuscated publication of their accounts.

Does ANYONE believe UKIP would see the money they garner if the betray the party & Britain by aiding The EU in forming PEPPs (for fuller details CLICK HERE) – As at now after many years UKIP has never published either a full list of staff (hence such as Annabelle Fuller are funded for personal services that all too often befoul UKIP), nor a full accounting of the 400 Budget formerly the 4000 budget.

Indeed ‘Again a matter of trust’ and there is absolutely no justification for trusting UKIP MEPs as the Police, the Prison Services, The Electoral Commission, OLAF and the media have all proved. So also have the Courts and various of the more ethical UKIP MEPs and likewise the many well known members and backers who have moved on in disgust CLICK HERE.

UKIP don’t even respect the British Courts sufficiently to honour their legal debts! Let alone their moral debts and liabilities!


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