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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 29/08/2010


Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! 




After making this statement of course it is incumbent on me to explain, so permit me to use a simple example, at least that way when McTrough reads it he may be able to find someone to explain it to him.

Here is an example of a posting made by the fool on 27-Aug-2010 after he was PUT on the NEC as someone who could be counted on for his dishonesty.

On Anthony Butcher’s sordid public Forum Tim had not unreasonably asked the new NEC member:

The Battle of Britain was fought 70 years ago. I find it very offensive that McTrough thinks its funny to mock those men who fought in last war by using Glw’s dad as his avatar pic. People like Glw’s dad fought and died so McTrough could spout his rubbish on here. Under Hitler he would have found himself six feet under by now. What next? Photos of blitz victims to laugh at???????

I appreciate that McTrough’s use of my now dead Father is tasteless in the extreme, and I thank Tim for the common sense and good manners to appreciate this, however firstly I am not remotely surprised that trash like McTrough would seek reflected glory. I am not remotely phased by McTrough’s childish and tasteless action it is the standard one would expect from UKIP leadership when they are not dressing up as chickens, playing with scout cars and APCs and inflating rubber toys usually they are whoring or drinking or making porn movies it seems.

When the scum of the earth do something one should not be surprised if it is childish and tasteless.

Anyone wishing to see my Father’s obituary, from which McTrough stole the picture can CLICK HERE
he is now dead but would have found it hugely amusing to be being bandied around in a medium he neverexperienced though knowing him he would have been disgusted at association with filth like McTrough, I am my Father’s son and he also did not suffer fools!

He also keeps mocking Glw’s girlfriend all the time and not a word from Mod Richard about that. I noticed he also insulted Brian Lee. Funny how Richard Allen doesnt have a problem with that either.

Yes another distastefull and cowardly action by McTrough – he is a typical playground bully with childishly arrested developement, it is astonishing how such fools progress in UKIP and speaks volumes of the party.

And I know others agree with me on this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! McTrough, a fine addition to the Nec. I am being sarcastic. Gerard made a big mistake supporting this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I cant think what got into him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly one could hardly expect Gerard to do something intelligent as he has all the charisma of a woodlouse. It is interesting to see Denny attacking Gerard as clearly he fears him in the leadership bid!

Anyway the UKIP Village Idiot replied to Tim:

1)my father fought for six years in the Royal Fusiliers(City of London Regiment) losing his brother,my uncle,of the same regiment in Tunisia aged 17.

So what? OK your Father was a squaddie and you never met your uncle – what is the significance?

2)you and GLW like dishing it out but hate it when I RETURN FIRE.

I rarely see his drivel as I have NEVER seen a posting by him that was other than childish playfground posturing the man is clearly a fool. Perhaps he can show where he has said something honest and intelligent – I can not speak for others but I believe every word I have published about this sordid liar can be substantiated and it is he who is being commented on and his ONLY defence is to name call like some pre pubescent little girl.

I care not about nomark dimwits like you two but I’ll not remain idle when attacked.

Then why is it your ONLY topic? I act in reportage based on facts as a supporter of UKIP seeking to clean up the party, expose its corruption and try to make it electable – foolishly this odious idiot McTrough drags UKIP into the gutter he inhabits with abuse and defamatory name calling that so damages UKIP. Who I am is ABSOLUTELY irrelevant – I merely report and comment on the facts.

3)KLW twice phoned me to try and establish any weakness and thought that my membership of a professional body was just that,it wasn’t.

A lie – outright, I phoned to ensure accuracy of a statement I was reporting and also to see if I could establish some sort of way to stop McTrough making such a fool of himself and UKIP – I failed.

I did however establish that he was homophobic

Having been an active campaigner for the decriminalisation of homosexuality in my teens, and involved in organising the first homosexual pride events – that really is choice from this bufoon! McTrough will fail to find one single instance of anti homosexual activity or comment in my entire life – He however IS a liar.

and that when I referred to his partner he went to enormous lengths to advise me it was of the opposite sex.

Untrue when McTrough was fishing for info. he asked about Lee and I said no my partner was female despite the spelling of her name.

4)Brian Lee is like GLW;happy to mock voluntary professional treasurers as only having to know the price of a load of bread.Again I RETURN FIRE.

It is McTrough who lies to his colleagues and cheats the party for preferrment, it is McTrough with PERSONAL ambitions. I have NEVER wanted a political office to represent others.

IF YOU ,GLW AND BRIAN don’t like being insulted,mocked and all else then it is up to you lot to be courteous and non insulting.

Perhaps McTrough would explain where I have unreasonably mocked or insulted him beyond exposing he is a worm of an individual dishonest, corrupt, unethical and a liar – a crashing bore who loves to turn up ANYWHERE to pose and posture McTrough by nature – an excrecence happy to bully and defame but without taste, style, intelligence or veracity. All he has EVER managed to identify about me is based on appearance – so what has he not grown out of such behaviour?

I have taken one of the more moderate of the idiots comments as an example – he is an excrecence with no understanding of the fact that by putting himself forward as of significance and telling lies TO the party he has made himself fair game for reportage based upon fact.

For more data on Mick McTrough CLICK HERE
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