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Archive for the ‘Bill CASH MP’ Category

#0485* – UKIP Backs Damaging Non Event Rally For Cuts!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 15/05/2011

#0485* – UKIP Backs Damaging Non Event Rally For Cuts!
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
UKIP Backs Damaging Non Event Rally For Cuts!

The more you Big Up such a failure the more damage is done!

Just like TRYING to make defeating The Greens or having a New Mare in a Town Council demeans even that humble achievement!




this article in The new Statesman is a little crass and overly harsh as I do believe there were a few more than the 200 claimed present – indeed The BBC quoted The Met. as pronouncing 3-350 were present.

Further the magazine article ends with a question best applied to itself –

Why did this failure of an event generate so much news coverage?

Simples – it was clearly incompetently organised, poorly publicised and failed to attract – as a result that they had as one person being quoted the utterly discreditted liar and cheat Mick McGough which can hardly have helped and no one of gravitas or stature attended to speak – although it had been claimed, falsely as it transpired, that Daniel Hannan AND Bill Cash were to be speakers.

Whether this was a deliberate lie by the likes of McGough and the all too amateur kids who organised it or that having rightly read the runes both speakers cried off leaving a stream of largely well meaning but hardly known bit players.

May I submit that to lay on events like this is an object lesson to all.

You do your cause, whatever it might be, more harm than good by failing to get a significant gathering as a result of incompetence, amateurism and without a driving force backed by a significant name.

I am sure I am not alone in having attended private weddings with larger guest lists at the near by St. Margarets.

Such an obvious failure hands our opponents a stick to beat us with and is as crass and damaging as making much in pretence that leading a Village Council is some sort of relevant achievement for a Political Party after 18 years!

That anyone attended to listen to Farage is something of a miracle after the week he has just had, where there was a call for his resignation from his only significant MEP liar though she may be, and he could, by the end of the week, only muster the support of 3 corrupt and proven liars – Derek Clark MEP, Mick McGough and Hugh Williams they were not the only ones on the make and the take in support there were several kids who posted on their In House Forum and a couple of employees off of the Farage salary roll – Not a single individual of probity or stature has spoken out publicly on his behalf, not ONE, the Party is in such disarray!

That Marta Andreasen MEP was misguided to claim the party is bankrupt was something of a hostage to fortune and UKIP’s only plausible comeback – even then it was not made by THE donor Stuart Wheeler who acts as Treasurer and Malcolm Pearson‘s support was conspicuous by its absence, as was Lord Willoughby de Broke who had spoken out AGAINST Farage’s foolish poliy in the days before the AV Vote and we note no murmour from Christopher Monkton UKIP’s other Peer (Non Sitting) nor from the dullard Wee Willy The Earl of Dartmouth (probably couldn’t get permission from Acid Raine!).

In fact not only was support of any stature (I think there are still a few) from members conspicuously silent but even the meeeja find UKIP so irrelevant now that there was little sign of them. UKIP must be an irrelevance that they themselves count beating The Greens in the local elections an achievement and they can not muster publicity by significance when a resignation call is made on their only known figure (or so he has ensured!).

The final embarrassment of the Rally, for whatever, was that it was noted that its failure gained a surprising amount of publicity after the event – would that anyone trying such a childish stunt in future gets a grown up to help – at least someone who ensures adequate clout to be sure of advertising and promotion beyond the childrens hour social networking and Twits Tweeting.

By the by did anyone actually know what the strap line for the event was for if they did they managed to spectacularly fail to get it across!

Rally Against Debt? It was more of a long queue

Lisa Hamilton, who observed the pro-cuts demonstration, was not impressed.

Signs at the Rally Against Debt. The organisers say these are counter-protest placards. Photo: Getty Images

On 26 March nearly half a million people descended on the capital to oppose the Government’s cuts agenda and demand an alternative. Six weeks later 200 people (I’m being generous) stood on a pavement outside parliament to give a big “thumbs up” to the same policies.
To say turnout at the Rally Against Debt was low is to be very polite. It was abysmal. Don’t think protest. Think long queue.
In an attempt to gloss over the low turnout, one attendee has described the event as “not bad for a Facebook flash mob“. (Presumably the traditional Tory “blame it on the weather” excuse was rejected due to the unfortunately good weather.)
Hmm. A flash mob is, at least according to Wikipedia, a group of people who assemble to perform a seemingly pointless act often for the purpose of satire. A flash mob is not a publicised event with a shiny website.
The site (which hasn’t been updated since a “we’re trending on twitter” post on Friday afternoon) promised a “great networking opportunity”, a number of “high profile guests” and “plenty to do” during the rally.
Unfortunately, the low turnout (Guido Fawkes claimed 500, but it looked less than half that to me) meant that most of the attendees already seemed to know each other and while Ukip’s Nigel Farage had indeed flown in for the event, “plenty to do” seemed to involve standing increasingly closer together in order to make the crowd look bigger. There were also a couple of short-lived chants and EU flag-burning for those who like that sort of thing.
Toby Young, one of the most high-profile supporters of the rally, came in for mockery when he missed it – because he took his children to an exhibition about pirates in a (publicly funded) museum.
If the March for the Alternative suggested that a cross-section of society strongly opposed the cuts being made by the Tory government, then the Rally Against Debt suggested that white, middle class, middle-aged men are opposed to taxation, don’t like Europe or public services, but do like chinos, rugby shirts, looking after their own interests, and causing minor obstructions outside parliament.
The Rally Against Debt taught us nothing new. However, it did leave one big question: Why did this failure of an event generate so much news coverage?
Perhaps the snappers enjoyed the novelty of outnumbering the crowd.

To view the original article CLICK HERE

I guess we shouldn’t complain at the amateur nature of this event when you think we have some 29,000 professional politicians with their aids who cost us a basic salary of £1/2 A Billion a year.

Ten Bob spent on this event would have been of some help in default of competence!

Rather than do the damage it clearly did to the cause. Perhaps there were those who had arrived thinking they were at the ‘Rally for Sluts’ for was that not last Saturday too?

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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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